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  1. the p the purpose is simple, for people themselves to find a confirmation for themselves that time travel exists and is real,for example. So it will be a confirmation they,other people will get,so if they get a confirmation,they may,for ex if they choose,come to this thread and say it was successful and describe what occurred.But it will have touched them first and foremost,that soul,in a profound manner. Touching the lives of those people who took the opportunity to have a confirmation. Beyond that I am not trying to convince anyone of anything,it is those people who will confirm or deny that anything occurred. :)
  2. Dave, thank you so so much for speaking your thoughts. It is so beautiful,and I hope thought-provoking not just to me. I am an optimist,in that I truly feel there are still many many people who appreciate and love love. To me personally,love and connection,affection,support and caring and bathing in each others happiness and joy is the meaning of existence as a human. The journey back towards Unity consciousness,not dualistic oppositional consciousness that has been the experiment of reality in this Universe until now(and will soon end and new experiments of consciousness will start) I do feel the restlessness in some people,it is that unexplained angst,they run like a mouse in a wheelhouse,scrambling to do and achieve as much as they can in their life,and yet what I feel is lost in the process is the love,is that which makes all the other things worth something to begin with. What I could tell some people is what Morpheus told Mr. Anderson in the Matrix ''The Matrix has you Neo'' But all will wake up,depending on what their souls soul plan was for this incarnation.Not all souls are born to ''wake up'' to love in these lifetimes, many are here to experience and get life lessons from a dualistic oppositional life. THat will ,ultimately,make them value and honor their own soul essence of love and light . They will know how it feels to not be in love and light, how it pains the soul and how horrendous it can be,how lonely it can be without love. So I honor the people who wan an experience in darkness,it is something my soul went through as well,and I am fortunate enough to be that aspect of my soul which realized while still in physicality the value of love and unity. I apologize to anyone on this forum for not showing enough love and compassion in any of my remarks,even if my intent was never such I still apologize for any potential upset my words may have triggered in people. Thank you for injecting so much love and something to truly ponder on Dave. Much love to you and everyone else. I am sorry for the offtopic post,but I wanted to adress the beauty of Daves post What a beautiful post,thank you very much. Thank you for the well wishes and I agree,my point exactly, who knows if it actually works if one doesn't even try. :)I commend you for being so kind and simply saying your own interest lies in interesting topics such as math,physics etc. What adds so much layers and beauty to life is that we are all unique and different and have different interests, all worthy and equal,yet unique and different. I too commend you for being such a bright spirit and do hope that you can find balance in your life to not fully discard spirit,but to perhaps consider finding a balance if possible for you. I too wish you,either way ,all the very best in your own journeyis of self-discovery and growth and development. I am sure you will also help many in your own ways. :)
  3. places not here ? not on Earth? on a different planet,civilization ? or still on Earth,the places I mean. and so you are saying they are not parallel versions of your ''name sirname'',but separate people,that are all connected to you. So that is the parallel lives(soem call them ''past lives'' that are currently all occurring at the same time in any given ''year'',be it 1753,1967,2012 etc) so concurrent in the sense that the soul is outside ''time'',time being an illusion and so you mean thus that all the parallel lives,the people your own soul was incarnated as at any given ''time'',that those are the people,the others me's you speak of ? Or do you mean they are all actually alive and breathing and walking on Earth in 2012 physically right now,albeit totally visually different people,different names and in essence different people,but all are incarnations of your own soul ? Or have they died by now(in your own perception of time in 2012),even though currently alive and well in their own timezone,be it whatever year for them ? These details are important to understand whether you are talking about parallel lives(past lives) your soul has lived as those people,or if you mean the soul aspect that has 9 version of itself incarnated separately during a 144year window of time,meaning that if these 9 versions of your current soul aspect that YOU are part of(being 1 of the versions of the total 9) were born in close proximity,for ex post-1920 onwards,then if none of them have died yet,then they are all still alive now at this time in 2012 and thus all 9 version(a maximum of 18 people if all of the versions incarnated as both the female energy form and the male energy form as well into physicality,usually only one energy form does,sometimes both,each 1 version being androgynous before separating into male energies and female energies,prior to incarnation),so even though it is unknown how many versions have actually been born of your soul aspect by now,maybe you are the first of the 9 that came into Earth life,(first in the sense of how 3D measures times) or maybe the last version to come in,the latest thus,thus some or many may have already completed their life and died and moved back to their soul. So depending on how many are alive now,if you are saying they are alive now,or if they already died within the last century for ex or if you are the first version of your total 9 of your soul aspect,then none have been born except you yet. Of course,perhaps there is the rare case of 2 soul aspects of the same soul being born in an overlapping time window, time window being 144 Earth years within which all 9 versions are born(they may all eb born within 50 years of each other too,or 100 years,or 40 years etc,144 is just the limit) and if they are overlapping,2 144-year windows,then it may be that different versions of 2 different soul aspects(of the same overall soul) may indeed live in the same year on Earth for a while. IF you however meant not your soul aspect versions,but your overall souls OTHER soul aspects that came to Earth in the distant past,few centuries or evne millennias ago,then those are that called ''past lives'',but they truly all occur concurrently as you said,for tiem is an illusion,only perceived as linear by 3d brains. So you actually want me to find out or meet the other people that belong to your soul aspect,or to your overall souls other souls aspects? That is not YOU anymore,but that is certainly a way to prove to you,but that would not be proving time travel,that would only prove that I met those people that you share a soul connection with,same soul,I would meet them in the heavnely realms,Celestria,5th dimensional etheric realms and then gather info and THEN come to say sept 2012 and relay this info to you on this forum,give you the names etc. But that is an experiment in proving the afterlife and more so that the soul has many different incarnations to it,sharing all the same soul to those people. That has little to do with proving time travel as such. Certainly an interesting thing,but a different experiment it would seem.
  4. Thank you so much for this post.It means a lot. I am humbled you chose to apologize, you were not obligated to do that,but since you did it shows your true colors,and I thank you for this. I too do not support when people are trying to make fools of another. I am with you on that. I am truly and earnestly conducting an experiment in what I feel truly will work. I may be ''delusional'' in some peoples eyes,and that is expected and fine, but I am not doing this to fool anyone.I sincerely believe(and know) I can do this in the way I described. Time will prove me correct or incorrect. I just hope none of ever assumes things about others or pre-supposes that the person does this for an alterior motive.I am aware some do it for kicks. I am honestly not,if anyone wants to speak to me on skype for ex,video call etc,then maybe one can further be assured I am genuine in my desires to conduct the experiment. I dont need to prove anything,that is true,I am jsut proposing this to those who are interested ,that is all. ''KerrTexas'' - the only difference for me,in relation to your question why does it matter what others say about you is this: It is low-vibrational dark dense energy freuqnecy,it permeates the person who it is directed at when that person reads it,by taking in that that energy vibration it lowers their own energy vibration,of that person,of that soul. And that is a daily occurrence many go through and don't mind being bombarded by dark dense energy vibrations. I am simply not going to allow myself to be bombarded by such. THe people themselves can attack me all they want, the issue I have is not an issue with them,but rather it is an issue for me because it infiltrates my own energy field. I am protecting my own energy field from not being lowered and that is why I am doing this for myself,the prospect of deleting the thread etc. Not because I dont want others to attack me. Others can attack me all they want,but I dont need to let those energies permeate my energy field. This is not just emotional body or mental body,this is the frequency waves of consciousness,dense low-vibrational ones(the accusation) intersecting into my energy field. The accusation of ''delusional'' is very mild one btw,that is not as much an issue for me actually. But unlike the many great mean and women of yesteryears, who had a need and inner obligation to themselves to push and push,despite the backlash...my situations in this thread differs because I was doing this out of free will,I am not obligated to do this.This is not the reason for my life,this thread or this topic,I do not need to push and propagate it at all cost. If I had that need,then I would endour all criticism of course.But I don't have this need and my own energy field and light beingness is more valuable than reading attacks towards me.Let people attack,but I wont be around to read it,so to speak. That hopefully explains why I had issue with the accusations. Not because I dont want them to accuse me,but because it effects my energy field,and I am not willing ot pay the price for just this experiment. I can conduct the experiment in other ways,off the forum too.This is not crucial for me to stay here. I just thought timetravelinstitute.com was a place where people would be open enough to give this experiment a go. It is nobodys fault that my energy field is bombarded, so were I to leave,it would be on my own accord,not because I am blaming someone or that my ego cant take criticism.In fact I have nothing against criticism of the topic or ideas i presented,but when people get personal,speak of me as a human being outside this forum,then I simply dont need this drama in my life. I hope I was able to make myself udnerstood.If not,I apologize again.
  5. The issue,as you can read from Sentients last post for example,the issue is not disagreement.I have no problem with disagreement.However what he did is attack the persona of a poster, claiming to know what I do or do not do outside this forum,what I do with my life,who I supposedly don't help,what he supposedly knows I will not do anyway. A lot of agressiveness,a lot of baseless assumptions. If such behavior is tolerated or even supported by the code of conduct of the forum,then I simply do not belong to such a forum. Disagreements are fine,one expresses oneself,says what he doesn't understand or doesn't believe about a particular concept and then that is that. Here however,the situation has been downgraded to petty remarks and accusations towards the persona outside the forum. There is no point in trying to make other people feel guilty for their own feelings that arise in themselves. Their reactions are their own,however when one chooses to blame another for their own dislikes and claim baseless things such as the notion from sentient that I am trying to be superior in something ?! I have never said so and never implied such personally either. I have only stated that I have a personal knowing that applies and works for me personally.Each person may have their own methods of doing things,that does not make them better or worse,just unique. And I have not even claimed that my method is only unique to me.I am just saying that I have a method that works for me and based on that I wanted to conduct a little harmless experiment with volunteers. I have conducted one experiment with bomberman. Now he himself sees me as delusional. He has now expressed his needs to tell me how he feels about me personally on a public forum just like sentient did,so I do not see what else they have to contribute to the threads topic itself. They are welcome to post stuff connected to the experiment itself,what this thread is about,or not. I woudlve assumed that one can see a difference between expressing ones opinion toawrds a concept ot topic...and a totally different think is attacking the person and claiming all these accusations about the person.Going as far as saying ''I know you wont'' etc. So the issue isnt remarks on the topic or method,the issue for me is the attacking of the persona,unwarranted accusations and claims of knowing who I am and what I do in my life. And you are very polite and kind about expressing this. I support you in the way you express this.I have no problem that you have a problem with my experiment. You are not attacking my persona,you simply have an issue with my experiment and that is justified for you to feel that way.Thank you for being kind about it. Could you possibly explain more ? I do not quite understand who the other ''me''s are that you are saying you personally know ? When you say ''elsewhere'',do you still mean in this same reality timeline you/I are sharing and in ? Or do you mean to say you know the alternate version of yourself from other parallel Universes ?Since the baby is born and given a name soon after,and once that person grows older and starts making different choises and decisions,or having a fork on the road so to speak,and few options to choose from,then if one is split between 2 or 3 or more options then there will be a split of that individual into parallel versions of self,each of whom will experience the choice and consequence of the different options one was faced with. In that sense, if you were split between divorcing and moving abroad,staying and not divorcing and not moving but marrying another woman...then if you were seriously not very sure at first what choise to make and had to dwell on it,then it may be that the soul chose to experience all 3 options,so one version went abroad,the other stayed,the third married another woman. But they all have the same name,your name,because it is simply a different version of the same person,of course an exception is if one option you took was to change your first or last name or both. But most versions have the same name of course. They are not different people with different names. There is the concept of soul aspect that splits itself into 9 versions ,which is at least 9 different incarnations(9 different people at least) ,which all are the same soul aspect, but this is an entirely different thing and not what you asked about I think. But if you feel to explain further what you mean by '' other me''s and that you know them somehow,then feel free to PM me,or if you want post in this thread,it is sort of a potential method to experiment with.But for now I dont quite understand what you meant exactly, extra clarification would help. And thank you for being kind.
  6. Bomberman, no offense taken, I have been called delusional,a crazy and a nutjob many times. All I can say to these people is that if they feel and believe differently,then fine, then simply do not listen to me,do not read what I write and do not spend any of your valuable time on me. As for thousands of ''me''s visiting this parallel Universe, that is again based on the idea of linear time and only one timeline of reality. Only way this can be done if I continue to visit the same parallel Universe timeline,over and over, appearing again and again after a short period before my last arrival. This can be done in that way,but why would I want to visit the same timeline and thus meet thousands of versions of myself over and over,who all had the same plan to visit this timeline again if I had not appeared there already,before they had a chance to leave and do it themselves again. Each visit would create a parallel branch. This is redundant to do so thousands of times in the same timeline. People just expect that the current timeline they are focused on is the only one that can be visited,but each visit creates a parallel timeline. That is mentioned in my OP too,those who do not believe this will not want to be part of the experiment anyway. I even,on page 1, mentioned over a week ago that if nobody would volunteer,then I would delete the thread...and then volunteers came forward. I am going to say the same, if there are no volunteers in the next 11 days for ex,then it will be obvious that nobody wants to participate and I will delete the thread. I wouldve done so already as I said on page 1, because there were only attacks and no volunteers.Now it is the same,attacking and no volunteers. I am fine with no volunteers,however attacks towards me is negative low-vibrational energy and I am not going to allow myself to be bombarded by it. 11(edit sept 11- 14 days!) in 4 days) days, if nobody shows interest in volunteering,then I will delete this thread and you can all calm down again because this delusional nut ,or hoaxer,or whatever else I may be labeled will be gone.
  7. Incorrect on all accounts,I have not attended any courses,have not done any rituals,have not read any books on this topic. My only source of confirmation is my soul. Don't believe the answer? Fine with me,none of my concern what you choose to believe or not.What I dont understand is why you insist on furthering your agenda,whatever it is,in this specific thread ? I have never said or even hinted or implied at being superior,you on the other hand did do so,proof of this is your claim '' you cannot achieve this'' This is a statement of superiority of knowledge that Ive ever seen one. Also, the ultimate proof is when there will be 2 people,looking the exact same way,the past and future/present self both being able to shake hands and exist in the same space,seen by all. If you are saying you have done so,then it should be no problem for you to have a skype call with me or visit me with your past self together. 2 identical people,one of whom is a time-traveller. Do that and then you will prove this. Your assumptions of superiority,claiming you know my types etc only reveals things about your own personality. I have said numerous times, if you do not believe in parallel Universes then why continue to derail this thread by claiming I am incorrect and cannot achieve this. Your prior post at least had substance,you gave your beliefs of 156 parallel Universes and a time map,things you feel are needed to time travel and not get lost etc. But this post I am replying to is just about further criticism and guessing and assuming games towards my persona. You make so many baseless assumptions,claiming you know whether I meet people outside or not,whether I help them or not. How exactly do you know what I do or don't do during my days ? So much judgment,assuming and anger I sense. This is just my sensing,each has ones own sensing on it. You can smell whatever you want to smell, this is none of my concern. If you dont want to be part of the experiment,then don't. Nobody is forcing you to believe a single word,and I certainly am not holding you here. My suggestion is to not claim superiority in knowledge and to only speak for yourself ,because each experience and/or belief only applies to the person him/herself. To attack the person, claiming to know what I do or don't do,who I help or don't help or why I will help or won't help seems to me,imho, like a need to project your frustration towards my persona beyond the forum thread and the topic discussed.
  8. Then you can't grasp what multidimensional reality truly means,or rather parallel Universes. In a parallel Universe you were already visited by me. In this one,as time proved,you were not. Now you are a bit cynical it seems,because you ended up being not the one visited. I warned you of this being a potential result from the get-go. I also warned everyone In my OP(original post) So if people pick and choose what to read,skipping the parts where I say that not all parallel versions of self will be visited,if they ignore that heads up,then it is their choice, they don't want to understand parallel realities,multidimensional reality. They just see it as one timeline, time being linear. So when you say ''too good to be true,you know it'' - You know what I know? I know it is not to good to be true,in fact it is very doable and realistic. If this is not realistic for you,if you have become jaded due to not being the version who got visited,even though I warned you several times of this,then that is not my fault either. So if it is ridiculous to you,then why are you still posting ? Just a question,I am curious. If you see this as some hoax,then why not leave it be ? See,the thing is,my OP gives all the info one needs,with some valid questions further asked and I already replied to them. If people see it as ridiculous,then this thread is not for them. I might be wrong,but I think you are just a wee bit bittered now that you were not visited IN THIS timeline,this version of you.You knew that risk! You lost nothing,but you may have gained some potential insight.
  9. a yes, transient,the scientific mind ?the one who implies to have superiority of knowledge over what others can or cannot do,what other know or don't know. There is no need to debate this,for if one chooses to limit oneself as I see it, and say things like there is only 156 parallel Universes,while I have inner knowing from my soul that there are trillions etc of them,some similar,some more different etc,and this is just the 3rd dimension alone.In fact, there are people who have much more parallel selves than 156.So whatever your source of info is,it is definitely not my source of info,which is my soul connection. So there is nothing here to discuss for either of us with each other.I simply have different confirmation and info on all of this. You claim humanity is nowhere near that level,or reaching that level yet.Fine,that is your truth then. And I happen to know for myself that the time is sooner than you think,and the majority will not yet reach that level yes ,but many millions will. You may be surprised at how soon this will be if you are one of them,and you might as well be,who knows. The ultimate thing that each will find out sooner or later in ones infinite existence is that imagination creates everything and each is a creator of all facets of ones reality. If I went further into some information from my soul,it would be drifting even more offtopic here. I thank you for your concern,but I am consciously knowing what I am doing. I know myself enough to know that I have a direction,focus,center and ability to succesfully do what I described. Not by your proposed method of a time map. In fact,I have my own time map that I have created,one that takes care of all the ''problems'' that so many think exist. Perhaps for them they do,perhaps not,but I have solved all problems when it comes to ''not getting lost'' and actually being successful. Bottom line is, this thread was not started as a conversation on ''how to time travel'' I have my own method to do this. This thread is about those who want to be part of this specific experiment to speak up and propose ways for me to prove that this experiment was successful.So far I have gotten some posts with valid questions and some posts just people trying to argue or discredit or whatever their agenda is. So transient,you have your own truth it seems,your mind is made up on these matters.In your eyes my experiment cant work. Well,obviously you are not me, you don't know how much I know or what I can or cannot achieve. Methods of dissuasion are lost on someone like me,who has inner confirmation from my own soul that I can do this indeed,successfully,most of the time travelling is done in the 4th dimension,but the consciousness of a 5D level or above makes it doable in a much more smooth seamless manner. You can term it however you want, that doesn't change the point. You can call it timephasing or however else. Underlying point of my experiment remains unchanged.
  10. If this is fiction for you,if you think I am talking of unreal things,then why be interested? In my own inner knowing I know this is real and possible and that which science thinks is an issue is no issue.they simply limit themselves,put themselves and reality in a box. Truth is that imagination is the limit once in 5d consciousness. The YOU who will know of the visit is the one I will visit, during the moment of visitation there will be a split into 2 versions of self for that person,in 2 different Universes.Its as simple as that,when it comes to the nutshell answer. All the history and memories you had up until that moment of visitation,both versions of you(one not visited,another visited) will carry on with the same memories and experiences that formed you,up until that point when the split occurred. Your questions has no meaning in a multidimensional reality. You will,and you will not be visited. This seems like a paradox,but it isnt,because each choise or event creates a different version of self,if the event or choise is subtle,like drinking tea or coffee,and in one reality you choose tea,in another coffee...but then after that is done,the 2 versions blend back into one,because after that tea/coffee difference,there is really not much else different,so that is not really 2 versions longterm. However if one becomes a millionaire and wastes his life,the other goes on to become a scientist or monk,those are definitely 2 different versions of self,long-term. That will lead to more different choises for each of those,which will split into new versions,then those may have different decisions they will be faced with,and the split will occur again etc. How long can I keep myself in this form? physical form? infinitely if I wanted to,but I sure won't lol. And there is no ''original body''. I think I know where the confusion came in. I said ''original timeline'' - this is for SIMPLICITYS sake that which I have termed the timeline of events that THIS FOCUS SELF OF ME, the ''me'' me here has lived through,how I remember it going. A body is just energy,there is no ''original'',all timelines are equally original to the focus personality of that timeline. There is no paradox,even if each Valeri was able to time travel,because by doing so they would simply always create new timelines,even if I chose to time travel back into a specific timeline I had already time traveled to prior,I would simply create yet another timeline,where there would be 3 Valeris in the same room for ex. 2 of them would be time-travellers,1 not(the one who got visited by the first time-travelling version of me,IN THAT specific 1 timeline) I became aware of being able to do this eventually a few years ago,more firmly about 4-5 years ago,it came as a dawning,a waking up process. The current focus version of me, meaning ME typing this,I have not traveled before.If I had it would be unlikely I would be conducting an experiment then. Consciousness is not a thing,it is not an object,it is not something that is a ''1 piece'',consciousness is expansive,all-consuming and limitless, the soul consciousness can occupy as many bodies as it wants,even simultaneously. Usually it is not of interest for those who can actually do so,they have more meaningful things to do. I will certainly at least once try the good old traveling into the same timeline hundreds of times until there's hundreds of Valeris in the same place. Unless I will lose my interest to do so by that point. Astral travel is only part of the process,once one steps into the physical realm,out of the astral realm,then it is no longer astral travel,but actual physical time travel so to speak. 4th dimension (just a term to represent a consciousness frequency range) is the foundation and source of the lower 3 dimensions,including the current 3rd dimension we are living in,a dense consciousness frequency,energetically very dense. So really 3rd is just a reflection of the 4th, that is the source of the creation for the 3rd dimension. That is where the concepts of time and space are built/created as we have come to know them in 3D here.of course the 5th dimension is above the 4th and therefore it was created by the 5th dimensional consciousness,and so on. All that the numbers represent is different levels of consciousness,which changes everything once one vibrates at a different energetic frequency. As for womrholes,there are wormholes one can create himself,which is simply a portal between parallel Universes as well as between dimensions,dimensional wormholes,portal,vortexes. Each has an inner portal,the 3rd eye is the activator of it,through it ,through ones own inner portal one can enter into other dimensions. There are of course external wormholes/black holes/vortexes as well. I think most of you don't want to hear this ''mumbo-jumbo'' so maybe this is water under the bridge anyway.
  11. Never was the intent to begin with, even though wide range confirmation can be achieved as well with the same principle. This is only an experiment for those few volunteers who are interested,not intended for the masses.THe masses do not believe in such and therefore deny it and will not partake most likely. And as you said ''that IS the problem.''That is the problem for you perhaps, definitely not a problem for me and that is all that matters in my reality.You may see many problems,but I don't,therefore these are not my problems.
  12. Rainman time, what Darby is pointing out is due to his misinterpretation of what I have written. Connection to ones soul essence was never a qualifier,it is simply a sure-bet method of being open-minded, but not the only one. Anything further to discuss on this is redundant,because it stems from misunderstanding what my thread is even about. My reply/repetition of the ''connection to heart'' was in reply to darbys need to comment on that which he interpreted as ''touchy feely''. This in itself is no qualifier, only qualifier is if a person is open-minded enough to give this experiment a try,or not.That is the bottom line. If one doesn't believe it then it's not for him/her.Simple as that. I have given sufficient explanation now and any further discussion on this issue is redundant,because that is not even the point of this thread and not any sort of basis for this experiment either. To give an analogy, it is like I am trying to conduct an experiment on gravity,but I mention that when one eats chocolate during the experiment,then it will help lol. But eating or not eating chocolate during the experiment does not effect the results of the experiment itself. One is flavor and taste buds,the other is gravity. So eating chocolate as an anology,is ''connection to soul essence'',it has no effect on this specific experiment or its results either. SKarpz - We have already talked privately on the potential details,so if you want to try it out,then contact me there further please.
  13. Like I said,these are not qualifiers,this was in response to your ''touchy feely'' comment that you chose to comment on about the ''connection to the heart'' This is just one way of approaching it.As it is clear to everyone,my words speak for themselves in all my posts,that the only qualifier is open-mindedness. So there is a qualifier as I have repeated it, even though you claim there is none.Open-mindedness is that qualifier. Whether one thinks he has connection to source or not is not a qualifier,that was a direct response to your own comments of ''touchy feely'' that you had a need to post. Obviously,you are uncomfortable with this notion,so skip it,ignore it. Why comment on it? It is not qualifier,it is simply one method of being open-minded as given in my OP, not the only method to be open-minded obviously. ''Rainman time'', what Darby is pointing out is due to his misinterpretation of what I have written. Connection to ones soul essence was never a qualifier,it is simply a sure-bet method of being open-minded, but not the only one. Anything further to discuss on this is redundant,because it stems from misunderstanding what my thread is even about. My reply/repetition of the ''connection to heart'' was in reply to darbys need to comment on that which he interpreted as ''touchy feely''. This in itself is no qualifier, only qualifier is if a person is open-minded enough to give this experiment a try,or not.That is the bottom line. If one doesn't believe it then it's not for him/her.Simple as that. I have given sufficient explanation now and any further discussion on this issue is redundant,because that is not even the point of this thread and not any sort of basis for this experiment either. To give an analogy, it is like I am trying to conduct an experiment on gravity,but I mention that when one eats chocolate during the experiment,then it will help lol. But eating or not eating chocolate during the experiment does not effect the results of the experiment itself. One is flavor and taste buds,the other is gravity. So eating chocolate as an analogy,is ''connection to soul essence'',it has no effect on this specific experiment or its results either. SKarpz - We have already talked privately on the potential details,so if you want to try it out,then contact me there further please. Kerr Texas - If it were to go the way you describe it,then yes,correct. But perhaps to try and make it more clear it is like there is a river and up until say august 31 2012 the river of time was unchanged,so all events that happened until then,all posts and replies in this forum that happened up until then would be created and remembered by all participants on BOTH future timelines, but then once my future self returns to aug 31 2012 for ex(random date here),just by coming back,materializing,especially when he further is able to confirm he is the future version of me(the one typing now),then that is when the river is split into 2 separate independent rivers. BOTH worlds/parallel universes/timelines and thus different versions of all the people involved will remember history in the same way up until aug 31. Both the version of the person who did not get a confirmation and the version of the same person who(in the parallel timeline) did get a confirmation,will both recall this post that I am typing right now, for example. For the version of the person who will not get the confirmation it means what you said yes,that he/she was not the version visited. However, at the same time,the chances of it being your focus version of YOU being visited are equally likely. All versions are the ''here'' and ''now'' versions, those versions of you are no less real than you are to them. To them, if my future self tells you(for ex) that you were disappointed or even frustrated with him because in his(future selves') original timeline no such visit occurred, then your parallel version(who was visited by him and told this) would probably say ''well, all that matters is that I AM visited,I AM the real me'' So each version is equally real,and in the ''here and now'' Time is an illusory phenomenon,it does not exist as people perceive it to be,beyond the 4th dimension. In our current dimensional reality, our brain is programmed and built to experience time in a linear fashion,where seemingly all experiences that occurred have ceased to exist,an only memories remain. So people think that none of it can be re-visited in a physical direct manner. But since time is an illusion,and everything that ever was,is and will be occurs in the eternal moment of now, then the whole concept of linear time would be thrown out the window. And obviously very few are willing to do this,much like nobody was initially willing to accept that the Earth was not flat after all. But I am not here to zealously prove anything to those who are not open to the consideration of such.I am only proposing a chance to do this experiment for those who want to. Jean Blanchette - Thanks for the good advice. I have taken that into consideration though,but still,I appreciate the advice. :) Deigide - Once one is able to do it,it will be achievable. How can I tell if I am in the correct timeline? Well, I will be an observer before I actually manifest and affect the reality I observe.I will observe my ''past self''(the one typing now) for ex,and along with my memory of my own life I experienced,I would clearly see how my life was lived out in its original form.However once I go beyond the unsensed spirit observer and enter physicality,then I will create a new timeline.Before entering though,I will ''save'' and ''pause'', if you will, the original unchanged timeline I was observing,so that I can later,once done playing in the changed timeline,I can then de-materialize again and ''travel back'' to the moment I ''paused'' the original timeline,and then continue to observe it,how it would have continued without me appearing.That method also allows for countless travels and entering the ''original'' timeline in different moments. I would not manifest my astral body,but rather materialize an actual physical body(condensed energy/atoms etc)and then enter that physical body automatically once it is materialized. It is more like materializing a physical body around my light/astral body that I was occupying prior to physical materialization,rather than having the need to step into it. Imagination is the limit so to speak. It will take a tiny bit of practice,but that will be sorted out rather quickly. But I doubt many are interested in what I wrote, they just want ''results'' and ''proof''. And that is why I am offering to be part of any experiments they think of to prove this. Only those interested obviously. I know most are not.
  14. Futureline, you are referring to a mechanical device to be used to time travel,like you have probably read in books or seen in films. My method will not need any device or machine like that,just pure consciousness energy manifestation,but this is not acceptable to many,therefore I don't expect everyone to give this a chance. CatCarel, you're right,but then there are those who are fence sitters,in between, the ''believe it when I see it'' mentality folk,who are willing to believe it if they have proof so to speak,and that is what I proposed to those interested. Deigide, not quite, because I intend to materialize a body from pure energy,therefore in that timeline/parallel Universe,there will be 2 of ''Valeri'' present,both in bodies that look the same(since I will materialize a body that looks just like the one I had in that month/year etc) So this is beyond astral time travel,this includes physical manifestation,but the movement through time would be not within the 3rd dimension,but 4th and 5th,and once located the neccessary ''time and place'' I want to manifest in(within this original timeline I am living through right now,creating ''history'' presently for my future self to visit) Darby,as you can see from your quoting of me, I put OR in there,thus creating many ''qualifiers'' as you said. The only qualifier for this is obvious : open-mindedness.If someone says ''maybe it can be done'' then that is open-minded also. That which you refer to as ''touchy feely'' has nothing to do with emotions mind you, it is the inherent connection to essence rather,to what you and everyone else is fused by. Your atoms are not pieces of matter with no source of consciousness,but this is going off on a tangent. You are clearly here to discuss some other issues, which like I said, if you don't want to participate in this threads experiments or ask further questions about it,then why bother posting?
  15. Pretty much the notion yes bombarman,that along with time travel comes the freedom to choose the locality,or at least I can ''in spirit'',much like a ghost occupies the 4th dimensional astral layer around Earths physical 3D level, same way I can move myself to your city,from there I find it easier for me to materialize in an alley somewhere(or wherever), and then just grab a cab to take me to your home adress for ex. Easier than searching for the adress on my own,without knowing where it is exactly(unless I download knowledge from the akashic records,which is another story at this point though) But if you would give an adress,I could then arrange such yes.But how would that confirm to you,if I arrived and you met me ? Maybe you'd think I traveled from Estonia?(so my question is,how would you check me still ?or ex how would you check that I have a past self,who started this thread and spoke to you online here and is currently in Estonia(that would be me) ) We could also agree on a time ,say around 12pm,or 6pm or whatever would suit you best. Along with a date of course etc. If you want to give me a date,time,adress etc,then you could do so by privately sending it to me here on the forum,I would read it,perhaps exchange a few more messages with you,so we agree on the time etc,and then when that is agreed upon,then I will verbally(as well as typing to you via PM,so my future self will SEE THIS HAPPEN,since he observes me at all times(undetected...that is how I plan to do it),so me verbally giving him these instructions is a formality,but I like to use it as double-confirmation, to go along with the info he already has,like time,date,adress from my computer screen that he saw me type in etc. But feel free to send me a message.What you described,me visiting you,can be done yes. Was the transponder question to me?
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