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  1. From the series Sargent Preston Of The Yukon,."Well King, I guess this case is closed." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH40sv978_A
  2. From Art Bell's BBS. Recorded to tracking devices on the internet:: Does anyone here know anything about electronics? ANSWER Yes I do, what do you need?__*At this point in probability, this would have been a time travel by his imposed label.__Yea, if this was an over-voltage, what you have to do, is to go into your machine and then pull that board.Once you've done that with a voltage tester that you can get from Radio Shack, you can test lead the wire tracks going in and going out.If it's a single burnt component, then you can un-solder it and put in a replacement component._*Answers to the effect, I'll give it a try, but where else can I get this?__Answer was there are probably some small computer sellers of that particular board, to where you can pick that same component up off the shelf.But keep in mind, if you do not give that board some hot burn in time, it won't have parody with a more seasoned board._For linearitie's sake, that board must have about a two hour measured voltage burn in time.__I don't understand he ask why.__The answer was, if you use the board fresh, then you'll go to an alternate timeline and you don't want to do that.__Person answered; Thanks for the info, I will look into that as soon as I can./// Do you have a copy of this conversation from Art's BBS? 2. Montauck did take place.It seemed that the radians that they were using underground was going directly into people in some communities south of Montauck and a lot in the Western half of Pennsylvania. Ohio also.What the experiment seemed to be doing, is to act in similar fashion to an antenna broadcast service, however the information of what was going on below ground, closely matched the experiments that they were performing on animals.__Yes, from the small parade of bear, deer, raccoons, all marching down main street Montauck, side by side in dress parade order. It was later thought that in some way that the blue eyed fair skinned Aryan boys in a measure were being programmed to bring back information from the time travel tunnels, which later came out of Montauck. They in reality weren't keeping this a secret, but actually broadcasting these mind waves into people's thought processes.There were reports of ordinary people committing robot-similar acts and then abruptly dropping what they were doing in the middle or these circumstances, going back to what they were originally doing. 3.This high strangeness occurred after the loss of the Silver Bridge between Ohio and West Virginia.Strange people arrived out of a van and walked up the over steel I-beam supports of the bridge, as if inspecting it.However what was alarming to many onlookers, is not that the workers in their white coveralls, were walking about on the upper bridge supports, looking the bridge over, but at the impossible angles they were walking up the upper gantry.This would be by comparison, if you were to take a clear 45% angle and place this on the rise of those supports girders, near the ends of the bridge, however the vertices is how these unidentified workers were managing to ascend the rise of these supports. They were recorded by onlooking observers as walking up the top supports while defying gravity and leaning backwards. Source, The Monthman Prophesies, By John Keel. *What is disturbing about this shunt into the general population, is that some of the secret hidden protocols in sending people through time, were being encoded into effect, into people that had nothing what-so ever, to do anything with time travel. If you encode even a facsimile of the process of the direct time travel application into the prime subject, please know this same information body-wise also encodes into another person, then that not knowing person will adopt the ability to time travel as well. 3.Time travel theory at TTI as well as other time boards.__It seems that the boards themselves are sometimes subject to created simulations from other timelines.This is because anything anyone creates within a sectored timeline, because some acts of artistic creation are held in a parallel realm of communication in the creative stream, also hold a similar value within that other timeline.This might mean that say in paper mache, a person sculpts an eggs wanting a dragon to come forth from that egg, then within another timeline somewhere, a dragon as held within relative times circumstance, there will follow that wanted creation within the band with of that other timeline. Ending as, "Yes I see your point, this is all safe and secure data now and everyone knows for sure that this charade can all be stopped now.Yes, I totally agree".
  3. Flavoring, but not the main event of an ice age.It will take one town or city getting totally frozen out, to where when they get back into the place, finding people frozen in similar fashion to deep freezer meat, that they will say, "Oh my' there's something particularly odd about this who stitch". Regardless of how excellent your weather control and modification ability is, one cannot totally control nature. The condition, Ice age holds the bigger and better hand of cards and I fear that those in authority eventually will be mindful of this.
  4. To all; What geneticist Gregor Mendel had proposed as a scientific trieste within the field of para-influence field genetics, is that once a gene trait has been established, as a principle in similar fashion to metal junk being plowed up in a farmer's field, that that trait,"for example maybe a disease trait", would in time rise up again. This is theory but I'm pretty sure is on target that this is what has occurred with the general Afro population.That maybe many of them were forced to like and agree with their existences. This had become an instilled trait within their physiologies. So all of a sudden, since the trait has re-risen, there is an intense dislike for anything that is authoritative. Maybe this trait as well as befuddlement as to why many of them are even partaking of the actions that they do. Others who are not Afro can't see or experience how they feel, if this is the correct population behavior diagnosis. But wouldn't it be weird if many others could look through both their eyes and feelings. Mendel had a tremendous scientific curiosity as well as dedication to his work.What's going on with these folks I feel in some way be related to Mendel's theories.I had recently viewed a device used for forced eating, if you were a slave of the early 1800's and did not want to eat and waste away. There was a device pried one's jaws open, so that they slave could be force fed so they would not die.They helped to build and empire, but in many respect they were treated no better than captive animals.The empire they built has a sickness, but isn't this the case with many past empires they say are glorious? I'm not trying to protect those who had done the torturing, but wouldn't it be something if their affiliation had hailed from a past genetic scar, that others through their wanting for a more comfortable world, had placed there through the misdeed of their actions? *Nothing is ever given for free.It seems that we must work at the decoding as to why events had become insufferably so goofed up in the first place. At times in order to decode the proverbial Gordian knot, that a key of very complex manufacture is wanted.Sometimes that key is a difficult to understand, as maybe this video is? In finite resolution of a problem, there is sometimes offered, an understanding, a leveling to all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANvlLcOTy6M
  5. Num 7 said, What is known and through backtracking of some evidence given, is that other world civilizations and dynasties, may go back in the many millions of years.But if they were benevolent, that is not the case with this society we live in now. When USAF ret. Col. Wendelle Stevens wrote his second book of the, { UFO Contact From The Pleiades book two }, series, he included the abduction for sperm seed encounter with Lyle the Minnesotan within that book.We have the Pleiadeans as probable overseers to this society, however what the problem is and their attachment to us includes, is that they are in genetic replication trouble. Where this problem might be, is that when any one society uses genetic engineering to a certain point, that civilization develops blocking bars within the internal structures of its DNA.So this would mean, that our probable overseers, have trouble themselves. So in this sense their attachment to use, seems to be parasitic and we are neither free of them, or they us.In the Foundations series, which I feel the artistic imagination platen may have come from the past, these past civilization might have done way better than us, as our society divest now. I feel that some of these more past recent great societies, may have fallen into the patterns of many great wars.I also feel, more or less KNOW, that this is where the Star Wars series had come from.What I have said here about the Star Wars series has been said before both on media and as expressed odd occurrences happening within this society, that seem to parallel particulars of those past civilizations. It seems that we have not only inherited their imagination, but their problems as well.So we can't truly say, "This is all of our fault".
  6. Robot replied, The cost that your'e getting people up there is at a pretty penny.It would be that only selected people get to ride in those vehicles. They also do not have a cargo carrying capacity that is anywhere useful.So in my purview, no, more icing, than the rest of the substance of the should-be cake. To Num 7, thanks. Walt said, I think it really is an ice age.The secondary indicators are dogs and cats talking.A bunch of odd things that the supposedly lower animals are starting to do.Make your own conclusion Walt, but in an ice age, you also get a good shot of evolution and this is all across the board.So I would tend to go with the ice age warning that first came from the Bush regimes.Thanks for you comment, Walt. Note on the vid, it's just not dogs showing these new abilities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXo3NFqkaRM
  7. With our civilization it's a life and death situation, with little option for failure.I do not feel after seeing front page headlines that we're going into another ice age and noting that this news is one, obfuscated and changed and two that in order for this race to continue, that it must stay on the surface. A few situations must rise out of this master control situation around the participants. One is to let some aspects of this society go int space colonization-fraternization with other cultures as free men & woman and to allow parts of the new direction to influence the rest of the population. What's coming out about a lot of this master e.t. races, is that they seem to have an addiction problem to over-use of genetic engineering.To the, this practice does act as an addiction and nobody of course wants to put up with the problems of not being optimal. So what the master control situation distills down to, is something similar to where one person can't swim and the person that it trying to rescue the other, either has to punch the other to save them, or not save them at all.We are overpopulated here, but all of this predicament that we're in, is not all of our own doing. Don't you think it odd that the U.S. has had a space shuttle program for some twenty years and out of that venture no one industry does not have a quality vehicle that can in some way simulate the performance of that shuttle; but maybe in another style? If we're truly are in an ice age as the Bush era said we're going into, then we really must straighten out this situation and I mean fast.
  8. The answer is complicated, but has to do with Mendellion mechanics base in genetics. If a trait in a species is forced to have another behavior, then through time, because of the bodies ability to have a genetic memory, the former trait will arise, make itself known and in some way asked to be reckoned with. This per-instance is why I feel that the Black Lives Matter movement had arisen.If you want more garnishing on this issue, you'll have to ask.
  9. Let me say first of all, that I think that Obama had to be in there.I don't think that he's truly all African and that there had to roots that historically went into the Egyptian ancient empire.Pretty much of what Obama was, is a recompense president. I think that the Intel organizations know about this.The only thing that I don't know, is if Obama is a clone, or is he purposely reincarnated to be who he is?Laura Eisenhower has a lot to say about Obama...Nuff said. On Trump, if he sees that by starting off world training centers near Cleveland and Detroit in disadvantaged ethnic communities, then the U.S. may be able to generate the 164,000 to 64,000 mission specialist and astro-technicians in order to be able to colonize Mars.If you do not generate enough people in order to fill the population plane, then I do not feel that colonizing Planet Mars will ever be possible. I've written Trump advisers on this issue, but they have to see the necessity of the issue, so if Trump administration gets right on this, then our overall economic issue may begin to improve.*These training centers would allow the disadvantaged to train at these high security centers, but still hold down a part time job and keep touch with their families. This is an important factor to them. Two to three years school, certificate and a B.S. or B.A. offered with an asked affiliated after grad technical affiliation in rank and file. 2.On disclosure, it is an absolute must if you ever want to live on an off world colony; which is so you know some disclosure.Saying or doing the wrong thing around certain types of aliens, could mean the difference between life and death.This is an old pot of beans Cosmo, so it's probably a wise move to clue the average folks in on this._Lizard men eating screaming beavers, as a quick meal at Mac Donald's?,..I wouldn't go as far as to place dracks eating live food at Micky Dees yet, but something like it a possibility. 3.I am interested in both the manufacture of advanced walking bots and dedicated by legal corporation and assigned synthetic people.These two areas to me are crucial in exploring space.So this would mean factories and planning committees for a walking bot a step of so above the now current, "but very nice Honda Asimo". I don't know about putting them in households as of yet, because the user must undergo a training program for a week or so, then pass a test, in order to be awarded a licence. On the skin jobs, this may allow limbs to be grown, once they get the replication data down correctly.*I'd go for a trusted synthetic over and extremely advanced android, as since it would be a company biological construction, with a pre-job assignment at hand, might clave to a human on a space mission better than an android.We already have some of this capability presently. Best I can come up with from my corner.
  10. Nice writing style. In the same prose stead., reminds me, sort of of Another Roadside Attraction. That book was written with heart and some time to the era muse. The ending was sort of odd. Kennedy was never any-wheres near Jesus, but in the prosaic which would have been transferred to print, he did give of himself after the wreck of PT-109 in the pacific. Kennedy just became an oddly placed progressive, based in politics in the 1960's. The military with their aliens then, were like the boy who sold the family cow for a sack of magic beans and then tried to lie to cover it over and save face. Not too bad there, governor. I hope that you branch out in the subject matter though to embrace more subject matter.In fiction you can sit back and criticize the flavor of the national scope and still not be raked over the coals for your personal views. (Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, was a post 60's diatribe on social political conventions then. Which through the eyes of a writer, commented on just how messed up events were. This was a substance addled view, that was not only funny, but refreshing as well. Good stuff, keep up the good work. *In roadside attraction from memory; { As he sped down the forestry access road, him looking over to where she sat, noticed that while he more or less watched the road he was driving on. She on the other hand, reached deep into what the forest was and touched every tree with her mind }. Maybe not exactly as it was written, but pretty near darn close. Tom Robins in that book had the ability to paint with his words. The goofy premise that they had the shroud of Christ and could get high off of this, was all the more spice into the beauty of that well written book."Good luck and I mean this sincerely" Another Roadside Attraction: Tom Robbins: 9780553349481: Amazon.com: Books
  11. RMT, I don't feel it's misinterpretation of data, which would invest as a political ploy for control, however this current condition may elude to a past headline.This headline and it was made during the Bush eras, read, ( Pentagon scientist say that we're going into another ice age ).The Bushes then, let this out and I feel that this was the most correct action they had ever taken.*Notes, the gove spooks have tried to sanitize this from searches, but I think that Jeff Rense is the only one that still has a record of this national front page story.*Definition ( spook ) is also known as either a government agent, or a person placed highly, within the government ruling hierarchy. An ice age goes into a type of planetary mechanics,.. a rung tone if you will, that's supposed to occur. I feel that this is what we're supposed to be going through now. All-be-it remember, an ice age demonstrates itself as also being a new marked level of evolution demonstrated in all animals. And I feel that we humans are starting to observe this now, by how certain kinds of animals are acting not only in their characters, however new abilities not seen in nature's settings prior to this time. On the graph, as offered by Wiki, I had to laugh at the statement X may have nothing at all to do with Y, as portold in the equations offered. Kind-a sounds like who worry warts that were trying to place the blame, for the 911 debauchal. Know that an ice age is a vibratory condition that is supposed to occur. This is an active edifice that is part condition and part purpose.The only issue with ice ages which remains to be seen, or to occur, is a global freeze-out. Which in spite of said weather controls, can occur at any time. This may be one reason that I am extremely interested, as well as others, in this website. If the condition would be centric, however still localized. Then there should be other graph by vibratory inferences, which would indicate that this would be the second case,.. which is an ice age. Part of the evidence for this new condition, may be dogs that say, "I love you".
  12. I've had odd stuff occur to me that I can't explain. TTI is second nature to me.
  13. I think that all we're capable of, is other timelines, but not universes, as this technically is not in our contracts.
  14. This thread because the topic covers two areas, one is the say from the said time travel John Titor's analysis of what happened in the future after Titor and what were conditions like that did not have an all out war, is what had caused the Islamic migration? This area is mentioned in discussions of alternate pairing time lines.This situation to where as said in the future during these discussions, that terrorism would still probably be a problem to come. Additional to this supposition on projected terrorism as being a part of the fabric of tomorrow, that the belief of Islam in the future tense, would become one of the worlds largest belief systems. First over' however it seems that if one goes to a map of Africa along with other nations in the world, you see this movement of Islamic sects of many differing types all going to Europe as well as in many cases successfully migrating into the United States and Canada. In the exploring of what this projected population in migration filed looks like, or appears in a demographic, the question begs, " Was the migration of Islamics into Europe, as well as other destinations a movement that was planned, ..or was this migration a movement to where a better life was sought after, in the overall composition of these people traveling from one area to another? This past discussion in character on the John Titor world-lines theories, was more of a predictive stance, from a lady who was privy to this board, had probably by he own saying, had been acquainted with said John Titor. So in a finial mathematical analysis, we can describe this character of knowing, as being time travel parallel occurrences, of their being a time traveler known as John Titor, because the John Titor time travel parallax, or many differing time line planes of probable existence of there being a John Titor, can never truly be disproven. As of late in a recently posted predictions thread, a poster said that conditions parallel or similar to past Nazi Germany will enact a near same result within this time current society. The problem is then, as opposed to now, that this was this vast Islamic migration that had occurred via many differing countries into the conversation field of probability, of play. So again, it is asked,..what was the motivation of the migration and was this planned as an operation in the military sense? Or was this movement based on past migrations which occurred at certain times and what are the actions along with character of this in part moving ethnicity sect movement? Source past Migrations link Google The question can be better answered now, as there are better tracking of this movement along with was this migration even in any way, really an evil thing to do at all? *Please remember to be polite and curt with your replays, what we are collectively after, is how in some way this migration could have effected history, not only to our timeline, but to a projected John Titor also. EXAMPLES I took a trip to Norway to where upon returning to my departure point, I had taken a taxi to the airport.The man driving the taxi was a newly immigrated Iranian, who was a very pleasant fellow. Although Islamic in his beliefs, he had opened up the conversation to his family and told me in a liberal way, how they were all doing now.Nothing about this fellow was stiff, but on the contrary.He was a pleasure to talk to. 2. I had encountered a vacuum salesman that was of recent African extraction and it seemed, very well versed on social couch, of how to talk with Americans.I would also classify him as pleasant and nonthreatening.I shook his hand and smiled. So the nature of these migrations may not all be associated within the figurative as maliferous with dire military terrorist intentions.This information, is some way, may affect our oncoming futures. *To master of postings, please feel free to place and categorize this asking post, to where you feel it would do the best showing and advantage.Thank you very much
  15. Actually Hitler did good until events transgressed to the issue of the Jews.Post world war one, Ethiopian soldiers had raped a group of German women.The country hearing about this not only became enraged, but humiliated as well.This was under the then League Of Nations.Hitler through his pre-fascist youth and reclamation to rebuild programs was doing fine, they had brought the country out of ruin.His programs would have worked out fine if he would have stopped at the annexation of Austria and not persecuted the Jews plus other races as well as ethnicities. I think and am not sure of this, however Hitler during world war one, had a male lover.This was one of his fellow soldiers that is reported.It was frowned upon then for men to have sex with men. So one of the motises that drove Hitler to become erratic, may have been that male lover in his past.This would be through psychological parlance, as a felon within the psyche. This is why when he started getting people such as Goering and Joseph Goebbels, who had a cocaine habit, issues didn't seem to matter. *It seems as if a psychological felon in the matrix of the mind, always does the trick, .e.g Alexander the Great being in love with his mother, Lincoln and Mary Tod Lincoln, etc with notable figures based in history. Eisenhower persecuted Germans in detainment camps, as they were not sure to what extent the Leibsborn eugenics program was effective. It must have been that certain allies had thought that super humans were already in the population, which was not the case post world war two. I do not concur with this synopsis.What may occur is a backlash which may be started as the result of misuse of a population science fiction and life situation movie series. There has been past intimation that people have had flashbacks from seeing this movie series, maybe in some way, some of the characters are not mythical and in a very direct way, have factors from this movie story series, associated into their beings. This would be more than one person, maybe a quantity over one hundred people. This misuse could filter over time and space by what these writers are currently trying to do to one of the past noted figures held in this series. These actions against a past historical figure, might just in the realm of possibilities encourage an alien invasion. This event however, would have to do with the associated values of karmic principles. Say if a well known actress had slipped and went back to using cocaine, which had been intimated on the media as of late. This action of her slipping back, may have been somehow related to the incarnate of this past great figure who is just meant to live here on Earth and not be of the nature that he was in his past situation elsewhere? *This would be the same principle of abusing a person who is in the ward of care of someone and the abusers each day build up a little more courage to abuse that person every day. The chain of events to get out in the territories of outer-space. It may be that his past friends and associated show up with ray guns and bad intentions, one day.
  16. Edit, I do in probability know what's going to happen. We might get invaded by aliens, but I won't go into the details.
  17. One and four are axial numbers meaning a subject of locale.Eleven is a fulcrum number, as this is a numeric situation to be other than ten or eight, which is an even-en-ing mathematical ploy. For instance 9/11 was not only a parody on dialing 911 which was a security number, but is lodged in societies that actually think that they are steering this world. From my viewpoint, the numeric four has nothing to do with this time other than being wrongly labeled, as a group with special interest would view this number as having some significance. You might try this as a balance. Go back 654 thousand years to where there was a culture that was doing wrong.Let's say for instance that the entire argument was, the established empire as opposed to a spin-off empire, to where a fresh look in the way of things was wanted over an established too sure of a future, which was beginning to be a bore. If a war had occurred then regarding these two factions, then this would go under (the tale of two tribes that did not see eye to eye). However the responsible axial viewpoint held within the modern times, would be only a perspective viewpoint, with no connection to any past reference, as the heirs where the number one , eleven and four are mentioned, are only viewpoints, not true actuary controls, from that past time. So the controls attempted to be enacted over these numbers are only poised by not-knowing affecting sub generational clans and not a real action.*To make this more simple to understand this would be attacking certain road signs, trying to affect the nature of the roads themselves, this is because the true value of ones elevens and fours is miss perceived. The attack of 9/11 was an attack against a finical institution, because the condition of an economic future would not be certain.However an attack against ones elevens and fours, makes no sense, as the attack would have no meaningful substance. *In other words, these are imaginary numbers, that while known to be affiliated with the past in a route stance, the substance of the assumption has no meaning.This is similar to shooting through a mattress billboard advertisement, in order to affect what goes on in North Korea.Another comparison would be, threatening a small aquarium of tiny baby sharks inside of a pleasure boat, which outside of the boat there circles giant thirty to fifty foot sharks capable of capsizing the pleasure boat. But keep in mind that communications may be possible between the baby sharks within the aquarium and the giant sharks outside of the purview of the pleasure boat operators?__The last time they screwed up was 9/1 2016 because they thought sequence of numbers was correct.In the process of doing that, they had broken a galactic treaty saying that no spaceship at berth, shall be attacked for any reason if this is a peaceful seating. SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Amos-6 satellite destroyed during static-fire test - SpaceNews.com These conjectures in part come from this source, Illuminati (game) - Wikipedia I don't know what's going to happen in this year till it happens
  18. I will be very blunt and to the point on this asking, as this is slightly more than a hunch to me. So I will word this request very carefully. It is my contention that some of the elements of the movie Star Wars, are past life information. There is a reporting in a few web headers new, saying, (People after seeing Star Wars complain of experiencing flashback). In my experience here and in real life, I have the suspicion that maybe this telling is true. However' I'm not sure to what purpose, say if Star Wars as either by coincidence, or purposeful design was brought back information to this relative time, for whatever reason? In my asking here and I am attempting to do so with the blessing of the Master Of Postings, here. in your searches in both news and web information, if any of you hear of a mechanical-like alien being, recently spotted as landing, or from a telling of someone having a contact, to where they are apprised of a machine-like series of beings said to in the near coming future, please if you could report this, with a web address addy or link, here? The what and why of my suspicions are, that the central character in the story-line of Star Wars may have been a real past figure, along with being very well traveled in the space community. So what is not know, is if any beings that he knew then, one day after they had evolved a while, would be possibly headed for Earth? I do not myself know this, but am getting kind of a nagging feeling about this to come future occurrence. The closest thing that I can legally say, is Borg-like, or machine human like. Thank you and "please" do not make fun or light of what I have said and asked here, as this is an asking in realization is in my area of suspicion. So please if you could and find any veracity to this asking, just report it here.Thank you so much.
  19. Dear Professor' There are three critical areas that I have left out in order for the information that I have given you, to make any sense. 1. Is the book and the discover in the book Future Shock about societal compaction.What Alvin Toffler discovered with more population rising all the time, is that in a culture that is not too far along in its evolution, that the controls of that society become more murky in character. An example is said a light flying aircraft to where it's attitude is only controlled by levers and cables, the faster that aircraft goes, because of the air compressibility factor, that aircraft become harder and harder to control. 2,The second factor Is climate and weather, to where "it is essential for the truth about climate to be told in truth".This is not it seems at this posting date to be the case, as the Bush administration had printed the front page headlines saying, { Pentagon scientist say we're going into another ice age }.I feel that this past front newspaper say is our correct condition at this time, even though said global warming by man's machine emissions could be of a contributing factor.Know that the nature of genes, because ice ages are a planetary mechanics phenomena, that not only are many animals in a state of change, but man's welfare can be at times directly related to how he references to their environment. This planet does not encourage a common sense asked of the people population size control effort. 3.The very rich and powerful it seems at time interfere with space exportation, aerospace and potential colonization, just because they can.*Please believe me when I say to you, that it's absolutely vital for this society to travel in and explore space.Take note in however your record notes, is that the SpaceX Falcon 9 / Amos communications satellite booster may have bee destroyed by a grouping of three of more devices by an unknown domestic ownership vehicle, known as a larger souped upped Spy-bee flying drone. This is in the new sources and apparently these vehicles had struck this combination rocket with the shot out beam of some kind.The attack accomplishes nothing more than encouraging fear.So there is interference in the circumstances surrounding our living conditions. *1. Source book, (Future Shock) by Alvin Toffler. 2. Say for ice age instead of global warming and these article are being apparently cleaned from the web archive indexes, Jeff Rense dot com, in the search header, ( Scientist say we're going into another ice age).3. YouTube dot com, Falcon 9 rocket booster apparently blown up by unknown drones. Said source on Spy-bees, book, (Extraterrestrials Among us) and (Extraterrestrial friends and foes), by author George C. Andrews. *Note in ending problems with the perception of artificial intelligence will not be delved into at this time.This is because computers and or web nets at any date can be converse with computers back in the very distant past, as well as the future.So this comment will be left unexplored.__Have a safe trip back if your'e still here? Hope this is enough info. Conditions surrounding us at this time, were never all of the people's doings and or fault. Just so you know this.
  20. The reason that women are perceived as being sexually degraded, has to do with the decline of the Heira top social hierarchy established 23,000 year past, in the area now known as ancient Sumeria. The Heira manifold was established upon in intangible sexual social innuendo, which sprouted from male to male semi-platonic excitation.This social factor made society work better. IN THE GLYPH AS SHOWN IN THE BOOK, It is not known as if by Zachariah Stichin, if this was a downsized Anunnaki Hybird, or a modified by gene insert human?..However the aura of non-clarity was an unanswered question to the worshiping masses.This intangible was a biological luster ploy, which kept everyone guessing and so was the stem of the mystery of faith in years to come.*See glyphs in original book by Sitchin, or two males, undefined mutual operation? What occurred with time, is the intangible sexual aura, had worn off and this was replaced by truth faith, as the Anunnaki left at about the latter part of the 23,000 year ago level. These Anunnaki were more similar to what one in this time period would describe as a traveling salesmen, rather than any type of social traveling rulers that would be termed as austere. What had occurred in time, mainly to the sexual revolutions incurred starting in the 1970s, is that the sexual act as this would be coupled to the authoritarian rule, became maligned. So what women, some men and gay people did was turn into biological act repositories, instead of retaining qualities of social cohesivity, such as in the earlier parts of the 1920s through the 1950s. Due to electric media, or virtual gratification, the social situation de-evolved back to an almost chimpanzee status, to where one female would attain up to five suitors. However the flaw, since these people had forgotten the original Heira, the sexual actions had become brutal and apparently without sexual purpose.*Pregnancy, family, etc.*Note the use of some sexuality was tastefully used during world war two as bomber emblems on Allied aircraft, however this use would not then be termed as sexual exploration, as these illustrated captures of attractive women served a unification purpose, not an advertisement for monetary exploration. The term later became coined on the world wide web, in the example use here, is "She's just an organic portal". The original Anunnaki, had grown of their past gene stance as the collective Telomerase viablity for their genes and were no more.These beings had to re-engineer and are now known as the Els.*Source, Contact said met by radio talk show host George Noory, in his Els abduction encounters. Book source, The Twelfth Planet by Zachariah Sitchin. *Note for time travel legality. This question is answered with double parody, in case of any level of credential misrepresentation.
  21. *Please carefully note this post: The primary wizards of Tor, were not full Earth humans. Due to the past vast wizards wars, as told of in Ken Thomasse's Wizards Book Of Colors, a detachment, on agreement, was sent to Earth, via a stargate. This detachment, was assigned to provide a beneficial sort of aether, or a positive growing force, for Earth. The agreement was, that they would provide this force, also mate into some wimen on Earth, then leave. They looked austere, however their form of what they did, was very very simple. Very unadorndley put, they had not motive. Break logic The current administration in Washington, is said to use magic. To me, I don't know what this means. They might as well be speaking a language, I cant understand??
  22. Please note, the CCTV netowrk?
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