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  1. Nah - RTM ask me to speculate Timenot_0 I must have been a little sleepy because looking back on it now, I see how effing crazy it sounds now to make prophetic statements. That would really be a first for me. Feels weird. :confused: Anyone else care to throw something in the mix, whatever I was thinking I lost it.
  2. As for Clinton and her Chances, Obama would more than likely be involved in a plane crash-he is a rock star, isn't he? That wouldn't be the first time people have mysteriously died in plane crashes around The Clinton's. It lays guilt squarely on unfortunate circumstances and If she waits possible the blame can be transferred to McCain and the neoconservative. That is the most likely scenario IMHO I am still not sure if a scenario like that would allow her to "step up" completely. but... As for the new messiah, We of course the answer would be EARTHQUAKES.(at the dome of the rock, and the east gate gets wrecked and rebuilt.)
  3. Obama has already started to loose support- the second he started criticizing American Black Men on how to raise children. He isn't making friends - he is starting his campaign of disenfranchisement a little early isn't he? Maybe he has to to get the white vote. I bet he accelerates the war on drugs. He is the worst kind of liar. The fact that where he gets his money won't affect people that much. ***************************************8 As far as Jesus predictions, you could say the Muslims on a different "timeline" also, They planted a graveyard at the east gate because it would make the messiah unclean if he tried to enter jerusalem... LOL. I would say the same things are in place already for Clintons "Rise to the White House now. Gunna be hard to get past that east gate Hillary. To get there she would be unclean. Little metaphor of predictions for ya.
  4. I see things with just a slight skew. I see time as a relative measure of change in measurable quantities of mass/energy. No Matter, No Time. Once we have that, the only constant in the change of potential of matter , is the speed of light.(because we still don't know what the smallest particle is) Relative to that , we only have our basic measurements of changes of energy potential in mass/energy-over time. Thus, A way to travel into the future/past in my mind is improbable, except in relation to other mass that will have stayed at a constant "rate of change". You/the particle will have moved at a faster "rate of change" and then slowed down or slowed down and then sped up. To literally time travel, in the most romantic way, traveling time, getting the girl saving the world and then returning home, violates The Most important rule.-- That your "Time Frame, zero point" is relative to any measurement you take. That's why its the theory of relativity. There is ONLY ONE PLACE THAT WE CANNOT MEASURE- and that is on the other side of a singularity- that's why it is called a singularity. We can theorize though. Then again-relativity is only a theory, just like flight. So yes, I agree That the physical and dynamic Manifold is the only method of actually Measuring the capacity to "travel time".
  5. Kanigo2


    Take care ruthless... 2008 is gunna be rough... I won' get into my problems though. Good journey.
  6. Breathe man! Can there be good and evil time travelers? Sure I guess, Would an evil TT hate or love our government? He probably wouldn't care, He is evil. Would a good TT care, probably, but aren't all good TT's self righteous @sshole's with their own agendas?(There is a rumor go'in around) Makes you question what is good and bad, doesn't it? As far as TTing to get away from this government, they could probably do better just to fix the one we have. **************************************************************************** Recall the Robot:(Google search)
  7. I have always concluded the VERY same thing TimeNot_0. We are prisoners. Can we get a reference to this silver cell story please?
  8. Link was bad: God Told Me to Exactly- It is like a deja-vu that everyone in the US is experiencing- A mystical story coming to life before our very eyes. The rest of the world watches, and thinks- Man thats one crazy mother, We look at Bush and say the same thing. Bush Is truly a homicidal paranoid schizophrenic, The entire congress is completely delusional to the scope of his biological degeneration.We have no choice but to just wait him out of office-or do we?
  9. Muhahaha, Pixilation is cool, we need a Lip- Reader Over here! A tear says a 1000 words: here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7YpZevPyLc&NR=1
  10. I had been falling down a wormhole(forgive the pun) of thought that TimeNot_0 had elaborated on that, singularities spin at around 1150 RPM, which happens to be their theoretically limit.(still unproven) I found out that NASA has discovered that there are other singularities they have discovered that actually spin slower.(with artist renderings) without furthere ado- 10 solar masses and: pretty picture To better summarize recalls quote that: I will refer you to this article from the IndiaDaily: Time dimensions are endless. However, there exists something called singularities and limit circles in time dimensions. Once an object enters the time singularity, it can literally manipulate space and time curvatures. What that means is that a spacecraft can take million weeks to travel to the outer edge of our universe. But using time singularity, it is possible to shift the time dial back for such propagation to several days. source: http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/17211.asp I am not sure if you are just trying to "get your mind around" and be able to visualize an image of time, if that is the case then we should start working on your perception of what time is in the first place,instead.
  11. Hey Uh Linkman- you are talking about yourself in the third person. Here: John Ravel Linkman - play anagram anyone? I refuse. Greywolf, A remote viewer:Very close, appears to emulate him. http://educate-yourself.org/cn/encouragement15mar06.shtml Thank you linkman for wasting an hour of my life , yet making me smarter by looking up everything. (I love the fact that he is "cloning" A.K.A John. Nice touch goofball, Raelien, hehehe)
  12. But most important in in a food shortage environment, is having food in stockpiles. The government has a moratorium on that also. The USDA's sole remaining sizable stockpile contains about 24 million bushels of wheat in a special government trust dedicated to international humanitarian aid. The special food program, which also holds $117 million in cash, has dwindled from its original 147-million-bushel level as Republican and Democratic administrations have used it but not fully replenished it. Source: http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/food/2008-05-01-usda-food-supply_N.htm <font color="orange"> Please Take just a moment and compare those numbers to a 1989 New York Times article on wheat stockpiles shortages[/color] By June 1, the beginning of the 1989-90 wheat marketing year, the inventory may be about 534 million bushels, the smallest since the mid-1970's, source: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=950DE4DC123CF930A15751C0A96F948260 Also a New threat: wheat rust. Started in Uganda and has spread. http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/pr/2008/080616.htm This is just a small study of our wheat stockpiles the actual stockpiles 19 years ago were 20 TIMES what they are now. I am not taking in account corn, soybeans, rice canola seed, cotton, ect. As for Government cheese, powdered/condensed milk, that program does not even exist anymore. We Have NO current stockpile of food in America, well maybe a couple loaves of bread for your family until the harvest season. Most of the wheat flour is locked up in long term contracts to companies like kelloggs kraft and general foods. The government will not supply food to people in case of a disaster, they will issue fiat dollars to purchase food from these companies but what happens if the companies won't accept the dollars? Is this a manufactured food shortage? Absolutely. (sorry for the continuous edits, I keep loosing power and its raining pretty good down here right now)
  13. I have done my best to get on SHR's good side even Pamela can attest to that- Yeah there are a list of words for example: Tavistock http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=103996 Also a lot of people over there are using megaphone software- I will let ya look that up yourself. **************************************************************************************** By the way everyone, I read the entire thread, interesting to say the least and it gives me a little more insight to the things about this forum. Like I have said in a few posts already, the dynamics of your relationships is compelling. *Even bringing them up can seem a criticism, and I really don't mean it like that.* It just takes an extreme amount of reading to actually "get it". I intend to stay involved even if I seem to rattle on , I have a feeling any of you would forgive me just for the ignorance factor alone. I have a concept that I have to be involved, while I read even at the cost of sounding stupid. Seems a small price to pay but worth the effort. Even got to hear CigMan say the he should drop the whole conspiracy bit and that it was all cut and paste. How cute. I was beginning to wonder after a while. Darby do you still run anomalies? and if you do why are the headlines a week out?
  14. I am pretty sure that someone is trying to make money on them, but I am willing to bet they aren't getting rich. As far as the content is concerned, you probably won't find a smarter set of individuals on the subject of TT as these people here. The crackpots are just chum in the water- it brings out the sharks. Sharks get bored too. ;) On a side note- there isn't an interactive Titor site on the net EXCEPT this place. Over time it has built a specific (unspoken) set of protocols. They have to be accepted at face value, I see 10 times as many "predictions" over at other sites, but the responses are childish. They come here at their own risk. There is a methodology here that must be honored and it is- rigorously. What more can I say besides that it is 2008 and there are predictions and there will be questions. Be Glad This site is still up. There is a lot of content on here still besides that. Go try the cigman threads in conspiracies, very interesting.
  15. Yup: I bet I could find a post that every single one of you has been personally attacked. Though,Like a fine Blended Scotch you all seem to come together as a cohesive unit.On The Rocks. I wasn't even looking for this thread but found it anyway. It is interesting to see though. There are so many claims! I do not see how I could ever catch up, so many lies and obtuse angles to every story in here, so much speculation. Every possible outcome and tangent to EVERY story,trampled down in the search for truth(with good reason). People that walk in to this forum have NO idea what they are in for. If anyone makes any statement to criticize, it has already been done before. Compliments are manipulative.Definitive Technological Theories have mostly all been discussed. Facing the Blinding , Cold reality of never having a definitive answer to the Question,"Is Time Travel possible for a human being?" and "would it be even be useful if possible?". Nevermind me, Just ranting. P.S Loved the speculation CigMan. P.S.S jmpet here: 302 days later, jmpet here: http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=50189&Forum=All_Forums&Words=jmpet&Match=Username&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=50184&Search=true#Post50189 I hope that gave ya a laugh-it was my intention. :P Oh The Drama, I bet he is a nice guy too. I am just trying to make the point that reading 302 days of just jmpet's post would be hard for me to catch up on, much less what transpired beforehand. There are so many feelings involved, you don't know what you are stepping into. I think I made my point.
  16. Re: Welcome Dr. Bruce Goldberg (Southern California) is a clinical hypnotist who has regressed 11,000 individual patients. You are welcome to review his catalog of books. http://www.drbrucegoldberg.com/BookDirectory.htm He is currently promoting his new book. Dr. Bruce Goldberg holds a B.A. degree in Biology and Chemistry, is a Doctor of Dental Surgery and has an M.S. degree in Counseling Psychology. He conducts his international hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles. His book Past Lives, Future Lives is a classic and the first book ever written on taking patients into future lives. Dr. Goldberg has appeared on Oprah, Regis, Jerry Springer, Montel Williams, CNN, CBS News, Art Bell, to name a few. His second book, The Search For Grace, was made into a CBS movie. He also appeared in The Conspiracy Zone(TNN) and Time Travel , both as himself. He has appeared before on CoasttoCoast Can be heard here: www.coasttocoastam.com/shows/2004/11/16.html His Official office Address is:(It's a Professional Office, So I don't violate any rules here) 4300 Natoma Ave Woodland Hills, CA 91364 [email protected] 818-713-8190 He offers online and CD course's in Remote Veiwing and Self Hypnosis. Not much going on here but I figured HDRkid might need a refresher course, so I posted the info. http://www.drbrucegoldberg.com/
  17. I will take that deal- Drop the McMunster and Raise you a Paul. In timeline 1.87 Paul is probably a Nazi but thats the price you have to pay for messing with the future.Take the deal, think of the poor brownshirts.
  18. Re: John Titor FAKE *DELETED* Post deleted by Kanigo2 for being lame - off to discover the fine world of quoting.
  19. What if: the Olympics are or not CANCELED, what becomes of perceptions of John Titor and belief in his future prediction ? ************************************************************************* The Olympics will run on time, but may not complete.(I can't make up my mind,judging by past history on his predictions, The Olympics will finish). The perception of Titor will remain the same, Even after 2015 - remember we are looking for Nuclear War. Remember, Its not about the timeline or the predictions- It is about the desire to understand that drives people to his predictions and what they do with that information. A real study into the human psyche. I just had a fun thought, I think I am going to look into sportsbook and see who has the best odds to bring home the gold between the events. Kinda get into It. I'll edit post when I have more info. Here is the U.S ' Latest cutey in Gymnastics. Just won national. http://www.shawnjohnson.net/ Track and Field trials in 6 days. http://www.eugene08.com/ Boxing hasn't completed. 163 Players (Viewed 589 times) Yes Olympics should be cancelled or postponed. - 30.67% (50 bets) 50 bets No. Nothing can stop the games. - 66.87% (109 bets) 109 bets I dunno. - 2.45% (4 bets) 4 bets Those are current #'s Forgive me for influencing here .. heheh
  20. Man I lost power 5 times, and three posts,and I was on that image before before i even finished the thread. I wonder if the termite will make claims of timetravel in his new timeline? 2 hours and 2 minutes for a debunk is that a new record? :P
  21. Well I wrote a long segment about how we would contain these particles in an environment and it we induced them into strings and insert a potential change that we would see a speed of light outcome(which had occurred to me in your last link). I didn't say it then because i wasn't sure if I was on the right track. So I wrote up a long response to you thinking about superman's crystals, Inserting a potential difference in a string of these particles and getting a differential output of information at the speed of light.(I was concerned that the previous scientist remark that if the laser was even bumped all information was lost, so I started thinking of sending the signal through different media as a storage potential,If it was in a gas as most lazers are, the information would disperse but if it were contained through a crystaline form..... is where the "superman crystal" thing came from)-didnt mean to sound a little crazy there. Then my power shut off and I lost everything I wrote. Conspiracy! Still interesting, and offered insight that I wasn't too far off. Ty for the post.
  22. Linkman, could you be a little clearer on you Rules policy concerning the questions that we can ask,Please. It would save a lot of time.
  23. Re: Welcome Start your thread with,"I am from the future", or "I predict..". Is a better way to get peoples attention in here, Hannah. Is it official? Is HDRkid through? Can the kid build and tune his megawatt Tesla coil to get him back on the right time line? Will he discovery the decimal equivalent of the time line we are on now? Is it 1.69? Will he be forced to extract Zero-point energy from the ether? Will he be investigated by the police for a "marijuana grow room" for his excessive use of power(credit to RTM) only to have to explain that he is a Remote Viewing the future? Tune in next time, for "I predict the future, with HDRkid!" ****************************************************************** Welcome, Hannah. The problem isn't that they make predictions or that they have traveled time in their stories. It is a specific class of story that will start the de-bunk train "a-rolling". Making near term prediction or traveling FROM the (near) future and making claims of future events will get ya in problems here. *Traveling from the past or Making predictions 400 years from now is OK.* De-bunking stories is a pastime to some people.To some others it is caustic and eats at their soul. The whole bible is about trying to find a meaning to predictions of the future. It is all relative to how much "The story" is going to effect the listener. Here, have a cookie, by the time you finish it, you will realize you don't believe in any of this fate [email protected]
  24. I read the article and the theory that quasi-particle can generate a different potential is extremely interesting. What is more interesting still is why the electron potential seems to balance back out at a specific state. I think I am catching what you are saying, that these are in effect "electron seeds". With memory capacity they could literally change potential in effect instantly. In effect No charge time. Like standard memory. Any change in "potential" gives an instantaneous change in outcome.
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