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  1. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Your preaching to the converted Darby, there is nothing i disagree with you about-All I asked was for Christs sakes please, let em die already, I say BofA is next, unless this works,which i doubt. For an example: the news keeps flowing. Announcement England took over RBS this morning-officially as the major share holder 57+%. -------------------------------------> As far as this HDR issue. I do not believe I was here long enough to make a statement referring back to 2005. I openly stated I would not read this whole thread before and I won't start now--but does anyone really blame me?;) -----------------------------------------> Wasayou--HDR to RMT's claims?
  2. Re: John Titor. Why it didn't come true.. yet. I can see a system being isolated in that case, Darby, which is why I found it so weird they mentioned the Time Warp aspect. Follow me for a second, having had to go close to the speed of light to escape the system in the first place and evem if they shut off the warp drives, I was under the assumption they would still drift relative to their last location. Being inside the expanding and spinning"galaxy" or solar system, to maintain position would require having to maintain a certain symmetry in motion relative to other bodies while inside that system.(In effect at being at rest, is NOT at rest-relatively speaking:) ) Now if it is just a galaxy as far as I can surmise, they are only speaking a threshold of some type, but the fastest method to get out of that system could be devised. Wherein my point, that you would still carry a relative spin in relation to that system and getting back in may not be just about retracing your steps to get back to your relative location that you started in. Now you were implying /stated that the independent system could be measured-in linear values -in this case(episode) it could not. In fact they could take no measurements- because all the information was and I quote "Unreadable and uncomprehendable" Just tossing it out there for the fun of it.
  3. Re: AND HISTORY REPEAT'S IT SELF Trust me- what either of what us said about what recall was referring to was probably incorrect, I gave up trying to understand and just post more examples, which you also did. -------------------------------------> At least the point of, "Will it be accepted as legal tender?", should still be thrown out there. I personally feel they need to devalue the currency- by 1/4 to 1/2... Inflation is already coming, but the offset for the currency will force valuations on all EXISTING contracts to 1/4 to 1/2 of the pain to pay for. It will still take time to bring wages up to 1/4 to 1/2 higher, but oh well. Hyperinflation? hell yes. Now this HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE- here in America-so I do believe it is possible again. Accepted by the world as proper valuation of the currency- that's another question. They may require gold instead.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnychOXj9Tg To dispel all these--"We didn't find out Bin laden was dead by January" things that keep coming up. This was posted in December,2007. Bin Laden murdered ....
  5. Re: John Titor. Why it didn't come true.. yet. So anyway- I am watching the Star Trek issue, with the Medusan ambassador-and the blind Dr lady. The medusan ambassador is in a box. The lady DR and her jelous lover tries to kill the ambassador, the box opens and the jealous lover is driven mad. Of course he goes to engineering, beats up everybody- and projects the Enterprise out of the galaxy/ at warp 9.8 to be safe from (with a slash/time warp) to be safe from the ambassador. Spock, makes the statement that they have no reference or measurable anything to get back where they were. At this point, this statement that Darby gave me kicks in. We know the Enterprise still has "spin" to it from the galaxy it just left- in effect sitting still in space, yet moving in reference to what? It is unmeasurable. Long story short-Mind meld with the medusan ambassador- who pilots the ship mysteriously ;) back into almost the exact last know position. Haha! Spin.
  6. Re: AND HISTORY REPEAT'S IT SELF Haha! Has been tried before--I don't remember the Harvard professor that wrote the paper between the masculine and feminine properties of money--he had made the comparison of old Egyptian currency that would loose value over time/ so it was best used quickly for upgrades to the farm and such. It was a currency that was rated on the value of the grain they deposited-but through loss mold pests/barring any natural occurrence there would be less grain over time. So in effect the currency itself would also loose value. In effect it was a tradable issue of currency,that lost value over time. Man, it was a while ago I read that paper. Nice reference, though, recall.
  7. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! forgive me ruthless-- between making that post and watching what was occurring with the bond yields. The government injected(a promise of and injected 20 billion into citi) 800 billion dollars / it doesn't happen everyday... But as I stated, It wont last long. ----------------------------------------------> As far as the values on the traded instruments, Darby, there are a few-well out of the ordinary occurrences happening. Including Forced redemption of longer issued bonds like 10's and 30's. Re issuance of a 3 year bond amongst other things. None of which have happened , in my lifetime and I am 40. There was only thing that stood out that occurred around the "tech bubble" and that was people would short the yield on the 2 year bond-for quick cash-As you can see-that has almost run out. (This is when the pump and dump train runs out Darby--when they are no longer in effect viable to short--which is weird-on a side not because the fed keeps trying to jack up the yield by re-issuing vast quantities of them(550 billion before the end of the year-anyone here can admit is an incredible sum)-which as you so eloquently stated-the market soons corrects for.) These instruments are still tradable, even if they have not matured. To me though, it is still interesting to watch the ponzi scheme-that paulson and bernake came up with-because that is exactly what is occurring. Remember all those calls to set up a separate market to trade/and unwind the assets out of these CDS/CDO's? Never happened-Why? I know why now.-Its the same game of absolutely no transparency into the financial institutions-when you hear the Citi was leverage 40:1, just yesterday and the stocks still rise? Please. I guess vast sums of money/liquidity into the market does finally have an effect<---->> Or does it? We will see. ------------------------------------------> Not to hijax..we still got 1 or 2 days?
  8. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! This wont last long ruthless. Not because of anything here, but because the scope and scale is so large, no leverage in the world will overcome it. The only thing that will is time. Can we get that time? YES. Can we do it for 20 years? YES. How much can ya stand? That is one question, of many ,how about "Was this planned?" So we stand-at a place-that is back in YOUR court. Which is what I believe, even 6 months ago, could not have happened. I am so glad I found this place- No other.
  9. Re: AND HISTORY REPEAT'S IT SELF I would like to tell you something about Antwan, even though I do love the guy, he is infiltration personified. Like the "Tokyo Rose" of his age. ----------------> The reason I bring this up...instead of allowing it to flow by. is that to do this thing will require enforcement. That enforcement to pay, may surprise you Recall. On the most base of levels, the extent that the government would goto to guarantee those loans, would either come at the hand of beatings to "prop up" the currency. OR- would require debasement. By simply reiisue of the currency, we can offset all of the loans. With one piece of paper. Here is a Note for 3 gazillion 18 trillion 123 billion 123 million 942 thousand dollars. Oh and keep the change. Whether it is accepted, is another issue. But not the level Antwan suggests, and here is the reason why, because even though we may "export opinion", that criticism is welcome at any cost, In fact it is the only thing left as a currency-. Consider that for a moment if America left the rest of the world and left it to itself. Dont awake a giant.--Everyone will rush here. Silence would have better.
  10. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! I know what happened, in today as far as a forecast- the TARF kicked in. I have a better explanation elsewhere, it will be a short order till the money runs out. So as to not waste my energy or double post, It would be simply better to post the link.(no offense to the forum , or mods, this is simply the easier way, because it is scattered between posts and will make it difficult to post my intentions/ideals of what I believe to happen, withing HDR's thread, so please forgive me) This program is ONLY 24 hours old..... Last, about 8 posts, watch the times and dates. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message669215/pg2
  11. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! 3-Mo 0.046 -0.061 -57.01% 2-Yr 1.12 -0.059 -5% 5-Yr 2.053 -0.006 -0.29% 10-Yr 3.027 -0.082 -2.64% 30-Yr 3.583 -0.041 -1.13% Still historic lows. I do not believe we see 15k on the DOW- UNLESS the dollar index goes well under 70 points. Sorry I didnt get back to post this morning- The bond yields actually increased when Obama started speaking mostly because I believe people stopped trading to listen to him. But we do have a reference for part of the day-and by the end of the day we can watch the yields and do a comparison. The actual yields hare have gone from a market anomaly-and shorting the yield position to a tool , that can be utilized by major institutions as a back door stop position- as they swap off these mortgage backed securities. All in two days-- It isnt so much about the yeild curve- it is actually about an indicator of where the market is going from the over night and mid trading sessions. I would also like to point out, that watching the yields is the best indicator, to see when people stop purchasing safety and venture out into the open market, but untill that tarf(not tarp) business money is used up(which won't be very long at all) then we can go back to literally watching it crash again when the treasuries are no longer purchased, by anyone overseas. At that point we will know if your prediction comes true-or has even the slightest chance of becoming true. Oh also-- http://online.wsj.com/mdc/public/page/mdc_bonds.html?mod=mdc_topnav_2_3014&refresh=on If you go here- clich the 10 year- and look at it on the one week setting, you will see a dip, then a bubble-- tthen as we come to another curve downward. That first dip was the day that the market crashed again---flight to safety-- we are NO-where near out of this.
  12. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! What that things is: Is the treasuries market ruthless. The lower the yield is a sign of a flight to safety. The 2 year should be 2% The 10 year should be 4% We are back at rates that only occurred in 1956-8. Until the market opens-I will repost, but lets say if for example-the 30 day bond goes to .005% and the 10 year gets to 3% or less(like it is this morning,, and was the other day when the market went down) then we have to be careful of where the money is running to. So in other words what I am saying, is today could possibly be a down day.IOn fact I almost guarantee it. I will post the yields, when the market opens to show a closer and more in depth analysis of why the bond market is the best indicator for what will occur through the day and the direction the market is headed/before it even opens.
  13. Re: John Titor. Why it didn't come true.. yet. That is possibly this most important thing I have ever heard. Now, many things make sense. I could say Kinetic energy--and most people would understand it...But one of the most important things I have heard, in a while-none the less. Without fail, thank you Darby. Oh one last thing for fun, I was under the assumption that spin cannot be measured. But I do like your interpretation and it filled many holes in my understanding, that I could not state openly, even if they seem backward thinking-(to me, and maybe, you, I assume, at this level we have gone past theory on this???) That statement was a descriptive quality that will be helpful in my future endeavors-even as shallow as they might seem to you-at the moment.
  14. Damn--!! I always follow crowds... It will probably get me in trouble later... So you say take a right? LOL
  15. Re: I'm President of the U.S.A.???!!! I beat Darby! :) LOL-- Voting for yourself is vanity. But I liked the commemorative statement. It was "colorful" hey bro, whatever it takes. ;) What we need is a statement from recall--not too obtuse--Insisting on his ideals, and what we all have to look forward to in the future. Respectfully requested, Greg.
  16. Re: John Titor. Why it didn't come true.. yet. Doesn't that violates newtons second law? -------------?
  17. I can see-- That this needs a vote-- Who here believes the Higgs will be found? I literally am not sure--if super symmetry is possible. ------------------> I have to believe, so I say yes. Anyone else?
  18. Funny you should mention that---RMT has been stating it for the longest time. Now-- I went on eBay -- and found a couple listings for a time machine.. Never mind--I lie... the joke was a failure before i even started it.. I apologize for anyone having read this... :P
  19. He is Sagittarius-- they are always late for the party.
  20. Did this thread loose direction? Just checking.
  21. Re: Government warns of \"catastrophic\" U.S. quake No-one here predicted it- It was an actual government issue. Of an anomaly inside the structure of the Americas. A fault line. I think it was thrown here- as a prediction. Then again what is time travel in the first place except "predicting"? I say that of course to the rest of us that cannot time travel. ;)
  22. Kanigo2

    A pen?

    That is an extremely interesting post painted. I usually do not keep pictures around. You might have just changed the way I look at things. It bothers me on the most base of levels.
  23. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Reactor actually gave the most consistent point---the seeds for the next crash are being sown as we speak. I personally do not believe that this economic environment can be"saved" as it were to use the word saved.. is actually a disparity..But it can be modified... hence my "seeds are being planted" metaphor. I was more concerned-- that the closer we get to a date---how HDR would react.... There is one thing that I request, out of this RMT. Consolidate the comparisons/ so that the information is easily accessible and as Honest as can be so that even a laymen as myself can understand it. Please, No flowery [email protected] Just lay it out, with references.... Build me a crescendo of story telling! A delivery of fate, that only a Greek story teller can accomplish--A "comic tragedy" ... ----------My only request------
  24. Re: Operation GEMSTONE - QUARTZ - MICROWAVE SPYING Had I not asked, I would not have realized the scope of your intentions. Nice thread, and thanks for the exposure. Keep it up.!
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