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  1. Darby Veteran Thanks for your srcutiny. Sir John Gorton is the correct Name he was voted out of the party leadership when he refused to cast his own vote in a three all draw. Evidence of afterburn is hard to find and I have only senn two cases of it. 1) in a library book on nuclear explosions and the book had no explaination for it. I cannot recall the book but it did have a photograph of it. That was in 1970 and the book was even older 2) I write papers for the Aus Government X files dept. a division of the defence forces. they are self funding and officially don't exist. several civillians are given information on bizarre events some information is false some real we are never told which is which and asked to give scientific explaination. ie was christ ressurected. He was probably still alive when taken from the cross. dead bodies dont bleed. For obviouse reasons no information can ever be released to the piblic. There was video footage of maralinga afterburn but as it relates to time travell it is classified. my concern is that those whom have this knowledge classify those who inquire of it as pschiatric patients. and without knowledge or permission of the persons involved give drugs that effect your short term memory. If you need to prove time travell is possible it is simple to do. Take laminated steel plates similar to that found in an electric motor and wrap wire around it to create an electromagnet with a hole in the middle about 10cm place the electromagnet 90 degrees adjacent to the earths magnetic field it works best if you pulse the current at greater than 25 Hz using hot valve controll not solid state place a analogue transmitter in a shielded metal box open to the magnet and transmitt. the reciever will not pick up the tranmission if placed west to east wait ten minutes or so and you will pick up the transmision. you need to be outside on a high place. the electromagnet accellerates the transmision which theoretically is travelling at light speed (in a vacuume) as it breaks light speed it travells through time the around the plannet untill the extra energy is dissapated. the best transmitters for this also use a ground plane. Put a large electrolytic capcitor in the circut and with the right atmosperic conditions discharge the capacitor with your hand in the magnet and your a time traveller. I would not recomend that you do that though but I can assure the technology is refined and abbused. You may recall that people have claime to recieve transmions from televisions shows aired back in the fifties the official explaination is that satilites picked up the transmiaions replaying them back at a later date. Satilites of the early sixties had no capacity to record video. early televison transmitters experimented with secondry acceleraters to increase thier range. Its all about getting the transmission to brake light speed its all ready travelling at light speed you dont have to do much to push it past Regards Pegasus
  2. Fact: Maralinga Australia British soldiers injured by falling molten substance when sent into blast crater. Nuclear afterburn is part of the fusible material of an above ground nuclear explosion. It appears out of thin air at the piont of detonation three hours after the explosion. It travells through time. Time travell is a natural phenomna which has been understood by the nuclear powers for many years. What a great gift to humanity. Your kidding they can send analogue radio transmisions through a simple magnetic accelerator and find out what next years stock market results are. Others use it to chase imortality from future technolgy. It has exposed the ugly and evil side of humanity and there is no turning back. I have a story to tell but whats the piont when the truth in this world gets hidden or abbused. Synchronised magnetic coils aligned with the earths magnetic fields can tranmit electromagnetic and light waves at faster than light speed relative to universal zero. A lead crystal ball on an isolated pedastal and statically charged can do the same thing. The trace lines are visible on a doppler weather radar modified for that perpose and anyone that does it that is not in the club will have military personal pay them a visit. They are all growing old and dying. If enough people want to know the full story about time travell and the monumental conspiracy behind it I would like to tell the story. I have suffered enough because I refused to sell my soul to those creeps. But can you be trusted with the technolgy or will you bet on next years stock market as well. Lets see how many on this site want to hear the full story. One other thing this web site is inudated with people who may be described as psychotic lunatics. Your medical records are confidentual IE. no one can get them. It is in your best inerest that you do not know you are being treated for mental illness and opposition to the program is also an illness. I dont know how many of you used to be normal but psychiatric treatment programs are the weapon of choice and if your not sick when they first get you they can turn you into a blithering idiot claim your illness is hereditary and thieve all your assets and life in the process. Hitler had a social behavior controll program and I can assure you that the brits packed it up after the war and refined it. That famouse British PM whom was a chemist added to the program and also recently lost a court hearing to care for a psychiatric patient. That patient was one of the scientists at Maralinga. You will only get to see these things in newspapers only once. There are rules to time travell and fortunatly they cannot be broken. I write this post in hope that the subjects I raise will be investigated so the entire conspiracy can be exposed. Only historical fact and scientific data will do this. Time travell is also a form of Partical matter Energy transfer. (Scotty beam me up) It can also be used for compound hybrid crossbreeding. I will get to that part of the story later but first I need to know how nany out there will support me if I tell the story. Pyramid support tell your freinds to tell thier friend to tell their friend the conspiracy to hide the truth by authorities is over. I was a good friend of the late Sir John Gordon Ex Prime Minister of Australia. He was also a victem of the prgram. My piont is not even the PM of this country is safe. But thats how big and how important it is to bring these bastards down and expose the conspiracy. Time travell is just one of the areas being abused. Almost every part and facit of your life is effected and it is only word of mouth and an effort kept out of the media (which they also controll Which will win this war and time travell can be used to warn us of natural dissasters rather than create human ones. Form the pegasus clib for truth. I will reveal my identity later you will be surprised Regards Pegasus
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