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  1. If planet X is true, then we'll need none of this. 2. I am not covered under any of this.I have off world folks, so if there is any opportunity to go with them, then I'll do that. I've met some folks that after WW ll went south of the border to disappear. Govt. is not talking to me at all, where I know at least they are monitoring me.If I'm not in any kind of plan here, then I guess I would go with them. Do NOT wish to reincarnate here. Sources: Eating a meal out. Older silver haired man, but in remarkably good condition meets me at the hamburger condiments bar. goes something like, }Hi, are you traveling abroad in a rented motor-home? Unknown guy answers, no' we own it and are here in the states for vacation. Guy to me } You wouldn't recognize Germany if you went back there.There's all these new ethnicities there and it's just not the same as it was as before the war. Me, }Thank you for helping me with my hamburger.Every once in a while, I get a hankering for a big American hamburger. Noticed that the husband and wife, were in extremely good shape for their age. Also got the weirdest feeling after this man had spoke to me, felt as if somehow I had either known him or known him through my link with Sem-ya-zee the Pleiadean Cosmonaut, who was my twin by past fraternal cells._This man spoke to me as if I had known him all my life. He also for some reason seemed to know about my personal life. I don't know, maybe I am being monitored by a select Nazi group, stranger things have happened.
  2. They are coming up with micro circuitry and pathways that are so small now, that they could transfer your household companion talk-to, is a wrist watch.Of course this would certainly bite into the cell phone market.
  3. I like a wrist watch that all you must do, to get it to function, is talk to it
  4. Edited on advice.Yes Walt, I would like to own a watch to where it can advise you on certain points, but all you have to do is to speak to it. Review: How does Apple Watch first-gen compare to the Series 1 that replaces it?
  5. Replying to Walt while at the same time, not replying at Walt, is like a mother hen warming her peeps."You kinda have to be careful. So I've got to ask it this way,.. if you see the space pirates in this book, the fieldguide, as just being militarily manageable.This is with some of our most advanced weaponry, what would happen if from the well know space pirate set of aliens,"which usually hang out about the Mars vicinity", were to be stepped up one notch from what we're used to? This is like more numbers of creepy, hostile aliens, but with much better weapons technology. Is the Army, "don't know if your'e in anymore", maybe looking over that defensive potential too, like what to do and how to handle that,Walt? 1969-Brazil; Abduction of José Antonio da Silva, UFO Casebook Files found in this book here. Amazon.com: The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials (9780380781287): Patrick Huyghe, Harry Trumbore: Books Very common knowledge
  6. Probably neither, just other people now that were involved in that war.Many other players if you want to settle off of Earth.
  7. Yea, you got it.But caste, means social rank.You have workers, scientists, diplomats, soldiers and so on.
  8. I did say it that way, didn't I Jacin? Meant to say Greys or reptoids.I have a bit of filtered repotoid in me, so know some of their numbers a little more intimately. If you have something like 15 percent dragon in you, they respect you.One must be very aware of their cast system.It's just so and you don't dare infract out of rank.If your with them, you shut your mouth till they talk to you or instruct you to do something otherwise.
  9. Time that I know can act as a fluid does.Also,. once you've time traveled, this changes you forever.And don't every time travel in an uncompensated time travel vehicle. This can effect you also for life. A lot of folks messing around with this HDR technology, may after a time experience zero-outs and these can occur at any time.A time travel compensated vehicle, is the best if you have to time travel. Misuse of time travel, can also affect you genetic-biological wise.I know this one close up and personal. There is natural time travel, such as gravity or force waves over a meteorite, the two modern ladies who had gone back to Marie Antoinette's royal court.But if this is in a capsulized manifold, this won't affect you.
  10. TY5601, you may be quantum jumping.This is soul spirit base to soul spirit base places.Take notes, because your'e not going back.You more than likely with corrections that I have made, land in 2062.It may be from Montauk, but the reopened annex from the year 2014.Sorry I thought you were just another jag off, but there's something that I caught in your story that's giving me second pause. If you should meet up with large lizard people wearing lab coats, just act as if they're people and do not become upset. Sorry, I was just messing with you.There will be a visual probe translator that they attach to your head when you've time skipped enough.Relax when this procedure is performed upon you and you won't sustain any brain damage. Again, I'm sorry, I thought that you were just messing with us.
  11. To TY5601; the F word, is becoming less important to this era, because it's starting to phase out.This has something to do with the design of the society.If they take you out of your station now and transport you forwards, you will have to understand this principle and I will spell it out for you. What the F word actually mean, is FUTURE UNIFICATION CANCELS KIN-IP-SHUNS.If you've been following social events on this word, the ways that F are used are undergoing a social revolution.I'm sure that the translation that I've shown you is correct, but the F word sometimes does show dismay at a principle, rather than just a por-telling of wanting to practice procreation. Soon this word will fade all together and be replaced by another word.In the orient it may be the word (clack), however in the U.S. it may be another word that I can't say here, as this interferes with a timeline.So you must perform a review why they have used this word, what it truly means. The disuse has to do not only with the population rising, but too many people and that social interaction as well. I would study this, make a few notes and then put this in your mental ditty-bag. If I'm correct about these things and I usually am, your next stop in about two months, will be the year 2046.This is a year in this timeline when they start getting thing together again, because whether we will have an atomic war is going through the can' have can't or not, not rhythms of allegory notations in numbers.So because it's being factored in similar fashion to a self-recanting math equations, we may or may not have this war."I'm not allowed to know". So 2046 will seem either bleak, make you want to cry a lot, or it will be so crowded that it will make you both sick and angry at the same time.They will appear to you, before they take you.This is because the Montauck Experiment was not furtive in results, so they have to accomplish what they want with a time skipper. DISCLAIMER AND FINISH: This answer study is made comparative and in simulated and both factual response. So the author cannot take responsibility for any ideas of advice that he offers, other than this may have been a time skipper in need.So this advice also can act as a form of entertainment. You may laugh, but I wouldn't do that too hard, as this really might be true.
  12. Hey' wait a second, there are no long distance synthetic oils here at all.It's usually given backwards or kinda sideways.Which is long synthetic distance, or long distance oils. I don't have a contract with the oil people and cannot advertise for them.
  13. What may have happened is that a time directive was either aimed at you, or was misplaced in use.A time directive, is a way to trans-place agents that travel in time, for all sorts of reasons to an exact place or time. What is amazing to me, is that you have not met up with a time cop, who guards against unauthorized access into time travel.This is a very stiff offence and can get you a reprimand. Let me ask you, what some when you go here and you daydreamed about came around to your singing?If I can know the location or time of that song, I might be able to tell where you had come from. To avoid time lost and waste in your advisement here.I firmly suggest that you read all of the Time Magazines that you can get once we find you exact date of departure, in order to fill in your internal chronos bio-record. This act in itself however, may not make you age, for it is in your planned bio-telomorase, that your age, only, is controlled. You will need to learn speed reading and hyper-learning. I can get in trouble here, as I am suggesting a medical treatment that borders from time travel technologies. However if you learn to hyper-learn, at say a three day cloistered set-rate, you may experience over-stacking. This is a condition that earlier personal computers underwent by too much of a download, to the information-hard disk.This artifact can cause problems in talking.An example would be, "I would like a glass of water now please"? _ Compressed is, "who-ja- die-mole gimmie da' wa-ter kay? I fear that this does not make any sense to you, but I have lived through this and know of others, but you'll get your info into you, kay? So this is six to seven stacks of Time or Newsweek learned in under three days time. After you are done, stand up.Say that, "I am a better man now" and walk away from the magazines. For treatment of this as you won't be able to talk correctly for a days time, is to go to a Walmart Superstore.Take or buy a lunch.Look at this action as walking into a museum or place of science.*If you can eat there, this sometimes will pop you into our place and time.However remember, telomeraise adjustment take time and you may feel really old one day and the next very young.This takes time to adjust to. If your new here, I suggest to try to get into college and then get a simple job.Keep out of trouble with the law and make sure that you eat a simple lunch out, to where you can view other people.*Also watch out for cell phone addictions.If you do get a cell phone, try to use it at set times and if your on the net, because so many interesting issues are in there, limit you time to one hour only, but slightly over, if it's a job. Over stacking in humans takes about any-wheres, from two weeks to a couple of months to normalize once you've done this, so think of what your'e going to say, then write this down a then say just what you have on the paper. *Oh' and I also most forgot and I don't want in your sex life, but use a condom, if you male of female as the viruses have really changed the human body from the 1960s. Go to a clinic if you get sick, but explain your sickness to your health medicos, plainly and clearly.*Also do not take drugs just given to you in this era, as many of them are fatal.Good luck and thank you for visiting our time.
  14. David John Adams said, I wanted to know you spelled Hitler as lower case h_itller, or hitller. That represents a duality in your logic. So why did you spell Hitler in just that way? That's all that I wanted to know and you can answer if you want.
  15. History note* For those who have followed me, may be wondering why is he doing this. Why is he coming out about an issue that's not only politically volatile, but could rate him both harassment and criticism later on? _The answer is real simple.My kind, humans with a heavy slice of off worlder in them,"off-worlder is the same as alien, but sounds nicer", are not that uncommon. There is a blond haired lady from one of the Nordic countries, who is a full Zeta Reticulan spirit soul complex, incarnated into an Earth woman's body.She and her huisband even has a family started.There are a few others that have for population reasons, along with certain newer genetic failures in some off worlder hierarchy plans, to where they want to get these gene inserts now, as issues in the bio-genetic sense are starting to fail. These women 'had sex with aliens and gave birth to hybrid babies' pictures 'We were abducted by aliens' The beautiful women who claim ETs got them pregnant Maybe I see past the said thread, were Jacin ask about the alien invasion, and see just who the charterers are.Maybe what I'm trying to do and do this desperately, is just label myself and get out of the way. Nanobot? or Nanotech stuff Even if there is a fake alien landing, more than likely people will be panicked. So I don't want happening to me, as the same thing that happened to a New York City College Shik professor. This was to where this man was walking down the college steps, wore a cloth turban on his head and some New Yorker shouted, "Look it's a Muslim"!! and everybody jumped on this poor guy and beat the snot out of him.From what I can tell, by and large Shiks are an okay lot of folks.No need to panic. Like I said, I'm getting really funny feelings about the chance of other of not so nice, off-worlders, seeing through our defenses and slipping a real set of aliens who want to do real harm, going right through the fake ones.Maybe a long time ago, my distant ancestors fought in space wars and I have that second sense of knowing where the enemy is, where most normal Earthlings do not. In this sense as they say, "I would be in the process of laying down a bad bike". I'm just looking out for me and my interest. I'm not really trying to get a Hollywood film, or novel contract. What I've said here, is in no way connected to any political party, thinking and or idelogies. Thanks for the note edit. I too, don't really like to go off topic.
  16. There are three differing types of grays and it's not sure for them, to be the denizens that we should worry about.I hope that someone with more insight comes into this thread.
  17. Let's put it this way Jacin, if you and me were playing cards at the No-tell-motel and we just had enough of listening what everybody else was doing in those rooms, the "Oohing and awing" and some jerk kept phone some of the rooms saying the cops vice squad is coming, because there's some bad hookers in those rooms, the word would be, "Hey' everybody, get yer clothes on now, cos the cops is coming..?!!! I mean like man, there'd be underwear and scumbags flying every which way, cars peeling out trying to get out of the.Our bottle of whisky would be spilled on the floor with our hookers headed for the door. We're getting a warning as indicated in the link, but we don't know if the warning was real or not, or it was just some punks havin fun? "Psst' jacin, the deal is here and this is just between yous & me, the people that invented this card game, really don't know either. Click the link, it's a universal for G-search Google
  18. Paula, it says most of what I've told you in this link, Autism - Wikipedia Most of it is in the upper two paragraphs and is a medically recognized condition.Like I told you, there are two shade of this disorder and it seems that Aspergers is the neuro-biological condition. On other comments in the thread, "Trump resistance"? Have you listened to the news.The Russes caught him red handed with a lady on a Russian based hotel floor, putting the movies on a Russian babe.That is supposed to be the full house laid down, which makes (him), in theirs and other's pockets.This is an impossible situation, which replaces one lame duck going out, with another going in. A few agencies will probably pay them off for the recording and a promise not to use it.I would say about twenty million for a closed circuit recording, of what everybody else does in the same darned hotel.*This is off topic and I'm not even going to go there anyways. I wonder if the Russes will sell it to some national smut rag, or one of our home based intel. orgs?.. Out of my range, out of my interest and out of my league."Nuff said"?
  19. What worries me Jacin, is that through the process of evolution, there may be a race of beings, similar to the Star Trek Next Generations Borg, that might come in here to invade the same time that the predicted hoax of an NWO encourage invasion might occur. What this predicted happenstance may be like, is how a football team's quarterback, can pick holes in the defensive secondary and establish those precise catches, when the other team least expect this. I feel that space may be a whole lot more predatory that the powers that be here, had originally predicted.This is why I feel that we are in great danger from the alien invasion, NOT counted on. When they first came out with the Star Wars series, even before I went to see it, I got the distinct impression saying, "Oh' another kid digging in his dad's junk pile.What are they going to come up with next"? Star Wars to me, is old sometimes dangerous junk, that we as a society should not be messing around with.That time is associated to curses and lots of other bad things that we don't need here now.They should have simply just let it sit and not gone probing around in it. To me this is like giving guest dinner passes, to dine with some horrible killer of some kind.
  20. I had read an article long ago, to where a man was out for a walk and where he was traveling was open fielded, but descended slightly in the grassy hill topography.This traverse past a line of tall popular trees, ..from what I remember of the article. As he walked parallel to the line of trees, he noticed what seemed to be a youth in the distance by these trees.The being to where the top half of this being looked human. So he chose to close the distance getting closer to what this creature was.When this fellow was pretty near him, he stopped. this was because he had noticed that the lower half of him, appeared to be an upright standing goat of some kind. Getting closer in now, he also notice a set of short horns on-top of this lads head.As he closed the final distance and walked up to the being, he asked ,"What kind of a being are you"? The half boy, "It seemed and goat like apparition", answered, I am Pan, the god of the forest and trees. I take care of this stand of trees.The lad agreed with the sight of what he had seen, but the creature added.People used to honor me for my duty taking care of the forest fields and trees, but it seems that they no longer believe in me, so my time here is limited. The man and the god parted ways. But it does seem a sad note of irony, that this past recorded event seems so tragic, but true in capacity as this event makes a body wonder just what the purpose of past recorded gods were. Was their being here in some way to act as a set example in their power, grace and sinew.This unmatchable image as a formula, a template in some way for less glorious man to follow, then in ancient times, serving as a character guide for all? In some ways I feel that this is the case. Every time I look upon actress Jenifer Aniston and her spooky eyes, I also received this distinct feeling.In some ways to me, she is like no other woman that I have ever laid eyes upon. Were there gods here at one time.And did they leave their mark of guidance in order to fashion this society as a hansom, knowledgeable one. Lastly is their leaving us here, in some way both a danger point and maybe a past lesson that we should have paid more attention to. I know in junior high school, one of my best favored book in Greek and Roman Mythologies, were the tales of Theseus and his many labors. How does the prospect of their being past goods appeal to both your imagination as well as thinking.Say if you want to.Thanks Sources, I think that this was from FATE Magazine and I dont know iof you can find this telling on line or at Fate Magazine | True reports of the strange and unknown Article Reprint from FATE Archive (PDF copy) | Fate Magazine Store
  21. One thing that I wanted to add, is directly after the change my fear of ape-people-like beings, at that time was imminence. Everyone looked as if to be animal-like and I was afraid of them attacking me and eating me or something. This is because Sem-ya-zee, -spelled Semjase, had the prominent genome and mine was recessive. So whatever made her afraid then, was also scaring me. In time, I had gotten over this fear. Bu this was not not an easy period for me.
  22. High and greetings to you.I know your'e out there listening as well as watching.I would like to know and you can answer this anonymously if you desire, but how do the supposed Nazis get along with other types of E.T.s? A for instance and why for the most part I am curious as to how E.T. issues are for you on the other side of the fence, is that in Patrick Huyghe's best selling book, The fieldguide to extraterrestrials, there is a mentioning that the hairy dwarve E.T.s that we said to have abducted a Brazilian soldier while he was on fishing vacation, seems to be a problem. I've even heard that at one time they were promised Earth, however the selling of the deal was reneged upon and they ended up on staying on Mars.So by shootin the breeze with boys in black, I hope to find out a little bit about how it is for you guys & gals. We collectively need to know this on our half of the net, so how goes this social situation that I have asked for you? Please and thanks, much appreciated.
  23. Yes, I'm part alien, "well' more than part alien", but in the humanoid range and this has really affected my life.My occurrence began with the Billy Meier landings in Switzerland because their chief ambassador cosmonaut and I had common body cells that went back to a common family root in Atlantis. Her people left Atlantis and moved to a part of space which I'm not sure is the Pleiadeans. However when she came back to Earth, her fraternal twin's cells began to jive with mine. What ended up happening is that because of the genetics biology of twins what I was, except for my sexuality had not joined with hers.This occurred in year 1982 and involved a period of death-like sleeps for about three days to where my body became more and more like her type affiliation, but me being a guy, had stayed the same. The aftermath was ultimately confusing as I at first had seen everything through her eyes.This was also true for her fear quotient, because her level of refinement, for some reason made all humans that I had known prior to the change, seem ape-like, also similar to chimpanzee hum,ans.So this was a mess. *She' my Pleiadean sister is no longer alive.She succumbed to the effects of a falling accident at the Meier household and passed on for what I can make of it, in the early 2000 nds. At that time I was interested in aerospace and space travel, I was trying to get on at a university, however I did not understand before the change that nuclear weapons were at all dangerous to a solar system or star formation.Later, I just chance happened to read that via worm hole apparatus that the fusion power makes this fission energy travel directly into the sun and this is not good at all for that sun.Can make it blow up and this is without warning. This was a matter of survival for me understanding the situation that I was in and doing this very quickly.So I tried to real learn humans as well as my living situation.I succeeded, but can't say that this hasn't been a weird process.In my learning to adapt to this culture all over again, I learned to adapt two views, at one time, in one body. In people that autistic nature, it seems to be an internal reference which forms for a type of mathematical re-count-tation, or an internal log that must re-process information that that person with autism, can self understand issues a little better. *However and know this difference is that Asperger's Syndrome, is a situation which may be neuro-chemical by nature, that a person affect with this syndrome, cannot even self factor some social happenstance that has recently occurred to their personage. This is like, "a so much and not more" situation, to where the caretakers want to limit stimulus, so that what ability that Asperger's person has in understanding and coping with their situation, can be understood by them, only.This is why one cannot mainstream people with Aspergers primarily because in mathematical-biological parlance, they are of a limited self factorial to environment kind of person. This is why you isolate them, attend to them, but DO NOT, ever force a social issue, to try for them to understand that social issue, when this may be beyond them.It's just that they are incable of understand it social sensory wise.You are conversive and pleasant at times.I would venture to say that you may be either shy or autistic, but probably not of the Aspergian regime.__Know when they've had their limit they secretly blow up.Do you do this with an all out rage with your fist, or a weapon? I would hope that quiet vacations such as to the forest, or sea side, might be to your liking.Best wishes'.. stay healthy.
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