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  1. "Remember what life was like 8 years ago? Milk was a dollar a gallon. Gas was around 80 cents a gallon." I live just south of San Francisco. Gas is anywhere from $4.65 to $5.30 a gallon.
  2. Re: NEW NBC Series \"Journeyman\" "But this unknown is a central theme of the series. They've dropped some hints but we, the audience, have to travel along with Dan Vassar and Livia Beale to discover what it's all about. Remember, he did receive an unsolicited phone call on his cell phone in 1986 (?) from the physicist at Lawrence Livermore right after he had spoken to him (Dan's proper time) in 2007 in his office at the newspaper about tachyons and time travel." Darby, I know. I'm just so used to the standard "let you know in advance" deal with most time travel stories. :) I guess I'm just impatient.
  3. Re: NEW NBC Series \"Journeyman\" "I'd like to see a big machine powered by diesel generators with a lot of people working on it, and wires and tubes, and noises" Yes, some type of machine. It just looks like he thinks about it and it happens.
  4. Re: NEW NBC Series \"Journeyman\" "Or what technology is making him jump back." Yes, that is what ticks me off a little about this show. Imagine watching "Back to the Future" and they don't say or show how Marty McFly goes back in time? :confused: I know it's just a TV show, but with the name "Journeyman" you would think they would at least show how he travels in time. :(
  5. Re: NEW NBC Series \"Journeyman\" Just a week to go before it kicks off. Hopefully it will be something worth watching.
  6. "eee i seem to have misplaced a post i made, too, that said that i was amazed and . . .er, en-thirstened after reading Recall's recipes and that i posted them at the blog along with a link, and that i hope that that's okay with you, Recall, and let me know if it's not!" No problem at all. :) "ps. i figured you were just teasing me TitorTime, but i also thought that, as a noob here, it was best to hedge my bets! " We are on the same noob level. :( I only have one more post than you on this board. :D
  7. So I guess "Titor on the Rocks" didn't make your cut? :mad: I'm taking my ball and going home! O_o
  8. "What would a Titor on the Rocks involve?" Cranberry Juice + Vodka on the Rocks :yum:
  9. NEW NBC Series \"Journeyman\" The show will start airing on NBC on the 24th of Sept. http://www.nbc.com/Journeyman/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhUUcjEqv38
  10. Funny you mention Time Travel in your dreams. :) I had a dream last summer that I went back to around 1986 or so. The dream felt so real, it was like I actually went back in time. The dream was so interesting to me, I started looking up info on the net about time travel. In my dream, my brother found a way to travel back in time. He made or modified some strange looking device that was no bigger than a old style TV. For the device to work a person that wanted to travel in time must have these two rod type items on their person while the device was "turned on" The device worked very similar to spinning a record backwards while on its turntable. When I went back in time, I never felt it. It happened in a blink of an eye. First think I remember about the dream was watching a MLB basball game on TV, then going to the local mall that no longer exists, and then going to my old middle school. I never had a time travel dream before or after this one. :cry:
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