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  1. Re: Violations. *DELETED* Post deleted by Mop
  2. Re: Tsk tsk Too many trolls in New York so I headed back home, just to get ready to leave this country. You guys are still at it? Zzzzzzzzz
  3. Did 'they' not find strange things embedded in rocks, strange things in caves, strange things laying around which could not be accounted for? example of one: http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/coso.html One of these studies at a local "area" near me, are time contradictions. We believe that sometimes in the future, something will cause a implosion on earth somehow and somewhere, which in the immediate area, will send certain things back "into the past" which we are now digging up and looking at them. is it possible that certain things on earth 'disappear' only to be found embedded in some things now?
  4. Bryan, you dont need to put these people under strain stating that you or your friend is/was JT. These people are sincerely needing hardcore evidence of who you are via pamela's song, etc. Well a couple more days, im off on a trip of a lifetime. Pamela's song's first letter starts with a 's'. :) (I hope so!) lol ;)
  5. http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/cond-mat/pdf/9512/9512175v1.pdf Reference: 3.10 display: "This feature is similar to the vortex for bose fluid." 4. Summary We have studied a possible occurence of the geometric force in a magnetic condensate. This force is analogous to the Magnus force in ordinary superfluids. The characteristic property is the nature of the 'transversality', so to speak, since the force is perpendicular to the velocity of 'particle(vortex)', which suggests that the force does not attribute to the energy dissipation. This feature is a characteristics of the Lorentz force, so the geometric force is a sort of the Lorentz force. However, it should be noted that the analogy with the Magnus force is not complete, since in the magetic condensate we have no supercurrent as in the case of the superfluids. From the above derivation, the geometric force is attributed to the canonical term, which arises from the geometric phase. From the formulation point of view, the geometric force may be regarded as a special case of the pervious treatment of the many vortex dynamics. However, the effective Lagrangian for the single vortex can naturally incorporate the effect of pinning force, if we include the interaction with the magnetic impurities immersed in the magnetic substance. Indeed, we have shown that by using the Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization the geometric force results in the bound state of a vortex which is captured by a pinning potential. Apart from such a potential problem, the geomtric force would play a role for an estimate of an effect of dynamical perturbation acting for the vortex motion. The details of this will be given eleswhere.
  6. http://www.mipt.vcu.edu/news.html Interview with Alexander Z. Patashinski Alexander Z. Patashinski identified an unexpected "self-similarity" of energy fluctuations at different scales, and tried to calculate critical exponents. He studied a the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology School of General and Applied Physics, graduated in 1960. Subsequently, Patashinski pursued graduate studies in high energy physics at the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, under guidance from Lev Landau. Patashinski defended his dissertation thesis in 1963. Following Landau's lead, Patashinski and his collaborators labored to explain quasi-classical scattering in three dimensions. They investigated how mean field theory breaks down near the point of a phase transition. In 1963 and '64, with Valery Pokrovsky, Patashinskii, demonstrated that to describe a phase transition one needs the full set of correlation functions (in later terms, that there is no sorting procedure by which to isolate a main contribution to a partition function from Feynman-Matsubara diagrams), because all graphs are of the same order and therefore all must be added together. They claimed a self-similarity of fluctuations at different scales. This result constituted a violation of the thermodynamic theory of fluctuations. Their complicated arguments were met with immediate opposition from Alexei Abrikosov, and others. They had also tried to calculate critical exponents ("indices"). Their first scaling solution would be correct in supersymmetric theories but not in normal field theory. In 1964 they also conjectured that a phase transition in a superconductor is equivalent to that of a Bose-fluid. In 1965, Patashinskii and Pokrovsky presented phenomenological connections between correlation functions and scaling exponents. They identified analogies between field theory and the description of phase transitions, trying to ascertain anomalous dimensions. They clearly stated that certain correlation functions are scale invariant. Like Kadanoff and Benjamin Widom, independently, Pokrovsky and Patashinskii generalized the theory of scaling though leaving critical indices undetermined. In 1968 Patashinski defended his Doctor of Science dissertation on scaling. He subsequently worked on the theory of turbulence and other subjects. In 1983, together with Valery Pokrovsly, he was awarded the prestigious Landau Prize. Alexander Z. Patashinski is Research Professor at the Materials Research Center of Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois. He was a longtime senior staff member at the Budker Nuclear Physics Institute in Novosibirsk. ----- http://pokrovsky.physics.tamu.edu/
  7. Violations. http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/privacy.php Privacy Policy User Information: As you visit our site, the Time Travel Institute does not collect any personal identifying information about you. Your name, address, phone number, and email address all remain your private properties. Our server does, however, note non-personally identifying details such as, but not limited to, the server you are logged onto, the geographic location of the ISP you use, the type of browser you use, and your IP address. This information is obtained solely for the purpose of enhancing the over-all experience of the website for visitors. Message Board Registration: There are instances where a user may provide specific personal information in a message to us or when registering for the message board. Information you enter on the registration form for the message board will be viewable to the public. You may, however, choose the option to not have your e-mail address be viewable to the public. This option is available at the time of registration or at any time by visiting the profile link at the message boards. We will not offer lists of e-mail addresses of our registered members to a third party. However, if you choose to have your e-mail public, there is a possibility of other Internet users contacting you. Cookies: The message boards at the Time Travel Institute use cookies to store the following information: the last time you logged in, your username and password, and your preferred "topic view", if you set it in preferences. These cookies are stored on your browser. No cookies are used by the message board software program to track your movement or perform any other function other than enhance your use of the message board. You may delete all cookies set in this forum by visting the "preferences" area of the forum and selecting the "delete cookies" link. Third-Party Advertising Services: The Time Travel Institute uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements on this site and other sites about goods and services that may be of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, please click here. Advertising Services: To find out more about the privacy policies of specific advertisers, click below: Burst! Media http://www.burstmedia.com/isl/index.asp?page=privacy Fastclick http://www.valueclickmedia.com/ Third-Party Cookies: In the course of serving advertisements to this site, our third-party advertisers may place or recognize a unique "cookie" on your browser.
  8. Re: Titor Project http://www.ripe.net/fcgi-bin/whois?form_type=simple&full_query_string=&searchtext= tell me, is that a anon proxy service? I checked, nope, its a real ISP. mechnor probably was using a wireless hotspot. Even tho, I noticed he used a different screenname not the same original one he had. I wonder why. hmm.. If I was using sock puppets, I WOULD TELL YOU because I have been desperately waiting to be banned for a very very long time. (remember what I said in the IBM 5100 thread?) it is a foregone conclusion that you and others just want to make people look bad on this forum, rising accusations and playing 'mental psych' 'edited posts' games. You still sticking with the lame JREF story? Figures that you would. again, yes .. stark raving mad lunatics around here. Its enough. I dont need any BS crap coming from you and others.
  9. Re: Titor Project eezz gawds.. how idiot can you be? how can I be in France and in Idaho USA at the same time? huh? me computer experty? If I was, I would probably prove to you that there is a such thing as "covert tabs". Apparently you're not SOP or SMOD. "Covert tabs" are manually input in forum board heading only allowable access by a SOP/SMOD/top Admin. I know, a friend had done this before and it works. lunatics! stark ravin' mad!
  10. Re: Titor Project Dave, vous aviez raison. aucun sens d'accrocher autour d'ici ne peuplent ne comprennent pas voient que vous à Roubaix la semaine prochaine verrez si si une anne diffrente ont n'importe quel effet.
  11. Titor Project LOL cornered? Not really. If I wanted to impersonate someone, I would do it precisely. Even if I wanted to hide, I would not have any indication to anyone else. Dont you think I should have done that if I was Jake/Kelly ? If I was jake/kelly I would say: "Damm! you got me!" But fortunately I didnt say it. I read that Jake/Kelly is one hell of a investigator, and of course any investigators with common sense would at least hide themselves online and in real life or keep certain information limited. You just picked up a link that is full of "matching coincidences" all started because of my screenname. I know very well that Jake/Kelly or anyone else in their organization does not do this kind of stuff. "Morons" you say? I do not think so. I got email back from Jake/Kelly today. They are interested in this forum now. Besides, I found another 'sgtpro7' link claiming to be a time traveller by the user name. http://www.alienhub.com/showthread.php?t=99&page=2 The specific mysterious stone website is mine. It was copied. I wrote that about 7 to 8 or maybe 9 years ago I am not sure but I am surprised its still online. Let's be honest here, the issue that I tried to point out, without anyone deliberatly trying to "psych" me out or whatever, is that I chose the PRO7 screenname is because I knew you guys would try to find information on people, in order to openly 'attack' users on forums. Again, like before countless times, I am smarter than you think I am You think that was "me" on the JREF forum? Blllaaahhh nope WRONG. :D According to Darby's statement, this is all the proof I needed. You guys really are checking people out on forums. Investigating them as well. Is this what people want? If an anonymous person wants to join a forum, that certain anonymity should remain that way. What's my agenda? I had a hidden agenda here. Mission accomplished. To answer your question "who are you trying to convince?"... Answer: I was trying to convince THEM this is true... I am not going to tell you of our "alleged" meeting. Not worth talking about it. I shouldn't have brought that up anyways. :) Boy, this sucks.. :) You guys are really lunatics. I have saved all snapshots of every conversation I had with you guys on this forum. Snapshots are pictures off of the monitor. It proves completely that most of my posts have been involuntarily edited. Someone just told me NOT to post this, as it would "blow it wide open" and this has been well organized "its useless to resist"... Do you think I really take any of this as a joke?... ciao. Have fun with other victims. "Titor Project" 20 Step Outline and 3 questions: 1. New visitors come to join a website forum. 2. Visitors who choose a screenname are welcomed. 3. New members of a forum post information and claims on things. "claims of non-belief issues" 4. Any discrepancy or disagreements, challenges are made. 5. Studies are made on the current member. 6. Reports are shared between the forum admin/mods. "secret group" 7. In order to study the psychology on a user, edited posts are made. 8. The user 'forgets' minute changes were made on the posts until realization sets in later. 9. The user is forced to use arguments, detailing in confusion. 10. The user quits the forum or continues on, while suffering 'mental psych attacks' from the supposed "secret group" 11. "Secret group" finds out where the user's other emails are, phone numbers, place of residence, etc etc.. 12. User starts getting weird stuff in the mail, mainly magazines that the user didnt order. Starts to get weird crank phone calls. Crank Emails, Etc... 13. User starts noticing similiar conversations talked in the allowed "secret group's background" in relating to the stuff he/she is getting. 14. User is scared. He/she goes and talk to relatives about what's going on. 15. Finally, the user goes to the police. The police tells the user they cant do a thing about it unless crime is actually committed. 16. User is thinking what to do, in order to protect him/herself. May buy a gun or something. 17. Someone hired or used by the "secret group" arrives to the user's place of residence, knocks on the door, may be masquerading as a salesman who sells something. User opens the door. The "salesman" starts blurting out advertising the product. User says "no thanks" or "yea sure come in"... If "no thanks", the "salesman" leaves with a clear "identifying" picture of the person in mind. If the "salesman" is welcomed in the house, the person takes a quick glance of everything owned in the house, etc etc.. 18. User suspects something is going on. Checks everything out on any forums. User happens to find information which the "secret group" probably thought was kept secret. 19. User gets upset. Plots revenge on the "secret group"...halting any plans which the "secret group" was trying to do. Pending on the financial capability of the user, he/she hires a investigator to investigate this situation or does it him/herself if known how. 20. User WINS in the end. Members of the "secret group" ends up either getting arrested, torn apart, or whatever the user desires to allow happen. 3 Questions: 1. Is any of these steps in the outline true in regards to this forum? 2. Is it true that the "secret group" are bonded by something common, but is viewed by the public to be "negative" so it had to be kept secret? 3. Is this an act of conspiracy? --The end-- Written by John Allen.
  12. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John YEP. A security breach is in progress. Mechnor a sockpuppet? I would laugh that all the way to the bank. Sgtpro7?????.. how interesting. Seems to me someone is running the show in the background watching all of us? watching me too? I did look at the desert operations game. Its free to sign up! I cant find any sgtpro7 user names ingame except only on the board. I did find many sgtpro7 on eve-online too and many other gaming websites. I just counted 47 user names in total. I clicked the dark forces alliance website, it is the EXACT same website design as their main website. www.darkforcesalliance.net www.tekinvestigationllc.net Yup those guys are the same people. UPDATE: I also found sgtpro7 on the blackvault forum too. Read this: http://www.theblackvault.com/ftopicp-504704-.html#504704 Talking about the same rock I have posted on this forum. The very same pictures too!!!! I am getting confused as hell, man.. someone is really going too far with this.
  13. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John Yea. Intimidation doesnt get me anyways. Well.. back to work for me. :) Im letting the boys read these posts right now. All I hear is laughter and snickering... Ciao.
  14. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John Pamela, yea it is ridiculous and hilarious as heck. Just because they found another 'pro7' name on a website somewhere they automatically think that person is me when its a matter of a fact there are thousands of 'pro7' screennames everywhere on the internet. I see a 'pro7' being a tv show in germany! I also see a 'pro7' being a underground hacker in the east and many others. They are just playing games trying to get rid of me just all because I mentioned about the 'titor project'. Well I am here to stay, and there is nothing they can do about it. They claim they found a similiar language structure like mine on a JREF forum. I recently signed up on JREF and started reading those 'pro7' stories. I also found some of darby and raymond's language structures on other websites under different screennames. I just got a weird email from a member of TTI here, saying would like to 'blow this whole thing open' but wouldnt get involved because of being threatened. Did not explain what kind of threats that person is facing... Now... THAT is ridiculous...
  15. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John ok let me come clean.. right now. My name is John Allen, and I work for TRD under GE. Thats the TRUTH. Secondly, I assumed it would be about 5 to 6 hours drive to Idaho Falls from boise from where I am at, because I have never been in Idaho Falls before. I have not checked GOOGLE maps if thats what you're referring to. Thirdly, I dont think tek investigation is a fraudenlent business. I have just now reviewed their basic military contract info on a DLIS database under michigan and the DOJ system database. There is no other information I could find regarding that. Under TRD, we have access to a database which provides numbers and information. This convinces me these guys are serious. They somehow got DOD-DOJ connections. The way I see it, they are not private investigators, even though they claim to be. I have no doubt they will study this website any time soon.... To me, I think I am going to change my user ID or drop this ID to avoid anything to do with 'Pro7'. Darby, you are correct, that Jake and Kelly is one and the same. I have seen references that kelly uses jake for a alias for some reasons. Its a interesting study for me and I just emailed kelly to ask him/her some questions about that business. If you still think that person is me, then that is your problem. What compels you to review or try to find out about 'pro7'??? is there something that I know which you do not want the public to know? Is it because of ray hudson's infos, that I simply found on zabasearch, google and wanted revenge? I can bet it is about your 'titor project' to study how a time traveller hoax effects people.
  16. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John I checked Idaho SOS, they are located in Idaho Falls, Idaho which is about 5 1/2 to 6 hours drive from Boise. The website went black for a minute then it loaded up. Who is jake? I only see Kelly on the SOS website. I think kelly is a woman. http://www.accessidaho.org/public/sos/corp/search.html?ScriptForm.startstep=viewentity&ScriptForm.startScriptForm.start.ScriptStepView.viewentityFILEvalue=W42315 I also see 4 people running this organization.
  17. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John if i was mr doston, I wouldnt use 'pro7' IDs in other websites if it was him in the jref forums. now it makes sense, why my posts keeps getting edited here at tti. nice set up though. :)
  18. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John and yes... RMT... The 'Titor Project' was established to collect information from people for linguistic and psych-intel study. This is what I have noticed every time someone talks about titor on the TTI forum and elsewhere. I can show this is a fact. companies do this all the time to study opinions and answers to certain questions. Someone was needed to act as JT with a specific spoken language. Its pretty funny when darbyshire keeps mentioning "group titor" in other websites. When you are indicating a "group" such of anything its usually a study group therefore JOHN TITOR is a HOAX for a purpose to STUDY people, meanwhile Pamela ended up being the only victim dragged into it. (unless that was planned as well, who knows)
  19. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John that website doesnt exist :confused:
  20. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John LOL jake doston has nothing to do with that stuff on jref. I joined up and read the entire thing. Almost at the end of the thread, #538 on the topic "Why the US Government refuse to manufacture this device", someone with a termite userID said that 'pro7' belongs to a mr.stacey as in a "nice try" statement... http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=76921&page=14 darby, I dont have a daughter. I have a 11 yr old son. I saw that.. and said wow.. pure coincidence. "You said exactly the same things, including all of the "This is my last post" a kazillion times, on Randi." are you sure? maybe I got a twin going around out there? lol
  21. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John picking that info up on my firewall. pinging, trying to get my infos.. NICE TRY!!!! Spoofed IP address: neppsu02 is a Tor-exit node (proxy use) Your coordinated "titor project" is about over.
  22. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John LOL once again, I am not "Jake Dotson" Ask Mechnor.. he will tell you who I am. You got me mixed up with someone else. Raymond Hudson AKA John Titor. Thats who it is. You would do this to Pamela because its the only way you would know how. And yes, you are VERY VERY GOOD with COMPUTERS...far better than I could ever be. Think about it. It would indeed answer a lot of questions.
  23. Re: Royal Airforce contact me about John boy.. you must have a sharp memory for not remembering a "john allen" over 10 years ago. Why should I lie about that???? (we only met once..or twice)(its no big deal) But I do know very well you're lying about being a "aerospace design engineer". You're something else but you had to use that 'title' as reference. But thats not important as I will NOT bring this issue up like what happened over 10 years ago. I am not interested in DRAMA. People just love to make things up and obscure, twist it to make a victim look bad. Am I a pathological liar? That answer is NO. If I am a "patho" I would not be employed by GE. You call me a "liar" because you WANT THE TTI MEMBERS and the PUBLIC TO THINK THAT... (for the reasons of modified EDITED POSTINGS.. which I know DAMM WELL the EXPIRATION OF A POST DOES NOT EXIST until AFTER AT LEAST 1 WEEK...) and you claim that my post was expired and there is nothing wrong with the forum.. LOOK AGAIN... PROOF OF TAMPERING IS THERE... And a part of the reason for being on the TTI forum is because of you and others. I am very close to making my decision... The decision follows: 1. Should I allow the Time Travel Institute to continue? 2. Should I 'turn off' the Time Travel Institute domain, in order to shut it down forever? And guess what... I know who JOHN TITOR is... I just dont like impersonators and people who have twisted (edited invasive stories) etc...
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