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  1. Electrons can't travel faster than light fopr the simple reason that as a lepton (which an electron is) it's much much bigger than a photon and therefore has more friction. I'd say that the best way to travel at faster the speed of light is to accellerate a photon. This would mean it goes back in time.
  2. I have reason to believe that John Titor is alive and well right now, which you will find if you look up my post entitled "my predictions". Anyway, I have just made a discovery about John's position in CERN. John Titor allegedly said that he had come to 1975 to collect something for a computer. I have come to the conclusion, as I'm sure everyone knows, that John worked for CERN himself. I did some research on Wikipedia, and it said that in 1975 a man called JOHN Adams was the director of CERN, and as it is not disputed that "Titor" was not really his surname. John Titor was an alias, an alias to lead people away from his real identity, and I for one know that I'll be researching this "nuclear physicist".
  3. Actually I don't know anything about these. It's just what I read somewhere (don't ask where as I've forgotten) and some more information includes that John Titor stole this research, as I said, took it back in time (to 1975) and started gathering grants to build the Large Hadron Collider which uses the same principals worked out by this alleged girl. Also I noticed that the year 2011 seems to crop up a lot, and I don't see why. Also, I don't think this girl can be me as in 2011 I would only just have taken my A-Levels. I doubt that I'd have enough knowledge of science then to be able to do the things this girl supposedly will do.
  4. OK so I just wanted to put forward my "predictions" about the future, before we reach 2011. In 2010, The Conservatives will win the UK general elections, which were put off by Labour for as long as possible. In 2011 A man working for CERN will disappear off the face of the Earth. Soon after, a young adult female will also disappear. This girl will have a reputation as a brilliant nuclear/particle/quantum physicist. She will be prococious, headstrong and beautiful, yet as sharp as a knife and as good at analysing as the average doctoral psychology student. This young woman will have designed a nuclear power plant which is supposedly safe and without the risks of a meltdown. This design will contain details of storage area with a different room for every material, a huge generator to get the most possible electricity, and safe ways of disposing of nuclear waste as well as many other details. There will be plans to have this design fabricated in the future, but then the girl disappears before such plans can be executed. The UK will become overcrowded with immigrants in the near future and have to send them to the Asias instead of letting them in. A new nuclear bomb is created by a physics student in 2010/2011 and there are talks of the Russians building their own model for a war in the future. John Titor was lying when he said he was from 2036. He was in fact from 2011 and worked for CERN. He was just so determined to discover time-travel for himself that he stole the research of another person just to spite her.
  5. Lol that "m" was a typo sorry:) OK, I know that the LHC isn't going to work. Secretly, however, the particle physicists also know this, which is why they're designing the International Linear Collider (ILC) which will replace the LHC. However, I'm wondering what's the point of spending all this money when even if they are blatantly not going to send objects back in time. I mean, even if they COULD bring objects to this time from the future, they couldn't send objects further back in time than the "present" though. Maybe they could if they had my research though... OK so this is my prediction. There is going to be a great tragedy befall the LHC in the next several months, completely destroying it and rendering it worthless. A young girl, instead, will do some research and the LHC will be forgotten about as she's done the research. You see if my prediction's correct. Also, I would just like to say that the Conservatives will win the general elections in the UK in 2010 which Labour WILL put off for as long as possible.
  6. Hi, I'm sure some people here would have heard of the Large Hadron Collider by now. The LHC is a huge particle accellerator located near Geneva, underground on the French/Swiss border. A massive, international project, with 111 nations contributing and a budget of £3.5m, due to come online in May, certain Russian scientists claim that the hadrons they're colliding could potentially open up a wormhole and transport objects from the future to the present. Now I personally don't like the LHC. As far as I'm concerned, they stole my research, as I had calculated that all we'd need was a large particle accellerator to send objects back in the past years before I'd ever heard of the LHC. OK, so I know I'm only fourteen, but I think that no good could come out of this. Do you think the LHC could potentially become the world's first time machine?
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