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  1. What they're trying to say, is that government owes nobody anything at all. This is what the speaker of the house is trying to pull off. What they're going to try to do, is put a voucher in pace, to try and cover cost. This is going to be a fiasco as this will not fund expensive operations. I think that it's kind of comical that they irradiated the 50s and 60s generations with atomic explosions, with no known result and now they're trying to get ride of some of these people, as they've go the potential to still file suet against the government.
  2. Note, because humans, "at least in this timeline", are full of herpes virus and some of it contaminated with other diseases carried by humans; human being at least in this timeline are not a good thing to eat. This is even if they're really cooked good. To prove my point they had a lady in Shanghai that was very pregnant that a variant of the bird flu had hit. This form of flu was so virulent, that they think that it partially combined with her herpes reservoir and some other bacteria colonies. It is very rare for any flu to cross the placental barrier to where the baby is located in the womb. This flu combination, not only plagued the poor mother, but jumped the amniotic gestation sack and was attacking the baby. They had to perform a c-section and deliver the baby that way. They then administered massive doses of antibiotics to save both mother and child in order to save them. This change is in some way, weather-climate related, may have to do with population sizes and diseases within that population head.
  3. It's called Petrograd now. The History of St. Petersburg, Petrograd, and Leningrad geography.about.com › Country Information › Political Geography Aug 12, 2016 · Is it St. Petersburg, Petrograd, or Leningrad? Learn about the historical name changes of the second largest city in Russia during the 20th century.
  4. Second thought, I'm now not sure, after thinking things over, if I want to purchase them at all?
  5. But there is the problem of having to purchase news ones, every year, but I don't know if I want to get into that?
  6. Yes' I am interested in retiring with an Encyclopedia Britannica. This would be most stimulating, as there is a lot to read.
  7. The thing is with humans, is that they develop diseases and are really not that good for anybody to consume on a regular basis.
  8. Do not have movement recording on this sighting. http://cryptozoologynews.com/astronaut-like-humanoid-photographed-in-scotland/
  9. Does the ghost of a murdered congressman haunt the Capitol?
  10. Article by Tom Slemen: The Kirkby Caveman The strange episode of the Kirkby Caveman began early in the morning of 31 July 1995. Thunderstorms had swept across the North West earlier that morning, just before dawn at 5.15am, and several early risers who were on their way to work that Monday morning in Knowsley noticed the strange pink aura around the pylons running in a line, parallel to the M57; some heard a strange hissing and crackling around the pylons as if the air was charged with high-tension electricity. That morning, at around 5.45am, a 19-year-old girl named Lyndsey was walking alone from her mother’s house in Southdene to her home in Westvale, where her possessive boyfriend Mark was waiting. Lyndsey and Mark had had a blazing row the night before and she had walked out on him. He didn’t want her hanging round with some of her ‘wilder’ friends because they encouraged her to stay out all night and Mark claimed that Lyndsey’s mates didn’t like him and were determined to wreck the relationship he had with his girlfriend of three years. Lyndsey said she was only 19 and wanted to live a little, and she had called Mark a control freak and stormed out of the house. Now she had decided to give the relationship another try, but unknown to her, Mark was walking towards Southdene because his friend George had wound him up earlier by claiming that he had seen Lyndsey walking hand in hand with a man on Leeside Avenue, close to the home of the girl’s mum. Mark walked as far as Whitefield Drive, and had stopped at a bus stop opposite the Johnny Todd pub. By this bus stop there were two large boulders, and leaning up against one of them was an old rusty hatchet. How it came to be there is unknown; perhaps kids had been playing with it, Mark supposed when he noticed it. He then noticed Lyndsey coming from the direction of the corner of Valley Road and Whitefield Drive, but she hadn’t yet seen him, being some 300 yards away. Mark stayed put, and got ready to give her an earful. He wanted to know where she had been for the past day and who she had been walking hand in hand with on Leeside Avenue. Then he noticed another figure to the left of Lyndsey – coming from Tithe Barn Lane. This figure looked like a bearded man in shorts and some sort of short-sleeved shirt. He ran up to Lyndsey, grabbed her, and ran off with her under his right arm – and this strange-looking abductor was heading in Mark’s direction. As the figure drew nearer, Mark could not believe his eyes, for the bearded man was not wearing shorts and a tee shirt at all – he had what looked like a strip of animal fur wrapped about him, and it hung from his right shoulder and went down to his lower abdomen where it seemed to have been tied around his waist. For all the world this nut looked as if he was dressed as an archetypal Stone Age Man – and by the time the figure was about 130 yards away, Mark saw that the bearded weirdo in the strip of animal fur held what looked like a club in his left hand. Mark remembered the hatchet lying against the stone near the bus stop and went to grab it. He wondered if the ‘caveman’ was just a student playing some prank, and that perhaps Lyndsey was in on it, but as the wild-looking figure came nearer, he saw that Lyndsey seemed to be unconscious – as if she had fainted in shock at being seized by the muscular brute. Mark shouted Lyndsey’s name and the girl started struggling in the arms of the feral man. She let out a scream, and Mark raised the hatchet and swore at the half-naked kidnapper. The troglodyte halted, and tightened his grip around a squirming Lyndsey with his right arm. At this point a hackney cab came up Whitefield Drive and slowed down as the driver saw the strange sight of a person ‘dressed’ as an archetypal caveman with a girl under his arm and a club in the other – and a young man brandishing a hatchet. The human throwback seemed afraid of the vehicle, and as it looked at it, Mark rushed forward and was ready to try and yank his girlfriend from the powerfully-built primitive, but the stranger turned to face him and Mark saw he had thick eyebrows, a wide nose, and black piercing eyes. Mark let out a string of swear words and yelled, “Put her down or I’ll kill you!” He raised the hatchet and Lyndsey screamed his name – but then in one swift movement the huge wooden club was swung once and its tip made contact with the side of Mark’s head. He found himself on the pavement in an instant, and he tried to get up but his legs felt like jelly. Like a boxer who had been KO’d, the impact of the club against his head had sent a shockwave down his spine and now his legs wouldn’t work properly. He dragged himself up, and the whole world began to sway and tilt as if he was on the deck of a ship in a storm. The archaic hominid turned the corner onto Elstead Road and vanished from sight. Mark picked up the hatchet and despite his concussion, he tried to give chase. A voice to his right shouted, ‘Hey mate, you alright?’ It was the driver of the hackney. He was a bald man with spectacles and he was eyeing the hatchet with great concern. “He’s taken my girlfriend,” said a groggy Mark, stumbling along. “Throw that thing away or you’ll get nicked, lad,” the cabby advised Mark as he looked at the hatchet, and Mark dropped the hatchet into the gutter and almost fell to his knees. “Get in – we’ll see where he went,” the hackney driver operated the door lock, and Mark said, “Thanks mate,” and pulled the door open. At the end of the road, the cab came to a halt and Mark and the cabby saw that Lyndsey had somehow wrestled herself free from the grip of the bizarre anachronistic hairy man, and he was struggling to pick her up. She was kicking out at him as she lay on her back in the grass of a strip of land known locally as the Corn Field. Mark was about to get out but the hackney driver told him to stay put and he beeped the vehicle’s horn and flashed the headlamps to high-beam – and then he drove at the Paleolithic pervert –who reacted by fleeing down the cornfield until he was lost to sight. Lyndsey was in tears. She had nightmares about the weird kidnapper for years, and later married Mark. They told people about the incident but everyone said the same thing – that the caveman had been someone who had taken a joke a bit too far, possibly because he was high on drugs. That might have been the case - or had a genuine caveman from the days when Kirkby was a Bronze Age settlement somehow strayed into the 20th century via a timeslip that had occurred when the thunderstorms raged over the North West that Monday morning? Source @ The Kirkby Caveman The strange episode... - Haunted liverpool | Facebook
  11. Planting starts in the mini-hot house, garden planning, tilling, weeds to come??, large animal foot care visits by the Ferrier." We're not at this point yet", but this is sure to come. Hope that the weather's normal this spring and summer?
  12. I know about the terrorist training camps placed on the migrant routes. They had showed this about fifteen years ago on one of the Big three, CBS, ABC etc. The rape jazz, I feel is just to desensitize the people. I fear that there may be more violence to come with even groups of people kicked out of countries. I noticed that they don't do this in Norway. "He he",.. those folks are kind-a funny at times.
  13. I have studied the Star Wars phenomena, principally because I was one of the ones that reported they had flashback memories after seeing this movie. Because the Emperor of this said mythical Empire, had his intrest invested into an over-technocracy, "or too much of a strength of a society", the malfeasance of bad part of this empire, had become intrinsic. This means that as far as a mathematical quantity goes, this was a 1,. meaning a totally quality of quality of one in itself. So a body cannot add anything else to this. So in some of the incarnates of these past being, that have been born on Earth today, these individuals are in some instance protected by a reactive curse. Meaning that they are fine and okay, however if some bad is attempted to be added to this protective curse, then curse acts to encompass that incarnate and keep others from hurting them.*This is because it was part of a deal, that cannot be altered later. Right now, there seems to be a movement to inflict more pain and suffering placed upon the Darth Vader character as based in this storyline for the movie script. Some have even said that they're trying to add a not wholly accepted other religion to it. The problem with this is, that you cannot add another religion to an intrinsic curse, that already was that quality to begin with. What this action would do, is to encourage odd as well as very bizarre s deaths of accident to the nature of anyone having to do with the retelling of this past story, for money or finance gains. So inflicting even more pain on the Vader character, would be tantamount, to adding more trouble to the peoples as well as potentially viewers who wish to inflict pain and suffering upon the past by chance characters involved with both this telling as well as movie series. Know that this is a highly , highly dangerous thing to do. What I am surprised at, is why didn't the makers of this movie just did not tell the story as far as they had known it to be, and just let things go at four monies and some books and media made? This action rather than try milking the storyline when they suspected it had been a dangerous telling, for everything that they could get out of it? Thank you, this is all I have to say in this matter for now. NEW NOTE ON THIS SAY, PLEASE REFER TO SOURCE Are Star Wars & The Force Real? This new link gives source and veracity of say via links provided.
  14. There is a problem with the retelling of the Star Wars empires.This small problem could cost this society dearly, as it does not understand itself in this method of comparative prose,. or the track that it's on. The problem is, "since some were after this information and is vested as a question", what gave the emperor the ability to be so long lived and who was he? The answer to this question is, that he was from a long line of royalty, so his affiliation had been an established gene cult, but this was within a highly evolved technical hierarchy. So the output here revolves around a little bit more and begs a second question and this is, "what is royalty and why does this social specter rise in the older known space wars"? The answer again, is that in its start, royalty is usually either a leader, or a prime physical-mental specimen, that has the ability to in some way either act as an example, or a leader in some social clause. Okay at this point some of you may be saying, "I don't know what the Hell your'e talking about, what if anything does this have to do with both time travel and or the movie Star Wars"? The answer and put very pertly, is that the apex of some old vast galactic wars and this society meet in time, in potentiality. So the junk that you have on one side of the fence, magically jumps across that divider, to the other side. So the now redundant third question is, then what was the Emperor? A very simple answer and this reflects upon the then society, is that he was something similar to a highly gene *culted mole rat. Okay what is a mole rat? A type of burrowing mammal that experiences an almost insect-like existence, with a queen as a central referenced functionary point, or guidance to that collection.* gene culted, means from the genetic hierarchy flow, of that set. Still more questions pop up and these are, why is this important then? Because this society is in between making the very same decisions and these are, "will we let computers, or a computer artificially intelligent form of life lead our civilization?,."Or will we still depend upon publicly known both super-common as well as royalty to lead us in our ways"? Hmmgh I let a big snake out of the bag, on that one. Long and short on this one and high to the boys and girls at the intel. org.s reading this, is the reason why this society blundered into Star Wars, is that they in part both wanted some form of guidance, but also some were after a hidden found out known and this was,"What had made the Emperor so long lived"? The answer might have been and this was beginning to be based in a selfish gene autocracy, is that he became *autologously gene self supporting.This is a rare gene phenomenon. There was no queen, to speak of. *autologous, means generated from one's self. If you had seen Star Wars after the first battle ends and the court is assembled, Princess Leia ascends to royalty in front of her own royal court. Well' how did she just do that,.I mean like no prince, how could she just do that? The answer is that the other part of the balance beam had gone to Vader and the Emperor in concert themselves. This factor equals one queen. So at the NSA, CIA, someone makes a basket with a crumpled up piece of waste paper and cries, "Oh' that's how they did that"?!! But the answer here bunkies and I will explain it to you with a shhhsh, is that there is no real answer to this situation, it's kind of you,. that is in the picture.
  15. The technical components are based in sidereal logic, or how a planet is based within a star system as this relates to the sun.By using rough mathematical estimates, one can plot the distant placement of the earlier world held in time, to the one, later on. In this particular for instance, there was a point to where the worlds were in very close, if not the same station, however, they were separated by time.How the physical human bodies in this case paired, is by a magnetic scene, to where each person, was in relative communications stance to another.This is situation is similar to how some whales and birds magnetically locate to the environment around them, but in this case this is a bio-magnetic communications through time, minus a long distance.*It must have been the Pleiadeans either guessed intuition or pre-knew, then decided upon location, to stop at the timed sequenced location that they did. This method was accomplished safely for them, by being in the confines of one of their saucer crafts, however with a way of guiding them by a plotted map to their chosen destination in time. Again, it could have been a proper intuition that told Semjase exactly when to stop and at what location in time and space, in that particular route which then was chosen.*Note the time they chose to stop they're backwards time travel, is a point of contention. Your person to person biological-genetic transfer rate "and this was only in part", although obviously dirtied by contamination, to the unprotected second person without a time-ship method of travel, had used the twin's ability to signal reference, to locate the second twin throughout time.This only in partiality as told in how the pairing occurred.This process however did not infract on each party, to the then it seems nature's choosing.This is for April 1982, where a vast amount of information was and had been transferred. As I had said, only a small margin of reptilian DNA influence had transferred from the dinosaur times to me.This is as the said time during that era, had acted as a biological host, or a cradling set of hands holding a chick, so to speak. So therefore some modicum of then reference DNA which was based in reptoid history, which was prevalent then, had acted as a stabilizing based to the second travelers DNA. If there is not exact proximity to the comparative worlds, then the information could not have been transferred from that time. What did occur however, was a magnetic pulling of information in similar fashion to a long string of Turkish Taffy, in the hot modeling phase of passing that information string, even though their saucer traveler may have time traveled at a differing date and time. The bio-magnetic pull and resultant stream, had acted as a transfer conduit for information.This factor of communication, so allowing differing sate for the experience of both to be informed in the information shared to each other, over protracted distance and time.This must have occurred again sidereally, or staged and seperate worlds, as it was reported by Billy Meier that him and Semjase had embarked on a differing time, than the second twin joined time traveler. Time as well as distance at a slower rate, may have acted as a mutual experience fly-ball governor allowing a machine to operate at a set rate, so allowing differing times to still be felt by both parties. Roughly this what is being told here is what had occurred.*Other notes, the working functions of the Pleiadean beamships allow these craft to act as natural time travel vessels. They simply have to find a time slip resonance and then enter this slip thussly, staying within that conduit of travel. *Note this information is obsolete, as the Pleiadeans had said that they were going to phase out of using their bodies, with their friends the Andromedans help.Please see current article on the Pleiadean and Andromedan associations. Sidereal time - Wikipedia The following link is shown sidereal time travel, with physics motion added to it.All time travel machines in essence are siderally oriented, however a newly discovered Russian model, uses a slightly differing method. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBuLoRzhWeI
  16. I am posting this info, as it is older, now obsolete information.This short telling has to do with the said known Pleiadean aliens, the Pleiadeans and a female of their clan, known as Semjase, said as Sem-ya-zee. Technically she was my fraternal twin, that I never knew that I had. She was involved in the Billy Meier landings. When she had come here in 1975, what occurred was a joining in a biological fashion between her and myself. This had been a genetic biological complication, that neither her or me, knew would happen.*The thing is, is I still do not know if her father, along with the Pleiadean hierarchy, did, or did not have first hand knowledge about this link, between her and I, before they had come here to Earth? In other words, this may have been, besides being an illegal confidence game pulled by the Pleiadeans, is an aimed series of violations, in order to knock me out of action? In part this being knocked out of action did occur. The mistake as Semjase thought that she knew everything, was to take Billy Meier back to the then Cretaceous period. Because she had time traveled on Earth, but I was holding a twin's link, when I went through the catch-up period of time during 1982 April, part of me was actually in that time of the dinosaur. During this change in the approximate middle of April then, I was so sick for three days, that I was bed ridden. I took aspirin and stayed in bed as I had no idea what was wrong with me.It was as if I was changing into someone else, but I had no ability to stop this process.The reality afterwards to me, is that my Pleiadeans sister had no idea I was even here on Earth, let alone a twin genetically linked to her. My baser id side, then was linked to her and her higher super-ego side, with the entire Pleiadean memory core of her ship, then was linked to me. So of course we were having an effect placed upon each other. During I think the third day of the transfer of genetic biological transfer of information, was when I recorded her telepresence based in time travel back to the time of the dinosaur.I remember that day as I had just eaten a piece of bread, took water from the sink and tried to make it back to bed before I fainted. I fell to my knees, in front of the hall closet in a single-wide Titan trailer, that we were renting, when I had gone back in time.I was kneeling on the floor and this was on carpet, however this all rapidly changed into a jungle environment. I could hear wildlife around me.I was in thick brush, jungle foliage and the air seemed thick, almost if the air I was breathing had too much volume based to it.I felt as if I was in very ancient dinosaur times, but could not at the time have any advantage to know, or realize where I was.For that two minutes, I felt that dinosaurs were nearby, that I was slightly out of phase, but that I was in a jungle. After two minutes or so passed, I could stand up and made it back to bed, continuing on the route I was going to get to the bedroom. What is alarming to me to this day, is that I was not time travel compensated, or protected by a time travel bubble. The apparent effects were since I was going through a state of bio-genetic-flux, was to adapt some of the gene traits bought back to this time. These were and not evenly colored on my legs, were spottings. I looked at this dark brown coloration on my legs, and if you study the spots, they resemble the denticle spotting on a reptile.Twenty years ago by instinct, I found a dead snake on the road, just freshly killed and took a section of its flesh from its body. I sterilized the skin of the dead snake I had cut off and then poked this into my arms as an inoculation with a sterile needle.*Snake was run over by someone else's car. After I had done this, I felt better, more able and level headed.I feel to this day if I had not taken the skin donation from that snake when I did, that I would not be here today. My sister among the Pleiadeans had died as a result of her falling, within the Billy Meier household.They said the cause of her accident was a friend of Billy's by the name of Jacobus trying to steal a look at her through a crack through his library study sliding doors. She died about in the early 2000 nds. There was extensive damage done to the base of her skull.This is all I know on her, other than her spirit seems to have chosen to stay with me.I had found this out two days ago. I have no idea what the length of time travel within the million year range of time travel will do, in an uncompensated range of operations.I feel that I've changed all I can for now.This is for historie's clarifications sake and I wish to set the record straight on a few issues here. So I'm really not trying to prove a truth, or some philosophical point, here. I may have had time travel exposure otherwise.but I have never even heard of anyone time traveling 65,000,000 years in time uncompensated. It seems like my bottom half of me mostly, is what shows these markings. Note, time back is estimate from I guess 140, to 160,000,000 years ago roughly.Whenever she said, or Billy said, the era that they traveled to.I know it was the dinosaur era, I could hear them in the background. *In say,.."I have no idea what the length of time travel", I put billion mark corrected to millions.Billions is usually a developmental mark of a staged area of a planet, that finishes as a component to development, as a physio-geologic time. Somehow I feel that a billion years is possible.
  17. The French are never just happy, "Well' they went to town, picked up bread". and that's the long and short of it. It seems that with the sociology of the French that there is a certain rolling in it. I see with the times now, that certain areas of Paris you must be careful that if you are Christian looking, that you do not venture into; that is, if one desires to stay well and keep their life. France has given so much, but they do have their ways. If it was not for France we would not have the statue of liberty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTsg9i6lvqU
  18. Note to the balance of this statement which serves as the capping of an unknown equation as to what happened to Creedo 299 during the time of the mentioned catastrophe, which leaves a question as to what happened to him, where did he go.In time issues, secrets, happenings all kept secret, become through one means or another, disclosed. To the readers and followers of this board and many other just like it, this is in truth what occurred to Creedo and probable other members of this board. However and please do note, that this is not a glass of water tossed into the pan of hot grease.This happening is not meant for show, but what it does reflect and "keep in mind now, this was another regime", that the board through other's wishes, were trying to control the people. A kid just offing himself, or a character of a crime somewhat similar, may have at the time of this very past happening also occurred to another member, or members here? I'm not being alarmist here, but just merely stating, that not only time travel posting forums by their very nature are confusing, but they can if the user does not exercise some cautions to a certain degree, have certain risk to them. Okay outside of the legal beagle somewhat of a caution, where does this leave the followers of the early Titoresque vintage followers? Mmgh' it leaves us with that there were reincarnate members at the time, that should have been left to their fates, were not. This is as far and as complete a level that I can dare go to.I will let the rest up to your imaginations. However' if it is scribed are incarnate order, you will be reincarnated here and are to assume this posture for your life to be lived out". Then you damned well better follow that inscription, just as it is ascribed, period. As I had said my new purpose here, is to determine as to where this link, is in part true, not true and did one of my very former incarnation have friends that even the department of defense is afraid to go near to. Have fun, don't give a care
  19. Worlds in collision read.It was a while back and then to me seemed confusing.It is nearing spring and people have a tendency to become happy Walt. Don't forget to make yourself happy, "if that is your choice"Good day to you and thanks for the chat. To note, Grays may have abducted my son, for unknown purposes and or indoctrination.He really wasn't my son to begin with, but more or less seems to have been similar to a Boobie Bird's egg placed in my nest. I've had a really strong suspicion that my now passed son was the singer performer *teve *arriott. *teve was known to have had a especially bad substance abuse problem. The school's teacher's also, were really not their own directors, in what they did in life. This is as they were telling the kids,"Don't listen to anything that your parents tell you as truth". I could not believe this. So asked one of *ric's same class in school friends and he said, yes they were telling kids to act this way. I think, but am not sure that his time here on Earth, as metered time, till he paid off a bad past karmic debt. Did not matter whether I was the town drunk and frequented hookers. Or a pious pastor, with little or few social transgressions.This entire load of C*ap would have turned out just the same. I really tried to be a good father, but someone had doped the horse before the race. I'm a little iffy about Grays.Don't like them, don't want to be near them.Take care Walt. Sources * *ric said, They take me from my bedroom through the walls.They make the wall so you can go through it. Later on, they just take your spirit and take you that way.
  20. That's good. If you happen to see a man in a raincoat exposing himself, but only see him from the backside, you might not have any idea as to what's on the other side.This hidden could be illegal razor blades sold below cost, an assortment of frozen foods, or even baseball or football cards again sold at racket bargain basement prices."Heck' darnit, I agree with you.
  21. Use of this posting board by me, as assigned character Creedo 299, is for a phase, "although intermix of old and new posting boards to time travels lots", is sometimes unavoidable. This edifice of use is under a not known in probability time travel license and statement of use, as best as can be managed, mainly because the use of time travel is known to be unpredictable in nature, to those guidelines. Attest, yearly statement, the user of character Creedo 299
  22. Behind the Flying Saucers is a hard book to find unless they've reprinted it, which I feel that they should.I feel what Scully had tripped on, " but no one would believe him", were real aliens. I don't know if this has anything at all to do with Nichols, however in that book and I remember seeing it, is a drawn picture of the Great Barrier. I remember seeing it.So I dont think that this is flotsam siphon from popular trash.This is both a good and well written book.If you can find an original copy, I would read it. Sources, via engrams. White page illustration.Illustration takes part of the page only and is a depiction of a estimated large storm front wave, with a lot of agitation placed in the dimensions of the pen and ink black and white drawing. Again, this is from the book, In back of the flying saucers, by author Frank Scully. Behind the Flying Saucers: Frank Scully: Amazon.com: Books
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