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  1. Yes, but this is a bent end to a means Walt. What's happens tomorrow if people start peeing and this is into the sky? Any other comment on the video?_I heard it dropped in the video is the term Darth Vader._I'm telling this to you as a friend, the Star Wars series is a very dangerous junk pile that the kids have dug into.This is so, as some of the contacts are still hot. This is like placing a row of world war two sea mines in a row and leaving one of them fully loaded and one of the push pegs active.But you only have to hit this peg at either a certain angle or a certain number of times. You then hand out small hammers to the kids and tell them,"They're not loaded guys, hit on them all you want". Sources regardless if I jump in timelines or backwards of forwards. and these are, Star Trek Enterprise, the Regeneration episode to where at the start of the video, you see a Federation scout ship flying in over the arctic.**As soon as you see that scout ship flying through the snowing weather, at any point in that traverse, does anyone feel a time incident bump? Okay, I'm allowed another example here. In Star Trek Next Generations when Q introduces the Federation to the creatures known as the Borg, just before any action occurs between the Enterprise and the Borg Cube, does anyone feel a time incident notation? If it were me and I produced that video I would replace the name Vader with, bad man cowboy, or Mr. Dirty, or some other term and then repost the video. Seems simple but "Hey' and this is from the fabulous new Creedo 299, that's all I gotta tell ya".
  2. There is evidence of the story of John Titor being replicated.If a soldier finds a discarded rifle of the enemy laying on the battlefield, then that soldier either has the opportunity to confiscate that rifle, or make a near exact copy of what they've found.What I've said here, is in part one of the principles of espionage, which was proven during the SEA war. Again, those in hierarchy are disregarding what can be found in the field of play and what can be turned around and used against them.The (who recently died) false flag is one of those double checks, as if the article which says they're dead is genuine, then attempting to print false information on a social utility, is a make up for a person really being able to travel between two timelines. This is what they're trying to pull off now, in order to make the person who can actually jump two timelines, doubt their own self versity. There is something that I had caught in one of the Titor said travelers, which only a real time traveler would know. Why send official cars with government plates to someone's house in order to monitor them as a threat, if this entire John Titor time travel scenario is not true? This happened a while ago. So what this ends up as being, is a Trojan horse, being located inside of a Trojan horse. And you know what the funniest part of all this is about, is?, once they discover the second Trojan horse inside of the larger one, there's still another Trojan horse located the secondary horse. *Notes on pics from the SEA war, not given here. There were weapons caches found that were bundles of brand new M-16s, that in some cases had never been fired in battle. These weapons confiscated, were probably sold out of the black market in Saigon.The point to be made is once a technology becomes common anyone can either steal the design of that item by making a copy, or a confederate to which nobody would pay attention to, if they did not know as to what was behind the item.
  3. If you want the exact infraction then here it is.Say for instance I was Darth Vader in a former existence. And someone thinking that they were really bright, and could not only help this society, but make a bundle of money off the whole op as well, found out the link between the past Darth Vader and myself. The question looms and you should pay attention to this, is there any infraction in using a person this way? The answer is this simple.While it was probably not that bad to make up to four movies about this past era, know that distorting the past is not part and parcel of the karmic allowance. In other words, your society had done wrong.You can tell about the past, but if a number of incarnates are here under a karmic recompense principle, then you can't degrade those individuals without there being a violation. For instance, the person once known as Darth Vader may have done evil, however the exact circumstances is not known as to why issues had degraded as they had done so.In other words, one cannot adjudicate an issue of unknown depth, as if this ends up in slander, then the people performing the slandering, may be the ones to pay the penalty for doing so. There's a curse and a very bad one involved in these doings. The higher up have made this mistake and more than likely according to karmic law, they will be the ones that pay.
  4. They figure and I have researched this that the period of Star Wars was 1,800 years ago.That would bring the vast space based wars closer to this time.This is just when they may have been finishing them out. What has recently been discovered, is that there are free rouge AI programs leftover from that era, already hiding in our societies computer infrastructure. These programs know what their doing and what they look for in some instances are people that are reincarnated from that past time, as they once knew them. Then, AI was very common and was closer to people than is the case now; almost similar to how pet claves to people. This resurfaces the question, well' if these programs are still here, then what about the Darth Vader character, was he both real and of any consequence? The answer is yes, very much so. As the heirs from that time are not all accounted for.The most dangerous factor here is who Vader used to know and how extensive does this factor become? I can't go beyond this point as your society thinks it knows everything and is about to make colossally huge mistakes.
  5. Rule of keeping home based chickens; 1.Do not mess around with them when they gather in their yard to pick at the ground and make sure that you feed them.2. Don't not mess around with them when they're copulating. 3.When the hens are laying and they do a lot of that, be gentile when checking for the eggs that you want and take them for your use, without frazzling the hens too much. 4.Let the mother hens from time to time raise their peeps without undue interference. Keep the dogs, cats etc. out of their roaming yard. If you deviate from this method of keeping them too much, then your going to end up without chickens or eggs. So if they keep screwing around with us too much, then they'll end up without humans.
  6. I'm pretty sure that nature adds just a little introductory class love in sex, so that one partner doesn't do something rude such as bit the face of the one that they're loving.I know that when the animal the Tasmanian Devil mates, that it's bites the Hell out of the other mate.I know that a stallion with bite the back of the neck of the mare it's mating with, but people by and large, should not bite the other person that they're having sex with. This is both sloppy as well as being painful and if it was a robot, one partner might hurt the other, or even kill them.If your were the robot, you would not want to wear duct tape on your head all day to conceal of human bite mark, or if you were human you would not desire to have the robot do something unnatural to you. If feel that considerably away in time, that robots with attain a more sophisticated development, standing.This means better consideration, for humans as well as the same being expect from a human.
  7. I'm not sure here, Jacin.I would really like to know, is there a rouge brown dwarf, or is Planet X just BS?
  8. Your best resource are interviews and don't even bother requesting anything from the CIA.The way their retrieval systems works, is that it gives you gobs of junk headings and NO substance.I was interested in Montauk for technical reasons and your better off listening to reports of people said to be there, rather than the agency. This is all smoke and mirrors.They don't want to give you anything.
  9. Don't look at me, my world's confusing enough.But if you have a question that makes sence, ask it.This is spanking brand new information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SkCEY_Uj1Q
  10. Notes on Frank Skully's book, Behind the flying saucers.Please note I had tried looking up a pdf of the original book, and it seems not to be there.I suggest if you can take out a copy of the book, borrowed from the public library, then do so. So far what I have seen on the web, is not the book I had read with this title. A very short synopsis is, that Skully did write about UFOs, but during this explanation, he encountered beings, that were supposedly dressed similar to men in black, which Skully described. However did not act the same as the real men in black, which must have come later. Very simply put, these being were kind of like light energy beings, that inhabited the corpses of bodies, "I guess stolen from somewhere"? They had a base near one of the arctic poles and could only stay here on Earth for a set amount of time.Skully was told of this place and I think shown. During Skully doing his investigation, two of these beings tracked him down in a movie theater and sat behind him.The thing is, they were not mean to him at all, as an encountered austere looking being. Skully had an extensive conversation with one of these beings, as was told that they came from beyond the great barrier, going towards the center of the galaxy, then after reaching the the great Barrier, to where no human can safely travel. He supplied a sketch of this barrier in the book.What is offered online, seems to be completely different materials in content. What is remarkable about this telling from the book, is the date that he mentions the great barrier before anyone knew about it and that in a Star Trek movie, the great barrier is mentioned again.The thing is with the great barrier, is that once your past it, the conditions are lethal to humans because of the high radiation levels encountered past that point. Preston Nichole's story seems to jive to a certain extent with Skully's then known observations.These beings are no longer here, to survive they had to return to their place in this galaxy in order to survive.They could only stay here on Earth, for a very short time.
  11. What I'm going to do here is try and localize just what the problem that Preston Nichole's might see.I have to speak to experience on this one as I have an ability to visualize in space, which may be a gene hand me down characteristic. At one time on another posting board, there was the asking, "I wonder what it looks like in Eta Carinae; which is the double sun twin bells shaped star system, which they say may or may not go nova. I have this ability simply to think of the object and then all of a sudden a picture comes in crystal clear. I did this with Eta Carinae and what I got, was being inside of one of those bells, but everything around me seemed as if to be flat-based, similar to a graphic artist poster colors.I' at first thought that I had seen everyhting around me wrongly, but went in again and had gotten the same thing.I was situated at sort of an angle and to the relative plane of my body to a line through the two bells. I could see the two suns placed in juxtaposition to each other and the rest of the configuration, but only in one bell, which I then figured out, was right. I then simply asked the question, "Why does everything look as if it's painted with dull flat poster paint"?. What I got as an answer was it was the pressure plus another, factor that made it look so.*Note, I can't do this type of demand upon asking visualization to see, performance, so don't kidnap me and expect the goose with the golden eggs abilities. Sometimes, for some unknown reason, I can't see certain things. What I'm trying to get at, is that conditions within that bell, did not look at all like anyone would have suspected. On what Nicholes had seen, it might just be the dynamics of a black hole and a whiter hole in their relation that Nicholes had seen. I know now that Preston has last considerable weight, however I'm trying to figure out how he had gotten into that chair, when his g former physical dimensions were kind of large.Maybe what he had seen, were just the normal dynamics of the center of the galaxy and this had frightened him. Plus there are other reports for the future, such as Al Belick which differ from Nichole's, so I'm not saying this is either going, or not going to happen, which would by Nicholes saying, is a galactic wave of some sort, traveling to here, now. *Spelling Niochol, to Nicholes, to Nichole's as parts of say and pre-floating to the possessive ownership use.A colloquialism of sectored English language use idioms. I just wanted to add these note.If you, anyone in this audience knows differently, then please bring your information here? I am not looking to discredit anyone, it's just what Preston had mentioned is a major event to come and we'd like to have a little more definition on this said to come happenstance, now? *These are doings by beings within our system. So I am forbidden from looking into it, or remote viewing because of the noninterference law, so this is the best that I can do for anyone here. Unprecedented Look into Superstar Eta Carinae Eta Carinae - Wikipedia
  12. This interview places Nichols as a chair user, to where I'm sure that this was not reported as this use was not reported before.The chair users, were supposed to be physically fit, which at the time, Nichols was not. Secondarily, it defines the aliens in Skully's book as being real, an energy form inserted into a deceased human.This second sighting of irregularity in Behind the flying saucers, characterizes these beings as being on a fact finding tour to Earth's relative location, for possible assessment purposes of an unknown origin. The beings in Frank Skully's book, are and were not true men in black, but it seems spatial travelers to Earth's rough locale only. Any travel past the all encompassing ring around the galactic center, is fatal for a human because the solar densities dramatically increase in magnitude.This is like or similar to radiation poisoning, plus the impossibility of a heat environment. This area of space past the Great Barrier, is described within Skully's book and is only endurable for a short period of time, it is estimated in a maximum anti-radiation spacesuit.This factor if as per the interview in the YouTube with Nichols, begs a question as to how he was able to gain and interview with Tobor, or the god-like creature as said in the Nichols female interview.*Was this an in-chair interview, to where Nichols had never gone out of the state of the Montauk chair, which would be a time capsule protective effect and then interview said god, or was there some other factor, if this should be a past happenstance in Nichols having access to the early time traveling chair workings, to where he was able, allowed, to travel to the galactic center? These factors are not known, at this relative posting date.
  13. *Technical notes; for time travel aficionados as well as historians.At this level of time-cast, the Pleiadeans as well as other off worlders have certain abilities vested within their space vehicles in order to be able to time travel.One method that is recorded on archival store, such as in (Rosales humanoids contacts list), is to simply accelerate towards Earth's moon and there is both a technical device within the flying saucer and or vested in that combination of movement of the saucer's track, that allows the saucer to move both forwards and backwards in time. The second method and this was demonstrated with the use of the latest Pleiadean sonic beam-ships, is to selected entry into a time travel vernier, or route of time going backwards into time.This is roughly the same method of technologies used by the said U.S. Navy DE world war two heavily modified by Tesla & Einstein escort destroyer naval ship. However with its crew time space compensated, which in the interior of the modern to this posting date, cupola of the saucer.This allows the time travelers to be protected from the raceway effect, which was experienced by the DE class Eldrige Destroyer, in accessing a time traveler gross radiation of all kinds corridor.This direction had been to the fifty thousands, way into Earth future. So the operating crew does not suffer ill effects and can remain their characteristics upon reaching their target destinations.*Eldrige 1940's said invisibility time travel experiment. Also know at this time, because of the fade of genetic perfection genetic modifications to the humanoid body, as it seems occurred at the end of the large space wars from the rough approximate *Lyrian said space wars.This is said after these wars, genetic engineering became very popular, in order to allow certain groups to live extended lives longevity-wise.This practice had caused what is described as blocking bars, or non-Gregor Mendel at random from the wall of gene availability as based within the DNA inner structure to long helical bars, or known as, (Mendel's genetic source wall) and there became an addiction to this practice. *Syntax said, pronounced Leer-e-ain, or Lyrian, modern way of saying word of this race. History just did not occur as the Pleiadeans had said, that they were superior, so could live longer situation foisted upon Earth human's knowledge. How the Pleiadeans manged to live longer, was that all the time they had to take stolen genetic materials from Earth humans, dish processing this as a in-vetro bath to embryo process.This method in order to make that longevity occur. So in reality the modern relative to posting date Pleiadeans were in reality, gene pirates, thieves. So part of the 1975 on landings in Switzerland was in part, an effort to conceal both these sect societal social intents, along with self identities. In other words, these landings had been one big social lie, so that they could keep up this self gene modifying self addiction; this action, in order to keep themselves both to seem young and deceive Earth human society at the same time. There is a report that through one of the Sem-ya-zee;s freinds, who was one of the principles at the Swiss 75 European landings. Later, that they were going to go to the Andromedians, which were their friends and phase out of using the human body all together, so replacing this once physical body with an electric grid representation appearing like or similar to a real human.Nobody knows as to whether this did, or did not occur. *See Lia, in UFO Photo Archive's book, UFO Contact From Andromeda. It was said that through some unknown both formula and procedure, that the real father of what we refer to as in this time as the Emperor or Darth Vader's father, had in some way a bent genetics program, or character placed to him. This effect was expressed as that to be naturally and without fuss, had allowed him to reach the age of 900 years in age, without genetic concockshun. It is not known as to where said Darth Vader ever had carried on this trait within him.This may have been why the Pleiadeans could have been interested in the subject from the primary telling, or this relayed story?Or for that matter even be looked upon as an enemy to the Pleiadeans state, due to the fear that this subject would in some way interfere with the Pleiadeans genetic habit conquest plan?_However supposed Vader may have already been heavily modified and it would not be known if he had carried his father's longevity trait at all, or could a normal human ever utilize this trait? *Sources for the say in Star Wars materials for the age of the Emperor. This was said by two apparent technicians then, looking into the into the time tunnel, which was phase into development out of the Montauk series of experiments.This move into the time tunnel phase of this sanctioned reach into the future and this speak had occurred as said, (His father lived to be a really old age.)This was at TTI and said transferred to other knowledge bases in other time travel forums.Quote, "He was something like over seven hundred years in age and nobody knows how he could have manged to have done this? We could see back into that time, but because they were so advanced, we were ordered to stay within observation mode of operations only". Preston Nicholes verifies that there was a said Time Tunnel which was phased as an outgrowth off of the predecessor, the Montauk time travel linear accelerator and time travel chair, which was for a short depth, till activated to be defined as stage 2 utility technologies, allowing better access than the previous Montauk time travel chair.3.The television series The Time Tunnel, was in essence a socially deceptive flair, which was to act in the real relative anchor of time allowance departures, which acted as a typing paper cover-sheet, to the real doings that had transgressed out of Montauk, so making the general public unless they either guessed of somehow knew what was really going on, with the potential of being dismissed as made up fiction.
  14. Simply without argumentation, I am going to lay out this past said use of time travel misuse case.I am asking that you the reader, simply note the track of this misuse and record this for your interest, only. The subject of concern, was assigned to live on Earth.This is without being offered an indication to being subjected to alternative solutions, made of use before hand. A series of beings popularly known as the Pleiadeans, at one time were associated with colonization on Earth. They were also manifest in the once known Empire as the Atlantians, which was said to be a fourth density sect of beings that had come here from the Lyra Constellation. But know however, after coming here from the old Lyrian wars and social con-strife, their lighter density, had spun down to the third density, which is now common experienced today. The Atlantians have many differing relations that are handed down to this society relatively current to this posting date. A sect of these beings had shown up in Europe and participated in a very public landing, which was subjected to not only questioning as to why they had showed here, but their motive designs and wants, as well. They had one female cosmonaut that shared a common fraternal trait to an Earth human, who at the time, was in residence as an american citizen.This relationship between the female cosmonaut and male earthling, was one of past fraternal twins, joining a common familial route. The female had traveled back in timer with a Swizz citizen, to the time of the dinosaur, it is believed to be the cretaceous period of time, to where this cosmonaut had showed the Swiss citizen how to stun a dinosaur and to look around in that period of time, as a sort of a field trip a little. The female Pleiadean did not travel there by herself and the Swiss well known citizen, as the U.S. subject was starting to genetically pair with her, in a very strong bond. What this action had done, was to give the Earth human almost all of her information. This sharing, both mental and physical, except to gene codes to turn into a woman, as the subject was a male. During the visit to this time, is metamorphically when the human, at that point very became very sick, because he was under the full bio-genetic flux of the predominate gene of hers.This was because she had been the initiator. This new status of his now reclaimed sister, began to experience during the period of change, the time travel location as well as environment in that period of time, to where he said, "The air was very thick, heavy like molasses and almost difficult to breath. Part of him materialized with him on his knees, wearing only a tee shirt and his underwear briefs.This was on a creature trail, which was in the very ancient Earth period of the dinosaurs.This appearance and the experience lasted for about a minutes time.The rules were, that since he was now bio-genetically bonded to his sister, that he had to go where she was physically traveling at the time.The time scope, was that of the Earth itself, regardless of time and era being involved. During the time of time travel into the past, she and her Swiss companion journied through the era of the junk vampire plagues.This was posing a problem to where her family gene route, never had exposure to the 1600s junk vampire era. which is NOT a clan vampire affectation. This is given in the book, (Vampires A study in case histories), an experience that he family root had not gone through.The manufacture was of the Indian made for retribution of the past Indian Atlantian conflicts, use of nuclear weapons. His resistance to the, (now), hybrid vampire bio-genetic plague virus, was all of a sudden no longer there. So the subject started with a few years time passed landings started to turn into a full phased, hybrid vampire. These conditions were started as a dramatic increased in physical strength, acute hearing, of being able to pick up whispers at fifty feet in distance and a tracking and wanting taste for human blood.The subject not only could track humans from their blood smell taste via odor, but another part of him, his tracking sense, would plot attack solutions on humans to track and attack them for their blood. There were also changes in the canine tooth topographies of teeth, which would enable him to quill blood up from a human jugular vein.*A supposed covert meeting was convened and the decision had been made to use a large flying laboratory gown bat. This would be to deliver a stop rate of change bite inoculation, by a house cat sized bat, which was delivered to the right male breast, which combined, with the auto-gennic immunity, and simply arrested the continuance of the vampiric bio-gennic change. This act rescued the subject and he could not continue his process becoming a "by vampire terms, "a loose vampiric hybrid cannon, that did not choose to follow clan rules"..Everyone was happy. Some security org. had found out about this change and simply arrested it with an anti-vampire virus, which stop the full reversion into a class one active predatory hybrid.This is a condition to where a black funnel during sleep, opens beneath the changling, and the spirit soul complex will either go down into this funnel, which means active vampire state, or be yanked away out of that black funnel, which means back to human being. The Pleiadean woman came back from her time travel expierence, but later in time had sustained damage to the base of her skull from an unseen by more than one witness falling to the floor. So she had died as estimated in the early 2000 nds. The now dramatically changed human adopted her physical traits, such as allergies to pollins.This is as her home world, had little of these.There was also a change in his body in not knowing, or realizing what cheese is, which acts as glue does within the confines of his body.*There may be other changes not known at this time, e.g. posting date? What is not known is, as to whether this appaearance by them, had been a willful act performed by the Pleiadeans, or an accident?This situation to where they simply were not aware of what they were doing.Technically this many is legally a Pleiadean Citizen, even though he lives on Earth as a citizen as based in the United States.So because of his dramatic physical change, in some way, should be covered by a comprehensive health care-case act, which also mixed some social aspects of modern Pleiadean awareness and physiology, to be blended in with his new changed identity. What is given here, is an example of the time traveler tag-along phenomenon, which can manifest into an individual and rarely, into a small group of people at times. This disclosure is simply for your notes.It is not known, but best guessed that the travel route exposure, other than the erasure of the vampiric resistance to the Junk Vampire Plagues, had been the only environmental change caused, then cured by a hidden, not known of or guessed at organization. This unguessed ediface, as a hidden in actuary, within the United States.*This statement means, please do not attempt to disclose this organization with reaserch. This phenomenon track, may be worked on in display in simulation in the complex range. Or for fun, within the simplified range, such as in a similar frame of reference to the Kerbal simulated games and or strategies by computer constructs. Thank you.
  15. I'm standing in this hardware chain and this steel selling shed PC starts showing me sensitive store chain financial records.I have the look of panic on my face as the system, "not me", hacked through to get them. "it must have been the store grounding wiring system, into the corporate headquarters in Oregon", to show me that in a few month that the entire store chain was going into chapter eleven. I am trying to figure out how this little dedicated computer could do this, without an interface that nobody is controlling.What I did right then and there is say this to the little PC, "I realize your concerned here, but I don't think that we should be looking at this information.Your'e doing a very good job here, but "Please", get back to selling these steel sheds"? and the PC did. This happened a long time ago, but in our time.How did this little Pentium system know not only who I was, but where it was and what the corporation was doing, as far as business, progress wise? This is when I put two and two together and figured out earlier what I had felt during Star Wars was not a figment of my imagination. This is like someone being of the Jewish faith or something, having a private picnic at a public park and then with someone having some kind of instrument looking at you, that knows everything about you.They come up to you and your family and start telling everybody your darkest secrets. On this one and here is the information, if the makers of this movie series knows everything, then why are they chancing a real invasion, mixed on top of an NWO supposed to be sponsor fake one. I'm saying it again, let this entire series fade into anonymity and just let it alone.I don't want to be held responsible for anything regarding this. Again, it's not my responsibility. The occurrence with the PC actually happened. I didn't start this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgY_H9QUnVI
  16. Walt said, I think but am not one hundred percent sure that I was Vader.This had been over a thousand years ago.I got the hint when Vader was talking to his father the Emperor via a hologram in the first movie.When I had seen this, I got a musty body odor in my nose right away.I was so bad that I had to get up and use the washroom because I became nauseated. Then, they got fifty percent of Star Wars right and I have no idea how they had done this, other than either the time tunnel and Montauk, or some form of remote viewing, or maybe some other kind of machine. Vader, I think, was injured in a transport craft crash.The accident was bad, but survivable.They made a special assisting suit for him. There are over one hundred Star Wars era incarnates on this Earth. You'r not supposed to inter-react with them on the level of exposing them,. especially making gobs of money off their past life story.The worst and I mean it's as bad as sleeping with Charles Manson, or John Wayne Casey, is to attempt to demonize any of the immediate Vader family.Vader was similar to Rasputin, also a lethal and I mean exceedingly lethal killer, plus a mystic. His dad lived.Vader retired and was seen less, or and what was the Empire, in similar fashion to Rome, was absorbed. The thing with Vader is, that he was very well traveled. He knew lots of other beings, cultures, plus systems.They did put contracts on him, but all of those were found out ahead of time. My main worry is, that in some way, beings that Vader knew then, will somehow find their way to Earth and make trouble.Please take my words for this, the less said and shown about Vader and his career, the better.I especially would not be putting his memory in a castle of pain like they reported had done, in the movie, Rouge One. Vader is still a legend, like Jessie James, off world.He had many, many, friends and I feel that it's just better to let issues based on his memory, rest. If you want really bad news aliens here, worse that what we've previously known, then keep this smearing of him up and I bet that you get visitors that you hadn't counted on. Also note and this is very accurate, AI programs from that time, with many spirit soul combinations have also incarnated here.Yea' in a way this is like a five year old kid finding a world war two aerial drooped bomb that was never disarmed and hitting it on the nose with a metal hammer."I don't care about this and it's no longer my business".
  17. This new link is both interesting as well as being possible and is invested in the following link.I suppose at this time anything is possible, but as of yet I have not a developed confidence between black lives matter and the employment of youth as a striking force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AeAvE3FxQ8 God help us if the mechanized version of Screamers, ever becomes a reality.Thank you Walt
  18. I would like to get this information in quickly, because this new information to me, centers on a past say related to a possible connection with the creative stream which may or may not be true. This is said through the offered video, which may possibly connect with a Japanese TV series titles, Tobor The Eight Man and the book, Behind the flying saucers. Behind the Flying Saucers: Frank Scully: Amazon.com: Books I do know that there is a black hole to white hole feed in most galaxies, however am not totally familiar with the internal dynamics of this relationship which powers most galaxies.What I feel is that Frank Skully's book was correct and the telling by sensing of the title, Tobar, said Tobor The Eight Man is also correct. I am not sure however, is what author Preston Nichols has said in the video link, , that Nichols assessment of a catastrophe unverified by astronomical authority, may be actually what Preston Nichols had seen close up? This information seems to swirl around each other, but a definitive handle as of yet, has yet to be ascertained.I will write later on this set of circumstances, but if you have any information to add to what is put here, then please' feel free to lend you opinions.Thank you
  19. I think that what's going to happen, is that people will begin to poll-ate to gathered communities outside the rules of money and finance, or greatly augment these means and start taking care of one another.In some communities this is what they've done in the past. If you look at this without politics, then is simple tribalism, but in this case this may turn out in some places to be group efforts in order to survive. There is an axiom here, that once a society becomes so advanced, that it has to divide itself up and relocate, in order not to become so overburdensome. This was what the movie and story Appcolipto was about, as natives became sick of high priest sacrificing people, by killing them. So these villages decentralized. Money and things, items and objects are okay, just as long as the people that own them do not develop self destructive habits.I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I just mentioned them as they are the other space program.In my case if the government says "die", then as an alternative what do you think that I'm going to do? The one thing with some of these off world gene sects and this is why the time after Star Wars is so important, is that genetic engineering became a fetish.So many aliens illegally use Earth human gene parts. It's also very dangerous out in space, as gene stealing and use, is in one of the illegal markets. I recommend reading about co-ops and communes. New and current ideas.If there was any way that I could help you, then I would. xox your'e a sweetie, Paula
  20. The past Egyptian Empire in ancient Egypt, was actually a test colony for ancient off world technologies, that were tried here for a while.In some ways Egypt did not work out, but this may be an off world view of certain issues. The Empire was a vast and sectored allegory of many differing unions of peoples, places and sects of aliens.Trade still occurred during the reign of the Empire but this was a divested power sharing based in part on some principles of both families as well as royal steads. What you observe in Star Wars is but a hand me down very small slice of what that ancient power system was like.Also an shown factor that is true, were the space wars. The mistake that the writers had done in translation, is trying to make this a very past issue, which is not.And that parts of that Empire does not exist, which is also not true.There may be heirs that in a spiritual way, are still within their distant systems, but are ethereally still attached to doings in this world. So Star Wars is neither remote from Earth nor all that distant.*This is probably why it's good not to demonize characters in association with the later story-line of this movie series, because there may be incarnated people in numbers, based here on this world. Both the ancient Egyptian empires and Star Wars Empires poses their pluses and minuses. Source, ( light bulbs noticed on hieroglyphs in Egypt) as a search entry And (Eye on Hollywood radio talk show, Man channels Star Wars as being real past life materials) as a internet search entry.
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