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  1. As to the geometry of it all. No offense the cube is a bad analogy. If it were viewed from a distance in theory 3d space would be as of now a expanding irregular sphere being shaped by 4d time, and 4d time would be a equally matching expanding cone radiating from the initial point of origin to a point. Now this falls apart @ a point so a cone outside a sphere is not adequate unless you consider that all time has already taken place till the universal end and that all points intersect via 4d then you see that it's not a cone @ all but something convex such as a thick lens narrow @ the point of origin and end but wider @ it's center. Time is the largest of dimensions as it encompasses well in a nut shell everything Id love to post fancy pic's but I'm lousy with paint myself admittedly so :) .
  2. Re: You all are a joke. I'm a T' traveler. Okay Mr t traveler who wins the election in 08 never mind I'll tell you Hillary R. Clinton what is she most noted for the dissolution of the sovereignty of the U.S. in favor of the N.A.U. North American Union during her second term 2014. Which in turn forces Asian nations to follow suit 2038 the AU Asian Union openly attacks a N.A.U. cruiser in the newly open arctic ocean due to warming. As they wish to lay claim to the last of earths oil reserves. Ushering In total global war 7 billion out of 10.3 will die directly and indirectly from the ensuing carnage. I can go on with all kinds of crackpot predictions based on trends and logic all of them far more feasible and chilling than you or Titor could come up with...
  3. In a nutshell, time is time don't muck with it! theres too many inflated egos stating that they can quote "change thing's". The bottom line is don't assume that your so intelligent as to know what the true greater good is.Universal greater good may not agree with your own. You want to recognize the true greater good live,experience, and learn...... P.S. And whats up with the infinite being argument lol infinite being in a finite universe is an oxymoron,there will never be an infinite being get past that bit "O" fantasy and we will be alright..:)
  4. A.K.A Saint Nicholas was born in the Middle East about 350 miles northwest of Bethlehem in the fourth century. Saint Nicholas (270-310) was at one time bishop of Myra, a town in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). He is "supposed" to have died on December 6 which is why his feast is celebrated on that date. Recognized for his great generosity, he is the patron saint of little children and school children. He is also known as the friend and protector of all those in trouble. As we know Myra was loaded with Masons @ that point in time ergo his Intimate association with them, But the story gets even stranger after that.. His reputation for gift giving comes partly from a story of three young women who were too poor to afford a dowry for their marriages: as each reached a marriageable age, Nicholas surreptitiously threw a bag of gold into the house at night. Some versions of the legend say that the girls' father, trying to discover their benefactor, kept watch on the third occasion, but Nicholas dropped the third bag down the chimney instead. When the father found out the truth, Nicholas begged him to keep the secret, but, of course, the news got out. After he died, people in the region continued to give to the poor anonymously, and such gifts were still often attributed to St. Nicholas. Why was Mr Nicholas so terrified of being caught Because He knew what they would do to him if his embezzlement of the Masons treasury were discovered and so it came to pass as they assuredly snuffed him out. But now this tale takes a dark turn... His Next appearance came in the Guise of Father Christmas in the 17th century When the Masons were establishing themselves through out Northern Europe Namely Britain. Coincidence, I say not as that was the stepping stone for the Masons to the West all of a sudden out of the willy nilly here comes a character fitting the exact same M.O. As poor Nicholas I say he was not meant to die that day in 310 But rather Mason sorcerers using dark alchemy and ritual brought Nicholas back from the dead to do their bidding for all time. But wait it gets much deeper than this. After the Masons established their foothold in the New World guess who shows up thats right SinterKlass faired over by Dutch also known for Masonic activity. I ask you this try translating SinterKlass from Dutch to English using Google. It gives you no answer, thats right no answer @ all. I have over seas sources that clearly state that it loosely translated, it means "Sinister Claws" but I have yet to confirm this. Now that Mr Sinister has a toe hold in the New world he changes guise again from the typical gaunt Zombie like figure in robes. To a Jolly more Likable Image that we are familiar with today Getting fed milk and cookies because they are easy to digest and the calcium postpones the advanced osteoporosis. Someone must surely face after centuries of much Maligned activity and disinformation. But here the real agenda he along with the Masons are in control of the global Market every year billions get spent in the name of this sinister being. But do you think it's sheer coincidence he resides @ the North Pole "No it's not" Have you not heard of the Magnetic anomalies that occur from that general area lately. Here it is, the Masons along with Mr Sinister Claws are trying to use the revenue generated from the holidays to flip the Earths axis, and plunge the world into A new dark age ripe for the picking. Heres a quote from one of these So called Santa songs Santa Claus lane and quote "Hang your stockings and say your prayers 'Cause Santa Claus comes tonight!.. In My world "say your prayers" has a far darker meaning. If I don't disappear over this have an excellent holiday.. :)
  5. Alright let me toss this into the ring if and when it's possible to travel forwards, reverse, or any other Point in time. How do you propose it can be achieved, Rainman until thoroughly tested is one theory significantly better than an other I guess I'm simply stating that we should thoughtfully test avenues even those leading to a possible dead end instead of dismissing them outright and waiting for someone to bottle black holes or create an fanciful Zero point energy source that contains the power of the universe in their Ipod. I,m not an unreasonable person And I guess the only true way really find out is to undertake this myself and see what happens. Heck I needed a hobby anyhow as it will probably take years just to amass that much equipment if it ever happens @ all, but if I do get results of any type that defy the current definition of the properties of high EM field modulations. I'll happily you tube it for the world to see why. A: I have better camera equipment than he did B: I can. :devil:
  6. They have to be from the future and obviously graduates from Americas public school system.
  7. Re: You are nothing but primitive, disgusting anim Well sorry Exodoius I never took clicks and whistles in classes so you'll have to muddle though and unfortunately you don't know the 1st thing about a type 0 let alone a type 2 civilization that would have the technical knowledge required to create a consciousness vessel capable of harboring your conscious self for an extended not eternal amount of time. LOL @ eternity define it I dare you can you wrap ego around that "possibly you could" But I'm not replying to chastise you but to correct you. If and when any race advanced to that point do you really think they would feel the need to enslave anything, worshipers and slaves rofl to become as empowered as you state you are. You have no need of anything especially worshipers and slaves or pets you could will your own into existence it could wag it's tail and probably have more of a grasp of the universes in general than you do. So stop deifying your self it's ungracious, bad manners, and not a good way to say hello to any civilization... Q.E.D.
  8. Okay but that puts a unique paradox into play. You called yourself from the future in order to warn yourself of a death the which your future self should be blissfully unaware of as well. Unless your future self traveled to the future in order to witness said doom and gloom in which case why warn you, your future self is already aware of the peril and is capable of taking the appropriate action with absolutely no need to hassle you about it. Now if again it's not death let's just say dismemberment or it causes some future divorce whatever another paradox. By warning your self you may take a different choice than you naturally would that could probably have far less than the desired consequences. Instead of staying in school to achieve whatever degrees you need to participate in said time experiment you drop out and become worst case scenario a meth addict. Oh thank you future me I'm so much better off now than whatever minuscule thing it was that inconvenienced you. Why is it that people always claim to try to change or take things. Ignore the warning even on the remote possibility it's your future self as your future self must be unaware of this paradox as well Which brings up my last remark and this is of no personal attack to your present self. But write this one word down and keep it tucked in your wallet purse whatever for your future self to read "that word is "Live". Even if you die "so what" everything dies from Bacteria to Universes Sure the amount of time varies but it's still only finite. If nothing died why and how would we reference time and desire to travel it to see what others were like on a personal level thats what time travel is about it's the ultimate expression of anthropology to see to feel to touch to live like they did or will. No need to get involved in the logistics of knowing the time and place of your own demise Simply LIVE for the moment wherever it is, If you spend all the time gloom and dooming yourself you not a very decent time traveler to begin with are you.. PS get a better cellular company ;)
  9. LOL you people are so stuck on the 80's Look closely @ the mullet it's clearly 40's 2040's to be precise :D.
  10. LOL it's obvious relevant posts can be deleted from here sorry Rain Man "Simply a jab". Just because you don't believe it does not make a statement false. And if out of the clear blue you did not do it why was my commentary stricken from the record ....... I'm only gone a minute and poof do explain,.
  11. Okay rainman thats exactly the kind of scrutiny I was hoping for. True to date no one has been able to recreate this effect. But yes there were written notes that were confiscated "allegedly" with most of his equipment so the story goes. I'm only proposing an idea far more safe and sound than attempting to place ones self into an atom crusher to gain what 2 minutes of the past oh joy I get to watch myself experiencing morning breath all over again :P You can take my statements and do what you wish shred them, stomp them ,print them and make an origami stork. :). It's all the same to me and I'm not offended, but until you can give me proof that this is impossible. I stand by my belief that it is.
  12. Agreed no self respecting time traveler would place his opinions and ideals out there to be scrutinized and picked apart under scientific scrutiny. Not to mention placing wild claims of nonexistent machinery. Time travel as it would be is serious business not to mention should only be achieved under an expressed contract of don't monkey around too much. .
  13. Well gravitation is nice and all you need a crushingly lethal amount of it to slow and bend ST even slightly. Gravity is not your friend with no way to shield your self from it. I propose we look @ a different source one thats far less lethal let's toss UH EM fields into the mix to be picked apart as one would wish to. History has proven that incredibly high EM fields tuned properly can have dramatic effects Thanks to the work of John Hutchinson. Those effects were both dramatic and across the spectrum of probability. In effect it's my belief that Mr Hutchinson was the 1st living person to create what I lovingly refer to as the crap magnet. Crap happens anyhow But more improbable and impossible crap happens when his devices was in full swing. That being said I "believe" that what was actually created was a quantum event generator with variable frequency control. Further more I "believe" that with proper tuning such a device could manipulate events to create a quantum event triggered time shift. Would I personally test this myself "Never" I'm not insane and only the most foolhardy would personally test this theory on themselves as it's not controlled completely random and wherever you go your stuck. But if you do want to try the impossible knock yourself out if your electrically savvy it should not be a huge stretch just make sure to use a Faraday screen as to not fry your neighbors, neighbors, electronics let alone your own....
  14. I assume it's your faith in the universe and everything that entails a very precious item indeed...
  15. I,m sure you wish to believe what you believe but that does little to answer the truth that 32 bit architecture will be a dino by 2038. Even in windows based operating systems. Heres a little prediction of my own using a computer from 1975 to interface with a circa 2038 system is going to be an masterpiece of hacks. Not to be disbarring but here a little prophecy of my own you show me a "working interface" between an Ibm 5100 and the current system of the era and I'll bow and buy the beer. Do you think serial and parallel ports are going to be there forever seriously..
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