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  1. Re: You all are a joke. I'm a T' traveler.


    Ok, we have quite a problem. The NASA experiment will happen late 2008. The so called civil war everyone is so static about, isn't REAL. There will be a war, bigger than the 2nd one. WWIII you would put it. I read all these posts. You all really have no trust. Well in 2008, that will end. This is when my species rose. In your history you have had several species of human: Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens, Homo neanderthalensis, Homo floresiensis. My race is called Homo genusurecsus. That is why I said: I cannot leave my place of residence. People would see what I look like and either beat me to death or run. Present day humans arenot able to handle a new species. My IP isn't what you think it is. Sure I'm in florida, I'll tell you that. But this IP is made up, untrackable. Track all you want, you will get some other person. I just want to be here when it happens, then I will go. Oh, by the way, your quantum physics is wrong. More about me: I'm 94 years old, I have another 200 to go. I like to eat your rice cakes and this pea soup. Milk turns me colors, mostly blue. I sleep 2 hours a day. I speak 500 langauges. My cerebral cortex is 20 percent larger than humans. I am six foot nine. I weight one hundred and nintey four pounds. I can breath underwater for a short time, 30 minutes or so. I graduated Yale in 2100 in biochemistry and temporal mechanics III. My real name is Sykler Ramuned. There are some things I can tell you, but some are not to be explained. I really hope we can live together and be friends.



  2. Re: You all are a joke. I'm a T' traveler.


    I donot mean to call everyone a joke, just the people saying they are T'travelers. Thats impossible being that I have the only one that exists. I did mean however to threaten, I can change history. Donot ask for proof, if I share anything of what you ask then it all ends.


    Recall, you are the right topic about NASA, Something will go wrong. My species has been around since the NASA event. Please understand by asking me to show proof or a picture, that will end it all. I can prove that I am real and from your future, but you cannot see it nor hear it. You all think time is a game. Time is like glass, if you knock it too hard it will break, but if you change something it too will change. So therefore, if you tell or show someone something from that time line, then it will corrupt the past timelines and shatter. I donot mean to offend people, but if I continue to get vulgar messeges, I will change a lot of your history. I will start with this internet. No internet will not be noticed. You know what, let me do some more research on time and maybe there is a way around it. I can tell you all everything or show you all the future. I have a rather large T'machine and I'll just say it's parked in orbit around the moon. I'll text back at a later time.



  3. Re: You all are a joke. I'm a T' traveler.


    Why is everybody so rude? NASA isn't going to have a "technical breakthrough", no something else.


    I am not a "fake T"traveler", If you were me, you'd do the same thing. I'm just trying to fit in.


    I do realize I cannot leave my place of residence, for I am a different species of human. Please I donot mean harm and I donot accept brutal comments. I can change it all, you know. You all will never even notice it. Some of you I know your decendants where I came from. So, I am real. It would be meaningless to anger someone like myself, especially since I have a T"machine.


    I just want friendship. I am not just on your text site, I am on what you call Yahoo! and MSN. I knew this would be a challenge for me, but I guess you people will just have to live with it.



  4. Re: You all are a joke. I'm a T' traveler.


    Why is it illegal to "hack" into someone's computer? Information is free right? I'm sorry but I am not used to a government. I did come from this country, but it had no government. But like I said before watch and listen to NASA, they will start it all and change everything.


    I'm not really sure if this timeline is right for me, I don't like governments. I did research and I didnot like what I've seen. I donot know much about this time, but it's very different.



  5. You all are a joke. I'm a T' traveler.


    I would like to say hello to all people. The future where I come has few survivors. I understand that this may be strange for me to be talking to you, but I have to. I cannot go back. Therefore this year of 2007 I shall call home. I came from the year 2137. I was lucky to survive everything.


    My only problem for you is I cannot tell you what is going to happen. That will cause a tear in the space time and everything will cease to exist.


    I've been to 2529 and there is nothing, no life...


    I can tell you one thing, watch this NASA organization in the near future, they will do something that will change everything. Yes I have a T"machine and it works. No I cannot send you an image of it, because that too will cause a rip. Please I'm just here to meet you people and learn more about this race of humans.



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