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  1. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! And yet if Jen could have told me my wife was going to die, I could have stopped it. Prepare? Huh HDR? MAD?, Yes I am.
  2. LOL... ;)...You da man recall...and I love you for it.. Thanks man...best laugh all day... gotta love a worn out set up joke.. Almost into pun territory there...keep up the good work.. and thanks, seriously.
  3. Thanks all, expecially Kerr, the message you sent, was not what I was expecting in that prayer. But fitting, surprising. But of course- here comes the rancid joke---- " I surprisingly had no urge to time travel to go save her..." ---------------->Please laugh,, this is, pretty hard....to do. Kerr, so you know, I would not have said a word, here or anywhere else. Except for one proverb... "In a multitude of counselors, there is safety" I won't vent on you all much.. I seriously thank you all for the support. Now I want recall to post some obtuse ass link....LOL :confused: ;), Come on Bro you can do it...LOL. Laugh with me man , Please... Ruthless, I think I just beat ya in the screwed up stuff catagory... don't worry.. I had it great for a WAY long time.. And Ray, I don't think, I have met an individual that has taken -THE TIME- to explain to me the most abstract ideas, as you. I know, the rest of you will see this thread, In all honesty, I have no idea what to do, so forgive me if I lean on some of you, from time to time... I am gunna step away for a few again.. instead of answering any threads. But I will come back..
  4. as she was walking home Saturday night. web page web page You will forgive me If ,I don't go into too much detail. Pray for her please folks, whatever good that will accomplish...
  5. And the thread at GLP... http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message711148/pg1
  6. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! HDR, Everything that you spoke of to me can be resolved with one word. "Transparency" We need new enforcement of current SEC regulation. Not bread and circuses. This is the reason Chris Cox quit the day Obama was inaugurated.---Leaving a woman named Shapiro in charge---That at least covers the market and trading... I do not see-Hyperinflation later- I am seeing it now- What I do see, are exorbitant taxes coming down the pike....and even a heavier hand of government enforcement on the populace. These are my predictions..
  7. Yeah that last peak and the Italian influence was because of a time travel show they had on Italian TV back in like may....of last year.
  8. He was also at GLP. Louis Winthpr III, had mentioned it to me. So this gentleman does get around. Definitely not a newbie , to the community.
  9. Re: Joint Forces report warns Mexico could ... I could have sworn that it was you Darby, but, my ears and eyes constantly deceive me. Forgive me for asking such an obtuse question. At least ruthless remembered so I know I am not completely crazy. I think that whole line of misunderstanding started in me from a sequence of some obscure dialog having to do with people experiencing "timeshifts" concerning their "interaction" with john titor. It was nothing, but just a refresher, seemed out of character for you-hence the reason I asked...
  10. I hadn't heard that one before. Glad to know , I may possibly have a neighbor./ or used to. Hey Darby, there is also one other thing that bothered me with you: How much truth to the story is there: to you having experienced a timeline change and discussing with your wife in the car that you had never seen that "furniture store there before, in that location....." It may be an obtuse reference and I may be remembering it wrong, but it is all hearsay I quote anyway....so forgive me , If I am incorrect in asking. I was really just wasting my time laughing at HDR.. but what the hell, I mind as well ask.
  11. Re:First Images Emerge of Damage to the LHC May 1st is the day for refiring-- at least according to CERN still. 3 months 10 days...
  12. re:(COLLECTIVE ENERGY) was: Has Thanks for staying on that Recall...
  13. Ugly nothing. but given credit... for what it is...
  14. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Your examples do not explain the US current situation. I personally have more food than GOD, I can feed myself and my freinds for for almost 2 years. this would include my family and friends, even if it included a bad winter. I wish I could explain to you, the limit, of the distance we would go..... We havent even gone the distance of consolidation. The U.S. IS fine. Now I could cut you down, HDR, but in fact, what has occurred is with, even your "arrangement". There are people that are ready. Solid, decent, honest people. Even the "poor" folks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> You should really look ahead, besides the basic structure, of what should be "done". And give better, "predictions",. Besides just a side note of "get ready". We are already, "ready". your move....
  15. My problem with what you term as the meaning of life, is a simple description of vanity.... You, OP, would like to see a specific outcome, or a meaning.... why is it important? Would you like your offspring, to BECOME something? Its not as if you will live forever..NOR will your offspring.. so why care? unless you would not like them to suffer at the hands of another offspring.. So starts the game..... so what are we playing?
  16. Ray , the links broke...try again for me please...
  17. If what you suggest to be true matt, on the most basic of philosophical levels, then you were to have of course met with me. Understanding that thesis, please allow me a moment of your time. Never having met you, in this , metaphysical reality, how would you describe, the way that I am speaking to you now, if you were to express me a "person or ""spirit"" that you had met before?" I will bite, but please allow me one discrepancy, that there was the posibility that I also had met you also..... Having done that, as far as a first impression, I can only see you as intuitive and having some command of the English language to desribe the "feelings" that have occurred to you. So forgive me if I fall short of "your mark". If true, we will be able to center on a "connection" where we have met before and I will honestly try, to give you the answers that you are looking for, no games. I ask myself, should I tell you about my life to date? Or should , I try something more ephemeral? Suggestions please.
  18. OP! I have done everything you said! Now I am collecting whores , liquor and tobacco! and gasline! what else should I do?
  19. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! To anyone here.... To Hamas, Israeli conflict is the Casey Anthony, of the middle East. down a small dirt road, with small people doing small things. Someone died.whipty friggin do..... ------------------------------------------------> Noone cares, on a scale of measure, more people died in Detroit, last year. When Hamas and the Isrealis care about my country, I will care about theirs. Until then, HDR, leave this 125 strip of land with NO resources, out of any conversation that we ever have. I have seen more people show up at a white supremacy rally in Orlando....................... I know, because I went.
  20. It was probably the one thing we enjoyed about you the most, yet no reason to leave. good luck on your new adventures.
  21. I am doing absolutely fine folks... here is the co... ALRO Luckily, I hit it when the commodities hit the bottom, so there is only room for growth. I would like to say there isn't much of a manufacturing base down here, in orlando, just a bunch of people that want to take advantage of other folks... but I keep my hopes high. Do have a lotta mom and pop shops, I guess that is how they manage to survive at this branch. Lotta navy and X-ray work(brass). I am appreciated, which is all that matters to me, honestly.... Gives a chance to look around, and if you need raw stock, you know where to find it. I can get ya the "cursury" 10%. Nationwide. for what its worth...
  22. Re: SORRY NO3rd Annual \"Titor Was BS\" Party-1 Jan 2009 Happy New year folks!
  23. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Answered. I am on it. I will send the messgae. Gunna be hard for me in Florida, but somebody has to watch Titor/Haber. I will take the strike, to stay and be here in case.
  24. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Couple things HDR. We HAD "food banks" in the area. Many are closing. I had turned my eye, after putting food away, and making a garden, to watch for the needy folk in my town, especially the single mothers. I had my wife befriend them, intentionally. Most can care for themselves, but the dynamics of their situation, isn't that they can't get food, or get a house to live in, They can. PLEASE RAY-EXCUSE MY FRENCH---That these Proud women, with children can FUUUCK their way into somewhere to live, Trust me, they can. I PREFER to allow them the choice, so that they can be SELF SUFFICIENT. My concern was their "state of mind". Simply knowing I was there, was enough, for them, most of them, anyway. I had a girl named ,DANA, a few minutes ago, 2 kids, 17 and 10, Boyfreind, just went to Costa Rica. Cry, when I said to her(edited for content) People are scared, HDR. There is nothing to be scared of, and there never was. -------------------------------------------> I need ONE FISH and a LOAF OF BREAD- to feed 50 people. Sorry for the Biblical reference. ----------------------------------------> If things go bad, we can always throw the kids on the BBQ......Humabeef on the menu... :yum: After that little RANT I just gave HDR, do you have anything to say for yourself? I ALSO ask a second question, to you, "What is the point of making predictions, when everyone is prepared for the worst, already?" A Larger Audience?
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