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  1. Note: Disregard the VGL and "altervue" comments. Those terms are taken from the John Titor Saga. Apparently someone doesn't "get it" that you're hurt over this event, want serious responses and he decided to yank your chain for grins. (Adding to that that he doesn't speak English as a first language might explain why he missed the sorrow in your post.)

    All is Vanity.


    This is no more than a Dogma Response, to a Karmic event.


    You are better for having experienced what has occurred.


    I hate doing this, (because I cannot stand one liners)"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Friedrich Nietzsche.




    There is a lesson here--what exactly it is, is for you to figure out, brnoent.


    Knowing things the way I do, you won't ever get an answer.


    I hold my advice for a later time, because like most advice, It has no merit and will be misinterpreted.



  2. As a kid, I used to go to these "Gamathon Conventions", yes I was somewhat dorky- and turned out to be a drug addled punk later, but anyway on to my story...


    I rememebr more than a few games, that were based around the "Gulf Coast States" creating a separate "Union", because they controlled all the oil in the country.


    "Oil Wars"


    "Division America"


    and so-on....


    Even you have to admit, the only reason they place stories like this in the media(any of you) is to garner public suuport, either for or against.


    When I was seeing this stuff was back in , hell-----1984??????




    I feel old now , thanks ALOT!


    Darby must feel like Dirt already,, One foot in the grave... :D



  3. Re: What would happen in this time travel scenario


    Broent, here is the real catch.


    If you went back, ONE DAY!, and met yourself.


    Is it really you?


    Or do you have some , objective, feeling and concern about a person you never met?


    You think that person is you, but it is not.


    You are Vain, you believe, even images of yourself to have value.


    You couldn't possibly believe, for one second, that there are two of YOU.


    That would require a LOT of energy, to make two of you.


    Could you?


    Is this the paradox Your Vanity has created?




    So lets suppose, that you were able, to violate Newtons second Law, and created energy




    Being you, in this same universe, same timeline. Even then, would you still believe, that that was actually you?


    All is vanity.


    The energy required, to perform an act on the scale, that you speak of, has been calculated.


    Trust me, you do not have enough.


    Now, If you wanted to go into the future, we can accommodate that, for SO MUCH LESS ENERGY.


    But that would require, for "you" to leave this place. Then upon your return, you can meet your great great grandchildren.


    Which is also VANITY.


    The mechanics, of such a circumstance, apparently is not, incapable, because you have though of it.


    My opinion on the matter is that when it is all said and done, you will realize, Even traveling back one day!, that it wouldn't be you anyway.


    Go, look in the mirror, that is as close, as YOU will come, to seeing YOURSELF in the past.



  4. So, what you are implying, is that English is an awful way, or through its interpretation, to use, to transfer/exchange ideas.


    Here, I have a fix for you, Peter.


    Post the original information/emails, in the original format/language, we do have the ability(all of us) to translate, IN FACT, we have people around here that can explain the nuances between languages, JUST in case we "miss something".


    By doing that, though, it kindof makes you a "third wheel", or "just a messenger" , does it not , Peter?


    This was your suggestion though.


    So I expect you to, post the original messages, in the untranslated form.


    I will accept anything that you post in the forum, except for one thing, your translation.


    Do this, upon your return, or I can give NO credence, to anything you say.



  5. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow!


    To Kanigo:


    The question is what do we do now? I am wary of exposing myself to the HDR electromagnet unnecessarily, because the effects of a strong magnetic field on a cellular organism may be unfortunate.


    You're asking ME, HDR?


    Is this a very first in this thread?


    "Well, well", kanigo2 ask himself, "what should I do with this new found glory?"


    I already know what to say, and tell you what to watch for, In the market , across the world and exactly what we should do at home.


    Recall, watches my threads.


    One problem, ,,,All that typing and all that effort I made, all the listening, that I have done, the random drinking threads and the sheer nonsense, that I have put up with for the last 10 months.


    All the research and my efforts, the friends(and enemies) I have made, for being as opinionated and as correct, as I have been.


    Were, hard earned.


    Couldn't possibly compare, to the HUGE effort you make, of sticking your finger in a slightly electrically charged hole, in a piece of plastic, that you do willingly.


    Probing the depths of our future lives and at such a great cost.


    We are all grateful.



  6. Re: How Integral Calculus Models Reality


    Thank you Ray, I be sure to bring this up, in full and see as a set if we can comprehend it and make use of it.


    There are much smarter people than me involved in these "projects", of my Fathers.


    To tell you the truth when ,I saw your chart, all I saw was, torque, tires, cam bandwidth, gear reduction and torque converter specs/vs. weight and the ability for the car to apply the actual power to the road.


    Each little curve, in that scale, was another aspect of the functional design of the car.


    Makes you have respect for the ol engineers, doesn't it?


    Crazy slideruler's.




    I didn't mean to take you off topic there, reactor, to me the information has to be functional, or it has no use.


    This is what I would do with the above information and its direct application.



  7. Re: How Integral Calculus Models Reality


    I saw how this thread started, and I also saw the costs involved of creating "this design" of a road propelled vehicle.


    We do not need, a fully electromagnetic function on the entire road.


    Simply, magnets , enough to overcome hills and to allow for a braking function(which can be recovered as energy) on the other side, in effect dynamic braking.


    If and only if, every single "vehicle weighs the same".(for efficiency)


    Not likely.


    Or we can store the energy, for the next application of torque. the capacitor/battery banks would be huge and expensive.


    So not to detract, from your Idea, but in effect make any cost that you have at least an exponential of Rays original cost to the road.


    This is at least the technology that ,I know we have on a large enough scale.


    It we be the most efficient also, because it could account for load.


    But used as a launch vehicle, the limitations aren't the mass an speed that we can get it moving, we can do that, in actuality there are human and design limitation, that are simply beyond our experience.


    The "g's" pulled on the body, and the acceleration, simply out scope out ability to design at the moment.The material requirements, might have well more mass than we are willing to pay to launch such a vehicle, In effect, It simply may not be able, to carry any weight, to overcome the friction involved on the "vehicle".


    So ,I get back to "trial and error", at least in the design results that Ray has offered.


    The mechanics of this design are horrendous, in either circumstance.



  8. Re: How Integral Calculus Models Reality


    I saw this same design used in an electromagnetic wave function, Utilized on the "Superman" ride at "Six Flags magic mountain", if anyone here has rode it.


    It used AC inverters, with a voltage step function, to achieve the desired acceleration. The "coaster" had no less than 12 "motors", they did this for efficiency. The track had to be no less that 300 foot of electromagnets.


    You can hear an feel the "voltage stepping" on the motors.


    In fact, they used this electromagnetic design only in the launch sequence, the cart in effect "coasts up" the last portion of the ride until internia wears out, Friction keeps it planted to the tracks.


    They can then the the same devices to decelerate, the "coaster" in a "braking" pattern on the return cycle.


    There are a couple people here that have road, the "coaster" I speak of.


    By "Motor" I mean any two oscillating magnetic fields.


    The "Coaster" would have too much mass, for "launch" and could not "propel itself" without Charged Electromagnets on the cart and the track doing the Inverter function, Please notice though, It did not take much, to get 30k pounds up to "launch speed".



  9. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow!


    Before ya get started on me HDR, I personally believe that buying gold and silver is just as good as buying treasuries, that is if you are in the USofA.


    It will become very hard to convert them to another currency.


    In other words, you have about the same yield, almost zero.


    I did hear of a guy that traded 2 ounces of gold for a fine truck with a trailer.


    Also heard of a story of someone in San Franscisco trading a month of rent, for some silver.


    But that silly exchange rate/ will kill the medal owners.


    I kinda agree with Ray here also, No point picking on Darby. You are the ones making predictions here, Its your thread, has your name on it even..


    Please continue on,, don't let Us hold ya back, your doing fine.



  10. Re: How Integral Calculus Models Reality


    After reading this post ray- and understanding the dynamics of the forces involved.


    I look back to my father racing funny cars.


    Obviously he only wants to accelerate as fast as possible, in a linear motion, along a plane.


    The device you describe is an excellent way to achieve, engineering results, in a device like a funny car, except:


    Two questions:


    I noticed that although, this device can be used to measure results, It appears to me that the engineering of the "airplane/vehicle" seems a little further outside of, of just the measuring of the results, and there is some applied trial and error, in the mechanical aspect, of building the vehicle, can you see this as true?


    Also, Is there a small unit, that can be utilized, in the situation I describe(on the cheap?).



  11. To anyone that cares.


    I actually found a job, after spending 9 months not even looking. Just posted up, I clicked it and off I went. Pulling the same money as before and no issues or problems, that I can foresee.


    The money was getting short, but me and the wife will plant that garden quickly, and save the cash, for whatever it will be worth.


    I will post up prolly on weekends, on some nights if I am not too tired.


    I am tired tonight, but feeling sentimental, so I figured I should say something.


    Peace be with ya.



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