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  1. If everyone will remember with me... it it was my wife’s passing that I left here. its been 10 years ,Jan 25.2009 KerrTexas was a solid support at the time and I will always remember him for it. also like to say hi to Einstein and HDRKid (lol) Paula was receiving a regular bashing daily,back then, and I see the tradition continues. I did get to speak to her quite a lot back then and have missed our conversation.
  2. You can always GREP through the text files and see if any of the header info(or dates) pop up. —————- I'm truly not as fascinated with the entire TITOR story line than I was with the science behind it all. if it wasn’t for RMT and Darby I never would have ever been able to wrap my mind about it.
  3. In all honesty that falls under the very definition of hearsay Cosmo. BUT AND A VERY LARGE BUT.... MOPs old software DID SHOW THE IP OF EVERY POSTER, if everyone recalls. if that was an upgrade after the fact of JT posting(I think it was) then we fall back to......hearsay.
  4. Two things Darby. 1) The way RMT described it to me, the singularities were placed side by side in the device. the interaction between the two created the “field” TITOR claims to have used to “travel” I just did not want it mistaken that somehow he traversed down one of the singularities itself. 2 Why did you choose not to respond to Cosmo statement about Titors IP being traced to Celebration High School? I personally had never heard it mentioned out of MOP, or anybody else.
  5. I’m also still not dead. 2 year checkin. hi Kerrtexas,RMT, Paula,ruthless..... ? see ya moved to a new addy Cosmo,almost got disappointed we lost another forum. BUT I see everything’s ok. say hi to Darby if he didn’t drop dead on us.
  6. Havent seen this in a while, the Register reporting that up to 30k british are imfected and up to 1000 likely to die. Dormant prions are showing up and many are infected, can transmit through blood transfusions. Mad cow infected blood 'to kill 1,000’ - Telegraph We dont really have a "news section" so I am dropping it here.
  7. (I couldnt get the video to load last night) Now after watching it , I see that in fact it is all cherry picking of results. Although , as has been shown before , that many of jhons responses were repetitive. That being so, assumption could be made , that maybe the story was meant to be kept within a specific "story guidline" and would also result in the inability of any qualitative means testing, or at least increase the error/hit rate. Which by the way, couldnt specifically be measured if the "positive hits" actually imcluded errors, or to what rate of error. Having many false positives because the same portion of the story was repeated over and over, word for word. As far as a base text to measure from, you did the right thing darby removing Pamelas text from the control group. And hello again.
  8. Barring a complete list of " every word ever written by" and only being able to work with a small sample, it seems to me that the source you are comparing the sample to is what is important. The "compiled reference material" would be the " hallmark" that any sample is tested by. Isnt a list of that caliber usually decided upon by peer review? How to aquire a haber complete" set ", that would be difficult to say the least.
  9. I enjoyed it RMT. Whats rolfing? And Hi , after so long. (Hi everyone, you know who you are)
  10. I assume that makes a Chinese law a physical constant, hypothetically.
  11. Kanigo2

    Hi folks

    Sorry for the wait, many suicide attempts and visits to the crazy house left me drugged, still bothered and pretty incapable of coherent thought. Doesn't mean I forgot you all. I simply was and still am incapable of dealing with the loss of my wife. Death effects people differently....as I have come to find out. I see many of you are still posting, and in fact messaging me while I was gone. I apologize for the time away. Did we loose RMT while I was gone? I know Pam took a hiatus. Ruthless was of course always there. And I see HDR got his own site (thank god) There are so many more that tried to support me when It happened. Kerr... Darby... I worked for three years, but was unable to take the drugs that my psych said to take, because I was doing the crane work, dangerous and unstable is what I became, good money, bad for me. I saw that Mad cow disease came back in the NEWS....which reminded me of you all. As silly as that sounds...:) Of course the Olympics again...:) amongst other things. As for myself I am doing better than I have for a number of years,would you all believe, that my house STILL has not been foreclosed on, nor has the case with Anna's death been decided. That happens January NEXT year. FOUR YEARS, from the time she was hit. I really have no-one else to speak to of these things on the net, so regardless of who remembers me, I decided to post my feelings and observations and trials and tribulations here. I know I wouldn't be forgotten or run off here. I felt comfortable and learned many things here I would not have learned anywhere else,Thank you RMT. Now that I have time off I will try to get back with you all and hope my frame of mind keeps me a little more controlled, It has been one hell of a journey. My son gets married tomorrow, which is probably the best thing to happen to me in the last three and a half years,I have tux and ready to get on with things, I think. Had three different relationships, which all fell apart, longest lasting a year and a half. Its just not the same, I think many of you would understand. None the less I will probably be stopping by more often, remember though, I was online when she died. I have tried once or twice to come back but it was simply too painful. I think I have it all "compartmentalized" as it were. Time to reopen my mind and get back to where my interests carried me... Lets see how it goes. Greg.
  12. To hear tell R.. "Its all about the children"... which ,I took offense at,, at first... not important now. You do rememeber me right? My wife Anna got ran over by an F150... I thought ya would rememeber....if prompted.
  13. It CAN TURN THE OPPOSITE WAY oPIE... and that person can walk into traffic. (you have NO ,Idea, how much that hurts to say,, but a few people do,,, and thats one of the reasons, that I find it SO hard to come back, into this forum....and I think ya all , understand why, the "what ifs" simply KILL me inside.'.. But , I am gunna try.
  14. kinda,misplaced,, and fractured.. I cant decide if we are talking about sex or aliens.:) or some weird D&D..orgaSMATHON. Which is ok with me.. i think I am only mad I didn get to finish...:)
  15. Ruthless, its been a rough year for many of us. I have a VERY hard time coming back to this forum,, as much as I love this place. The memories are sometimes overwhelming. for reasons, I care not to discuss. Its just what it is,, .. I dont think, that its that that important to say sorry,, at least where I stand, but I understand saying it. Such is life.
  16. Not to interrupt,, but to get back to the post,, I am of the opinion, that any expansion.. has its own "time code".. In effect,, there can be a 'wave theory' inside a larger system. In fact, i would refer to it as a compression. Of time. this would be the simple,, an economic way, under the current "manifestation of time...as we understand it.." --------------------------------> There is simply no way , to collapse, the current, 'timeframe' into a less cohesive structure. Time will bend.. if everything---has less pressure. Its the "flip side" to the coin. But it cannot be done...without an absence of time. AND I DON'T BELIEVE...that manufacturing one...out of thin air,, inside the current timeframe,, even using.. the current prescribed ideologies, or mathematics, will work. without a complete absence of time..or pressure.. IN this universe... we will never see any form of time travel. I don't know the hows or whys... but I have sat on this for a while... and considered the mechanics of it. no "opening of a dimensional wall will allow it." Its not :just a distance thing"...and it where we fail.--I am of the opinion, that even using the scale..in this aspect...is a detriment. Real, Honest time travel...and positional control? also? Is way beyond anything,, that I have seen considered. but I would welcome a link. collaspsing time itself,, but not doing it, by sheer force. but by, collapsing the energy in upon itself. and manufacturing a technique to do that very thing...is almost beyond reason.
  17. Re: Kerr's Corner - Thought's and Comments sorry to have been away so long. and I think I understand Pam... completely. and by the way,, sorry.. I was a world wind tour,,,, what I mean by that,, is that I simply cannot believe some of the things ,i have seen over the net. Even I am surprised by the sheer rashness and abuse. I don't even know what I was doing. Its just a small thing,, for such a loss. --This place reminded me.. of something I simply didn't want to look at anymore.. and I think everyone can understand that.
  18. Re: Recall's Conspiracy Theory Mess with the owner or sysadmins girl...Especially if "things aren't going quite well, in their relationship" and they will find the time Kerr. It does happen--but maybe not here. There are scenario's-that would present an opportunity-that go well beyond just that tools a mod or admin- can use readily. A simple log in to another persons account--can get you most of what you need. In the "above scenario"- in most cases- the owner or sysadmin would have access- to the log in information.-Or- could be acquired by other means if they know each other personally. The whole question comes down to trust-and the quality of the character of the people you decide to communicate with.-In any scenario. If Recall, has the werewithall- to make a statement- in that manner, I suggest that. -he prabably has reason to believe- -he is being manipulative to get an answer. -he has seen or heard of it done elsewhere. -he is testing the waters-phishing There are a hundred- different reasons why- that he may say these things. But it also counts to the quality of his character- both good or bad-depending on the audience. ---------------Depending on the audience,the quality of their character, and the level of trust--------------------
  19. to Cyndy.. you cant warn them-- they wont listen. and.. most importantly--you will forgot what you already know.. because your cause will become confused.. and subject to this reality we live in...but go ahead and try. and only then will you understand the wisdom. In what I am saying.. "your having a hard time convincing yourself...", "much less other people". maybe its something they see in you.. --------------------------> but anyway.. on to charlie...hi charlie!
  20. Re: Summer 09: The failure of the international money The best way to get HDR.. is make your own predictions.. for example--I say GM declares bankrupcy.. within 2 weeks prior to 2 weeks after the quarters ends.. a one month window.. see I dont have to be right... because I am falible.. but what if I am right? did I call it first? hehehehehe more fuel on the fire... hi everyone.
  21. Re: Thanks for : The time off\" everyone-- I am just starting to understand it Kerr.. I know now why Ray likes ya.. Its a pretty rough journey.. If I didnt give a [email protected] it probably would be much faster.. but that isnt the case... Its hard to move on... when you put so much into your life...to see it end in such a way. I am trying very hard..it aint pretty though. I dont think it is for anyone. but thank you.
  22. Re: Thanks for : The time off\" everyone-- Who really knows?? ----------------------------------------------------------> They dont know--and even when they do- they dont want to know- They are all to busy with madness... But thanks for the feeling recall. I appreciate it.. I simply dont want to lay on the floor again and cry for 2 days- I have had enough of that..
  23. Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x I cant even step up to the plate anymore-- my head is still spinning just from reading a few minutes.. And I would REALLY REALLY LIKE TO!... I swear--it makes my head swell up.. and I cant think anymore. Damn -it... It has to pass sometime.. i just wanted to try once more...and see it has changed... i love this place-- I cant explain it..
  24. Dont do that Kerr.. Its not true and it doesn't suit ya.. (your kinda bad at it). I bet ya have another type of sarcasm, that you are good at, but that one may need a lot of refinement. And BTW thanks..for previous stuff..:)
  25. I have niether lost hope recall, nor am I confused. I have been victimized---- antwan himself has been also.. It makes it hard to speak of anything, when you cant even muster the courage to open google. I am not confused, just bitter, and literally, standing still--- lest I do something stupid... Antwans good people... Charlie has never spoken to ,or of me-- so I have no real relationship with him. That is definately a factor in this situation.. Denial is very hard for me now recall.. I am more up to acceptance... :) What has happened, in the last year-- defines itself.
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