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  1. Re:John Titor's Prediction was: Obama named I agree on that one sujestion Darby. Instead of the bleneded predictions ,I also would prefer "hard copy results". That can then be measured on their validity over time. Kinda like a HDR thread that he can make his predictions in and only respond to solo. UnEditable. ;)
  2. And I currently have a thread at another forum --that follows any updates on The Large Hadron Collider. You might want to get someone "more qualified" than me to show you around the place "John". I am just a subject troll,I at least wanted to say hi and welcome you. Ok--on with the show.
  3. I can see some of this summation to be true. I also understand the fact why it would left to disbelief.... I was only asking if it were possible ,, that maybe , possibly ,one day we would see it happen.... ------------------- As far as the second side of the equation--there has to be a protocol---Even if it is a pinned section--- Literally a basic script/questionnaire that must be responded to: and I don't mean Name -Age and sex. It seems like it is the same line over and over again --I am from 2***, I came from the future to____, I am interested in x_________. I will not answer x_________. I do not understand the rational reasoning behind it ---I mean seriously If you were from the future and you KNEW about this forum.... wouldn't you KNOW better than start a thread like that after reading 40+ years of the same drivel? At least if a PINNED Thread were made the PROTOCOL/Basic Answer Sheet for entering into making a claim ---then in the future they come in here---they would already know this....A mandatory ruling--and anyone that starts a thread in the above mentioned way should immediately be dumped into a new "joke thread" section. Seriously we can do a better job at weeding these things out---most of these claims don't even go for ANY seriousness WHATSOEVER-- . At least you gotta give it to HDR-- he will not stop... There is something to what you say Pam about Ray and Darby's veracity/ and when they pull it out like a hammer /all they see are nails policy. Then again for them I see it used as a time saver-but it never turns out to produce those very same time saving results. So as everyone else would notice--there is another agenda behind the screen/words. :confused: Definitely leaves people thinking--- You guys know me for long enough now...I was just hoping there was a way to possibly get a grip on the spam/but in a generally different manner/tactic than has previously been used. Oh well---- I guess the sad silliness would continue--because of lack of interest---and THAT is what will keep the forum in the state in currently occupies. Unless that of course is also what is intended... :confused:
  4. Please allow me to be the first , welcome back.
  5. So Lyn fades into non-existence offering neither anything of value-- nor getting the answers she requested. The only one thing that she has given is that the governor of Massachusetts will become president. (Which she misspelled the name to begin with) and apparently DARPA is much more open with information in the future. Intentionally defensive from the very beginning of these TT claims---,I think is an automatic turn off for me. When will there be a claim that would bend our minds so hard in a direction that can leave us silent? In complete belief... It seems that just proving that fact of time travel is actually subjective--- based upon events that have no conceptual bearing on the concept of time travel or an event occuring. I know people here have already gone down this train of thought. Is there no other way to prove /disprove these storys within a very short period of time--like recall has stated------- a specific set of questions that the poster MUST respond to before carrying on with a story claim? Until a standard can be met---and what would we use for a standard? Anyone?
  6. Hell even I told people to get there money out of WaMu two weeks ago.... But in fact the company is just being auctioned off now Lyn. In that case it just may cease to exist altogether... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyn-can you explain to me why you continue to post? I mean seriously--- your mission is well "whatever"-- we don't care AND it wasn't even important to the story. Why didn't you just go on AIM ---It is obvious you are just lonely---- If I sound a little cruel--- Please consider the fact there is absolutely nothing of value in this entire thread--- You could have just as easily brought back with you codes into any security establishment and gotten any information you want---this information isn't destroyed. So please tell me---where are you collecting your "information" about the current election? No wait-- don't answer that please.... :confused:
  7. This is a google finance forum and "reinhart "tells of a conspiracy that actually run with the catholic church... and he does a fine job of putting the pieces together-- If you love a good story you really have to take the time and Go Read This.... He makes a call that the stockmarket is going to crash on Sept 15----but he makes it back in Fri, Jul 18 2008 11:36 am Here ya go... http://finance.google.com/group/google.finance.983582/browse_thread/thread/aad550b590f931bf/2000139928d2d434 Just a taste to get you interested....: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply from reinhart "Crash is in September." yup and the negative news that will move the market downward should occur Sept 15 this organization below.. runs the show http://www.legatus.org/public/index.asp the money laundering occurs just prior to the pilgrimage to rome and the checks are written during the pilgrimage and the checks clear by September 14 and the negative news leaks out (something along the lines of "insider trading on a mass scale at a major brokerage) then they start crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s on Sarbanes-Oxley II SOX II will certainly protect the working class' nest-eggs fur sure! HAVE FUN...... :devil:
  8. Lyndzee_Grummond Is it possible that we can get a picture of you?? I like the concept of a TimeTravelling women! If you say no---I will have no respect for you in the morning. I like visual aids to my storys.... so anything ya offer , I would appreciate.
  9. Re:John Titor's Prediction was: Obama named Triple D----- Darbys new nickname. ;) ------------------------------------------------------------ Because I had requested this all be before January veiwings HDR, I just want to make sure that these viewings that you offer are within this time frame. Would that be the case? with this new bit of information you offer?
  10. One point that stands out in the PDF. It has been shown that an almost arbitrary potential patterns could be generated using micro magnetic traps. So it would be doable if it was done in small arcs. and we note that the amplitude of Vc is more than two orders of magnitude larger than the KINETIC energy of the incident atom.(understanding that requires some extreme technical challenges) However there is NO fundamental limit for obtaining such accuracy in the optically and magnetically induced potential. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would anyone else care to offer up another method ? I have a feeling this would require some Exotic material(which would not be out of the question)-- for Christs sakes Its a bloody Light saber...and that alone is worth more money than Solomons mines could generate.
  11. Well I feel cheated. :devil: Spit it out cig man..
  12. I see absolutely nothing coming from this- So as usual my attention quickly fades. Maybe our esteemed Time Traveler should have considered the audience. I like a little flavor ----sadly, this is all very bland.
  13. Answer em ciggy---you hold out... ;) Cut and paste ain't gunna get you out of this one...
  14. Hehehe-- I can see more than a few people have actually thought about it.. I was actually concerned with the actual physics that could support a concept like this. It is generally a clean concept and I like the fact of the manner in which the feild is propagated I am just wondering If a magnetic field would be enough to allow this vortex effect or would it actually require a different form of control to actually bend the light in such a way. That would be one hell of a magnetic field to control this ...Like to the point that you would not want to touch it. and would be hard to maintain. I wasnt concerned with the size of the machine either this thing can be the size of a football feild- What I am concerned with is it possible to make a light beam travel a distance and bend around and return to the source. Even if we used multiple beams to accomplish the same effect.
  15. Here help me on this. We have a power source in the handle that fires a laser but the light is bent into a vortex style of pattern that radiates from the Inside (of the lightsaber beam) travels a specific distance/frequency and returns to the handle. The very "tip of the blade" would appear to be a white hole horizon in effect but bent so hard that it turns around 180 degrees back to the source(well close to it). In effect it would apply a vortex effect--Think of a water fountain--and the water falls back to the handle-except it would almost apply a seration/scisoring effect upon its return to the handle. I understand that the light bending here is the issue-- Is there ANY physics that could support a light beam being tuned in this way? I wont even go into the cooling issues in the handle yet---lets toss that to the side for the moment. Can anyone else visualize this?
  16. Re: The Underground...Base Thanks Darby---Yeah I dont have many worries for that type of online intimidation either--its more like comedy...where only the poster is laughing... Anyway the story goes on and he has to leave us... Here is the thread explaining his time travel paradox... http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message600303/pg2 (these are just to add to content) I have heard of MKUltra---I had Never heard Of KKKUltra but that was the claims at the time and the Only one he responded to.. Must still be a Camelot thing... which I have entirely NO interest in whatsoever.
  17. Re: The Underground...Base Either and both.... Is what was suggested. did you get the first link to open?
  18. Welcome Lyndzee_Grummond. Are you here to simply to simply observe? or do you have a second adjenda? Could you state your background and the reasons for your mission, would you care to elaborate any more? Could we get some background information into your education and some of your duties at the pentagon? Could you explain how you did travel to our time? Could you also explain why you are in Texas at this moment? Instead of Virgina as you initially proposed?
  19. Oh and..: #1 I am still not sure. #2 there is plenty of content, but no real answers. #3 I should let him speak for himself , but he has openly stated that it is cut and paste. #4 I would Hope so. Plenty of run around on the net. Doesn't matter the source. Yes even the MSM. #5 Yes and no. We actually would like the truth and like everything else it is very elusive. Yet some people only do this for the LULZ(which to them is truth). Me personally, I do it out of RAW ,Unrelenting, Boredom.
  20. Hey New Guy-- Could it be possible you know how to read Kanji? I only ask because of your sig line....
  21. Re:John Titor's Prediction was: Obama named Its not like he doesn't have enough content to steal from Darby... The internet is all abuzz as doom central.(I actually am looking for him to post the content so we can objectively view the source). Any thing he says we will know where he is getting it from. Not to say that I do not believe in you HDR.....
  22. Re: The Underground...Base And I forgot to say.. Thanks Recall, I knew that you would be the one to goto. Thanks for starting the thread or I would have just let it fly by, it gives me something to do.
  23. Re: The Underground...Base The best concensus so far is he threw the copy in the Oven. Me and recall were interested in him- only because of exactly he was trying to do(whatever that is). He apparently has followers(or enemies) also that have refered to him as KKKultra- if that means anything to anyone(I am sure it does). I have a strange feeling he doesn't come here often. As far as that first link recall if you grant permission to your browser (certificate exception) it will allow you to view it. So far I can tell you that I was hit in a thread last night by a person that had stated looking into me and had the nerve to post my WIFES name in a forum.(I promptly had him banned, and the thread deleted.(well quarantined). Shows I still have tricks up my sleeve/ she is traceable- but I still remain elusive. That so far is what I have gotten for even getting involved in this at all- There are Anonymous Members involved in this/ it seems like the same style program they run(I cant wait to have 30 pizzas delivered to my door);) I don't really know what to say I kind of find it hilarious on so many levels -it just shows me I am a thorn. If you can find anything on that document PREVIOUSLY showing up Darby , I would appreciate it. For good measure I am still in contact with him , he has made other outlandish statements in my thread that I started on the Large Hadron Collider -posted at another portion of this forum. It is my thread so I have control of it..I actually had to ask him to STOP Posting ..;) Anywhoo still having fun with it and any information that anyone can provide as some extras are GREATLY appreciated.
  24. Make sure you get over to the NASECI thread Darby thats where we are putting it all.. It deals with that guy Antwan.(that picture) If you have more info though we sure would appreciate it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ..........and for my 2 cents on this thread , I thought it was historically accurate to use: .............and they lived happily ever after.
  25. Re:John Titor's Prediction was: Obama named HDR --- can we get a new set of viewings? I assume you didnt give up the practice and I am in a doomy mood. Lets say something close like up to Jan..
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