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  1. Aftre reading the last 17 pages, I would like to say a few things..


    Antwan , is real. Antwan was THREATENED WITH HIS VERY LIFE. If he kept speaking, or , in any case he is scare enough that he believes it.


    Charlie, may or may not be right.. but I do beleieve being underground, is always dangerous.


    I think that titor line about having people within walking distance. Fits Most of charlies requirements.


    I did notice everyone(and when you get the chance, go look) Walmart no longer stocks bike TIRES.


    Go look..


    Its not that some of these events are above me.. I simply feel that, some of these circumstances will have a way to "work themselves out". Unless you are living in a bowl of filth like, New Orleans.


    The consideration of vast amounts of death- is the most important , thing that is stated here.


    That is the very moment, that stuff gets really weird.


    You can only do so much- as a person---


    Eve if Ray, says that charlie is debunked... the point is moot.


    The statement from charlie, is enough, that he forces an opinion, on the subject.


    Even if he is lying. Or insane. Or simply deluded.


    Lemme see, do I have a question for charlie?


    Not just yet...


    Best part, I dont have to think to deeply.. Either...



  2. Thanks for : The time off\" everyone--


    No-one wanted to hear anything I have had to say for a couple months... and I didn't want to remember MUCH of what I have said, either..


    It has been- horribly rough, and will continue to get worse for a while, but I think I finally have a small hand grip- of what it will take to get through this...




    I understand that what I am speaking of is QUITE metaphorical... and unless you , basically understand, the point may slip by.


    I have cleared my messages, and all caches.. to those of ya that helped ,I want to say thanks and the others that went looking for me, I do the same.


    I simply did not want to prostrate myself, in this forum..


    Its sad business, I do.


    I have looked at the threads.. and I see jennifer- will never stop.. doghead. is loosing his wife.. and recall must have posted at least 800 obtuse links..


    (those were to answer the things I saw as I ran through some threads.)


    I lost more than, what everyone described... I also lost two months of my life.... and thats hard to get back.


    I am saying, "hi", everyone.,"Forgive my hiatus".


    ...:) It feels GOOD coming back. even if I may be half I what I wanted.


    It still feels honest.



  3. Once again, I apologize for not being around.


    The paperwork and taking care of the kids, of course being totally destitute now, bankruptcy and foreclosure hanging in the wings is consuming a lot of my time.


    The garden and chickens are gone. The disrepair is becoming evident.


    Plus the job... and so-on..


    This is the first month.. wonderful future....



  4. I have one of my fathers freinds named "doug" that was working at disney as a sheet metal worker at the time.


    I could contact him.


    If it was, some special project stuff, he would have the contacts, to see if a case like that was made.


    I usually dont follow up on this stuff, but it would be ,a nice touch and a solid link.


    Whatever the props were had to come through the shop.



  5. Even I have to admit that the possibility that he did not read the entire thread is a possibilty.


    He would have named J-C as a major player in the entire team-titor as an 'instigator'.


    I of course do not know them.. and if he is listed in this "set" , I dont see it.


    There was a lot of controversy at the time and even more, let the thread ride feeling to it..from many of the other people involved in the thread.


    Like I said, it was encouragement for the Op to continue ahead because it felt somewhat incomplete/ almost lacking in some of the content.


    So on that level, I agree.


    I actuality, though Darby. There is no real resolution to this "story". Which has become the legacy of the entire subject.


    Which just so happens to be the reason I stand to the sideline(In most cases), except when some abuse comes down the line to the people I do know, concerning the subject.


    So goes.... another "branch to the conspiracy". ......Into the fire for heat.. For the simple need to "collect wood"



  6. Re: The Next Phase




    I downloaded the two manuscripts.


    But what is the meaning?... Translation, please, if possible.






    You wont be the first to have tried.


    I kid of course(truth in jest), love ya recall...just a little out of it lately.



  7. even I have to admit---those were some funny ass picts kerr.


    None the less the situation does occur.


    Proven by my testimony, I will be a witness.


    Enforcement of said,"violation" and the means to carry it out may come in a haphazard method from the "authorities"...


    By the way, quit drugs, 10 years to the day my wife died. January 25th 1999. Also, Annas foster mom also died on Jan 25th 1991. There may be "other circumstances" ., which come into play.


    I only toss that out, because the situation that you are seeking an answer to, may have ummm "extenuating circumstances".. for the reason the you may be looking into this subject.....:cough:


    Strange thing we see. but noted.


    I love this place.



  8. Ehhhh.. no ray.


    I am still waiting for the "historic" October crash.. I will take that one.. Oct 2009.


    So my money is on nope, I aint taking your bet.


    You are more than welcome to take mine though/ remember we do have a quarter end in April. Fools day in fact...


    $5... lol


    (By the way, you do a good thing, It is historic good advice to buy when it falls)( I also am getting in, but going for an s&p...ETF.)



  9. Buena Park..


    The charge ran concurrent with a drug charge. After the pullover.


    (see its kinda weird the way it happened anyway, there is a guy on the radio down there in LA called tom leykus... Blow me up tom and he has what he calls a "flash thurday" where everyone turns their headlights on to get girls to "show their boobs)


    Anyway, I saw a "smog station" pullover stop( literally a test station for smog---they ONLY do that crap in california...) the cops pull over people for emmisions and put them on a dyno.


    I was coming up magnolia and was doing both the leykis 'thing and passed the smog station trailer' so I started started flashing my lights on and off(they were already on..) and got pulled over, searched of course and the rest is history...


    I went to North Court in fullerton, dont rememeber the judges name.


    So anyway, like I said Kerr- they ran the charge concurrent with the other charge...


    I figured they had their own reasons for doing it and the other time was so large, that the 90 days was nothing--- so I just let it ride...:)



  10. I can never side with the "mechanical nature" of enforcement kerr.


    Yet I also understand the reasoning behind it.


    If people would just do the right thing......


    I do not think that is the problem though, I think that the "right thing" means many things to different people.




    I am still somewhat apathetic to the lawless side of my nature.


    I believe that comes from the "enforcement side" of other peoples nature though.


    Its a natural reaction.


    Also a somewhat slanted game..... I guess it all depends who has the money----think about it.


    It definitely applies here and warning others...of what I believe is danger.



  11. Michael:


    It isn't "polo shift", it's pole shift, or better: crustal displacement over the mantle.







    Thank the Lord, the Portuguese are here to correct you from your typos -that you made in English.


    Go figure.


    I wont even touch manubs statement- half the fights around here are on that very subject. Although not as many in PROPER spanish.



  12. Raz, I made a thread at GLp for you ,for encouragement.


    2 days ago....


    but apparently now you are getting some traction at ATS also.(stupid attention whores),Even if it was you that posted it...try to avoid that forum...there is no worse that ATS, like the vanilla of the ice cream aisle.......


    ATS link


    Seems people like your work raz.


    I figured as much.


    Just sends more money back here to raul, because they will all link here.


    Sooner or later.


    This small obscure forum is one of the gravitational centers to all real conspiracies.


    Good thing ya did posting what ya had here.


    And if I argued with ya a few months ago, when pamela got mad and ran off, I apologize.


    And to Pamela also.



  13. Ahh... the old thread... found and bumped.




    I tell you had I known what was going to transpire... I would have kept this thread updated.


    And I dont mean what reinhardt has said and done.


    I mean about loosing my wife.


    i could have tried harder, but it would have made no difference.


    Ahh, Ish and logos... what a crew of introverts.


    That would include titorite.....


    Strange, the things we see and the way we respond. I personally am proud of what I did.



  14. I was always under the im,pression that it meant that cops were ahead of you pulling a speedtrap Kerr.


    Like a warning to ongoing traffic, to slow down, or get busted.


    In fact, I have seen someone arrested for flashing their lights as a warning.


    "Obstructing justice" was the charge.



  15. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow!


    Its a manifestation of the electricity/ electrical discharges.


    Causes psychosis.


    I wonder if there is an Electrical Anonymous?




    That pun may not be good enough... someone care to help me?


    For the funny of course..




    and my name isnt:" Can I go? ", HDR/Jen.


    My name is "Can I go too?"


    Or, "Greg" will do.



  16. I also happened to be instrumental- from the begining to closing down reihardts demands that he meet with people in parks wearing the same colored T-shirts and having emails collected by a third party.


    The third party in question had the handle Logos666. and the first was Ishashota.(I had forgotten him so I edited for function ,here)


    From the begining -the collection of information on everyone that was interested in "his theories" and "wanting to learn more" was almost belligerent in it scope and scale.


    I could not believe so many people were and did fall for it.


    So none the less, Reinhardt and logos666 did stop "meeting in parks" and stopped collecting information on everyone and instead reinhardt set up his website to collect "fees" at his website address... somewhere around $700+ dollars a year.


    I do believe many people saw me ranting about them when all this started until they "changed policy"....which I didnt mind-everyone needs to make a buck.


    Like I said, this was the only legatus meeting this year so the story will kind of fade away.


    Anyone here can and should have looked up "legatus bermuda" in google, like I did 4-5 months ago.


    Homegrown conspiracy, built from the ground up.



  17. I had been following reihhardt from the beginning also when he predicted to the day months in advance the first crash on Google finance forum.


    Legatus was supposed to meet in Bermuda this weekend---what that implies is that large moneys and payouts are made to the vatican bank.


    Hence the reason for the stock market crashes..


    Like I said, I knew of this well in advance and was patiently waiting.


    Deosnt seems to have produced the desired results, but it does imply that a large payout needed to be settled before this very weekend.


    That is why the Stimulus package HAD to be voted/passed before this weekend.


    There is another thread in here somewhere I started and we have other characters that follow reinhardts threads/that also come in here.


    BTW- the Legatus meeting was the only one of the year......So after this I have no idea where his small tale will goto. That my freinds is where this thread should be headed.




    As far as realglow is concerned -he makes predictions ALL the time ,kinda like a character named EAT over there at GLP. Sometimes they hit sometimes they dont.



  18. I love when ya get on a rant Ray..


    I understood most of what you were speaking of...Thank god..


    So thanks, I want to make sure ya know you didnt waste your time doing it.


    This i didn't know though..:


    After a single series of D-T tests at JET, the largest fusion reactor yet to use this fuel, the vacuum vessel was sufficiently radioactive that remote handling needed to be used for the year following the tests.

    So I guess we wait for charlie from here.



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