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  1. Dropbox has only existed since 2007, whereas this forum has existed far longer. Also, Dropbox is suspected to be run by the NSA. But I think you know that.
  2. I'm guessing you hold stock in oil companies.
  3. Hello. A few years ago, there was a guy who developed a way to burn salt water while irradiating it with EM waves. It made headlines briefly, then everyone seemed to forget about it. I remembered it recently and decided to find out if any progress has been made. It turns out that the individuals working on it died shortly after announcing it. See the following links for details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGg0ATfoBgo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Kanzius http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rustum_Roy http://www.rustumroy.com/Scans/Observations%20of%20polarized%20MRI%20vol%2012%20is%201.pdf According to the PDF, they used 13.56 MHz polarized EM waves at 300 W. It does not say what polarization is used, but I would guess linear. It also does not say if they tried lower power ratings than 300 W (this is what their machine produced, so it's what they used). Salt water concentrations as low as 1% were dissociated and burned, and the higher the salt concentration, the hotter and larger the flame. As the water burned, the salt progressively concentrated further in the remaining water. Was this a cover-up or conspiracy to suppress this technology? Or was it just a coincidence that they both died within a couple of years of this discovery? Either way, it's knowledge that should not be forgotten. Is anyone interested in pursuing this matter? With enough people working on it, we could test various power levels, frequencies, polarizations, and other variables to see what works best. Tell me what you think.
  4. Well I'd be interested in seeing pics of your experimental machines. :D As far as the official viewpoint on force, acceleration, & mass, I can give the official explanation. Generally speaking, any number of forces may act on an object, and these forces add together as vectors, and only the sum of these forces produces the final result we observe. In the case of an object sitting on the ground, the downward force F = mg is perfectly balanced by the upward force F = -mg because the ground pushes up on the object. So the total, final force vector is F = mg - mg = 0, a zero acceleration. I'm sure you've heard all this before, but there it is anyway. :) As far as mass goes, well... There's a definition, but it doesn't say *why* it happens. Just that it does (that mass resists a change in acceleration). I have an idea why it does though. ;)
  5. Yep. So how's life, ruthless? Anything new?
  6. Great. Care to go into more detail?
  7. What happened to everyone? Did you run from the radiation? :confused:
  8. Because the door can see into your mind! :D
  9. You've missed some amazing time travel proof then! :D
  10. Rockefeller's legacy comes to an end
  11. Did you? This is serious stuff! I dare anyone to try debunking that! The skeptics are going to have to try harder this time. :D
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lybia lol :D
  13. Charlie IS a time traveler! Here's proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaCCkfjPm0o
  14. Internet coverage becomes intermittent for some; follows scheduled outages
  15. New new age movement originates along Atlantic coast, propagates fast
  16. China-Russia dispute; Russia chastises China
  17. Banks in some major cities begin rationing transactions
  18. It sounds like you need some other viewing method apart from electromagnetic waves. You see, each known type of wave travels at a well defined speed through a given medium. We know of sound and light, and perhaps a few others. But that's not to say that other forms of waves don't exist which can travel faster. Using those, we could get a more up to date view of the universe. This probably isn't what you wanted to hear though.
  19. It's based on the simple scientific idea of bouncing waves off an object and detecting the reflected waves. Since the waves travel at a finite speed, they take time to reach you. And in the meantime, the objects can move from where they were when the light bounced off of them. It's really nothing magical or astounding. Based on the vast distance between us and celestial bodies, along with our knowledge of the speed of light, we can be assured that those objects have moved quite some distance since the waves currently reaching us were reflected (or emitted) by those objects. :)
  20. Salut et bienvenue à TTI! Je peut te dit que les abilits psychiques sont rel. J'ai utiliz le "remote viewing" beaucoup de temps, et je peux voir, entends, et sens les choses distants. Mais je reste toujours dans ce temps physiquement, donc lorse que je finis de regard les choses avec l'esprit, je retourne ici chaque fois. Je sais pas si c'est possible à y aller avec le corps, alors j'essaye faire un machine de temps. Peut-etre si tu practique assez tu pourrais le faire quelque jour. :)
  21. Skarpz, you're best off learning science in a proper laboratory. However, there is a definite way to improve your chances at "getting it". Simply take up computer programming as a hobby. It will shift you to ultra-left brain thinking in no time. If you use a Windows operating system before Windows 7, you can try downloading QuickBASIC, as it's the easiest to learn. Otherwise, you can try one of the other versions of BASIC that will work on your OS. The principles you learn there will apply to other languages as well. What you will achieve is a very analytical thought process and very technical world view. Post here if you need help. Good luck. :D
  22. How could tachyons be measured? If a tachyon and a tardyon collided, would they both have a complex momentum and therefore be part-tachyon part-tardyon? If ordinary mass resists a change in spatial velocity, maybe imaginary mass resists a change in temporal velocity?
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