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  1. Re: What can be real evidence of time travel happe Those words written in modern glyphs in ancient texts would convince me ;-)
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    sorry Ray, I should really take more time write my posts. The term for the r3 tensor was Matter, not mass. Still, at the time I assumed various "mass properites" were represented in the tensor so I dreamed that someday multiplying this new "matter" by a new representation for "velocity" would yield the right momentum for all particles, big and small.
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    From The Big Bang Theory TV Series, Season 1 Episode 1:
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    Darby, Yep, Ray pointed that out. So I should clarify that in the past, Ray described "mass" as a tensor of rank 3 instead of the convential rank 0. (... A 3x3x3 matrix). While I can't read tensor math, I had fun thinking for the first time ever about redefining something fundamental. I would have never done that on my own. The only experience that comes close, was when I saw the Matrix movie for the first time. *SPOILER ALERT* I never once thought we could all be in a computer simulation, and when I saw that scene where he escapes from his little pod and the camera zooms out to reveal the humans are all linked together in virtual reality I was like "whoooaaaaaa, thats an amazing idea!". And the first time Ray described a fundamental as a matrix instead of a lone scalar it was just like that. "whoooaaaaa! duuude!" I thought I'd finally be able to accept concepts like "massless particles" without suspending disbelief. Yes, I even hoped it be the beginning of a "single domain" era as other fundamentals were redefined with more ranks. Can't blame me for dreaming can you? Please have patience with Darby, I'm about to ask a question that might sound very silly. Why would we multiply "Position" against "Momentum"? Position of all things? Position relative to what?? Momentum is something that belongs to the paticle, it's mass times it's velocity. Except I've been told (by you and others) that position is meaningless without some point of reference. There is no absolute set of coordinates, so what gives with Q ?
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    Einstein2087, I think it's 2, it's gotta be. When you say "break down" I don't think it will be made untrue, it will be made much more accurate. So eventually, someday, we'll know what we need to do to accelerate "matter with mass" up to C, and everything we currently know will still hold true. RainmanTime once described "mass" as a tensor instead of a scalar. I don't care if that turned out to be true or not, or if Ray was the 1st to describe mass this way or not, it's DAMN fun to think about an abstract concept like that. I never would have thought of anything like that myself, and I feel I owe Ray an eternal debt of gratitude for taking the time to explain it to me. Making something a tensor instead of a scalar is the type of thinking that could make all the old rules still hold true and give us an understanding on how to get around all those boring nuisances when v=c.
  6. Ahh, that's what bugs me. And "nullification" of uncertainty is irrisistable to me for some reason :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laplace Even if the HUP was nullified it would still have to abide by the existing rules at some level ( I think..) so there's probably no mechanism to be discovered that will give us full determinism, but I'm drawn to the subject regardless. http://arxivblog.com/?p=762 They shoot a beam at a single photon detector, another entangled beam at a CCD. From this they are able to see a 2d image. They did that in '95. Now, they have reconstructed the 2nd beam virtually using math and they are able to see a 2d ghosted image of an object with only a SINGLE photon detector. Very nice. Now they gotta build a bigger one ;-)
  7. Darby! You've finally given me the ability to understand why position and momentum can't be measured together by using the term "focus". Now, I am left wondering about the difference between the observer effect and the H.U.P. edit: I should say it was a lot more than the word focus, I really appreciate you taking to the time explain it, but that was when the AHA moment struck and I understood why position and momentum were "linked". I've read that the observer effect is independed of the HUP, meaning that no matter what kind of rig you build, we are still going to end up with a random element when taking a measurement. Is what I've understood about the observer effect accurate? If so, it's this independence that will not let my curiosity rest...
  8. I don't like the uncertainty principle. Who's with me? Since I don't fully understand it (and I don't think I fail to comprehend the jist of it, I just don't know why it's happening..), I search the net for crazy untestable theories for why the U.P. exists. Psuedo random number generator - reality is one big function of time. That'd be fun :) Loss of precision - like when representing double presision and floats in most programming languages, there will be a loss of presion when you convert from a double to a float. So if information about position and momentum must be stored in a shared and fixed number of "bits", you would need more bits to store position when making a very accurate measurement and thus, you would loose precision when it came time to store momentum. A random value is chosen instead...? Early return - A realtime system: measuring position very precisely might take more time than the universe alots. Position and momentum share the allotment of "cpu" cycles avaible when taking a measurement so when you measure one very precisely, the other one ends up being a random value. Are there different methods of measuring position and momentum of small particles? Is the act of bouncing photons off one another the only method we know about?
  9. s19n

    Hulk SMASH

    Ed Norton's Hulk is AMAZING. He is such a good director. Thank GOD they made up for that last one. And there is really exciting scene at the end... I really hope Ed stays involved in the next ones.
  10. So I saw a demo (sorry lost the URL) and it doesn't look as impressive as the first literature. They showed a guy push an object with his mind (they claim all the calcs are based on EEG), they showed how it recognizes some facial movements (EMG?), and how it recognizes "frustration level". The gear they wear to find the patterns for "jump, push, etc" have a lot more surface contacts. All the processing is done on your machine's CPU so driver upgrades could include new emotions or actions it can detect. An api with an emulator is already available free for download. Games are going to be amazing when they start to support this.
  11. True but can you honestly say that being in a downtown core breathing that air all day is preferable to being out in a middle of nowhere in the country? Combustion engine has to go. I hate Al Gore's lies, his technique, and the fact that they both work. But I'll look the other way while he does his thing unless I'm invested in one of the companies that is going to loose money because burning oil goes out of style ;-)
  12. protons get pumped through the magnets tomorrow for the 1st time. It goes "live" on Sep 10th, but no collisions, just some test laps. http://info.web.cern.ch/Press/PressReleases/Releases2008/PR06.08E.html The event will be broadcast live http://webcast.cern.ch/
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    http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/customcounter.html?month=8&day=8&year=2008&hour=8am&min=8&sec=8&p0=188 Olympics! w00t!
  14. Re: Al Gore Has No Clothes! That's pretty big news. Greed will put an end to the scam eventually. As soon as producers realize how much money they can save in packaging costs when they finally convince consumers they are being selfish by not using refillable containers. And when the cost of PVC's scale to the point where large investors can get involved.
  15. Re: How is Al Gore's GREENING coming along? I wonder if cost scales so businesses could go into a housing community and setup a shared system? Would the system as a whole be cheaper if everyone shared the cost of the more expensive components?
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