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  1. Re: Vincente Fox... who??? As much as I hate G W Bush... Thanks for the clarification about the Vienna Treaty Darby.Is a doctrine I certainly wasn't familiar with. I still find it perplexing he'll support this treaty, but he won't accept anyone of our people being indicted and tried for "war crimes " committed in foriegn lands by the same Court. In Fact, from all accounts I've read up to now, hes modified a portion of the Geneva convention which affectively pardons everything He Cheney and Rumsfeld did by going into Iraq. None of them can ever be charged with a crime, or brought to justice for some of the attrocities they've committed in the name of "the war on terror".
  2. Re: Vincente Fox... who??? Vincente Fox who??? IMO... GEORGE WALKER BUSH... the best President the Country of Mexico ever had ? I saw Fox on [the F word Networks'] O'Reilly Factor the other night pumping his new book. How refreshing it was to see two complete idiots bantering on the TV for a change. Seriously, I feel that Bush and Fox both should STFU... on immigration issues affecting The United States. Fox shouldn't have an opinion about what we should be/shouldn't be doing behind our international borders. Why should he be be in a position to dictate his opinion, we'd be foolish to close our southern borders... when he (along with his predecessors,) have been unwilling to do something for their own Countrys people and or its ecconomic growth and development. Instead of fixing the problems in his own country... he's added to our problems by encouraging illegal immigration. To the other extreme: How laughable it is, the Bush Administration would side with a opinion favoring the Country of Mexico in the World Court (A body that isn't even recognized by the Bush Administration anyways... see Iraq war world court online,) arising out of a texas death penalty case, where a Mexican National (an illegal immigrant) convicted of killing two teen aged girls now claims his execution should be vacated because his right to a fair trial was jeopardized from the outset because he wasn't informed that he could notify the Mexican Embassy and obtain free legal counsel via the Mexican Consulates office after being arrested and charged with a crime in our Country. How ironic the U.S Supreme Court is getting involved now - because the Bush Administration is literally strong arming the State of Texas into vacating this mans death sentence and forcing Texas to re-try him (it would take the death penalty off the table... See Double Jeopardy.) Bush is a major hypocrite -- he neither respects the World Court, or saw anything wrong with his executing 149 immate scumbags while he was the Govenor of Texas... whats the difference now??
  3. :D Is a good thing I keep Bounty and Windex near my workstation.
  4. This first sentence is rather intriguing: Who singled this guy out - and why? What people? You came here looking for information about John Titor. You seem unsure in your own mind what to make of him or his story - but now your labeling John Titor a hoax? Would you be so kind as to give us an example or two of what you meant by 'the guy knows everything there is to know?' Whose we... are you more than one person? What other sites have you tracked your lecturer to?
  5. Re: answer to hdrkid Interesting links Recall. Rest of my non medicated rant removed...
  6. This puts me in mind of seeing him on TV once - talking about his parenting skills... as it goes, Phil had a little story to share with America. Seems Phil - his wife and son were out someplace in the family car, when the mother and the son got into a quarrel while Phil was trying to drive. At some point, the kid called dear old mom "a F[censored] B[censored]!" Phil pulled the car over and came to a halt, spun around in the driver seat and pounds his kid in the chest, with a finger as he screams angrilly "You little Punk - Don't you ever, ever talk to my wife like that again!" Great... now Phil McGraw's kid is embarassed and damaged (his friends all tune in to watch Dad.) Worse yet - Dad told all of America how he thinks his son is a Little Punk... If there was supposed to be something theraputic in telling the story, I certainly didn't see it. I'll have to say two thumbs down on this one Rodger....
  7. (this is going to be a little O/T gang. . .) I'm awfully sorry Zeshua, your message to my PM got deleted by accident. But I remember what it said and so I hope you don't mind my answering you here in your thread. Now, you asked if you might inquire kindly, as to the nature of my first deciding to post on this forum -as previously I'd been lurking here for one and a half years. The answer is: I found TTI quite by accident in December 2006, while I was doing some research online about paranormal phenomenon. There is a section here devoted to it on these forums. As I've seen a few things in my lifetime which defy simple explanation - and they certainly don't frighten me - I was curious to uncover what others who had or might still be experiencing similar encounters had to say, etc. Sad to point out there wasn't much of what I came looking for. Instead, as I began to look around - talk of Time Travel, and particularly the Time Travel claims made by a person named John Titor - caught my eye. This guy was real good up to a point, and after a little more research - I decided to keep checking back. I was doing so once a week. I'll confess I'm not as well educated - as some folks who post here:(those well versed with discussing physics, black holes, event horizons, micro singularites, Hawkings Radiation, usw,) however, in other areas I can make up for this and feel I can ask questions or contribute some valuable insight or commentary in a discussion. You wanted to know on the night I decided to register, what were my exact thoughts or emotions, that prompted my final decision in the matter. It was out of skepticism I decided to start posting here at TTI. I've always thought of myself as a open minded, deep thinking person. I'm easy to joke around and get along with - but on my other side, resides a powerful BS detector - I can smell complete BS when I read it, and I'm not afraid to get elbow deep doing research. Hence, after signing up on Aug 22 - my first post was to DarwinMurphys soon to be forgotten "I am here for now on assignment..." thread. I must say I'm still not impressed with this blokes story :D Further, you said you would also preface this question, as ... [i am ...somewhat of an intricate Anomaly. An unknown of sorts. Quite intriguing. Do you really think I'm as mysterious, perplexing and difficult to classify now? :D (shrugs) okay :)
  8. Grayson, Agreed. So much for Hollywood knocking, or the Meal Deal Toy rights. (sighs) :D
  9. Re: answer to hdrkid Thanks. After getting up to speed, on reading this thread - I'm surprised Darwin hasn't screamed "Uncle" yet. ?
  10. Cig, Theres many according to Acronym Attic online. 36 to be exact. NSAA = NonSteroidal AntiAntigen was the least likely one - I'm sure. :) The funniest was Norweigian Singers Association of America. NSAA North Shore Amatuer Astronomy hmmm. I think your looking for something more sinister... ;)
  11. NASA is an acronym for National Aeronautics and Space Administration heh, I didn't even have to look that up.
  12. PM Received. Thanks for the information, Herc.
  13. Re: answer to hdrkid Better yet, I've a new definition for "Time Traveler" One who makes the "time" to "travel"(here to TTI)and post meaningless BS ?
  14. Well lucky me... I was finally able to get back in over there. Poking around now.
  15. Slim to none - only slim just gave up the internet. ;) Say jmpett - did you find the dude you were looking for??
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