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  1. That's the whole idea of time travel. A time traveler starting in the present and going to the past becomes the cause that alters the past.
  2. Re: Experiment with Time, your assistance is reque The original post on this thread was in 2009, well into the Great Depression 2.0. Also: Debt is quite possibly the single biggest source of artificial bondage to which humanity is currently subjected. Once people realize that they are completely free and debt does not exist outside the mind, the world of yesteryear will be no more. We have the technology and power to feed, clothe, and shelter everyone on earth at this very moment. Only greed and delusion prevent it.
  3. Keep in mind that someone bothered to teach him to read and use the internet. Even if he can't write, it kind of ruins the idea you propose. :)
  4. I don't understand what you mean. I've never said these things before. Sweat works by evaporative cooling, yes. However, hair increases the surface area available for convection and radiative cooling (hence the dark pigment in thicker hair). Multiple processes are at work here. :) Vibration? New agers love to throw this term around without ever really defining it, and, as many of us know, a word without a precise definition (in the proper context) is entirely meaningless. Perhaps you can define specifically what you mean by vibratory energy? I'm pretty sure you don't mean sound waves.
  5. Kerr, since you brought up the subject (in another thread) of altered rates of aging, I will address it here. :) How can you tell if someone is old? By their appearance. More specifically, there are signs such as grey hair, no hair, wrinkled skin, etc., which indicate that a person is old. Interestingly, these are all related to a single cause: heat transfer. The body is a complicated machine, but it works much like an internal combustion engine. There is a fire burning in every cell of the human body, and blood transfers both fuel and oxygen to those cells. Therefore, it is imperative to have both clean fuel (food), a fresh supply of oxygen (breath), and steady blood flow. Moreover, it is also important to prevent blockage of paths of blood transport. Of course, eating right and exercising can go a long way toward maintaining health, but there are certain ways to ensure longevity. Aside from old age, there are two other instances where you may observe wrinkles. One is when swimming, and the other is with laundry. Skin is much like cloth, and it wrinkles for the same reason as cloth. When cloth is washed & dried at high temperature, it tends to wrinkle as it loses heat & moisture. Also, when swimming, water carries heat away from the body far faster than air, so a similar effect happens to the skin, causing it to wrinkle. Hair acts the same way as a heat sink on a computer. Its purpose is to carry heat away from the body so it does not overheat. Of course, clothing can get in the way of this function, as it relies heavily upon convection cooling. You will notice that the hottest parts of the body, where much blood flows, grow the most hair. As a person ages and the heart weakens and arteries clog, less blood reaches these parts of the body, so they become less hot. As a result, there is no further need for the hair at that location, and it stops growing. The best way to deter aging is to learn to control blood flow. Of course, there are other simple things you can do, such as: 1) Don't wait until you're old to start eating healthy and taking vitamins. The body can only work with what you give it, and it knows exactly what to do with vitamins & minerals. 2) Don't smoke, as it will cause problems for your air intake. We all know how an engine responds to a lack of oxygen. Perfect health is the natural state of the human body. Sickness and aging are unnatural conditions. I have told others before, and they may have told others still, how to control blood flow in the body. It is very simple to learn, and its rewards may be vast. We begin by a simple example. In the center of the palm is a soft place through which blood flows. 1) Open your hand, palm up, relaxed. 2) Place a small puddle of water no more than an inch in diameter in the center of your palm. 3) Remain relaxed and wait. After less than a minute, you should feel a throbbing sensation in your palm. This is because the weight of the water increased the pressure exerted on your hand at that point. The body does everything it can to maintain balance, so it will increase internal blood pressure at that location. You will feel this as throbbing and maybe tingling. 4) After practicing this a few times, you should be able to achieve the same feeling and effect without using water. At this point, you have achieved control of your blood flow using your mind alone. The reason this is useful is because increased blood flow forces open microscopic blood pathways that are otherwise becoming clogged by a poor diet or simply time itself. Also, it increases heat dissipation at that location, encouraging hair growth and decreasing the tendency to wrinkle. It is also possible to practice this technique on other parts of the body. Ultimately, the entire body's blood flow can be consciously controlled. Blood is the key to longevity. :)
  6. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents Telluric currents are caused by global warming! jk :D
  7. Yogis and indians. You like your anecdotes, don't you? :yum: I can address the issue of aging on another thread if you like. However, I am talking about a man-made machine to achieve time travel. I know a stroboscope itself will not allow time travel - I was looking for a similar concept. I don't know if you've ever used a stroboscope, but if you have, then you know that it can make things appear to go forward, stop, or reverse. Relativity is the common theory that seems to only allow different rates of forward speed in time, without apparent practical ways to go back in time. That's not what this thread is about. :)
  8. I was sitting around thinking of what kind of gadget to build when I thought of building a stroboscope. I've used one before in physics class, and it should be pretty simple to build with the parts I have available. But I decided to look it up on wikipedia anyway, and a particular sentence there inspired me: "A strobe light flashing at the proper period can appear to freeze or reverse cyclical motion". Everyone knows that we measure time by using cycles, whether years or days, etc. Even fundamental particles have a certain spin. Now, what if our perception of time is based upon the flashing of some sort of light similar to what we'd see with a stroboscope? By altering the frequency of this flash, we could manipulate the flow of time. :)
  9. Ok, I just got my time machine working. Ross Perot makes a comeback in US politics. :D
  10. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents But they really are the best! :oops:
  11. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents Regarding the temporal folds, I recommend a large amount of shaving cream and a high quality razor produced by Ockham. :) However interesting telluric currents may be, the universe (at least around here) is full of electric currents - they're not limited to the ground. Of course there's ligthning in the clouds, solar wind, the heliospheric current sheet, etc. So there's really a continuous (or somewhat continuous) flow of current to/from the sun, all through the earth, and beyond. :oops:
  12. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents The TimeLord works in mysterious ways! :D
  13. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents The (Time)Lord has heard thy prayer. :D
  14. I really hope this was meant as a joke. :confused:
  15. So you subscribe to the philosophy of dualism? The idea that mind and matter are separate substances... What do you think consciousness is?
  16. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents Darby, ... :D It doesn't matter how many people or much money you throw at trying to make and improve a square wheel, it's never going to roll. :) If they've failed so far, maybe they chose the wrong approach in the beginning.
  17. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents Prove it. :) Just because you're unaware of anyway who currently can achieve it doesn't mean it won't be done by an individual. You seem very pessimistic in this regard. I already am working on it. :D
  18. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents That's all just fine, but it seems very much like speculation about what you'd do if you had a million pounds/dollars/currency of your choice. We can all dream about what we would do IF we had it, but it gets us no closer to the goal.
  19. Re: Rhythm of Time: Telluric Currents Interesting. It's difficult to conclude anything definitive from an anecdote, though. But let's go along with it anyway, for now. There are a few seemingly unrelated things which I will describe here, and you may see later if they're important. 1) At the center of the earth is very hot material (lava, molten metal, whatever). The point is, it emits infrared light. Closer to the surface but underground, we have the red earth. Just above that we have the green foliage. Further still, there is the blue sky, followed by the sun emitting many wavelengths including UV light. The further from the center of the earth we get, the shorter the wavelength of light emitted or reflected on average. 2) During the day, the sky appears to be the same colour throughout, but at sunrise & sunset, it becomes apparent that there is a gradient of colour across the sky due to refraction. We might assume that after the last red of sunset has disappeared that some longer wavelength has taken its place. It becomes apparent after some thought that the colour of the sky is frequency modulated with a modulation period of 24 hours. 3) The telluric currents are weak but ever-present. And they seem to alternate directions at the same rate as the earth spins (24 hour period). 4) If you have 2 wave sources near each other emitting equal frequencies, a standing wave will develop between them, with stationary nodes where the wave amplitude is zero. However, if the frequencies are slightly different, the nodes will move from the higher frequency source to the lower at a speed of v = c(f1+f2)/(f1-f2), where c is the wave speed, v is the nodal wave speed, and f1 & f2 are the frequencies of the emitters. The value of v can easily exceed c. If we're dealing with acoustic waves, loose particles (sand, salt, etc.) tend to move toward the nodes in a standing wave. What about EM waves, and what about moving nodes? 5) According to the story, one person was in one time period and the others were in another, or one individual travelled back in time temporarily. Either way. The most logical approach to time travel from a mathematical perspective seems to be to find an equation that defines t® as the temporal location t at a specific spatial location r. In other words, instead of time being the independent variable, we make space the independent variable & time dependent on it & something else. :D
  20. Interesting. :yum: According to Wikipedia: If the current generally flows toward the sun, then it would appear to be a rotating electric current (or field) from our perspective. :D How do you think telluric currents can be harnessed for time travel?
  21. What is the most promising area of research into time travel? Which, if any, of the following methods do you think can be used to achieve time travel to the past? Best time travel research area Rotating Magnetic Fields Rotating Electric Fields Electromagnetism Faster than light travel Plasma physics Wormholes or CTCs Static electricity Vibration Optics Other (please explain) I look forward to your replies. :D
  22. Hi! Welcome to TTI. :) Have you travelled in time?
  23. LOL Ok, that made me laugh, 'cause it's true. :D Of course, I'm sure they'll say "oh, but it's not supposed to be ELECTRICAL energy so we don't need an electrical power source! Nevermind the fact that we use electronic components..." ;)
  24. Nay. By my infinite grace, I have granted thee mercy. But don't let it happen again. :D
  25. lol I forgot to say welcome to the forum. :) It wasn't meant in a bad way.
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