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  1. I don't really put to much on it , Pamela. After reading how Javier was going after John- and I mean he WOULD not stop, John kept up a dialog. Even played with him. There is a proverb I like goes something like : Accept criticism as fine golden apples(How it applies to where I go later in the thread I have no idea). Funny how that plays out today, Seems like the story suffers. I remember Loosing a very talented friend, and the only thing that kept occurring to me, was" What a waste of Vast experiences if we only would have his Stories to reflect upon". **************************************************************** Hehe, Follow me for a sec, I see a picture of a grandfather telling a group of kids a "spooky tale" and the kids sitting around trying to de-bunk him. Takes a lot of patience to get to the spooky part. Grandpa: Kids when I was young, I was a witness to a group of young people being murdered in this forest that we sit in. Kid #1: Grandpa I have already researched The History of this county, in fact the murdered kids Occurred in 1942, knowing your age is 74 you were not even born yet. Kid #2: Yeah and on top of that Grandpa the murders didn't even occur on this side of the forest. Kid #3: Yeah I agree #2 I did a background check on grandpa and found that he has told lies before in another campfire "Incident". Grandpa: (familiar with his brat grandchildren, goes on anyway) What if I told you that I had traveled time to be witness the event first hand. Kid #2: Oh come-on you old bastard, aren't you tired of telling these long winded tales yet. Kid #1: I have a youtube video re-enacts the story from that day-"Insert rick-roll" Kid #3: You sunuva bitch #1! I hate your guts. #1 just RICKROLL EVERYONE!! Grandpa: I would be very careful walking around in this forest at night. Kid #2 Hey, #3 Lets go walk in the forest, this Old Man is full of [email protected] and I think he is impersonating #1 also. ********************************************************************** On some levels this place has become a monument/corpse. As for people coming forward, the people that are coming here are coming here to "pay homage" or sacrifice at the "Alter of Titor". Or to de-bunk a repeatedly over de-bunked tale. So tell me what do you think, they still come until 2015? There is so much new technology out there, so many new results and ideas on the horizon. It just seems that this place is actually (forgive the pun) stuck in time. The skepticism was important to John. I think we would all be better time travelers:) :P
  2. In response to Poster: PamelaM217 Subject: Re: Titor claim at ATS Actually Boulder MD was very interesting. Did he ever make another reply?? I don't think he was John but he told a very interesting story. Wish I was there to ask him questions. ************************************************ No he never did, You of course saw in the thread where they started posting the doctors personal information in the forum chat. Tracking I.P's, Doing background checks, Posting the information in a public forum......... Reminds me of another forum...............Hmmmm? It just surprised me how rapidly the FEVER caught hold, It is like watching parents fight over the last Elmo doll at the toy store at Christmas time. Rabid Dogs.... Debunking or catching Titor is a sickness- like a schizophrenia. Once they make up their minds, there is No being reasonable. I don't ever see John re-emerging either in this atmosphere. It's 2008. I am more aware and so are a lot of other people because of Titor. Hard to de-bunk the REALITY that it has changed people. I celebrate his message and sympathize with EVERYONE involved. Lets face it, We miss him. :cry:
  3. Darby Pooh-Bah Reged: 03/08/01 Posts: 1859 Re: John Titor FAKE [re: TimeNot_0] 06/15/08 10:24 PM ( Edit post Edit Reply to this post Reply TimeNot, For a long time I've had the feeling that I recognized your style of writing posts - and then you made the CIV/Sid Myers reference. Is this Al - one of the original Titor posters on Post-2-Post and an original member at Anomalies (Member #4 as I recall)? *********************************************************************** Sorry , I was under the impression that you were trying to "raz" him for me. No sweat- Nothing to see here, Lets move on. :) I am still under the impression that John was not fake.I've read worse stories. There may be a "checklist" that everybody is scratching off for his predictions but Did he travel Time? I think that is really stretching the limits of what I care to believe. It's as real as I choose to make it. Seems to me that it comes down to a personal level for each person here and you take away from it as much as you choose to.
  4. Re: Wheat Rust! re·cant (r-knt) To make a formal retraction or disavowal of a previously held statement or belief. Guess we won't be getting one of those again.The Hdrkid thread lives on.
  5. If timenot is Al - why try to debunk him? ***If you want to chase ghosts - Goto: http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com/ ***Allow the poor guy some anonymity, he isn't hurting your argument. ***I was only suggesting catching him in a lie, with proof, might be a better way to debunk the guy. ***When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
  6. I agree with you to the extent that local US Waco events would not result in the Olympics being cancelled worldwide. According to his story the Waco incidents are the precursors to open civil war in the US, followed by a collapse of Western stability in 2005 and a world war in 2015. To avoid the necessity of over interpreting his statements let's just look directly at them. ***I Can't Darby and my reasons are History is an "interpretation". ***The Conspiracy Theory grass roots population has taken off. The people that have power write the history. I ask you, WHO has Power in 2036? ************************************************************************************** So, the Olympics would be cancelled because there's a civil war in the US that by 2008, ***Absolutely Unproven -Hence My interpretation theory. ***I am trying to disprove Possibilities of the Olympics being cancelled.Like Earthquakes(Proven in my mind). ************************************************************************************** Thus "civil war" is armed conflict not a debating society. There's not much room for interpretation there because Titor himself supplied the definition of the meaning within the context of his saga. Therefore, the Olympics would have been cancelled after 2004 because there was an armed conflict going on inside the USA - a civil war and not just some Waco Incidents. ***Darby, Listen! There are armed conflicts everyday.This is a matter of PERSPECTIVE. ***I could send you to Alex Jones webbie, In Alex's Stories This IS AN ARMED CONFLICT.Propaganda is a powerful tool. ***Would you like to dispute that this could get out of hand? http://www.progunleaders.org./ *************************************************************************************** pamela: 6.what started the war? and who fought in it? who won?what countries were destroyed and what survived? ***She sounds inquisitive and intuitive. Glad she was there to ask these questions. Or you wouldn't ***even have enough information to work with. **************************************************************************************** The entire subject is a paradox. Even After there are Olympics, which we all agree WILL Happen On time. I say to you, that if there is a "Nuclear War". Most electronics would fry. The only people saving this information are the people that are prepared for it. Now try this on for size Darby, I am service mechanic, My service area is from Ocala to Stuart and from St. Petersburg to Jacksonville. I see small communities all over the place in Florida.Isolated. The ones that come to mind the most for this type of attitude, Is Avon Park and around Okechobee(North side) into Fort Myers. Examples: http://washdateline.mgnetwork.com/index.cfm?SiteID=wsh&PackageID=46&fuseaction=article.main&ArticleID=6920&GroupID=214 http://www.adl.org/learn/Events_2001/events_archive_2004_print.asp (View Florida) http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/south-florida-gathering-thread-local-368943.html ******************************************************************************** I would like to say that , I feel that the thread is a little sidetracked. I have to respond though to defend myself(how did I get here?, I thought I made it clear already) I reject your argument, Darby. On Hearsay.(which is totally retarded because that's how this started in the first place). A video for the fun of it all. http://youtube.com/watch?v=hfYAQB8h22E
  7. you may try these recipes on week-ends!!! Gave it up! And we called it "pruno" in Vacaville. I'm Naming it the Javier cuz it turns ya into an [censored]. One gallon (any juice, preferably fresh with pulp) One gallon water One pound sugar. Two pieces of bread. Two handful's of raisins. Place in BLACK PLASTIC BAG. Put in a dark place-Let It cook- release gas as necessary. Cook to taste(or drink before the cops get you). Best issue I ever had tasted like VODKA, with the slightest hint of orange flavor. 5 dollars a cup.(dont forget to eat the raisins, yummy)
  8. TimeNot, For a long time I've had the feeling that I recognized your style of writing posts - and then you made the CIV/Sid Myers reference. Is this Al - one of the original Titor posters on Post-2-Post and an original member at Anomalies (Member #4 as I recall)? Why do you try to debunk him Darby? NEVER INTERRUPT YOUR ENEMY! I think you give him too much credit, rather he fall in a logic loop, Like trapping a tiger(or a goldfish in a bag). Sell him at the fair for a dollar later,when you really have him.
  9. -3 Wise Men on Timeline 39 (Darby, Florida Jim and John Titor) * 1/3 oz Jack Daniels * 1/3 oz Johnnie Walker * 1/3 oz Jim Beam Mixing instructions: Put them in a glass... and slam it to the head. -Pamela`s Altervue Ingredients: * 1/2 oz Goldschlager * 1/2 oz Jägermeister * 1/2 oz Rumple Minze * 1/2 oz Bacardi 151 proof rum Mixing instructions: Add over ice,shake and pour. -Florida`s Jim time email Ingredients: * 1/2 oz Malibu rum * 1/2 oz Light rum (Bacardi) * 1/2 oz Bacardi 151 proof rum * 1 oz Dark Creme de Cacao * 1 oz Cointreau * 3 oz Milk * 1 oz Coconut liqueur * 1 cup Vanilla ice-cream Mixing instructions: Combine all ingredients. Blend until smooth. Garnish with chocolate shavings if desired. Recall15- You are a grand ol' fool-I love it.
  10. I dont really like ATS because of their format. I goto GLP for the comedy. I am just your basic conspiracy ,free energy,ghost hunter,ufo,timetravel,Ron paul,sunwatching,stargazing,flouride in the water,NWO,Hydrogen cell,zeta hating, Numerolgy,illuminati,bildeburg,Alex jones,Depression,Nazi on dope, Remote Veiwing Debunker. All I am Is a Forklift Mechanic,With an Industrial Electricians degree. Gamespot is a little childish for me, It would have been great when I was playing Halflife. Thank you for the offer, but no.
  11. In reply to: I think Titors "Interpretation" of "No Real Olympics" is subjective in itself also. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((Are the Olympics still being played in your time?)) . As a result of the many conflicts, no, there were no official Olympics after 2004. However, it appears they may be revived in in 2040. many conflicts- Assuming he meant conflicts Other than just "waco style events" official Olympics- Open to interpretation. I am not sure he violated his own rules on this statement. I ALSO would like to point that he is relating the conflicts to the olympics, in no uncertain terms but that it is a byproduct of these conflicts and not of EARTHQUAKES(So there goes that one). Follow my train of thought? Care to throw another in?
  12. There is a fourth option, to just Troll around and let people argue. That is a waste of energy though, except for the youngsters to the conspiracy game.Who by the way should do more reading and less Jawboning.}> **Comments requested on this and how it would relate to the Olympics*** I asked my stepfather to make a prediction for what he sees happening before the end of the year. But first a few descriptive items about him, he is 65, a retired Unix programmer for Southern California Edison, he was programming the Power grid for California's switching stations.He doesn't watch news and his favorite pastime is reading e-books. ~~~~ "Washington D.C. would be Condoned off like the"Green Zone" in Iraq, before the end of the year, Open to Washington Politicians and Military Personnel ONLY." ~~~~ I asked just for personal, selfish, humorous reasons of course. I did not ask him for his reasoning behind his response, intentionally. ********** Now back to the subject at hand, The Olympics Prediction******** Just so you know RMT, I do see the Olympics going forward, But possibly not completing, partial attendance, Athletes In Protest,The same stuff that comes up at any Olympics. I think Titors "Interpretation" of "No Real Olympics" is subjective in itself also. Mabey ,It means he hates China so much he refuses to recognize the Olympics personally. (John was Extremely opinionated about China and that would not be the first time I have seen that type of hatred shows its ugly face) It could mean there are No Olympics for half the rest of the world. I have a problem with the fact we all are making an assumption that Only Involves The U.S.A and Its involvement and /or participation in the Olympics itself. That's a vary Narrow view. *I will stop there knowing full well that I have not personally read any previous threads concerning the Olympics and would like to be better informed, so as not to repeat subject matter, suggestions to previous GOOD, Informative Threads are requested.*
  13. Re: Wheat Rust! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ix3cVySuck These are knobs! Hehehe. He needs 2 10k. Not One Only one capacitor though. 1uK . It other words its an oscillating circuit. Better fun just playing with the tesla in the first place. http://www.luolamies.org/tesla/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Invisibility screen UP!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <font color="yellow"> (Man ,I hate to say this, I still see Hillary in the White House too, I am probably wrong though.) [/color] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Invisibility screen DOWN!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  14. I partially agree with your hypothesis Timenot_0.There are forces within our society that would prefer total control.I feel that most of their responses are far more insidious. For example, * If Obama was Assassinated and the black communities rioted, would white America cheer if President Bush declared Martial Law and brought in troops to "quench the riots",would white America cheer for President Bush?*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Would that fit your profile? ______________________________________________________________________________ Sadly though I think, TimeNot_0, you missed my point, I did not put quotations around Pams quote. I have attempted to correct that error in my previous post by labeling the first sentence as Pams quote. The post was actually met as a letter of encouragement to Pam and was a response to her. I reviewed my post and I found NO point did i give an order,suggestion and only a slight hint at advice. I believe this may have been a response to a slight clerical error and I hope this has resolved it.I still am unsure how to "[*Quote*]" in this forum. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To be totally honest though, I think your response is Completely within the "Subject " of this post and you may be replying to "Re: John Titor FAKE". Which in that case, I may be wrong for Posting back to you.Mistakes are made and easily remedied. I hope that I have corrected any error and responded to your post in a way that will repair any misgivings. Now , Where were we?Anyone? :confused:
  15. Pam Quote"I have a feeling this board is going to become like Anomalies board." **** I know you don't know me and probably don't care. I remember reading a LOT of your old posts. Trust me that took a long time Pamela. I can see how ya started out. Seemingly wild eyed and innocent. I also watched the posts change over the years. I can't be entirely sure what took place with you over that time, I won't even pretend. I will say this much, the caliber of content in this forum is exponentially greater then in ANY other forum. Honestly, after this much time, its SPOOKS me that you are still here. That single fact weighs heavier on my soul. It defies reason. I ask myself WHY you would stay in an abusive relationship with this forum over ALL this time. I start asking myself "Why". The very idea that I might get an answer spooks me. I want to make it dead clear, "I don't want you to answer it". I point out that a lot of the things that are said are in jest-to maintain an intellectual position-to clarify-or to razz an answer outa someone.I for one for whatever reason am on your side, even if it is just for the romantic notion that Titor was right. I hope this in someway helps you to remind you of younger days when the world was a little brighter. -Greg
  16. You make it Kinda cut and dry though Time. Logically only have 2 responses to the thread the way it was started. Either I can agree with you(and what fun is there in that?) -OR- I can try to debunk YOUR prediction and agree with the Titor time line. Its a Kobayashi Maru scenario- No win- test of character. So I guess i will defend the time line with rash outbursts and long explanatory threads , obtuse links, earthquake predictions(with pictorial diagrams), Congressional Bills(real and imagined), SOHO images, Up to date News items, HAARP predictions, Cern countdowns, ad. nauseum .... Or maybe I won't- HA!
  17. Re: Wheat Rust! Hdrkid: Even I am calling Hijinx on ya now. There is NO WAY-BUSH would even dare now. Kucinich-Article 25 called him out on the Posse Comitatus Act. There is No possible way that he would be able to use troops inside this country now. It is a matter of public record. The Supreme Court Just Saved Habeus Corpus for us today and in the ruling stated he" Bush" cant turn on and off the constitution at will.2 days ago i might still have agreed, not now. Consider this: Obama the first Black President , declaring Martial Law either? Not a lot of possibilities left there man. Lots of outcomes that do not fall into that "timeline". The Only one that fits is that Obama gets assasinated. Is that what you are suggesting is going to happen? I am asking you to clarify for the "integrity of the thread". Or let your lady psychic take over for ya.
  18. Hahaha: I noticed in the third rail diagram there is NO MENTION of the Olympics again. You actually have to stare at it for like 3 minutes to even understand what point the poor sap is trying to make. I realized it was because there is no "start here" point. Maybe I am just a simpleton. I think in three months time I have been down every single "rabbit hole" of conspiracy theory. I am becoming Such a skeptic. I think it was Darby or RainManTime, that had said" I have seen every type of person come in these forums to find an answer to their sorry lives" ~ sorry if I misquoted or got the name wrong. It made an impression on me~ a Strong impression. I am still impressed enough with the community here because they have been through so much with the "events" that have transpired ~ and put enough time into it to become the extreme skeptics themselves. I have questions that I would like to ask FloridaJim or Pamela, But after reading so much, even thinking about asking makes me sick to my stomach. Seeing these "predictions" debunked seems to be a fufillment of some Karma. Anyway didn't mean to hijack. I will give credit to RainManTime again for shooting down camelot-even though I see he gets only a slight pleasure out of it.
  19. Rains quote: As for me, I am enjoying life over here on timeline 1.69, in St. Louis. Check the IP if you don't believe me. They got more hot women with big cans on this timeline than the stinking one these other guys are wallowing in! But I checked...nope, hdrkid's predictions are wrong even on THIS timeline! *********************************************************************************** Jesus Rain : you better call and tell these guys now- There of course was an update.. http://www.projectcamelot.org/t1v83.html And I quote: We all co-create our world So this is a message of hope and informed optimism. It seems that the bad-news variant 83 has already been broken. What new variant we may now be on, we do not know - and possibly no-one does. BINGO! Thats for you also recall15 only because you got me to read all that stuff and funny I check back on it and he updates it.
  20. Aparently the banana timeline infestation has been discussed and it appears in our new timeline that they Also are suppose to go extinct. Guess when! 2010! LOL http://www.reddit.com/info/5xhq/comments/ Now for the full story lets goto MrBanana with an incredible timeline of his own! http://www.ccbanana.com/main/banana.timeline.htm
  21. I do tire of unproveable claims. :) Like this one: Timeline 1, variant 83 T1v83, as it's known, did not contain good news for you and us, the citizens of the world. For this reason we did not publicize any of the information, assuming that it was highly classified. :mad: Damn recall thats a lot of reading and not one mention of the olympics..... Must be classified. 60 days and counting for the olympics. 28 days for next Cern test.
  22. Re: Say Goodbye To The Kid! GoodBye Kid! ******** New Post: RainmanTime Prediction Thread....Without Time Travel or Chicken Blood! ******** Even though you got him to admit it.... I feel in some way we All still lost with Obama as nominee and 4 dollar gas. Then again You did stay after him for a long time. You get a <font color="yellow"> Gold Star [/color] for determination. Congrads. Haha: SkeptiSaurus beat me to it...
  23. Just to keep ya informed. A person named q-ball is making claims that another poster BoulderMD is John Titor. Do what you would like with the information.... The Claim is made here: by q-ball http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread361561/pg1 and the original text that the claim was made from is here: BoulderMD http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread360441/pg1. I only post this because I figure there would be a rash of traffic to this site. How could you imagine what has transpired just by sitting in a chat room way back when? I can only imagine what this whole story has done to some of you affected your lives in ways that you never imagined-and continues to this day. I Truly offer my sympathies.
  24. Re: Clinton to suspend campaign, bucking for VP?? Not so fast recall- She said she will "suspend" her campaign, but she will not remove her name from the ballot. The devil is in the details. Edit: wanted source.... "I have said throughout the campaign that I would strongly support Sen. Obama**** IF **** he were the Democratic Party's nominee, and I intend to deliver on that promise," the e-mail read. LOL- well he isn't yet. But when he is I will capitulate. http://edition.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/06/06/clinton.obama.wrap/index.html
  25. Re: Keeps nudging up... I saw that over on Reuters. First thing I thought of was you. LOL Hey By the way does hdrkid post over in Godlikeproductions as TheKid? Seemed like the same maniacal rambling and making predictions. In fact resembles the same writing style also.
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