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  1. Re: Time Travelers From The Past That's great. Sounds like you're getting paid to have fun. :D Guess what. I'm listening to internet radio, and a song called "Time" by someone called "Millenium" just started playing. :D
  2. Re: Time travel....as easy as driving down the roa I missed something obvious in my last post. I thought you meant "neutrons", as in nuclear power. However, I think you meant "newtons", which is a unit of force, not energy. And lumen is not a unit of energy either. Hmm...
  3. Re: Time Travelers From The Past Well I didn't want you to think I was personally attacking you or anything. I've been kinda away from the forum for a while, and must become readjusted to the less serious nature of things here. :D Anyway, just don't forget your scientific side in all of this.
  4. Re: Time travel....as easy as driving down the roa You have experience in time travel? Do tell. :D What reactions are you talking about here? Do you mean chemical or nuclear reactions? Because if you mean chemically combining or splitting H & O, then one of those will be exothermic while the other is endothermic. So it's not accurate to say they both "hold lots of energy": one releases energy while the other requires input of energy to take place. If you mean nuclear reactions, well... If you could overcome the coulomb barrier to fuse H & O (which would take lots of energy), then it'd release energy (though only 0.600 MeV per fusion, which isn't much). Or you could fuse 2 O nuclei and get 16.542 MeV, which is a little better except that the coulomb threshold is really bad at this point. And you said water, not just oxygen, so we must account for H somewhere. Obviously you're not going to fission H, and you're not going to gain energy by splitting O (the fission products would be lower on the BE/A curve than O). So what are you talking about? :D
  5. There are so many problems with this post... :confused: What is a "quantum signature"? Do you mean quantum numbers? You haven't proven that time exists in any direction, much less sideways. Um, what? Do you know what resonance is? And you haven't proven that another universe even exists. Too many assumptions, no math. Or it could indicate you're old or crazy or just forgetful. Poor Mr. Occam has grown quite a large beard and needs to shave. :oops: What is "quantum shifting"??? And there's that "non-local resonances" again. Wtf? Come on, you should know better. I'm going to stop there, because I really can see that you don't know what you're talking about. :P I just didn't want to leave this post alone and have some naive person come along and believe it without question.
  6. Re: Time Travelers From The Past Snap out of it, RMT! You're an engineer, you're better than this new age bs and throwing around the word "quantum" as though it's somehow scientific. I'm sure it's just a phase and harmless enough, but I know it can waste more time than it's worth. :confused:
  7. Does this mean you carry a hammer instead of a gun?
  8. Re: The music and the net \"John Titor\" mentioned That makes no sense at all.
  9. I started reading a book I find most interesting, describing the neutron's discovery and properties. Already I've found myself combining the ideas presented therein with previous knowledge, and I see a potential for the development of neutron circuitry. I do not claim that it would be easy, cheap, or useful, only that it should be possible. :) First we need a neutron source, which would probably be a reactor. Then we can polarize the neutron beam by passing it through magnetized iron or reflecting it at a shallow angle from a high quality neutron-reflecting mirror. The first "component" I recognized would be a sort of neutron transistor, composed simply of a block of iron placed between two coils of wire (essentially a solenoid). When the iron's magnetization is opposite that of the neutrons, the neutrons are transmitted through the block, and when the magnetizations are the same, the neutrons are not transmitted directly through (they're deflected at some angle, so shielding is needed). The switching speed would be limited by the hysteresis of the iron. Of course, this is quite useless without wires to carry the neutron current. It turns out that we can use the same concept as fiber optics, except using neutrons instead of light. In this case, however, the higher index material will be the outer layer instead of the inner layer. So it would be a narrow hollow tube of a material which allows total internal reflection of neutrons at shallow angles of incidence. I'm not sure of any practical use for this, and I may have overlooked things or gotten it absolutely wrong. Tell me what you think. :)
  10. You've watched Twelve Monkeys, haven't you. Just sent to gather information. Can't change the future. Blah blah.
  11. Well you're probably just crazy. It's more likely that you collected pins and needles and slept with them than it is that time was manipulated. However, it's possible. Just don't go near any sharp objects. :)
  12. I think it would have helped you if you had looked up the definition first. Now the others are going to tear you apart. :oops: I'm drinking now, and feeling quite good. :D
  13. Uh oh, now you're in trouble. But can you tell me what a hilbert space is? :)
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