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  1. As I informed certain individuals, I recently began experiments into time travel. Needless to say, they enjoyed some measure of success. I know that some people here have misunderstood me, or simply do not like me. However, it is entirely reasonable to forgive one who has a bad day. My interest is intelligent discussion, and I will do my best to avoid negativity where possible.
  2. I understand that a would-be killer may be killed in self-defense, and that is certainly less evil that what has happened. You cannot call it self-defense 10 years later. Now it's just about revenge, which isn't even a solution to anything. If the cycle of karma is ever to stop, someone has to stand up and forgive all that comes their way.
  3. They're now saying that Osama was unarmed when he was shot, which makes the entire affair nothing more than a cowardly murder. Americans are vicious and addicted to violence, and without Osama as a focus for their anger, they will now turn against each other. So sad.
  4. If you don't like it, don't read it.
  5. Who else thinks that it's terrible that people are celebrating Osama's murder? I understand that he's blamed for 9/11, etc. But being happy about another human being's death is disgusting. Humans truly are blood-thirsty and evil beings. No wonder time travellers usually avoid this era.
  6. That's a bold statement, as we've not yet measured everything on earth, let alone the entire universe. There are points where the gravitational forces cancel out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagrangian_point
  7. What's a few years to a time traveller? This is how we keep easily bored people out of conversations. :D
  8. Well if the t-rex also ate the time machine, we could have a time travelling dino! :eek: They didn't go extinct! They just went back to the future. :D
  9. It's not really that complex. Consider 3 friends who hang out together. 2 are fat, and 1 is skinny. The fat ones are always feeling down about themselves because they're comparing themselves to their slender friend. But one day, the thin person dies, and the fat people are left to compare themselves only to each other. Suddenly they don't feel so fat anymore. Even to the skinny person, there was no absolute standard as to what is the proper size. :D
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