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  1. i agree with you man,why Peter always speak for Zeshua?,may we think he created this zeshua character all by himself?, i don't know,all i know is this threads are a little boring O_o O_o O_o O_o
  2. i would just say that to believe we need more evidence,and by that i mean pictures,gadgets,video,something phisical you brought with you supossedly from the future,that's all i have to tell you man,i only dare you to post a picture from something from the future,therefore you will have all my trust in you:).take care and thanks! :)
  3. I just don't understand how this kind of imposters or hoaxers always get a lot of attention,gee, i am here sitting wondering and thinking very deeply how they achieve thier goal so quick by messing a little bit with our intelect,My Goodness!,can please someone explain how this man/woman suddenly reach 7 pages long so far?,I hopw someday we have a 100% real Time Traveler here in this forum like Titor was(i still have a lot of doubts in my mind about his story anyway) a few years ago.At least he created a lot on controversy on the net instead of boring our minds and messing with our patience,sorry but i ask you all to be more careful next time you want to believe in TTers.God bless America for being such a wonderful country,:),ta-ta ya'll :)
  4. My God Peter accept it for once in your life that you are indeed this Zeshua Character and that it only came from ur mind,for Jebus just be honest and confess that you created Zeshua,sorry but that is my point of view,bye O_o
  5. Re: 'Time Traveler' from 2105 Mr.Darby said it all,please next time try to be at least more convincing,bye O_o
  6. whoa so boring,sorry,next faker please O_o O_o O_o O_o
  7. of course he is a hoax,he is very known in the underworld as Peter Novak sister or Peter Novak himself,hope i could help ya more but hey fakers do not deserve be commented by me nor anyone here,anyway those are my thoughts about the fictional charachter named "Zeshua",take care bro :)
  8. hahaha,so what's next mars or uranus flu?,come on guys! :)hehehehe :)
  9. Re: What could be brought back as proof of time tr pictures and videos,that will be engough in my opinion to creat some kind of authencity to any time traveler
  10. Re: �икола isn't that what LHC is trying to achieve right now?
  11. hahaha good one Ray,obviously this guy is another long fake Tter poser shamefully :(
  12. Re: Reactor's Paranoid Assumptions sorry Ray but i find this thread has no sense whatsoever of being here because it fills this forum with trash,again sorry but that is what i feel!
  13. hahahaha, sorry Ray but i cannot stop laughing right now :)
  14. hahahh finally you guys made me laugh a lot,hahahaha,thanks :) :) :):)
  15. Ray my dear brother,now you must understand why i keep getting frustated and tend to explode in bad attitudes sometimes,don't ya?,i feel like wasting my time going through different posts here,we need substance and intelligence people,please,my goodness!!!! :mad:
  16. joelos1111


    sorry brother i had a bad day that "day" specially,"work issues",and yeah i know i acted in a very unrational and stupid way,my excuses to you Mr Wolf and also to Mr Ray whom i respect so much as well as Darby here,i am very aware of what i did and now i feel very bad and very shame :(,anyhow i hope you can forgive me anytime soon,take care brother wolf and trust me i promess it will never happen again never ever all over this forums ok? :),thanks for reading me!!!!
  17. Thanks ray i do understand why you are scolding me,do not worry about it,i am very aware of my previous posts,but hey brother i just think we need some more serious threads over here because as far as i can see day by day on timetravelinstitute is a bunch of annoying Tters fakers or Tters spammers or Tters trolls whom only come post 1,2,3 o 4 times and then just dissapeared with the wind.I don't mean to be rough but hey that is only my humble opinion,i need substance in my daily basis so therefore i can have a very happy and interesting life every single day,well i hope we might get some real "action" in the near future,:) :)
  18. zeshua is the biggest hoax i had ever witnessed here since Titor leave in 2001.He failed both to ray's and my challenge too,he is just another fraud mostly believed to be perpetrated by Mr Peter Novak,end of story to me o_O o_O o_O o_O
  19. Re: Heading to NASECI ? what a waste,gee man!!!! :)
  20. Re: In Honor of Zeshua's Passing... someone should close this
  21. joelos1111


    man go away please,stop asing such questions,Gee for Christ sakes!!!! :mad:
  22. joelos1111


    someone close this s€#t please!!!! :) :) :) :),as ray says,do not feed trolls
  23. another boring thread to me ,i'd rather go away and take a huge peaceful nap,ta-ta.bye!!!! :) o_O
  24. john titor fake or not,his legacy will prevail forever,he just change all the way we look and think nowadays about Science stuff,he even owns a wikipedia page for himself,hahaha,come on guys,let's be honest this guy was very smart whomever he might be!!!! :) :) :) :) O_o O_o O_o O_o
  25. smells like trolls inhere,don't ya think so? :) :) :) :)
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