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  1. The last elements of understanding what led to brain hacking has to do with the at one time established heira network. Simply put, there was usually a council of men with or without royalty. The steps to being approved by the heira network, was doing or performing acts which would win their approval. Sometimes this meant extra work, or going through a certain level of pain or discomfort. In this instance if we start at the latter part of the 1940s, using some levels of drug use, as a replacement for approval by the heira component, we will see how the human mind had changed from the 1940s, to the 2000nds. The hiera component to a great extent was replaced by modernism. What this left people with, in order to say be approved of at work, which was usually heira involved at times, but also religion or training, is that since the heira started to be replaced by independent-ism, the heira meant less. So the work load and motivation was replaced by money and the feeling or less pain from having to preform acts, that would either please the heira, or were heira-like pleasing actions. This way of thinking and behaviorism, started domestic drug and marijuana use, even though at the time of this posting, marijuana, which is technical cortisone plant female hormones, is really not a drug. Heroine use in the U.S. as well as other places on the globe began to prosper, till other drugs were invented, such as Meth, which would allow a person to work double shifts near all of the time, but at the cost of eroding the brain. This is sad, but people had forgotten as to why they were taking drugs, *all kinds in the first place. The later generations based starting in the late 1990s, at times just desired the money, would do anything to get it and the status of do-gooders, was not always in that mix. These actions occurred till it was pretty common for the young to go after only the money, unless they had exceptionally strong religious training, which taught some form of humanity or consideration for other people within that society, such as the aged. If you follow events concerning how people had developed socially and mentally from the 1940s on, you will see this divergent behaviors. Also Gang-ism, became a prominent way of thinking as well as acting, as this sort of affiliation had acted as a form of alternate economy, not dependent upon a government that it seems by the John Boehner, :said Bainer", term in government out and out said, "Don look at us, we're not going to help you"! This statement was all about money and who gets it. There was also at this near time in history in the 20-teens, that government was worried about what it owed and in it's lawyer corporate way, told the people publically, "We're going to go off the fiscal cliff". This telling from washing to its constituents greatly upset the American public. This seems to be a time travel at times oriented posting board, so what the observer begins to see, is a basic change in how the once common man and woman, begins to think and act. In the time to come there is a said re-engineering of mankind as we know him to be at this date and is referred to in future time, as a { Pure Human }.
  2. The last installment as this answer covers many uses as well as political and or industrial applications, is stealing ideas via hacking. Some people can either opportune the idea by utilizing deductive reasoning, or can osmose the idea from other people. This act is accomplished by mind reading hacking, either by utilizing another clairvoyant, or the ability to read another's mind. However the agency doing this form of hacking passes by the act of either working for the idea, or the labor which affords self confidence in completing the act. There is also the parlance of coincidental mind reading, or too many people sipping on the collective creational stream intelligence pool. This is recorded in the past lawsuit, where one singer had guessed the other's work. It was apparent that during the lawsuit, that both parties had been sipping from the same creative music steam. search entry words, ( Michael Jackson the girl is mine lawsuit), michael jackson the girl is mine lawsuit - Bing What this act does, if it is either NEW hierarchically based, or done in industry, is to violate the rules of hierarchy, which are established from the old heira manifold, as mentioned in Zachariah Sitchin's book, (The twelfth Planet). The heira, as placed as an organizational cadre collection, by the then, Anunnaki based in Sumeria, had placed the heira network, as the basic social order manifold, for rank and file in Early NEW alien influenced society, stemming from Sumeria, to other once neighboring kingdoms, till this action became perverted in Rome. Then in time, the Heira were then reordered and this method became once popular again, till the beginning of the modern 2000 nd.s. Then at the 2000 nds. level, social actions seemed to have been taken over by network methods of sociologies as well as modern personal computer, as well as cell phone along with tablet and sleight manners. *Heira* example, "You are hired", or part of the hierarchy now. It came to be that anybody could perform any action almost without a guilty conscious, upon the world wide web. Along with this new freedom, peoples social morals as well as morality standards seem to have developed the adage, { The end, justified the means }, or the social means to arrive to that wanted desired end. Two links here, Panty Pagers vs. their publishments of semi-nudity before the high courts of California, is just an indication of how far the web and over-computer use, had allowed people's quality points in their existences to slip. panty pagers videos erased california supreme court - Bing ( the twelfth planet zecharia sitchin pdf ) the twelfth planet zecharia sitchin pdf - Bing
  3. I have to add extra length to the answer, as this question on thoughts is a big area. There is a difference between loyalty and a condition of impressment. This area of impressing people, is what this society is going through now. It use to be, if a person was loyal, then this was without over-constraints. However what is being asked of followers of political camps,. due to the problems of population over-glut compressions, is fanatical following and not just being loyal. This is well illustrated in the tail of a group of U.S. Marine trainees, that were ordered to march directly into a stream. The end result had been many dead Marines, with the lesion learned, that if one submits blind loyalty, then the consequences of that loyalty may be more than the loyalist had bargained for. Ribbon Creek tragedy still ripples through time > Marine Corps Training and Education Command > News Article Display This example is why this mind hacking is occurring. This action stems from both fear of loosing control, more or less known as a swimmer's fear of drowning death grip. This NOW time is what you must be referring to. Why I have had to include the examples that I did, was artificial intelligence has already been discovered and is in use, for many ,millennia. It is not known of and used a lot within this society, so A.I.'s misuse, is of very great potential now. So is radionics, even though there had been a campaign by the intelligence services, to eliminate its use some twenty to thirty years ago from this point of posting. What I am curious about, is if the computer new associated industries already have mind hacking into farms, is it [possible for these mind farms to become self aware and attack their own users? I do not know at this time? What this society never dealt with, is how to cope with space travel and founding its space colonies. This lead to over population to where the greatest fear of its mangers, is that people on a large scale, with become disenchanted with their leaders. The outlay mathematics principles for this phenomenon, are known both off world and from the book, (Future Shock), both the single book and book series, by author Alvin Toffler. The other dangers not known, are AI rebellion itself, as this entire society may possess handed down para-incarnated artificial intelligence, from the actual, not fiction real Star Wars era. The other is one more mass atomic war, when all the time Earth's central sun is a variable star in its nature and is NOT a once thought yellow stable sun. In my experience of travels through the E.T. informational community, it has been told of that if atomic wars are permitted to take place on a worlds systems, then the fission power travels directly into that central sun. This type of energy not being fusion, offsets the functioning principles of that sun and the sun in question, usually explodes. Sometimes fanaticism like a common cold can play itself out. People dutifully standing on top of their chairs in time realize how stupid they are and look are eventually go about their lives doing something else. In a way this condition of mind programming is very similar to what soldiers go through upon reentering society from war or the military services and must go through a series of civilian reclamation programs. Sometimes the retro-burn as some refer to it, is must more severe. But at any rate, somehow they become normal once more. I have not searched for said links to the Star Wars periods, said as experienced by normal people, but I do have off world robotic encounters in a relayed link. enter search query, ( brainwashing by electronic means ) , brainwashiong by eletronic means - Bing https://www.bing.com/search? Stockholm syndrome - Wikipedia (robots chase hunter up a tree) http://www.ufocasebook.com/ciscocounty1964.html (guards against mind hacking) New human rights to protect against 'mind hacking' and brain data theft proposed
  4. They' "whoever THEY,.. might be"?, can accomplish this now. As a matter of fact, I have had this done to me, at TTI's old regime, not associated, NOW, with the new reformed ownership. Have had this action, done to me in other circumstances. This is the para-science of radionics, which at times can backfire on the user. The most effective use of radionics that I know of, is the modified HDR, or hyper dimensional resonator. This time travel machine uses items through in probability an interpretive quantum multi-faceted dynamics approach, to reading the destination placed in the on-device wishing well,. or object-target of intention receptacle-cup,. on the HDR and interprets this to the time and pace to go, within HRD use. There are other radionics devices, which involve an influence or target directive mechanics, however "keep in mind", that these devices can backfire in use upon their users, so this is neither a safe or assured technology. If the government has devices similar to radionics devices, then at times they probably can use them. You can also bridge step over the same uses of a radionics device, by skillful use of a computer, but this makes that computer a self functioning self intelligent radionics device and potentially very dangerous. Know that if there was a Star Wars period, then both computers, as well as bots and android were human conversive, so what may be attempted here, if this action is attempted in modern times, is a mis-skilled along with misinformed use of these devices. Know that in reference, that the past user Creedo 299 was said to have encountered a steel shed selling dedicated computer, that could not be controlled by others, but had through some family past link with Creedo 299, had broken into the hardware company chain finicals transactions earnings. This report was to inform Creedo 299, then, that the company that hosted that dedicated selling computer, was in dire finical trouble. So apparently' the computers own software, may had been past-time contaminated by an unknown era's artificial intelligence. Creedo 299 said to the computer, then, "that it was doing a good job, but that it had better get back to work, before the both of them got into trouble"?! Then. Creedo 299 was very kind to computers and this seemed to be recognized over the then net._Interpretation, PCs or bots, may have known Creedo 299 very well at one time. Getting back to your asking, it is probably a wise action to take a course in A.I. at a community college or at a computer or robotic club. SPECIAL EDIT HDRs:: On occasion, an HDR user in the act of mal-using both his mission and machines were caught by time police and the HDR unit had been disabled. The HDR user returned to his time, with the HDR literally cut in half. 2.There are reports of radionics users having their devices back-feed what they were trying to send, into themselves and also had their devices, either not work, or be physically confiscated. So there is an extreme chance of danger here, the user assumes all risk! Here are some links for you Radionics Machines Devices Software by Karl Welz Orgone Generators Orgonite Be Wary of Radionics Devices Ernst Home Centers - Wikipedia Hyper Dimensional Resonator Steven Gibbs -- Hyper Dimensional Resonator -- astral time travel mishaps with hyper dimansional resonator - Bing
  5. REPORT; Object said 200 to 300 meters away from known determined ISS. Landmarks first. ISS seems to have running locations light from red to green flashing, within right field of mpeg reference frame. So may be ISS? On condition of recording, fields of composition all the tike of recording seem to be composing in a normal fashion, no evidence at cursory glance saying that this is an altered recording. if so, very well pulled off. OBJECT; Had resolving compiling definition to consolidate itself as an object in the translation as a single still jpeg as a picture, but appears as if to be a mass in composition being made by digitized film. May be a composited image. Said object was zooming past, so must have had both differing views and interpretations. Conjecture: Mass four hundred tons in lineal volume if first guess is true. Velocity, 400 kmph rough best guessed estimate. Colors red and white. Function or lineal volume plus crew, do not know, not enough information. Peculiarities of recording taking; Mass of object while being filled in at first glance, is bisected, just may be how the camera recorded the object? EDIT NOTE; The Sun newsstand rag, has reported UFO information which has been accurate in the past. This author cannot judge the veracity of a yes or no, it is either good or bad news, by this publishers title or reputation. Bizarre transparent 'alien cylinder' spotted on live NASA feed for International Space Station leaving star gazers baffled
  6. This is so simple. Time lines and this is in a lot of time travel boards, are like inner tubes that repair themselves. If the pressure gets to be too much in one, then there is a transference of issues from one to another. Evolution may be partitive?
  7. When I relocated I did not have a choice. Everything for me, was a tossed casserole of lasagna on a white wall. Utter chaos. Three years after relocating, something very odd had happened to me. There was one period of time I did not know if I was going to live or die. A few years before that, I somehow had gotten a hold of and I don't know by what process this was, the entire logs of the Montauk Experiment. So what I'm thinking is that my Pleiadean relatives had tried to protect me, by overlaying another time travel predicament on top of me, that would cancel the other out. It took a while for me to come out of these past effects, but my self identity had totally changed. What was funny however, was to my friends and family, because they could not see what I was going through, thought I was the same old person. Only now, for me Cosmo, things are starting to straighten out for me. What a portion of my resettling was like, was being trapped in a fish net, with hungry sharks that could occasionally get in the enclosed area at me and all that I had was a sharp knife, but not a real big one. I hope events turn out good for you, but I'm forbidden from helping you. I wish that I could, but just cannot.
  8. Walt said, Yea Walt , or the subject of time travel and or timelines?
  9. Well said. Events along with situations are yet to come. Maybe fortunes will favor those who are able to mange what they've got? Hope you're doing well, Paula?
  10. The problem with this thread is that it is based on the actions of a projected conflict. That conflict may have been, by timeline mechanics partially phased out of existence. The modern mainland Chinese now have a hybrid jet fighter, which had some attributes of the American made F-16 and The Euro-Fighter. The aircraft is quite agile. The F-35 is a stealth aircraft, that is supposed to be fitted with a super missile, which is not even in full development as of yet. The aircraft is supposed to be able to enter an area of battle and not be detected at all. However' the physical agility performance of the F-35, is far less than the F-16s and F-18s that it is supposed to replace. So in theory a decision may have been made to keep these older style fighters in manufacture. *In this era, the U.S. is getting very close to gathering the subsystems that it needs to colonize the Planet Mars along with Earth's moon. Because of the supposed hidden alien issue, some industrial along with political situations, are playing cards, "very closely held to the vest", as far as full public disclosure goes. It is said that Earth has within it's private employee, as force of spaceships, (hidden), known as the Solar Warden Fleet. There is also at this time, but not well known, said aliens pirate, that not only run stolen items from both Earth and Earth's vicinity, but fuel an off world black market, of all things involving human slavery. *This factoid could be, to employed as a house servant, slave, or prostitute. According the author Patrick Huyghe, in his book (The Fieldguide To Extraterrestrials), this is a big market and could in theory threaten the off world colonies planned for Earth concerns. So there has to, for state of foundation of plat of Mars, Moon and other colonies, but a public disclosure, to some of these factoids, so that insurance can cover these projected colonies. So as to both the concerns, along with the veracity of this thread, one must venture a guess, as to how a grand global war would continue, based in the juxtaposed need of needing to go into space? Has, or hasn't the timeline change or waivered in regards to any form of project global war, with the want, being placed on the, "things we need to do", chore platter? Thanks
  11. If you are traveling through and just would like to take a look here, the probabilities on the O.J. Simpson case, as how issues had turned out, equals roughly about the same value as negligent homicide involving the act of driving a car. The particulars that were only slightly brought to the public viewing screen, is that both O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson, plus Ronald Goldman, may have been involved in controlled substance involvement. *As part of a series known as Inside Edition, an ex-New York, detective, had seen lines, or measures to be sniffed through the human nose of powdered < (the drug cocaine), on OJ's bar top at the Bellaire Estate. The policemen then, said to, "let's say some kind of Los Angeles based cops), there at the estate with him, "Hey' this guy has lines of coke on the bar top, shouldn't we bust, or arrest him"? The answer from these cops was "No, look the other way. It's common out here, let it go". Later' during the trail, it was brought out that a group of men in dark clothes and ski mask were seen walking away from the scene of the murder, late at night. They had looked fit and were not what one would refer to as gang members of any type. What the viewer in history does not see and is probably the case, is that there may have been alleged dealing of controlled substances as placed as a business of sorts, in the prime suspect's territory. Issues may have de-evolved into territorial rights and the issues of who owns or sells what, may have become an issue. It is common knowledge in that part of the country, that getting a fix for any kind of either famous celebrity, or actor/actress is not a chore of difficulty in or near Hollywood. They even have an armada of specialized hired people, that can erase a problem based with the wrong type of publicity, that is if one has the money to be able to get than problem covered up. The way the adjudication came down from the Simpson Brown Goldman case, is that someone had to pay for the crime committed in the jurisprudents as the State would see legal rulerings. This is probably why OJ had taken both the bait along with the responsibility concerning the death of both Goldman and Brown Simpson. *One clue. I do not feel that the presence of blood had shrunken the leather glove that OJ tried on at the trail. If the group of men in ski mask were again responsible for the murder, then the smallish glove that Simpson could not get up over his knuckles, in theory could have hailed from that group of late night seen men. The ruling against OJ Simpson, is similar to a fallen legal decision weight, as a person intoxicated, while driving a motor vehicle and have that vehicle kill a person, or persons. I feel that the actual social complications of the truth would have been too much to handle at the time, so they let the legal private consensus, based on a secret agreement, fall to the effect that the final ruling. Thank you. O. J. Simpson - Wikipedia
  12. The best friend out of the blue...Thanks Paula
  13. It is impossible to take pictures of a timeline to come unless the time line is broken into code, has a false graphic modulator construction placed inside of the film or recording, reconstituted and re-offered. In other words the $9.99 as shown on the bill board showing the price of gas, is impossible to accomplishes without a false, graphic representation and re-modulation. If what you're showing here were true, the recording would turn all white. This statement meaning that this recoding had been a violation of the structural time parallax photography ability to take the recording capture . To illustrate what's going on here, if you examine how a single lens reflex camera functions, you will see that there are two viewing line geometry vector legs, that are temporarily jutted off the movable position mirror inside of the SLR camera. If you take each of those routes and say straighten them out and then point them to another mirror, only instead of this being a very short distance, that the target mirror is held in another time, then just by a human's realization, NOT THE SLR CAMERA'S ABITY TO SEE, you have established connecting points within the time the taker is currently in and another timeline. When you take an illegal picture of another time in the future, to be taken to the past, in essence what your doing, is re-routing that information as a constant route of information. ~So know that information, in similar to too high of a current on a line without any protection, shorts out.Single-lens reflex camera - Wikipedia This is why one cannot take pictures of another timeline to come. If this were to be a real film from the future, it would be modulated to appear as a heavy illustration with false characters placed within it, so that the timeline would not de.stable. If this is by a freak of nature a stable, de.stabled by nature's providence capture, which rarely, but sometimes does happen, then this is the first one that I have ever seen. You can take pictures of the past, usually by a third party neutral character, I've seen a few of these, but it seems that pictures of the future are meant only for the human eye to capture, without the shut off destabilization factor? @By false characters, you could in theory see a cartoon character, such as Porky Pig added to the capture foreground . Just thought you should know. What you're doing here, is also known as, leading the timeline and is not only illegal, but can get you a visit from a time cop.
  14. Yes, because a bathroom is a place of commonality and frequency of communications also. A very good place to both confide as well exchange information. I think that I did jump the time line, because of a piece of visual information housed in entertainment was different in ending. This keeps me from going totally crazy and also gives a little acceptable information to the time travel lore. I hope that this year stays a normal one. Thanks so much, you're great, p.j. There is literally nothing you can do if you jump a timeline, unless you're either wired to get out of it, or your time in that guest timeline is up. This could be an agency that has done this to me, or may be from some forms of gravity waves. They will do the trick. Take care and enjoy spring.
  15. I have to ask and please answer this, is you time machine small enough that you can balance it on the top of your head?
  16. Mr. Narwal' I must remind you and "please forgive me if I do not note your posting as sincere", but there may be a pressure wave headed this way, in the subject of your posted topic being real; or in time travel parlance as said, "That this prediction may be more than likely possible". This piece of information saddled by you, much the same as an experienced surfer would mount a surfing board before an incoming wave, may have a certain momentum based to it. For this reason I ask you, why did you post this and what would be your suspicions about an upcoming alien landing, if this did occur. Here is a predictive link, may I suggest that instead of going for the fellow posters funny bone, which is the outside of the elbow,. that you more or less look at this situation as the prowl of a large oncoming ship, although guessed at though a heavy fog. How do you feel about what you've posted, what do you feel are the dimensions as far as time goes with this subject and what might be your particular hunches as well as guesses about this say of your that is now posted? **Remember' even the Great Creedo 299, once guessed that he might possibly be be an ass, once he realized that his information on time travel had run out and this boy was just shooting blanks. Please' the floor and the microphone is all yours, please tell us all a bit about what you think and feel about this subject? All hunches are valid, please believe in yourself. Thanks Here's a bunch of links, pic a few to view, if you would be so kind? nostradmus predictes an alien invasion - YouTube
  17. I must put this asking in just this way. This is done for a reason, please do not interfere. He ask Paula to meet him in the secret place. She within the imagination feels that she might or should. The meeting partially based in reality might go like this. >You there?.. Yes I'm here and I'm very perturbed with you at this asking. I mean I'm sitting here on this cold thing, talking to an idiot in the unisex bathroom in a place I don't even know. What's on your mind and be quick about it. Him> I've been noticing odd things as of late, in the structure of my everyday life. I've lost two items and while I can't say what they were, they were like someone would carry with them every day. Her> You mean like a glasses case, pens, or some other things. How are your sure that you just did not loose them? Him>No, defiantly not. I've got a feeling about these. There are other things I've also notice, like events in the news. I think that I might be jumping the timelines..? Her>Ha ha ha ha, this is funny, big bad Creedo gets more of the wrong medicine at the right time and I'm supposed to be sympathetic while I sit here on a unisex john? Him>I can't make this private, because of the exclusionary rule. You're someone that I look up to, Her> In a bathroom you tell confidential secrets,.. you gotta be kidding ?! Look, don't panic. What's probably going on with you, is that you did time travel and this was at your choice then, but you just aren't use to it happening out of control. Take it easy and leave here only after I do. "Ya' got it"? Him> Yea' thanks so much, I just had to confide in someone". Sound of flushing, door opens, with washing hands and walking sounds. He waits a minute of two and does same.
  18. What you really asking is when will the gene bank of this civilization give out and is it in danger of doing so now? Rise of malformations in birth, since the 1950s, substances which cause mutagenic changes in humans now. Viral propagation modes, of diseases, that seem to get out of control and become plagues, in spite of modern medicine. Really not going into space when all the time people who rule, are more or less saying that yes we are. "I wear a NASA tee shirt, so this is considered space exploration", blah blah.
  19. I feel that since we may be in an ice age, the female directorate in biology, would be imperative, as females with the certain key hormone given, become males. So this would be a time of better self understanding. Dead penis, is actually a standard for deceased societal structural archetypes, which of course are statues and the structure of civilization, because it is in the phase of being lithic. Most people do not realize how horribly abused woman from the other side of the world are in some belief systems. If they had to live through watching this, then I feel that people would have a little more respect for liberation and equality for the sexes in general. To all' what are the differences between these two video sources series of videos? What is the degrader's motive, what is this all about and who and what is involved as a hierarchy here? beating his wife with a stick - YouTube recruites reporting for the US marines - YouTube
  20. Secondly, do you know of the possablity of a certain type of alien never before encountered, that was noted after the year 2017, that seems to have been embued with a large quanity of self moving active nanopoylimer fibers and bots, who abruptly come onto the scene in June 2017, that a conventional military cannot beat. The would be leftovers races from after the great galactic wars, a couple of thousand years back in time?
  21. Do you know if the case for the said GE time travel device, that Time Traveler Zero had used, was a standard off the shelf universal utility case and was the time travel device, built into those specifications, or was the a contracted construction, based in the future tense, by engineering concerns?
  22. The updated view of this problem is to put everyone on a vast adjustable database. The database follows you wherever you go in the world. What the powers that be in the U.S. have come up against and even reacted to some time ago, is that certain classes of people should and have become expendable. This is really nothing new, the same goes for the process of war, which is much more organized. It's just having to live with the hypocrisy of the government thinning out people, when the codeos of the land of the free and brave, is the title of this land. An example is in the book, (Brennan's War), to where the Sheridan Tank driver brings his tank back from a battle and the commander is the only one driving it. He had no boots on when he got out of the tank. His crew was killed off, as the 152 millimeter cannon failed to fire in the jungles of the SEA War. He was harassed by an upper ranking officer for not saluting and being out of military uniform. They had like a year two years to fix that damned main gun and did they ever do it? No they didn't, this is planned obsolesce and in that part, taking a few people along with the problem. The tank commander was taken aside by a more experienced commander who understood the war, to where he received new clothes and boots and socks. In the Obama campaign, they singled out the Babyboomers to kill off. This was in print in the newspapers and I had read it.
  23. The senior Bush was stable in personality and demeanor. GW, I feel was paid to act crazy due to the shady goings on involving 911. You've got to be mainlining smack, if you believe that a country as powerful as ours flew around in the air for about a half hour, and fighter jets were not scrambled to the WTC complex. This is water under the bridge to me. Took a couple of sedatives and let the entire issue get quietly buried. I hope that they don't adopt this type of attitude of thinking they're going to get away with things, if this country is invaded by a genuine aliens invasion force from space. They fake one, they know about. But please believe me when I tell you that aliens are not dumb from out there.
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