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  1. This is actually the Riemann Hypothesis: Nontrival zeros. LOL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riemann_hypothesis Still not solved but somebody tried again the other day- there is a $1M reward longest unsolved problem. http://arxiv.org/abs/0807.0090 They need a formula to calculate is a number is prime with out doing all the messy math.- remember what I said about stability? Just imagine being able to solve a Mobius Loop. Now why is that zero negative? Is that possible? Ah forget it- Its' trivial. :devil:
  2. Same here, I just came out to florida after living in Anahiem for 12 years , Rememeber when that ash was blowing everywhere a few years ago off those I.E fires? Whew, Gotta be bad now All Santa Ana's? Sorry didn't mean to hijack there I apologize. That would sum it up Darby. Far event horizon.
  3. Re: DARBY He tagged me on the unemployed, I am only waiting till paypal covers my creditcard balance with their insurance I paid for. And my wife kicked my off the TV. LOL I am still glad I found this place and I will pony up some picts from St. Cloud in a few. Swamps, gators and the what nots, including my dog. I reserve my opinions on everything, Its a trap. :P
  4. I am going to just refer you to here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Event_horizon It explains it much faster than I can. To go faster than light, implies you have to accelerate, because we are saturated with space-time. Exactly what space time is: is subject to interpretation. If we removed space-time, would light be everywhere at once? Thats is really the question- Einstein was limited, he needed a calculable reference for the space-time and the BEST he could come up with was the speed of light, because nothing moves faster , In effect he assigned it the value of the pressure against the fastest moving thing. I think his quote was, Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.
  5. Yes, It is mathematically feasible. How isn't important, HOW MUCH is a more pertinent question. More than likely , you would have to consider that a "person" traveling in time, is usually going for a purpose or material item, or why go? Would it not be easier to bring the item to yourself or send the information to yourself than going through all the messy work of playing with your own atomic structure? Bring water to the horse I say. ----------- Absolutely.Why Darby though ,I think he would rather play with your perception. ----------- Standing on the shoulders of giants. ----------- I am the Alpha and the Omega. ----------- To a time traveler I guess. In the big picture, nah. ----------- If you wanted attention. ----------- No, to find the boson particle,or a particle that resembles pure gravity. It would have to start first, It is only in the cool down phase now. Please provide a link. ----------- Perception does not a reality make, or does it? It is possible to imagine going back in time, it is much harder to perceive going backwards through a singularity , imagine what came before the "big bang" and you get the idea. That is where most science gets stuck. Hard to see an outcome you don't even have the right question to. ----------- Thats a lot of assumptions almost into the fantasy realm. Thats one theory, not one I hold.To me, another dimension is an altered state of forces reacting on an environment with different values.All forces are still in effect, but may not be stable. Just by veiwing it you may have changed it, which also answers 3. Everything is possible in you far event horizon, the closer you get to it, the probability of ANYTHING occurring diminishes. ---------- Depends on which theory you subscribe to. I'm not falling for it though. ---------- String theory. The best part about time travel is that you can imagine it, which form it takes and the device that makes it possible may not be anything that you were expecting and may be a complete letdown. Ground yourself in what you can observe and step away from the metaphysical.
  6. Re: Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes? Welcome back Notice- we kept your thread warm.... How was the vacation?
  7. Kanigo2


    I guess it's over now ,, Bye ruthless. :cry:
  8. Go here: http://www.futurelifeprogression.co.uk/welcome.php Stories are on Your experiences page. (I know its retarted, but I figure it may make the stories a little more creative around here) Have fun remote viewing your future lives.
  9. Outrageous claims require evidence.
  10. Re: Seeking a time traveler a.s.a.p. *nothing urge WTH? Driveby?
  11. Nothing is "really urgent" where time travelers are concerned.
  12. Linkmans from Portugal , who did you expect him to Cheer for? Besides, that's not even a real sport. (lazy ugly American talk)
  13. Welcome back Darby. Yeah , I just wanted it on record to back up my completely incoherent rambling ~~and fictional conspiracy theory. I figured WTH.... :confused:
  14. http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/06/30/campaign.wrap/index.html Making a BIG DEAL about a plane here...... His campaign on Monday unveiled his new campaign airplane, a Boeing 737-400. advertisement The aircraft shares its name -- the "Straight Talk Express" with McCain's campaign bus, which has been a staple of the candidate's 2000 and 2008 campaigns. The 95-seat plane -- with seats for the candidate, his staffers and the press -- has the "Straight Talk Express" logo emblazoned on its fuselage
  15. Re: Gas Prices... I get to spots like that and all I see is red quartz-- put a pan in that water. Quartz and red(iron) make GOLD. Granite looks a little fresher than I would like to see though.. Chili dawg ---hehehe Dolores County Colorado Edit: Practically all of the 104,500 ounces of gold produced in Delores County came as a by product from lead, silver and zinc mines, so it is not an important county for the recreational prospector. Although one may be able to find some placer in the headwaters of the Dolores River, south of Rico. this is the stuff you would be looking for:' There is a Giant chunk of it sitting middle picture(little to the right) bottom , propped up on a piece of red quartz. Your dog is eyeing my gold.. lol
  16. Re: Final Warning from 2026 For All Humanity! URGE Umm .. RMT It is a no-no to cut and paste AP reports anymore. They are charging money and suing - http://larvatusprodeo.net/2008/06/18/ap-thatll-be-250-a-word-for-copy-paste-thanks/ $2.50 a word. They haven't resolved who they are serving with papers yet, mostly blogs, but searching is easy maybe Peter would like to cool his heels. AP HAS NOT DECIDED the full scope of what they plan to do. What "I" quoted is $12.50!!!!! and that's just a reply!(they just quote the reference and mail the bill directly to Raul) Here is a price list from the AP, ---- http://license.icopyright.net/user/offer.act?gid=4&sid=28&tag=3.5721%3Ficx_id%3DD90VCFA01&urs=VIEW_CONTENT&urt=5129862 They are specifically targeting people who are using the AP references to build a case or manufacture a story, Like Peter is doing. Might wanna put the clamps on him. :devil:
  17. I file an Abstention(present). But I would request that we use this definition. An abstention may be used to indicate the voting individual's ambivalence about the measure, or mild disapproval that does not rise to the level of active opposition. A person may also abstain when they do not feel adequately informed about the issue at hand, or has not participated in relevant discussion. In parliamentary procedure, a member may be required to abstain in the case of a real or perceived conflict of interest. I believe that would cover most of us.
  18. Your not too far off TimeNot: Take a look at what these guys are doing with quantum computing: Rememeber me saying that is if this process was carried out in a gas, but if it is bumped makes it unstable? These guys cracked that! In this month's Physical Review Letters, a group of researchers from Israel report using EIT to store images, while in last week's Science Express, researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) describe utilizing EIT to create spatially entangled images. These two reports are really two sides of the same coin, and coincidently, report on two important aspects of quantum computing—storing, retrieving, and processing large numbers of quantum bits. Source: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080626-three-dimensional-qubits-on-the-way.html Here is the jist... They had a cute trick, however, to overcome this problem. Light also has a phase property and, if two light beams of the wrong phase are overlapped, the result is complete darkness. Should I have moved this to another thread instead? :confused:
  19. It's the civil war portion- thats the kicker. I haven't "hedged any bets" , I am quoting a statistical analysis of a future - that is it. I'm not sure if you are talking to me though, If your talking to RMT. He is having more fun than we are.
  20. And that would describe Hawkings ..HOW? Understanding space time and the Manipulation of it, will be as simple to a layman as it is to a 5 year old. I can see it now, "Daddy, how do we travel into the past?" The father will describe a device and its limitations.(That is, if it is possible) which to this day we understand that it is. ********************************************************************************************** I had thought to say, that looking at the Lorenz diagram that everything is possible in the future, because it is inside our veiwing envelope. Hawkings says it is possible because our entire veiwing are is "all places at one time" --That would include the past. He Violates Lorenz just by saying that. I already acknowledge the string theory portion. He mind as well sit in this forum so I can criticize him.
  21. I read it(The GLP post) recall, But like I have said already, When people talk in code all I hear Is Blah Blah Blah. I literally am a stone like that- I just blow over it- Completely loose interest. In fact , I don't even have as much energy as ruthless to find out more about her. Definitely fits under the topic waste of time.
  22. Why do I feel like i am being followed by a wheel chair? and a robot voice.. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main.jhtml?view=DETAILS&grid=&xml=/earth/2008/06/26/scihawking126.xml Some of what comes up sounds too much like what I was talking about except he went with string theory. His guess is as good as anyones. The telegraph even stole the same pict I did. Now I have to alter MY opinion because Hawkings said so-- whatever.. What a hack.
  23. Re: Good example of what Titor was trying to tell The Height of Hypocrisy. According to The New York Times, the Agriculture Department has been fighting a lawsuit from a Kansas beef producer over the department's refusal to allow it to test for mad cow disease so that the producer can resume beef shipments to Japan. Dated -June 19, 2008 source: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_13121.cfm Anybody think that this was the book that brought Johns quotes to the forfront? http://www.organicconsumers.org/madcowbook.htm Copyright 1997. Don't matter prolly been talked about already.
  24. Re: Gas Prices... Sweet Spread, I can smell the nature from here. No real ground water up there? Hard to keep cattle?
  25. April 18th 2046 5:57 @ 3:40 on the vid. Nice catch Darby. Also make me think about my revision to searches. I can understand his whole effort but where he really throws me off is why he pushes the whole Portuguese thing. I mean I know that his I.P. is from there. Just a little look into his psychology, I guess. The Raelian's almost got it right....
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