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  1. I had a future vision of the world nearly ending in 2101 due to the climax of World War 4. That is when America as we all know it today falls but so does every other country in the world by then. By about 2133 most of the Earth is relatively stable enough to be livable again. Humans are going to be glad robots evolved so much by then as they could go into areas that had little to no oxygen levels. Not to mention they figured out how to reinforce the earths broken Teutonic plates. If they do not do that the earth will break apart. So I get the fear of robots becoming self aware and going all terminator on us but that is not how it is going to happen. The funny thing is how much they will be a savior to us in just over 80 years from now.
  2. So are you saying part of your mind is 80 years into the future but physically you are still in the present day? Or that you are from 80 years into the future and you somehow transferred your consciousness into someone in the present day Traveler TV series style? Are you blocked from returning to the future?
  3. I think it is really important that we do not vaccinate against the common cold. As unpleasant as it can be we need to get that common cold every year at least once so that it boosts our immune system against nastier bugs and contagions.
  4. I would be installing windows 7 again too but I can't find my old windows 7 key. 150 dollars just for a OEM windows 7 Professional is a lot of money for me. Sucks to be poor. :(
  5. That is until one day Windows does a stealth update on you. I have read on reddit lots of stories of people waking up to Windows 10. I did the free update from 7 to 10 but now regret doing that horribly.
  6. I'm Australian and I watched the US Election here in Aussieland. It was full on intense. From what I can tell of Trump is he seems to enjoy being controversial and outrageous. So that is why I thought Trump will announce UFO disclosure. As he would be doing what other politicians were never able to do or were maybe threatened if they did. I think Trump might be wild enough to say to hell with it I am announcing it anyway. It's certainly going to be very interesting if he does do it. Be getting my popcorn and chocolate out for sure.
  7. I do not think the outgoing Obama Government will announce UFO Disclosure but I really wish that they would. Maybe Trump will?
  8. How can people who live outside the US listen to this? They usually region restrict anyone outside the US. I also found this January 2016 radio broadcast with a guy claiming to be the real John Titor. People here who are experts on John Titor or who are interested might want to listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxyTxdEy2UQ
  9. I think even if John Titor did exist the version of him in our present day earth is not him. He could grow up to become a marine biologist instead. The John Titor you are looking for lives in an alternate timeline and earth to ours. Or as he put it an alternate worldline.
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