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  1. RE: Finchducksoup is a fake!..Not so fast? maybe its not russians.... could be asian peoples.... :devil: they are "hella" sneaky.... Chvrmz
  2. RE: The Speed of Light, re TTA, et al. Creedo is right... Chvrmz
  3. RE: TTA i understand. its like playing the same music over and over again. eventually it gets played out and becomes ignored in your mind. like alarm clockz which pisses me off but by the end of the week i dont hear it anymore. lol i never wake up on time. music depending on which types. opens and expand for more observation towards the sound. someone once told me that. your left mind deals with sounds and your right with vocabulary words. mixing music in your brain opens up two different categories the mind pin points the sound. kind of like balancing it out. left - our artistic abilities right - umm i forgot... thats why im more into trance. giving me images from music. a feeling. Adrenaline, would be the world i should use here. i guess thats why peoples take acid and x nowadays while clubbing. it opens up the left side to appreciate music. which shouldnt be used... i use to pop acid and tryp to trance mix. not a good idea. kinda space you out for a long period of time. no, not like how they say it. "you start seeing visions and whack ideas". more of a calm and relax feeling. since trance does not have any words, the right side is closed. and the left opens for more of a tryp. every sound comes clearer and the adrenaline rush is intense. by now i get to the point where music only cast enormous kick to my head. no need for drugz... lol weed is not a drug...:devil: ~Chvrmz~
  4. i just hope no-one gives me the oppurtunity to hehe :devil: Charm
  5. RE: TTA Our group is called Charm. each of us has talents of our own. making trance beats is one of it. lol you sound like a FF player. which in all is my specialty in games. anyways. we compose with digital. lol cant afford the high tech equipments yet. instead we use programs and "compose our synth sounds" it should be just Charm. Dont know where the DJ part came from. we have been doing this for about... hmmm not long not even a year yet. but given enough time and money. i think some of our trance can be heard. well FF melodies are being used up now... we just happen to decides to create one for the hell of it. the ones on my site are considered "newbie shit" we dont like it very much due to its lack of proffessional programs. our unreleased tracks holds in our files (alot of demos). lol when we fist started we thought our "newbie stuff", acutally thought it was hardcore. weeks later. it became trash in our mind. but if you want to hear some new ones. rarely hard. we stop exporting it to the net. keeping files and tracks on hand for a cd and maybe an album. lol heres a site for the old-timer. you might have fun laughing at it hahaha because i always do for some reason. http://www.mp3.com/Dj_Charm ^^have fun^^ "I plan on someday playing Melodies of Life. When I get the chance of composing it into sheet music." TTA no matter how great everyone is. Money is the only way to be heard. which really sucks. you have to update and outdate the rest. ~sigh~ which i was rich.. eh? but you never know. "the tabels might turn" Charm ~ Music Is The Language To The World ~
  6. You thought my trance were pretty cool? :) need to look for that post lol. i take back all the bad things i said about you TTA... you seem... cool yourself hahaha... i have many Charms. especial my beauty. arguing with you is useless or them. because of the post ive been reading. i feel sorry for the peoples that get picked on. (you know who you are). ill do the honor and speak for them... err... naw... "i roll solo". instead, i'll just lay my cards out. Chvrm
  7. STFU TTA!!! you insecure Conceited ass HATER!!! its not bum-raps... ^^^^read the lines POETIC THOUGHTS!!! whats your talent TTA? eh? i really want to know. dont come up with stupid ideas either. only get them kicked back in your face. you and your Anti-TIme-Travel wanna be. starting to annoy me now. i dont even believe you are trying very hard. SUCKA!! Chvrm
  8. RE: To Charm on TTA HaPPy!!! MotHeRs!!! dAy!!! CAT!!! N!!! Clara!!! <3<3<3<3 much love to all motherz <3<3<3<3 Chvrm
  9. RE: You've all changed.No we havnt, really that much!? HaPPy!!! MotHeRs!!! dAy!!! TTA!!! i am giving you my honor of a day ahead. everyone on this post believes you are the "MOTHER-FORUM" or is it just me? :love: Chvrm
  10. RE: Charm' shes going to get you, if you don't look out! "I have been cleaning my house the past day and I saved a broom handle for you! I even broke it in your honor and it was nice and splintery!" ^^^should of cleaned your mouth first... "Hey, I had a rough upbringing too! I grew up in the City (Chicago) in a bad neighborhood! I used to throw rocks at cars and then one day two teenage boys got out of their car chased me down and threw sand down my pants and gave me an undy grundy! And I went crying home! (I bet the same thing happened to wedgie, he just never recovered!" ^^^now i know why they call you CAT. :) But the point I'm trying to make is you trying to mess with me boy I'll bring you down ghetto style! I've got more hooks than Madonna has looks (even creedo knows that!) Because I'll be waiting for you Charm leprechaun style at the end of the rainbow! I've got your bag of gold! ^^^i never messed with you. you just wanted to Defend your so-called-friend. if you read the above post before carefully. it might help. nobody told you to stick your butt out. instead you wanted to gloss your shiny ass on the center-field. so Charm can pinpoint the spot light and give it a little "kick-N-the-Azz". your such a hypocrite you know? nobody can mess with you, on the other hand you can mess with them. "kitty-games" what a pity. i looked up to you once. the roads could be splitting... *got audio trance... http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/vucharms/dj.html Dj Charm - Racing Against Time Chvrm
  11. RE: Charm' shes going to get you, if you don't look out! I'll be here. Charm
  12. RE: TTA -- Charm "I only said that a lot of young people in the ghetto needed to bring up their English to a class up, if they ever want to feel accepted in life in proper society." TTA do you see up there ^^^ that "accepted" word!!! enough said. im not gonna die of gang banging. thats pure stupidity. my meaning around 25, because i feel ima get into a crash one day. of my wreckless driving. even though i know better its the adrenaline rush. Racing type of person. but thats not the point here. on a daily bases i SMOKE ciggs every 30 minz beside my sleeping time and kick with the home-boyz and home-girlz here and there. work at dell production of computers. nothing special either. as well as i am happy with the way it goes. it does not matter what life brings me. for the worst or the better i still got my peoples. and eating my AZN foods. :yum: Charm
  13. RE: TTA -- Charm TTA, you dont know me, nor do you dont who i am or what i do in life. how can you assume so easily? that in the next 20 years or so what i may become of? huh huh? my life does not concern you at all. dont give me advice on what i need to do and change to adjust to your socal level. again you see the world as it revolves around your peoples. thats nonsense. i dont judge and predict what may come for your future. so dont stereotype because of what i say. shows how intellectual you are. speaking bad english? you must be some type of english teacher. of course i can speak proper when needed to. at this point it doenst matter. this is not social life. this is the NET. thats why you got peoples like Creedo. but you shouldnt even start trying to change others. deal with your self here. i know which direction im going into. on this forum doenst make any changes in what im trying to do. no, i dont want to be anybody special, cuz that does not matter. accomplish something? you probably want to be known and so-called popular. theres no need for that in life. as long as i got what i have, im happy as i am. dealing with other things such as science happens to be my cue. i dont expand my life revolving around experiments or scientifc activities. just interesting things i do in life. as for you. your the type of person that wants to get accepted by everyone. dont lie either. you want to be known for and remembered. thats what you envy. ambitous. wanting to recieve the best in life. no i am not assuming i am merely saying. i dont need to fit in. or neither am i spoiling your activities. better yet what activities do you have here? huh? so called-post of personal problems you deal with each other. dont even try to put the "ghetto" in this forum. you have no idea whats it like. to you all it may seem dirty and full of pathetic nonsense. thats how they feel towards others. it doesnt matter because wether you are rich or poor. smart or dumb. that does not have a level. your anchient parents are lower classes themselves. dont even think about telling me to change my life hood to suit your "perfect image" of this world. i would rather be happier here then anywhere else. ive been on both side. its just the same, nothing but respect and pleasure. there are no stages of life. either way you are still you. no matter what. ha, social life. what do you do in life TTA? i doubt you wouldnt even last long. no im not saying the streets, i litterly point towards life on the other side. you coudlnt kick any aliens ass if they had let you. talking about facing the aliens. you can barely stand up to humans. dont even say you were joking. i take that as a dumbass. Charm
  14. it is "impossible"/ of resources under "Time-fossils"/ slight visionz of the Pasted/ Future-Time cant be Grasped/ on a sphere, we just Graph it/ even the Light-Of-Speed/is not needed/ you have no fate/ your creation Completed/ again itz "Repeated"/ not like the "MATRIX"/ abnormal and "hectic"/ Complicated as "TIME"/ travels faster then seconds/ our past is primary/ merely "human-primates"/ black doors/ unlock "Universal-Gateses"/ even at warp speed/ the mind getz "displace-ded"/ again and again/ the Past/ we cannot "Re-play-it"/ just images on levels of "Stages"/ Wormholez towards "multi-Places"/ absorb statics/ like iron on "magnets"/ get Trapped/ Complex machines "invented"/ Time, Space with gravitiy/ Light and Waves "bented"/ dimensions and portals/ split Visions we "get-it"/ deja vu and "double-digits"/ UFO's are sighted/ the 2 mind gets Blinded/ memories dies "behind-it"/ Transplant combine-ded/ Paradox fisions recline-ded/ because Time Travel covers different Phases/ interwein with crucial mazes/ like meteor and "comets"/ time cannot be stopped/ or even "pause-it"/ your own loses/ a puzzle that cant be Solve-ded/ no exceptions/ of a Future with-out Complictions/ glimpse of onsight "connections"/ because present is what you recieve and get/ past and future/ you'll only just "GLITCHE-IT" Charm
  15. RE: TTA -- Charm TTA, nawz man i dont want to get personal. hahahaha. i just respect your duty here to stop Time Travel. kind of like a soldier, from the Future. yes, i can argue civilized but... sometimes you just need to express it directly. you know. and turfs? man where do i begin. well what are you trying to say? that your clean socialized life is better then the lower places? what? your stereo-typing now. classifying us humanz as ranking of the "great" and the "ghetto" now that is pure wrong. the world doesnt revolve around proper english nowadays. just peoples who want to act smart and shit. but thats not the point here. i knew you were gonna post back. i would too. because if i didnt, i would be a dumbass myself. no plex no regrets. but Creedo is still a queer, the aliens should have choosen a dog instead of him. even dogs have better senses then he do. whoa!!! * i cant believe CAT said Bisexual, that suckz. * to think of it, this is a Forum Famliy....... Charm
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