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  1. Almost 2017 now! I must say this is really not my favorite time period.
  2. Interesting... so the Motortrend vehicle of the year trophy represents a time machine. Good work!
  3. I posted this as a reply on another thread but I think it warrants it's own, so here it is. A month later this happens: But instead of a "Hot Tub" on the back cover, we have this:. See it for yourself. It's a little strange this is the ad on the back of April 2001 Popular Mechanics isn't it? A month after he made the statement (which he only could have done if he were time traveling although to be fair, magazines often send out issues way in advance - sometimes months ahead of the date on the cover). It is also a little strange they would show a round air filter and case when the 2001 Silvarado air filtration system didn't even resemble it, don't you think? Google, why is part of the text covered with a seal? Notice it is "being installed", just as he said it was. Maybe the "Hot Tub" is a time machine they call "Hot Tub" in homage to Hot Tub Time Machine (which obviously hadn't been filmed yet in 2001). Maybe it is a device installed into vehicles to convert them into time machines? Obviously this is an ad time travelers were using to contact each other. Maybe there is some sort of code?. I managed to find the same ad without the seal over it: I wonder who was answering the phones at 877-THE-TRUCK that month?
  4. It looks like they must have gotten deleted years ago. It seems like only yesterday when I posted them. Maybe it was the government?
  5. Hi everybody, I just wanted you all to know I have made it safely to the year 2009. It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but here I am. It appears I have more questions to answer so here they are: "1. What does your time machine do how does it operate and how do you travel through a wormhole, portal, tunnel, etc.?" As I previously stated, I have several time machines. Some use batteries, some plug into wall outlets, and I have one you can power by turning a crank! "2. Do pets still exist in your timeline?" Yes many people in the year 2009 still have pets. I myself have 5 cats that time travel with me. One of them did not make it into 2009 with me but he has been replaced by another fully functional cat. "3. Do you have a government and military in your timeline?" I don't own one myself, but they do exist here in my timeline.
  6. How long would it take an infinite amount of beings with infinite lifespans to ruin infinite parallel timelines?
  7. ""Time is a mathematical component of a 10 dimensional superuniverse, a variable used to define location and existence." Haven't you heard? There are 11 now :P
  8. My time travel claim is the only real one ever seen by these boards.
  9. EricCarr: I assure you, traveling through time at 60 seconds per minute is no hoax! I don't believe you. 1: Most dogs cannot read. 2: Most dogs cannot type (although you could always post for him, but he should probably have his own forum account or people will think you are trying to hoax us).
  10. Hi SkeptiSaurus, thanks for your comments: Good, it's not for sale! It is quite functional, as seen in the following photos: Well it folds up for easy storage, I can't think of anything more practical, except maybe shrinking to fit in your pocket or disappearing completely to be rezzed later.
  11. Hi Rainman, Sorry I haven't had time to reply in the last few days (hahaha, a little Time Travel humor there!). I don't know, I didn't make the thing, I bought it. I believe the manual covers several models of this device, and it claims that the actual product may vary. I don't know, you lost me. Are you some sort of engineer? One photo is from the manual, and the other is a photo I took myself, so I am guessing they were taken at different times. Yeah, I thought that was really cool, and it was something that affected my decision to purchase this particular model. I am no physicist, but I am guessing it is a completely cosmetic feature. Sure, Sony and Panasonic are huge multinational Corporations in 2007. It is interesting that you use HD (Hand Driven) technology. The display unit in the manual is actually designed to plug into an electrical wall socket (we have electricity in most homes in 2007).
  12. Here is the seat that goes along with it: Any authentic time traveler will also include diagrams: Here is a diagram of how it works: Here is the cover of another users manual I found. Just thought I would throw it in for good measure, since you people are probably curious about our futuristic technology:
  13. Here is a pic of my time machine, just as I promised! I have several time machines, but this one is my favorite. And this is a page from the manual:
  14. SkeptiSaurus: [censored], I don't know. I must be a fake. :(
  15. I won't arrive in 2008 for another couple of months, so we have some time We only have one kind of water here (although you can purchase multiple brands), but usually I like mixing mine with tea. We have a wide variety of foods here, such as tacos, hamburgers, spaghetti, and pizza. If you would like more info on these just ask. I tend to eat a lot of canned food because it doesn't involve too much cooking. Yes I most certainly will when I have time for it! 70s, 80s and 90s as well as the 00s. The 80s were the most fun. Who knows, I might be back someday! If I were to travel to October 31, 2007 from right now, it would take almost 24 hours. So for every hour into the future, it takes me about 60 earth minutes. This can be subjectively sped up or slowed down, depending on how fast I am moving, and perceptually sped up by using one of several devices at my disposal. I wish this could be faster, but as I stated earlier, my technology isn't as advanced as some other time travelers here, if any other time travelers on this site can spare some better technology I would be very grateful. There is no solid limit to how far I can travel into the future (that I know of!), but unfortunately due to technical reasons (and a short lifespan) I am unable to return to the past right now. If anybody can help me with this, please let me know! I wouldn't call them "time machines" because technically they have no moving parts (aside from the cooling module in the computer). They are more like time devices, and are mostly used to display my current temporal location along the timeline.
  16. Re: Good example of what Titor was trying to tell "They do not want to go in, and get very mad and all of that, but by the time these people are done and get them out there, they come back, less emotional then they ever were before. This makes them think that it will help autistic children." Typical autistics have 2 emotions - pissed, and not pissed.
  17. Re: Good example of what Titor was trying to tell I "suffer" from Aspergers, but it is my opinion that it is a natural evolution of the human brain and not so much a disorder. I see "normal" people as over-emotional, and I see them time and time again hurting themselves and others for no reason other than "emotions". It is also my opinion that these screenings are perhaps being used to ascertain in advance people who might not be easily given to mental control (such as the consumer lifestyle). "Aspies" are frequently given a hard time concerning their inability to speak the emotional language "normals" tend to rely on, because this emotional language is an easy way into the "normal" mind. Emotions are sort of a red button that can be pushed to override all logical thinking, making a person easily susceptible to mental suggestion. Aspies are notorious for being hard to control or exploit. The only reason people consider "aspies" (I hate that word BTW) brilliant or creative, is the simple fact that the white matter in the brain connects various brain parts differently, and cause divergent thinking (divergent thinking is commonly labeled as ingenuity or creativity) by making neural connections the typical human rarely makes. This emotional language can be learned by "aspies" but for me, it takes considerable effort to maintain on a day to day basis (dealing with people is a bit like looking at html code instead of an actual website) making life difficult since modern society is specifically designed for non-aspies. It is easy to see how this could be considered a disorder, but there is no known "cure" (and there never will be until somebody figures out a way to replace white brain matter). I do not consider it a disorder any more than two ants being born from the same parents, but turning out to be soldier ants, worker ants, or breeders (each of which are genetically different from the other, yet born of the same parents).
  18. Hi again, I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. Some of these were private messages, but I have nothing to hide, and I would prefer to share my information with everybody, so they will be answered here as well (I will paraphrase the questions, because I believe forum postings are covered under copyright law and I was not given permission to quote the senders). (anonymous) "Where do you come from?" I am assuming you mean geographically. I am from the eastern coast of the United States. "Do you have a time machine and what does it look like?" Well, I have several. See below for descriptions, but I am working on making some photos to post in these forums for you all to see.. "Do you have any hobbies?" I listed a few hobbies in my profile, but I also enjoy science, philosophy, and music. "Are you human?" As far as I know. I have been diagnosed with a condition known as Asperger's syndrome, which is a form of high functioning autism, so my thinking can be quite inhuman at times, and I sense reality a bit different than most people, so I am alien in a way I guess you could say. I have been called an emotionless borg more than once, mostly by pissed off females. "What kind of technology and entertainment do you have where you come from?" Well, most of the entertainment from my time period is a mixture of the previous 100 years. It is a bit like a painter taking all the colors of his palette and mixing them all together until he has brown sludge. It seems that nobody comes up with anything new anymore, so mostly you see people remaking everything they were into when they were young. Also I would like to say I am not a believer of the occult or paranormal. I tend to think these events have rational explanations, and people aren't really seeing what they think they are seeing. Designer: "So do you uses a John Titor type machine in which you travel in a car?" I have time machines in several forms, one can be worn on the wrist, another is a small box which can be plugged into a 21st century wall socket (it can also use batteries when no wall socket is available), and my computer also doubles as a time machine. I also have one that runs on a AAA battery and plays music, it is my favorite when I am unable to use the computer. "You never said what time period you can from or is your true time period 2007?" Yes, I am from the year 2007. "To finish for now what time period do you know detailed history in?" I have mostly traveled around in the 80s and 90s, but I am a big fan of the 20s and 40s too. "I am about time travel to 2008 in about two months and three days from now." From what I hear, 2008 is supposed to be an interesting year. Warrior381: "wehn is the first time travel come out for public use??" I am not sure when the first specific time passing devices were first employed, but I am pretty sure they are very ancient. The earliest I know of probably employed the walls of natural caves. "also what will happen to this future??" I will not know what will happen in the future until I get there. I am im the process of traveling to the year 2008 right now. recall15: "i think, they found one or your early experiments in time travel, the experimental vehicle, complete whit the operating TT Drive, and the main computer...intact in a cave... it`s appears than the vehicle return 101 years to the past from +1 year,to this date and the Driver was mommified inside a cave..." Well that is a bit disturbing if the person was mummified. However, I highly doubt it was me. My writing style is completely different, especially in a journal. I do not use the terms "arse" or "fark" and I have never seen a wallaby (isn't that an australian creature?). Also, I do not watch TV, I don't like driving, and vodka makes me vomit (but I will drink it if it is all I have in a frozen cave!).
  19. You are welcome to ask me anything about the time period in which I am from. I do not care about screwing up history so anything goes, except sports scores (I have never paid attention to sports much, so I wouldn't be able to tell you anyway). I will try to speak as plainly as possible, but the english language may have evolved a bit between your time and mine (especially if you live in the Central or Mountain time zone), so if you have problems please do not hesitate to ask for clarification, as I am well-versed at speaking in sentences of simple three-letter words (I can also use numbers in place of words, such as using the number "2" to represent "to" or "too", if that is what it takes to communicate with you). Please be aware that I am not psychic. I probably don't know you in my time, and I probably don't know anybody you know, but I might know somebody they know, and there is a very good chance I know somebody that knows somebody your ancestors know. For further degrees of separation, I can check myspace, no doubt they are connected to me there in some way (myspace is a modern website in my time where people who spend way too much time online collect virtual e-friends to feel like they aren't so alone). I also have access to a huge database of information at my fingertips, so if there is something I do not know I can simply "google it" (our futuristic 2007 way of saying "look it up in our vast online, publicly accessible network of interconnected database servers"). You are welcome to believe or not believe, either is fine. I am quite confident there will be a lot of questions about how I travel in time. Time travel has been around for a long, long time, but in our current time (2007) time travel is still very slow. If I were to travel from say, October 27, 2007 to October 28, 2007, it would take approximately 24 hours. There are people in our time who are looking into speeding up this process, but I find that reading a good book, or playing video games speeds it up a bit. I will be posting a photo of my time machine later on when I get around to it.
  20. He was not real. It was admitted as a hoax: John Titor Posts Read the latest one....
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