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  1. Highly recommended new time loop movie -- my review https://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2021/02/the-map-of-tiny-perfect-things-not.html
  2. Just came across this list of time travel book on the Liminal Fiction site.
  3. in case you missed this: Flux Capacitor at O'Reilly Auto Parts
  4. Here's a good list, with brief reviews, of time travel movies streaming on Amazon Prime video, as of Spring 2020 http://timetravelnexus.com/streaming-time-travel-spring-2020-part-ii-amazon/
  5. Thanks so much, Kerr! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Plot to Save Socrates! It became the first novel in a trilogy - the next two novels being Unburning Alexandria and Chronica. And I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, too! Yeah, about O'Reilly, you often find that people who call out others are actually calling themselves out. And the Khrushchev story is one of my favorites - my guess is he didn't go after Boris because it was a personal matter, not political. And so happy you enjoyed the music. Here's an interview (video) I did in Toronto, also in November, in which I talk about "If I Traveled to the Past" I try to do as much damage as possible ? You only get one ride on the merri-go-round, as fas a I know.
  6. I sent John Anealio the lyric to this at the end of 2010, and he got back to me with music the next day. It's the second song on my 2020 album, Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time. Here it is on Spotify, and on Bandcamp. At this point, it's the second most listened to song on the album on Spotify. You can find the lyrics to it here (scroll down) as well as an interview John did with me about the song on his Functional Nerds podcast in November 2019. You can also listen to the song at that link, if you'd rather not listen on Spotify or Bandcamp
  7. Not the greatest song in the world, but probably the most successful (biggest hit record) single about time travel. Also Zager and Evans' one-hit wonder. Here it is on Spotify.
  8. French series, highly recommended https://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2020/05/twice-upon-time-after-sunset.html
  9. Thanks, Cosmo! Here’s something new - “Marylin and Monet” And here’s a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry7rGQtUUnM of me reading the first part of the story
  10. some interesting selections here http://www.booklistreader.com/2016/10/11/book-lists/sideways-through-time-36-novels-about-time-travel/#.V_3oXZXry7A.twitter
  11. http://www.upworthy.com/3-moments-that-might-convince-you-edgar-allan-poe-was-a-time-traveler?c=ufb1 (3 moments that might convince you Edgar Allan Poe was a time traveler.) "3 moments that might convince you Edgar Allan Poe was a time traveler" I haven't researched any of this myself, but it's fun to consider.
  12. short but savvy essay - The Recent Growth of Time Travel in Fiction
  13. love it - with pictures http://www.ewao.com/a/1-the-mystery-of-the-swiss-watch-from-the-ming-dynasty
  14. Thanks - hope you enjoyed if you did read them! I just finished the fourth and final novella in this series, "Last Calls," which will be published in the next month.
  15. Actually, you're talking about reality. I'm talking about time travel - and when time travel is concerned, there are always Loose Ends.
  16. Excellent preceding conversation, I must say :)
  17. What do you JFK, the Beatles, and the Challenger disaster have in common? Loose Ends, on sale now for $0.99, then $1.99, then $2.99 in the week ahead (list price $3.99)
  18. "Loose Ends" - the time-travel novella, Hugo, Nebula, and Sturgeon nominated, back on sale at the following discounts: March 1, 12:00am - March 3, 8:00am $0.99 March 3, 8:00am - March 5, 4:00pm $1.99 March 5, 4:00pm - March 8, 12:00am $2.99 All times are Pacific Standard Time. Get the novella here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OJY02KQ/ref=nosim/?tag=dexter2a-20
  19. Mylo and Nicolas, I agree completely! Here are my reviews of 12 Monkeys 1.2 http://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2015/01/12-monkeys-series-12-your-future-his.htmland 1.3 (which was on SyFy On Demand for 24 hours) http://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2015/01/12-monkeys-series-13-sneak-preview.html (review has some spoilers). Nicolas, you might be able to see at least the pilot online on SyFy.com
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