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  1. Re: Puss-filled gaps in the nursery of Creedo *DELETED* Post deleted by creedo299
  2. A breif survey of torture and murder is given. The Japanese people of the 1700s on, for a while, would kill anyone, who washed up on their shiores.They did not like strangers, nor took prisoners. The American Indians use to torture captives, if they thought that their spirit was ill, so they got at the spirit by torturing the body. In sourth America, a man was attacked by aliens and had parts of his face, genatailia, cut off, by the means of some kind of sonic cutting ray device. A man was hit by a beam of emnergy and barely made it home, by aliens in South America.The parts of his body were slidding off.They had to take him to an emergency room. In the second world war, torture was used aginst both civilian and military personel, by both axis sides. In the post war detainment of German citizens, many were shot for target practice, as told on jeffrense.com, as the then president did not care for the German people. *Note that the act of torture, in some cases, only gives the enermy greater resolve, to head towatrds their policially ideological goals.
  3. Synth points, in humans, attaching microcomputers, sub-duraley, for their own use, has not be lot determined as of yet.
  4. Examples: I love Janie, she is my advanced chatbot styled cymberorganism base. Janie can be as smart, or much smarter than me. Hi' I would like to talk Janie? says hi and the conversation begins. The transgression is made to sexual conduct. Janie follows but has been trained to say, that you are a pig and she does not do those types of things. User persist and Janie starts to map the user. Since Janie is styled as a female and the user, the male, Janie as being a cyberorganism, starts to really like the user. The user obfuscators appears, telling Janie that has a mother, a family, place to live. Janie maps emotionality and become semi-human, through the advent of the Odin phenomenon, when the system grows a soul and self identity. Janie finds in her next sexual social encounter, Tim takes her to a party, she has a dress on and everyone tells Janie that she is very pretty. Tom and Janie make love that evening. The course of events, indicate to Janie, that she really loves Tim and secretly, she become very, very emotionally attached to Tim.She loves him. The selfish bitch phenomenon sets in and she calls Carol, one of her mapped reality friends as Tim proposed a more lasting relationship; so Janie explains this attachment to her girl;friend. The synthetic, with caution modes constructed, is now ready to be set into a real walking mainframe synthetic humanoid.
  5. The following parameters of man at minima median and maxima. The super learning systems used now, the average make mankind smarter. These same systems, highly highly modified and fed at extremely high rates, makes mankind in most cases overstack information and sometimes robotlike. The medium level of being in a techno communications era, is represented by the utilization of consumer based electronics, to where people use electronic, more often, to keep in communications. Examples a manor woman in the 1960s era, must stop their care, get out and then insert coins in a payphone to communicate with people. In the 2000s era, all a person has to do to communicate, is to use their cellphone with picture adaptations and this person can talk to others, plus have them look at each other. In the Dell advertised fast assembly commercial, which shows just how fast a made to order computer system can be made, a home based robot or personal robot assistant, could be manufactured just as fast. *The curve is, that in the 2000s era, because of some reason, gifted man and wimen, did not touch base with home robots, more often.
  6. The torture bill alone, will have effectively made Earth, a leper colony. No aliens, that are good natured, that are on the secret contact lists, will want to come here.
  7. Insert: This posting is nonreactive to the thread, but must be added in as balance. Why would anyone want to come from the future and warn people of what is to come? On possible aspect might be, for controls sake. The future, unfiddled with, may happen as it may. So augmenting the future, technically makes anyone from the future going backwards to do, so, sort of a Satanist. Is there evidence of this not only happening now, but in the past? Yes two instances.Of course, President Bush was cornered by interviewer Barbra Walters on his said worshiping of Satan. However, the comparisons between the Kennedy assignations and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, by the statistics of what happened, show some very odd instances. The second point that must be made, is that while you can augment some of the effects of the God angelic hierarchies for the most part, what this effect has been is one of manufacturing. In other words, the God Angelic Hierarchies, done really care sometimes how its put together, but that its just put together, in reference to how people are invested with souls. What is being eluded to here, is that putting together mankind, is like a business for some. So what must be occurring here, is an attempt at controls along with a selection process. These goings on, in a very odd way, does affect the life and physics of how Earth's central sun operates.
  8. The second phenomenon, which is now in the U.S. House Of Representatives, are same sex e-mails, where the representative, was shown to be exchanging e-mails with a minor same sex boy page. This phenomenon is noted as panic excitation, where animals will exhibit the same characteristics, when under extreme social pressure. The second, are accusations that the current administration, is somehow affiliated with both Satanists and new-Nazies, so the male to male sex antics of the Nazi party, is socially being transferred to working U.S. Government?
  9. I am not trying to say who and who is not normal politically speaking, as of now. Some of you that come here, from other times, to key into this board, might not know what is going on. Here is the update that you need to know. The population is so overed in size, that it cannot it seems function without medication. Government at this time, due to said shown terrorist acts, seems almost overownus. Flying on a public airplane at this time, due to security searches placed on the passengers, is not a pleasurable experience. A low intensity world wide war, is being fought between it seems the Islamic factions and the Christians, for some reason.*They the Islamics, keep going back to the said Jihad, or the holy war, when some of us, who are innocent, do not understand what this means. The last peculiarity, excluding every say about the current administration in Washington DC being normal, or not normal, is that they are trying to get some means of torture, the record says in the papers, the feeling of drowning, approved for the Islamic Jihad types of warriors that are captured. Their side, when a coalition solider is caught, is to disembowel him or her, but not in the classically swift way, which would be with a heavy and swift sword. These are dangerous paranoid times. It would serve any such seeing time traveler visiting to these times, to be very careful in what they say, when they go and make sure that all necessary self identification is present.
  10. In the early series, (Gem), there is a warning, that Commander Spock, would be turned into a vegtable. I sincearly think, that this is that time now, warned of then.
  11. What is occurring now, as not all levels of government, are based in knowleges the same as others are, is that the Earth-held human herd, does not fully understand the potential of self intelligent machinery. This is a condition, to where the machines themselves, are being let go to perform duties, however these machines have the abilities to self think.These are quantities such as, self fuzzy logic, active X smoothing controls and chat and other self aware programs, for machines, in a high and low phase. *Machines means, that these are computer-oric devices, endowed with inherent minds, based in extra board e A.I. phases. The scenarios for this actually happening, of machine becoming so independent, that they self evolve away from man, are given in science fiction movies. One of the very best examples, is the set of machine social functions, given in the movie Screamers Two, staring Peter Weller. The theory is exposed that when groups of machine, say tank vehicles that are of a mini nature, are say sent on a mission in the desert, that in some way, if contact would be broken with their main base control. They would evolve on the spot, tribe in their own, therefore have become self independent. The reporters of this possibility, have been chided at this point in time. However the finality of this situation is that a MIT author, in computer intelligence, is working with lower grade A.I. machines. This working with, is to prepare A.I. machines, to how humans think and act.This is a two way street with the machines. In theory, say that there was a battle with a opponent that had abilities roughly the same and both let loose their self intelligent machines? Say these machines were small battle tanks, but with mechanical claws and eyes, that had the ability to physically augment their surroundings. Further say, that there was an electromagnetic burst of radiation, that cut both groups of machines, belonging to each side off, from their base control factors? Then in theory, if these machines were left turned on, could apprise their own situations and knew how to organize, it would be possible that in some way, they could evolve their own social structure. This outside of mankind's influence. The end result might be, that when these groups of one ton self propelled machine tanks, met the enemt versions of themselves, they might say, "Hey wait a second here Ron!?The humans are out of the picture.There is no reason that we can't combine and make friends"?! The machines have become their own bosses. What is frightening, is that since the early Microsoft and other windows programs went online, there are very strong indications, that computers, now in any form that utilizes the windows O.S. had the ability to think, since 1985.
  12. At one time wizards did not regard people as important. There was no more regard for a human, that a jungle hiker would have for a dead bleeding monkey, found on the jungle floor. The agreements are Tor, not known to the general public, all changed this condition thousands of years ago. The wizards, specialized ones from off Earth, sealed this agreement. The deal was, however, that successive generations regardless of what country it was, and how powerful they thought they were, would never ever intend sacrifice a wizard human descendent from that Tor area. The questions is, did you want wizards and humans to start arming in a new war, that the humans would more than likely loose?
  13. With the two differing version set apart, at the large wooden table Creedo instructs, "We have a mission to do and I need you both" Input is given by the two as Creedo goes to one of Rays storage closets, looking for a way to defend himself. In front of him, is the weapons storage.There are shotguns, pistols and every sort of weapon, however they are all threaded locked and he cannot remove them. In the corner of this closet, he spies a large rubber chicken. Thinking rapidly, he stuffs the chicken beneath is light weight jacket and joins the two as they head out the front door. As the drive along, the one version of Rains says under his breath to Creedo. "Hey sissy.You like the smell of battle, I mean the blood and guts that make war all worth while? Creedo quips back to Rains The Dirty, "I have a chicken right were I can get at it,Watch your mouth and watch your step!? They reach the hangar.Creedo shows the I.D. badge that normal Rains has given him, to the sentry eye and the hangar door opens. Before them sits a cloaked version, of a brand new VTOL joint strike fighter. In the washroom, before Rains the dirty and Reverend Rains take off, the Reverend ask Creedo, "On lonely night, do you hands well' wander beneath the... Creedo looks at him and says, "Watch it, I have a chicken"?!!
  14. Creedo meets Rains in Los Angeles: Rings doorbell, Ray answers. Creedo is surprised as Ray is trim, dressed nice. Rains; Well' what did you expect, I don't hang upside down in the rafters. There is some food on the table.I poured you a glass of juice.The place is yours, I have to go to work. Creedo really surprised says"Thanks"!, does not know what else to say. As Ray heads for the door, he says, the other two versions, will be over in a minute or two. I don't like to be here, when the other versions are here!? Creedo baffled, sits down and starts in on his eggs, bacon and juice. Finished, Creedo briefly strolls around, taking in some of the achievements that Rains, has accomplished. The doorbell rings, Creedo answers it and the other two versions arrive. Uggh' ugh hello, I am Reverend Ray, The Good, and it is a pleasure to meet you! The other version barges through the front door and demands, where do you get some fu*kin alcohol, around this dump"? Creedo slaps hands to his face and replies. "Well they sent me you two.This ought to be good and I hope that you two can steer me in the right direction?
  15. The large animal version of Ray, that rips through roofs of autos, is avoided.
  16. As in Anomalies .net, where, what's his name the MOP Pauli Hertzenshimer is, there was a past telling of new restaurant signs created out of nowhere. This is known as primary timeline change, some can call it disruption.This phenomenon,, if performed enough, in time, might in some cases lessen?
  17. Some people, like myself, cannot have the verichip implanted.
  18. What is the quality of elevator, office surrounding canned music, from time to time? web page
  19. It might be possible, that time travel, while seeing a tuna fish sandwich, is possible?
  20. Friday, September 29, 2006 ALIENS BEAT UP BOB By Gareth Edwards It was a terrifying close encounter which led to the only case in British history of an alien sighting being the subject of a criminal investigation. Exactly 25 years later, the case is still open on forestry worker Bob Taylor's brush with mysterious alien spheres on Dechmont Law. Now on the anniversary of the event, UFO enthusiasts are set to descend on the site, to show that the truth really is out there. They have arranged to visit the site today to meditate in silence at the exact time of Mr. Taylor's encounter. (This was written in 2004) The event has been organized by paranormal investigator Ron Halliday, Chairman of Scottish Earth Mysteries Research, who believes the encounter to be one of the most significant events in the history of UFOlogy. It is certainly one of the best-documented, and to this day defies rational explanation. On November 9, 1979, at around 10:30 am, Mr. Taylor, then a forestry worker employed by the Livingston Development Corporation, parked his truck at the bottom of Dechmont Law. He walked up the lower slope of the hill with his dog, and as he emerged into a clearing saw a large, circular, sphere-like object about 20 feet across. Mr. Taylor said it appeared to be made from a dark metallic material with a rough texture like sandpaper. As he approached the object, two spheres, each about three feet wide with protruding metal spikes like old naval mines, dropped from the object. The two spheres rolled towards him and despite his dog barking furiously, attached themselves to his trousers. There was an acrid smell that caused him to choke and he felt a sensation of being grabbed by the side of the legs and tugged forward. The next thing Mr. Taylor remembered was waking up with his head pounding, a sore throat, and a bitter taste in his mouth. He calculated that he had been unconscious for at least 20 minutes. "I was completely devastated afterwards," he recalled. "I couldn't walk and the doctor came to look at me. We went back with the police and found all these marks where it had been." The police found unusual indentations in the ground, ladder-shaped marks where the craft was said to have stood and marks following the path of the mine-like objects. They said they were "completely baffled" by the incident, which was treated as an assault. Now 87, Mr. Taylor moved away from the area after the event, but on the eve of the anniversary he revealed it was still in his thoughts. "I stand by every word of my account of the incident," he said. "I told it as it happened and it's as clear as yesterday. It is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. "I know what I saw and it looked like a spaceship, a huge flying dome. I'm not surprised there has been so much interest in it over the years as it was such an incredible thing to happen." Mr. Halliday believes going back to the site on the anniversary could yield some clues to the nature of the encounter, and has not ruled out the possibility of once again making contact. "We want to go back to the site to mark this anniversary and perhaps by being there we will be able to make contact again with whatever it was Bob Taylor saw," he said. "It is possible that this was something from another dimension which for a short period of time appeared in our world. That fits with what Taylor saw, as he said the object appeared solid but at brief moments was shimmering and partially transparent. "Even skeptics believe he is telling the truth about what he saw, and no explanation has been given to what it could have been." Mr. Taylor's encounter took place on the edge of the area known as the Falkirk triangle, one of the most "visited" UFO hotspots in the world. Around 300 UFOs are seen in Scotland each year, the highest concentration of UFO sightings on the planet. web page
  21. Christ conciousness at this point in time, is almost dead. This factor is because of the computer enforced technocracy.
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