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  1. You will see the truth...! i can tell you because i speak english wrongly...but you will not believe me... unbelieveble! how many changes in 7 years... The people...are less comfortable...
  2. I'm in my house, not in a cybercafè. You can believe me or not...that's your problem...not mine... I reply in 1-5 minutes because he said questions about the future, not question about my real identity.
  3. I can save many lifes...but thats an heavy crimes of a "Time Traveler". I can't change this future...i can help you to live better. "Traveling Revelation" is a crime, punishable with the death sentence...
  4. USA will want from him every information about the future technologies. He will refuse...
  5. In 2015 a guy will come in your future with the Time Machine. He will show to you all the technique of the Time Travel and he will say that the UFO was Time Machines. But later the government of the USA will kill him...but USA will say "He died of infarct". Lie...
  6. 1) I'm escaping... 2) This future is very comfortable...and the people of this future are very kind...
  7. You can believe them or me...that's a choice. I'm not the only soldier in "travel", so...i don't know if someone is fake or real. I will examine them.
  8. Civil War: Cities population vs Rural Population Problem: Security Problem I cant change history...because there are different dimensions..
  9. You know my knowledge. I told you in 2001. You will know the truth in 4,5 years. In 2001 i told: The civil war will starts in 2005. Yes true. But the warfare will start in 2010. 5 year of civil war...stopped by Russia... I'm very "kind" today. The Christmas of 2008...will not be "happy" for everybody...
  10. If you bombard a singularity with electrons, you can alter the size of its event horizon, and thus its gravitational field. By overlapping the fields from two singularites. You can travel forward or backward through the time. I sent many pictures about that. Its on the internet.
  11. ""They remind me of some other songs that are oldies but goodies from where I come from&;anyone know these?;gotta be home, by sunset. She asked me to giver her a ride, said she had to go, dropped her off by the trism through the atmosphere;by prism. Gotta keep movin , it was the human race to get away, sun bends light through a prism, she bent herself through the trism&;;she pulls the lever and then bright light. -- or this -- Waiting for bus number 99, goin; to the store for hotdogs and wine when all of the sudden I felt real cold and wound up in the belly of a UFO... ;Movin through the spheres at faster than light on our way to some planets that were out of sight; [well it had been 987 years in outer space when I got back, I couldnt seem to find any of my friends to tell my interesting stories to."" "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, here we come...." Very funny! :P
  12. I think...i will be explicit. The Government of the 2046 USA is searching me. I can't stay many hours on the internet only to prove you my identity. In 2001 i told you many information. I'm searched for "Travel Defamation".
  13. I know you don't believe me. You are not the 10 people that i can trust.
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