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  1. Sorry recall didn't mean to be so hard on you, I did contact the governors office, because apparently they took ALL their foodstock and money, I specifically requested they return the personal stocks and the cash to defend them selves.


    But that was all.


    They specifically baited the Fed and State into this action , by the disclaimers on their website and the words from their mouths.






    Members agree that by joining Manna Storehouse you state that you are not an employee of any federal, state or local government agency. Any transaction, communication or observations by you and/or anyone with you cannot be reported or communicated in any way to any federal, state or local government agency; nor used in a court of law against Manna Storehouse or any member of the Stowers family.





  2. Thats what I know, Gate circuits.


    and shutting them off,and them turning them on, then off... and so on..Until they hum.


    Its what I know, DC circuits.


    My opinion on the subject is that, XOR cannot be carried out without a circuit being closed, and a signal from the circuit that says it is closed.


    In fact, I wouldn't send a signal to open the gate in those circumstances.


    Nor would I make, the next circuit without good information, that the circuit is closed.


    I love logic circuits.


    What I do, Is on a much larger power scale, the "recs" I use can handle 1500 amps, and it requires, 4 times that voltage to shut them off.


    I can still make them hum.


    but the circuits are the same...I can control the values with a small measurement, I can drop the contacts.



  3. So these are just a few examples of where Peter ignores what Zeshua gets wrong, and pumps up those things he believes she got right. A clearer case of confirmation bias would be hard to find.


    I was under the opinion that that is what HDR is doing.


    I thought peter was just a fruitcake, and a cut and paster.


    Oh well, perception being what it is......


    Maybe, I had it backwards.



  4. Re: John Titor. Why it didn't come true.. yet.


    Yet in scale and scope, of a time-line. we can assume that the tree is fallen, while it is still standing, it is a measure of potential, to fall.


    We can precipitate a circumstance, that will cause the falling of the tree/or cat, yet the Larger the scale of measurement, over time, we have a reference, that we still know the tree WILL FALL.


    That is why I enjoyed, your meta-data, conversation so much, Ray.


    Again, we do not have to measure gravity to know its there.


    Or the fact the cat is already dead.


    Once again, stated so clearly, It is a matter of perception, thank you Carlos.


    But that would imply, that Carlos was watching-after he tried to kill the cat-- LOL


    Sheer silliness. What possessed, Bohm to rewind the cat,when the cat would die again?


    nobody cared about the poor tree.:)



  5. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow!


    I also made a prediction about oil, but I base it on the copper inventories.(Not Prices)


    not to get too complicated, I said $37 oil, almost 3 months ago.


    It may goto, 25, but the root mean square, will remain at $37.


    Some of the bottom support here are:


    The Saudis require 29 dollar oil, for infrastructure.


    I reset the values for this market(before the bubble) to 10-12 years ago. Thus erasing the bubble.


    If the dollar is debased, lets say into half, which is possible when the treasury bond bubble blows.


    A low Commodity value will be easier, for the American Public to "stomach".


    Which is why I said $37 oil, because overnight it will be $74, which is still acceptable.




    The reason for the copper inventory as an indicator, is because, that is what is required to build a "new age" infrastructure, based upon electric vehicles and self sufficiency(which I cannot see happening).Solar, wind and the like.


    But based upon previous "banking escapades" they will allow the inventories to reach a peak, purchase vast quantities at a low price, them defraud the entire financial system again, within 8-10 years.


    Meh... what do I know... nothing, and its all speculation.



  6. Oh Antwan, I cannot wait till you return, he definitely is my favorite Pez dispenser-of all times.


    So versatile.


    I did Email him and I patiently wait for him with a picture of Kayani or Zadari.


    I want to see if he thinks Zadari is under the influence/ for his depression over loosing his wife.


    He put his photobucket account back under password, so I guess we wait.



  7. Re: John Titor. Why it didn't come true.. yet.


    Haha, That is hilarious you figured out that LY interval for a trip to 1975.


    61LY, nice coordination, and as an added benefit you also figured out the braking mechanism.


    Its not pretty, but it does get you there. ;)


    In fact it reminds me of those "Man Made" /"reengineered" ufo stories that stated that they ended up down range- a certain distance and I also see how it came to be entered into the story line, almost word for word. Hadn't drawn those conclusions before until you pointed them out, with this example.



  8. I can feel my second hard drive going--


    Message from antwan--for personal info requests--this is a very safe location to put it.


    So with permission.


    Trin i am deleting my acount to as i am not coming back either !!!!!!!!


    Its time to leave , i know you know this to :).


    whatever you do good luck :)


    antwan out for the last time .


    Kanigo2 it was nice chatting with you :) be safe man


    you can reach me at this E - mail kanigo if you want to :


    [email protected]


    Antwan is going back to Pakistan in a few days- says he will post pictures after his return.





    Are you just cutting and pasting now Peter?


    This is Antwans take on it:


    you know me and my sources kanigo , you know i know them all !!


    I just heard from my sources that Mossad was behind this ,they paid the RAW in india millions of dollars that where sent to traning camps in pakistan ....they killed some of the madrassa leader so that , the kids who are brainwashed there would take revenge. This is a cycle that can not be broken , even teher is some CIA involvement in this .


    No this was not some rouge ISI , i just spoke to my brigader friend in the ISI, this was not them and i belive him , they are investigateing this them selves and trying to give info to india's gov as best as they can .But he said that Suspicion of Pakistan's involvement run deep in the U.S.-backed government in india now because of reasons after the marriot bombing.


    Pakistani intelligence is offering help to the indian goverment finding out what type of terrorist militia was behind this , they are now looking into many of the leaders and recruits that studied at a religious school in india since they think there is a connection there. I doubts Pakistan's intelligence service was behind the attack.


    He also said that no one should doubt pakistans desire to see a stable nabour , and hoped that democracy is well established there fully in order to undertstand that pakistan wants to weaken the extremist and fundamentalist forces there .


    He also said CIA is not sharing any info on this matter and have said that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) will continue to 'monitor' terror groups and that their attacks probably would continue in india. he said there is no changes in the attitude of the ISI to monitoring terror groups in india .


    he said they are fully committed to continuing the CBMs (confidence building measures with indias intelligence ) and would like to further improve relations with them .


    He also said that they are afraid pakistan is the next target after india ,he said first us , then them and then us again and then them , its a cycle that can not be broken for some reason .


    well this is what intelligence i got so far ,ofcourse pakistan will deny it , but i dont think it was them ! .


    they have suspects and are looking into them tonight !


    they also think there are going to be more attacks in some wheeks either in pakistan or india .


    antwan . Remember i said this in the other thread


    and now you see


    isi chief and forign minister who i know very well are in India .


    And this is Kanigo2 response to Antwan:


    I knew that Lt-General Ahmed Shuja Pasha was a plant.-Might want to look where his loyalties lie-and what portion of the country he came out from -is he just a politician type-Or American schooled?


    He was appointed by Kayani-Both grew up in Rawalpindi.


    Looks like he headed the:


    Prior to his appointment as head of the ISI, Gen Pasha served for almost two-and-a-half years as Director General Military Operations (DGMO) based at the army's headquarters in Rawalpindi.


    He is Infantry-Army based-then took control of the ISI-he may not be well liked-


    There have been two major attacks on India since they placed him in charge.


    I was more concerned with the aspect of the CIA causing problems to bring the two countries together in a "joint operation" and a "renewed sense of vigor and understanding"-to follow Obamas Kashmir Protocol.(Gives Kashmir to Pakistan, or at least a large portion of it.)


    As far as China is concerned-all this is in their best interest.


    Haven't you noticed the increased violence in country after country that surrounds China-just in the last 2 months?


    Trust me , turn your eye to the cheap rat bastards and keep an eye on em-they have a MAJOR agenda here.




    If you can do it ,I can do it.


    At least both of our ideas are original.





  10. Re: John Titor. Why it didn't come true.. yet.


    Yeah, it had occurred to me later when I was sleeping, that the warp drive itself was "literally" the chink in this whole scenario.


    In fact, it isn't linear travel-as in a beam of light would travel- in effect all that related spin on your craft would still be there-even having warped space.


    Trippy concept, though.


    Even though I cannot do the math/simply outside of my scope of education, I enjoy the relationships-in a more metaphysical way. Which of course, has its own merit were I to apply my time to such an endeavor.


    Really doesn't concern anyone but me and my simply fascination with the scope of such a project.


    Seriously thanks for sharing,Darby.


    (I really have not much respect for some of these threads anymore, because most of em are nonsense, but they do provide an avenue to breach other subjects that would not come up otherwise, which in itself is a gift :yum:)


    In fact gets me back--to those ultra sensitive gravity sensors that Boomer kept talking about-which of course would be required in this scenario also.


    Hey ,I will toss this out there also under that circumstance--all that shaking and slaming that happens on the enterprise for dramatic effect, is exactly what it would be, dramatic effect, I will never look at Star Trek the same way again--they better only be shaking on impulse engines or I'm calling hoax! LOL



  11. Re: This is what Economic Collapse looks like


    I enjoyed this one from your article:


    First, though, Pumpkin Pie (with pecan and bourbon) because it just sounds so magnificently American, with the crazy insistence of mixing vegetable and nuts and pastry and sugar making it surely marvelous. And also it has bourbon, so if it all goes wrong, at least I have most of a bottle of cooking-whiskey left over to console me.


    What I ask is." Bourbon as cooking-whiskey?"


    Thats my kinda girl!


    Even if she isn't American! ;)



  12. Re: This is what Economic Collapse looks like


    indeed you are. you are also blessed with a great mind.

    And forgive me, I only learned to "accept" compliments just a few years ago-Trust me it is a tool in my arsenal.


    By the way, I ate 2, One I cooked the day before, then I soaked in BBQ sauce, just the meat, and made a second(we got for free).


    I did, have the feeling ya didn't get one, so I ate an extra portion for you. I promise. Sent a prayer, brother(In silence). Has weighed heavy on me.


    No worries.



  13. Re: This is what Economic Collapse looks like


    i cant cure the blind, but i can give the element that is needed to cure the blind.

    And I, my friend, am trying, It definitely is a measure to your second post of a moral issue/ having to decide the credibility(not stated correctly/ or labeled correctly) of the person involved,or making the statements, as elusive as Peter Just tried-which , I of course laugh at.(no offense ciggy)


    i used to do that, but my morals dont allow me to anymore. i have grown past that.

    Which of course, I already stated my reasons why, just a child to this environment, is what I am.


    Surely, reflection, can help again, as it always does. Point taken and reciprocated.


    Still never said if ya had any Turkey , i noticed...


    I was gunna say, I wondered what recall would say, but edited the comment for the pict.


    Sorry I was having an agreement session with my 10 year old daughter, you can imagine, when it brought in the wife, and so many other things.


    I know I am blessed.



  14. Re: This is what Economic Collapse looks like


    And ruthless--once again---by sheer wit---destroys the claimants opinion..


    Good comeback, I would have preferred to allowed said victim, to explain the circumstance-which would have course locked him into an Ideal-of theology.


    The prison is much smaller-that way.


    Enjoyed, the all inclusive element, though ruthless, but, I still see a way to escape.


    I don't allow that luxury-in my way--I simply guide them to the door...the one they choose.




    I hope you doing good ruthless.We are square here-for the moment-hope ya enjoyed the turkey/if ya had some.



  15. Re: This is what Economic Collapse looks like


    What the hell Peter?


    I am a Scorpio....think of the metaphors I can come up with..


    Oh by the way, I just needed a ride halfway across the stream, and I floated away-and made the bank downstream.


    --In My opinion-just one less @sshole in the world..


    (Forgive the language-I needed it to make a point.)


    Could you please explain this last statement....I hadn't seen you get philosophical before.



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