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  1. Re: Let's Review Screw time machines darby.....(well maybe one copy)... I know what we should be xeroxing..
  2. Re: Hello again - 2nd Post - Government Cover Up They are ALWAYS FROM THE government-...... Except when they are MKUltra--- which means they were previously in the government and they are wistleblowers. ;)
  3. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 I thought reactor was making a web spider that viewed pictures.. I was interpreting his work/and his association/connectivity resolution imaging-- all along. I was assuming he was going to start out-putting here shortly. my only concern at the moment is that images need linguistics to be labeled for searches..and as it stands that is the preferred method for searching images at the moment.
  4. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 How do you feel about the predictive linguistics, Ray? Webs spiders are considered as useful tools at least in the interpretations of trend analysis. Urbansurvival.com Seems kinda psuedoscience to me---but they are doing a fine job of scaring the living hell out of people.
  5. ..... It doesn't matter anymore-- It appears you are going to continue using it as a tactic- whether I mention it again or not. A turd by any other name will smell the same---. I patiently wait for you to use it again- in reference to all things or manners of 5 year olds....and amaze us with your intelligent responses-and intuitive interpretations into child psychology. and how it is so important that you seek examples in a Time Traveler forum.... And go out of your way to "point them out" to everyone. Patiently awaiting your next example. :confused:
  6. What the hell---- is Lyns fascination with calling people 5 year olds? Even after having called her out on it? and respectfully requested that she stop using that as a tactic? Lyn? I tell you the truth- this is the thing that will implicate her as the fraud... Like a repetitive--machine answering --through a type of "answer playbook." In other words- scripted responses... :confused:
  7. Correcting me----as a direct response to me saying that you are correcting /talking down to other posters in this forum... ...will not help this situation. I am not here for the LULZ--or to hijack your thread. I am not being mean or ignorant in my statements. I have done nothing wrong by being here in this forum in this chat. I have not made statements like"I came from the future" or "I am a Time Traveler" I (nor anybody)else needs to be belittled by you Lyn for asking questions to your OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS. Even YOU will have to admit- They are Outrageous claims. And these claims require PROOF. If no proof is supplied-or even ANYTHING that resembles proof- the claims Have to be dismissed. This is just basic common sense. If you so choose to make statements like Clinton will be president, Or the governor of Massachusetts will be a future president.. Thats fine-- I verified them-even after you misspelled names. We dont need to know how old Jimmy Carter will be-- We sit in this forum for all our own reasons-as you can see from previous posters---some of the things they feel are very good reasons to be here. It does not help you case to be condescending to anyone here-in fact the technical aspects would actually have a very good conversation with some of the people in here. There are ramifications to time travel-whether you choose to imply there are not. I noticed that there are not too many Lynzee Grummonds in Google either--but I do not want to invade your privacy. The diversionary tactics you are applying were unnecessary- Nobody here is /has/ was planning to act like a 5 year old-UNTIL YOU made the statement that you BELIEVED we were. Everything you have stated so far I can sum up in one sentence. "In 2024 ,Nothing changed except some Koreans got robots, the reason there has been no divergence is because I am in 2008 with you, So these are my predictions for what will happen in 16 years." Well Thank you Lyn for making those predictions-we can move along with your story now.
  8. On top of that---also Pamela--she has taking a high and mighty stance of "looking down" on other posters in this forum. She has chosen this route every time "she/he" chooses to not respond to legitimate questions -or is in the process of correcting people-- Seriously look at the content here for the last page and a half-- "Lyn" is arguing about how old Jimmy will be in 2024. WHEW--- that's a load off my mind that after a page and a half we have figured THAT out.... ;)
  9. Really Pamela-- it is in response to being referred to "as acting and talking like children." or "like a five year old". Asking Lyn legitimate questions and getting decent responses is like pulling teeth. She has actually gotten what she claimed we are. It is a karmic reaction.. I might go get completely wasted again so I can post more like my last one, come back here and laugh at her. Its no skin off my nose,what I look like, to her-- or anyone else. I am a nice inquisitive person, No matter how Lyn tries to imply "How I am Acting"
  10. i looked into a five year olds reponse-- (i Have three of them running around the house-- so It made it easy to do. Again , I woke them up to see what they thought of your response---- None of them agree wih you -- The best response i heard was" where is my dinner?" They do not care. Kinda blows that out of the water.. ======================================================================== But onto the fun.... I only respoted here to check and respond to what you say--as any intelligent human being would do. And give you a response to your earlier posting. ======================================================================= I was hoping that the response was something --- even on a karmic level was what I was asking.... It wasnt---- but I recorded the conversation for posterity.... Even if i did it for myself-- because maybe I am crazy.... i have the luxury of 5 year old's...running around-- they just made a lot of noise..as always--- Oh well I guess you dont get everything you want... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did notice though that you0got0Darby-to-speak-like -this. I still have no concencous among the 5 year olds --- that make sense to me-- I will have to review it further... I guess.
  11. Your invitation for me to leave, will not be respected. In fact-you sound wise-if you believe that what I have requested fits the profile of a 5 year old -I will take the time to look into it. That should be easy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for the suggestion.-. Re: The Ban List [re: timeprofessor] 08/15/08 01:57 AM ( Edit post Edit Reply to this post Reply A time traveller supposedly back in 2038 is still around now?? He had at least two sockpuppets, and only one of those is banned so he could always post using the other one. Or just keep up the deeper pretence with his female identity. http://bleachroot.blogspot.com/ Banlist? Is this the person? Respectfully requested for someone to look into it.
  12. There most certainly IS a moral issue here-as I have interpreted from your responses. You carry them around and use them as a shield and a weapon-(That will give Pamela an answer to if Lyn believes in god or not,or at least the word of god.)* I asked a straight forward request. The fact you have chosen not to respond to it confirms it. It is a mobius loop of logic. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a side note.. I understand more about physics than you do--and I am a heavy equipment mechanic.(thanks ray) The more that you go on with this charade-the more I dislike you-I called you a charlatan on page one. Have you no concept of the moral implications of what you are doing? Just the message that who our new president will be carries HUGE implications. If it does not become true you are a liar. Which is also a moral issue. Or implies divergence. *Thus also making you a liar. I do not want to complicate your story or turn this into a pissing contest-my response only comes from the fact that eveytime (except one) you have diverted my questions/requests into an explainathon...which is why Darby says you speak Bureaucrat. If this is what I have to look forward to in the future-you can keep it. All we asked for was clarity--If you choose to take this as criticism--remember the good book says... "Accept criticism as fine golden apples." I will ask again - "what are we doing wrong here-seeing you have the luxury of a different set of circumstances(rose colored glasses) to view our time.?" Thank you.
  13. It is not a stroke--- and this is not a psyop ----- This wasn't about defending anyone's disbelief,as Ray suggested to me. Trust me there is plenty to go around. This has become a moral issue by Lyn. ------------------------------------------------- Lyn , what can we do to become more moral. Please explain it to me, so we can as a group,---can violate it repeatedly like the animals we are. I understand that you think you are better than us--- tell me what we should be doing...that we aren't doing now. Tell me HOW , we are supposed to believe YOUR message of release,. EXPLAIN TO ME, what we are doing wrong. I do not want an(eye witness of events)image. I want the truth. Explain yourself. Literally. Apparently you have strong feelings on the subject, or you wouldn't be so moral. --- Its not like you do not have the time----Or a forum to have a say... I would LOVE to hear it.
  14. This seems to turned into more of a social/moral response and exchange. Then any real answer question session. It seems as though the decay of yester-years has made hardly an effect on the future much. It is possibly the most depressing answer of all. More of the same. Except for the addition of TT, which apparently has had no more effect, than running LPG in your car instead of gasoline. The visions presented here could all be done within 2-10 years. Ok Lyn. Here is a question. What are the three most important technical advantages that have materialized since 2008, the ones that would surprise us the most in our daily lives. ? Understanding that, you have the vision of seeing and exchange between times, what are we "doing wrong"? Seems to be a interest of study for you so I will bend my questions in that manner.
  15. Her statement actually implies the higgs was found---.. How else can you have supersymetrical particles? except by building them from the bottom up.. Not only that--- but it also implies some energy quantities involved. Ok Lyn....How about this-- lets say this "portal" that you specify is held open with exotic material. Are we then to assume it remains open? Or is there a new event horizon created/held open/ and then collapsed upon itself at each travel "incident"? Oh and one last edit here are there mass requirements/ that you cannot excede when traveling? Or is it possible to stick any mass through the "event"?
  16. Re: Rehow the predictions works...Web Bots Two words. Liberty Garden. People haven't forgotten- HDR. It wasn't that long ago. Since I have come in here, I have made every preparation. I have sent word through my small town. They have listened. I only feel sorry for the people in large suburban areas. But then again, food will be easier to distribute. Nothing to worry about. Let the bankers rot- Those of us that work with our hands and have the tools already do these things everyday. Sons out hunting wild boar now--- and we aren't even hungry yet. Remember for me also---- I only came here because of the Titor story in the first place--seeing I am so close. Nobody here or on any conspiracy site is fooled anymore,, and the rest of the people are waking up. The people with money now will try to shut people like country folk up.. and they might just find things aren't so pretty when you walk around pushing your weight around. Ego--doesn't eat well in hungry times. Thanks for trying to stay on message though, I appreciate the effort--hope it makes you a better remote viewer.
  17. We have a code green. Pass the Mustard.
  18. I will have to rethink my concept of a mobius loop. Is there something you would like to say beyond what the web offers and a lot of us read already? Seriously---Its not like we do not goto the same sites that you do----> I cant even enjoy the story when it smells like regurgitation. Is that not another issue with predictions/Time Travelers? Is that something we can incorporate into the new questioning sequence that I have suggested? I still suggest that we wait and thing about what should be the list--maybe these guys offer more for the standard list... I still say we step forward and make one --revised by vote....
  19. Re: Rehow the predictions works...Web Bots Hehehehe--- I saw the same post Recall... The first thing I thought of was HDR also... Thats money brother...
  20. Ciggy can I start posting your stuff up at other places with a link? I enjoy that. The title has nothing to do with the content----it tells me there is more to come... would you mind? and I will clear the post I have so the story wil continue without being interrupted..
  21. We wait with baited breath.... Is that 1pm Amsterdam time? anyone have a converter? I am so lazy...
  22. I am making no-more than a layman's suggestion of what has been repeated over and over. It was no more than an evaluation.... If Lyn does/doesn't come back --I still suggest that we can do this questionnaire proposal. If we half ass it / that is all it will even remain. A proposal. Like I said-Just as a Time saving measure.
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