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  1. Re:Shut the [censored] up you skeptic assholes >:) It was a typo, good God come on, people like you have never made a mistake.
  2. Re:Shut the [censored] up you skeptic assholes >:) Of course I know that 2-5-4, 254! Are you dislexic or something?!?!
  3. Re:Shut the [censored] up you skeptic assholes >:) -Zech Actually I'm 12 years old and your right I am not a time traveler but you are mistaken with my I.Q. it is 254 which is high just in case you can't count(likely).STFU
  4. Re: No Time Traveller Here!!! :) I mean that no-one understands what I'm saying or even what they are saying. I guess your stupid little minds don't have the capacity.
  5. Re: No Time Traveller Here!!! :) I meant: this is all screwed up
  6. Re: No Time Traveller Here!!! :) OK, yhs is just all screwed up.
  7. You are asking absolutely stupid questions here, I use the term mouse over because I want to OK you try to set traps for me and when they don't work you make something up to make it seem like it worked if anyone intelligent is on this site, will they please sand up and say something?
  8. If I moused over it it would just say 7902, if you think I'm stupid you spelled woe wrong. :mad:
  9. The war in Iraq is almost over. I don't have yahoo, I'm from the future remember. And the clock in the bottom of my screen doesn't say what year it is.
  10. I never said you should ask him I said he asked me. I answered him. Noone knows why it didn't evolve.
  11. I didn't bring up English, concusion did. I was simply answering his question.
  12. Hey, I remember the wombasphere actually advanced at your time.
  13. Oh and the reason that English is the only language left is that over 5,063 years it became the most widely spoken language because U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico became one continent. The Mexicans and Inuits had to learn English. Then, South American immigrants had to learn English. So, there is your answer. And don't look at me, I don't know why it didn't evolve.
  14. Well I found this site by searching for "Time travel",and I had got to this site 10 minutes before I posted on it so I didn't know how to check the dates and the reason I asked if that was familiar is to see how far I went back in time.
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