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  1. Yeah, that pict he posted was nice. The Caterpillar is actually the size of a caterpillar. I can understand why he goes.
  2. Re: Final Warning from 2026 For All Humanity! URGE I only read a ways into the zeshua stuff, wasn't that interesting. I hate when people speak in code, all I hear is Blah blah blah. Or like when peter wont take a breath, or even realize that the message isn't "getting across" to the reader. Gotta consider your audience Peter. I'm just a florida fool. Talk to me like I have a 3rd grade education. Makes me think how lucky we are to have him relay messages. :confused:
  3. Re: Gas Prices... Burp $3.89 here in florida still. Don't worry it will be cheap driving home , It's all downhill.
  4. Re: Wheat Rust! Word inflation hasn't been defined in wikipedia yet, LOL. Big words, make me BIG man. O_o
  5. Re: Final Warning from 2026 For All Humanity! URGE We will never make it Peter, Cern is already cooled. The date for All of our doom is the 7th of July. http://www.lhcountdown.com/ ~Snickers to self~ PETER -could you post up a short link to ALL Zeshuas prophecies? So I dont have to read through incoherently rambling and hearsay? TY I think its was ruthless that decrypted the One to 40 text, TY ruthless. I spent like 4 hours playing with it and got bored. Was the "One to Fourty" the key?
  6. Re: Wheat Rust! I cannot even conceptualize how you get draw down into these trains of thought recall. I am assuming it has something to do with just a study of interest. Has studying any of these webbies ever reveled anything to you that you would like to share? Have you ever received enlightenment? What do you do with enlightenment? Are you combining extremely obtuse ideas together? Could you explain your methodology to me? I guess I am going to have to go back in your posts to find out. Or does that just kill the fun?
  7. I noticed he is still avoiding you. He is playing hard to get. :love:
  8. LOL, I had only thrown that in there because of a comeback that RMT had said to titorite. It sounded close to the argument that Javier and John were having. Wanna see for the fun of it? Why sure... Titorite: From our former super thread we both already know you manipulate truth to serve the points you desire to make regardlessly of the facts of the matter. Rainmantime I could easily contest that with facts to prove I do not. But what would be more important would be for you to answer the question: Are you telling us that YOU do NOT do this thing you accuse me of? Ruthless has, indeed, pointed out that you do. "Hello kettle, this is the pot. You are black!" Now for Javier and John: Javier: he does a maneuver that focuses the question back to the receiver, as to have him think it's been answered, and to shut him up. (Which in fact, he just avoided answering it, by doing what he did). He does this very often, and I'd just wanted to point that out before he did it again. John: Hmmm….I am forced to admit I must rethink what I know about Mobius loops. Not exact but funny: To a goofball outsider like me, of course I see patterns, I bet this argument has been replayed over and over in a thousand threads. Don't worry though, RMT crazy people don't know they are crazy.The conservation of energy would save them from the paradox, studies show. Recall has it also: Muhahahaha GOTCHA again recall.
  9. The signs are that Gafcon will decide against an immediate split, but the boycott of Lambeth is an early sign of how much influence a powerful traditionalist lobby could have inside. We are four thousand miles away from Lambeth, but they are right on the doorstep. Muhahaha -Manipulators of time and space. Ok thats enough reality already. ;)
  10. I love paradoxes. Unless of course RMT was Titor , that would just show a mental breakdown of epic proportions. :devil:
  11. Nobody commented on this pretty girl.... Our greatest hope of winning gymnastics. BTW her house was just destroyed in the Floods too. you heartless bastages. http://www.shawnjohnson.net/ My son was a wrestler and things started occuring to me about how much these poor kids have invested. I think that will weigh HEAVILY on any chance to Boycott. See, I did have a point!
  12. Mabey, we would have to ask its porpoise. I know Recall does though: Follow this if you can. PreserveDestiny: Yes, an op in Cali. DONDEP: so same team, different timeline? DONDEP: does that mean they should be withheld? The caption on "Embrace" leads me to believe this is from the IMINVSBL faction PreserveDestiny: Not really. He interceded on our behalf when we were being threatened by the rogues. He swiped the images and thought he had clear instructions. DONDEP: Is IMINVSBL with these 'rogues'? PreserveDestiny: Yes, he is an op with them. DONDEP: These rogues want, what, the Lotus early and a bump up in the abduction rate, correct? PreserveDestiny: Among other tidbits. DONDEP: and are they for or against disclosure? PreserveDestiny: They are for disclosure in so far as it is concerned with Dan. They feel they could get better access to him that way. DONDEP: or is it only a matter of disclosing the 'enemy', vs. disclosing the true conflict? PreserveDestiny: The true conflict is between mankind and time I feel. DONDEP: That leaves me speechless.....there are, however, this rogue faction and your team, correct? Dondep-- you aint the only one... Recall I think is on a purpose of MIS-information and confusion. We all know it's the reptiles.
  13. Re: Wheat Rust! I was actually under the understanding, that the pots and capacitor was a timing circuit to allow the tesla to resonate. But what ever floats your titanic. Care to ILLUSTRATE?
  14. Would that also imply that it would not occur in another "dimension"? and I use that term loosly.(But I am going to try to prove you right in just a minute with the Lorenz theory) *Seems a little TOO metaphysical for me. *Like any of recalls posts. (He always suckers me in.)* Watch the event dots as they travel in and out of the event cone while you read this.(The event dots can be right next to the timeline and go outside of the event horizon) Yeah I agree and get it,absolutely. After seeing that Lorenz Diagram, you can actually see Impossible events (Out of veiwing range)in the future, coming INTO your event horizon. Making Them Possible. Also, you can see, highly probable events(Close to your timeline) traveling COMPLETELY outside your event horizon,Making Them Impossible. And thats only future events! Which only lends credence to remote viewing(I hated saying that, it turned my stomach). Thus giving some EVENTS a higher probability of Failure. Maybe impossible. *My point is, what you saw as inevitable, yesterday, may not be PROBABLE today.* So take that, HDRKID! I could also speculate that what is NOT possible today as an event, may be possible in the far past! Because the event occurs ONLY IN THE PAST! Thats what makes this guy(Greg Egan: Author "The Plank Dive" a douche bag:He is the guy that started all this timeline stuff in the first place. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Egan Author :"The Planck Dive" ****************************************************************** I beg to throw in the fact that we may still be in timeline 1.0 and that only our events perspective has changed. ****************************************************************** Now, My real concern is: can we alter our event horizon WITHOUT ACCELERATION !? That is where quantum physics and relativity have not Quite met up yet. As for me, I started understanding the harmonics (requires rotation)portion that einstein is making- when I came across this section in Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop_quantum_gravity "In a nutshell, loop quantization is the result of applying C*-algebraic quantization to a non-canonical algebra of gauge-invariant classical observables. Non-canonical means that the basic observables quantized are not generalized coordinates and their conjugate momenta. Instead, the algebra generated by spin network observables (built from holonomies) and field strength fluxes is used." Actually looking for pure gravity, hmmm. or as they put it a spin-1 bosons and possibly the spin-2 graviton. I believe that einsteins point was more concerned with actually the balance in the actual particles, In effect making them stable, I hope.(I know you two were still having a discussion in another thread) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally am more concerned about the actual dynamics of what goes into producing the "one way arrow of time" and how to manipulate it. Is the spin-2 graviton "Pure gravity"? Can It bend space time in sufficient quantity to be measurable? Enough to warp an event horizon? On a side note , I also understand recognize that string theory allows a two particle to appear to be next to each other even divided by great distances, but I was more intrigued by Loop_Quantum, as was Einstein. (I had to clean this up it was almost unreadable, forgive me) (Ok I think I am finally done, Go ahead rip it apart) :P
  15. Now if you can just go back in time and change my memory. Wait did John say that was possible? I better search through the text and find out. :devil:
  16. Too many -do not calls reported to be(censored). Just a phishing operation, or a bum that wants a new hummer.
  17. Kushner Companies Sells 17,628 Units Date July 9, 2007 Comments NJBIZ : Kushner Companies has agreed to sell part of its multi-family residential portfolio comprising over 17,500 apartments in five states. The announcement comes just eight weeks after the Florham Park-based real estate firm put its portfolio of residential units on the market in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New York. About The Company: Kushner Companies is a diversified private real estate organization involved in the ownership, development, redevelopment and management of prime single and multifamily housing, commercial, retail, industrial and hotel properties throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, with executive offices in Manhattan, the company manages and grows its residential and commercial portfolios through its corporate offices and operating divisions. These include Westminster Management LLC, the residential management arm; Westminster Communities LLC, the construction division; Kushner Properties, the commercial leasing and management division; Westminster Hospitality, the hotel division; Westminster Capital Corp., which coordinates financing for the firm; and various acquisition and land development teams. The Company delivers in-house site selection, planning, development and acquisition, construction, financing, leasing, sales, marketing and property management. Source: http://www.go-beyond-mls.com/kushner-companies-sells-17628-units/ http://www.kushnercompanies.com/ Edit: This from http://www.kushnercompanies.com/ site: 'It has come to our attention that The Kushner Companies name and logo have been used without our consent or knowledge in a scheme to acquire sensitive information from unsuspecting Web and email users. Kushner Companies does not send unsolicited email to establish business relationships and advises anyone who may have received such emails to delete them immediately." Edit: You can probably complain at the following: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> Kushner Companies 18 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park, New Jersey 07932 Tel: 973-822-0050 Fax: 973-822-2507 <a href="http://www.kushnercompanies.com" target="_blank">[email protected]">[email protected]</a> Kushner Companies 18 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park, New Jersey 07932 Tel: 973-822-0050 Fax: 973-822-2507 <a href="http://www.kushnercompanies.com" target="_blank</a> Yedidiah Buchwald + extras. Kushner Companies http://center.spoke.com/info/pDjwDvM/YedidiahBuchwald
  18. I think it has been done! What we need is access at the individual level to throw people in.
  19. Now wait a sec, titorite is making a VALID point here I don't want missed. Could the statement of the presidency"The President in 2009 was interested only in keeping his/her power base." Actually mean Obama/Clinton(VP)? Implying that Clinton(like Cheney) is a very powerful VP? Did Titor say that in a sarcastic tone? I enjoy the interpretation. :P Ok thanks titorite. You guys can get back to what you were doing. :confused:
  20. Yeah I was reading that too, It was a survivalist thread and then the guy stated he came back to july and everybody started making fun of him- telling him this was still june.. LOL He of course countered with he was a little hazy still. Is this you? Goofballs-- All of us.. I meant that one... EDIT mabey I should have cleaned that up a bit LOL :)
  21. Re: your time device... Recall made me read all that Timeline 1.83 stuff. Sadly now it is a done deal. Even rense says he doesn't know what timeline we are on and that timeline 1.83 is no longer viable and made a public statement saying so. I Like RMT's version he says we are on V1.69. The Big BOOBY timeline. He has surmised that all the women in his timeline chests have expanded. I tend to agree because everywhere I go all I see are big boobs.
  22. So you in fact are vectoring time.... which surprising looks like only one side of the cone here: I would need a better description of orthogonal dimensions the one in wiki is too complicated for me. Yes , But the real point is if everything APPEARED to stop, how fast would you be going. That was really my point in the first place, that Einstein had labled c squared as the fastest rate of change possible, That is our standard of measurement. Which brings in the expansion theory, Is expansion truly our reference for our "Present" Space_Time? You could give Space_Time a quantifiable quantity in effect its own mass. Which is why I referred to it as pressure. I see the capacity to vector time backwards but I cannot wrap my mind around "HAVING" a negative vector- In effect a Negative time pressure. What would you even Name that? This is for you ruthless(Just to be funny). http://youtube.com/watch?v=OUkEu6YYR3s Edit: I also added this because watching it weirds me out: Lorenz Transform of worldline: Views of spacetime along the world line of a rapidly accelerating observer in a relativistic universe. The events ("dots") that pass the two diagonal lines in the bottom half of the image (the past light cone of the observer in the origin) are the events visible to the observer.
  23. I also agree with that, In fact when referencing a resonance of a particle or object, one of the first things that is measured is the lowest resonance point at ambient tempurature, so that there is a reference point. I saw a few studies that certain crystals to resonate , with the least loss must be at specific temperatures. By finding the lowest resonant frequency, they can isolate other harmonics easily. I remember my father in law doing this with extremely high frequency antennas, usually effecting high resonance WITH quality dampening simply by altering the shape of the antenna.(Some of the antennas had to get to "temperature" to be the most efficient.) I will also say that, you can see what you speak of when you turn on a fluorescent light bulb(In gas form).Or neon Bulbs, needs a little murcury, (turns to a gas) Did that help?
  24. I want to keep this as generic and layman as possible I always felt that the best description of actual 'Time itself" could be defined as: A Universal Pressure, In 3D. Pressure is of course applied to all sides. -follow me for a sec and I will try to make it jive. I not only agree but I stipulate that you cannot have one without the other. The time constant is actually the speed of light, YOUR METRIC by description, with no influence.Understanding the description involving distance. I understand that if you go the speed of light and turn on your "headlights" that the light from your headlight will travel at the speed of light. That implies to me there is a "constant pressure" on said light,regardless of the rate it was intitially traveling. That pressure- *the speed of light = time. It was simply a way to define a constant. I propose that the Universal Pressure, actually holds back light from traveling any faster. ******************************************************************************** Now here comes unlucky Us - we want to travel time- we also want to travel great distances. We find out that the fastest you can go is the speed of light, Up to that point I agree. Now , Just for fun, Lets say we manufacture a bubble that has 0 mass in it, If we shot one photon across it, would it travel time? NO. because it is SATURATED in this Universal Pressure that I am proposing. This is why I disagree , that any harmonic, Like einstien suggests, would allow a different outcome in the speed of light. Here is where things get interesting- If we could alter the actual speed of light we would be altering time itself, we would actually be removing a restriction on the speed of light(our only reference). Now Is gravity Capable of making light move faster. Thats the million dollar question- and how much restriction can you remove on the speed of light. I will save my opinion of a singularity, with no mass inside, for a later point
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