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  1. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Is this obfuscation? and pray tell what has the Rainman found that could be so compelling? I suggest the last post be disregarded, what is a few days-- for such a long running thread..
  2. Kanigo2


    They will censor the information and we will never know.. That's the way I feel.. Don't feed the machine.. Sending propaganda to the future...a new concept?
  3. Which one was the perpetration by Reagan against the air traffic controllers?
  4. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Rhut rohhhh...
  5. Yeah ,but It was for just entertainment and I do believe that you would all enjoy having watched it.. And BTW RMT, Bhutto said Bin Laden was dead a long time ago..Sometime around her death.. But remains unfound...of course....But who's to say... So am I to assume this was never posted here?
  6. LOL, I hadnt seen that thanks.. ;) I only posted it well because ,you know why...It belonged here.
  7. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=z_OSVy0z8g4&feature=channel and part 2 http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TrMeVv4eQQE&feature=channel Definitely a time travel claim.. Called--- The day the bombs fell 2009 Enjoy-
  8. Are you running through ALL the forums posting this? What may be new to you is second hand to a lot of people. I heard when the LHC Opens back up they are offering a 2 for 1 sale on micro-singularities.
  9. Re:Is what the Controllers wants for you! I like the dissociative qualities.. appearing random-- yet there is some cohesiveness to them. I have tried on a number of occasions to interpret what he means- i have gotten it as wrong as many times as right.. There is a method to the madness....I simply do not have enough experience in this game to follow him..I usually ask when I have a problem.
  10. So where is charlie? You never answered...LOL
  11. Yeah but you got to admit , it was still an interesting link.. HDR would probably enjoy it. who would have thunked it? Only thirty dollar registration ..:)
  12. SSE? http://www.scientificexploration.org/ I see that he would not have been born yet. maybe I just came in this too late-- ----------------------------------------- Didnt really answer my question of where charlie(timeline_39?) is now? Last post was him ragging on Darby..
  13. I have an even more in depth webbie--that I am pretty sure you know about Ray. But i will post it anyway.. http://wattsupwiththat.com/ In fact, he actually has a historical representation on a graph from 1810..enjoy.
  14. Im doing Ok, still without work and coming up to the same thing that effected you, but not quite yet. I think Darby was more concerned for ya, But I always had the thought these things work themselves out-. In fact now your in a better frame of mind-when it starts happening to more people you will know the right things to say..Which in itself is a blessing.. I just wasn't sure it ya had seen this thread- and wanted to clear that up- I am glad it worked out- you sound much happier now.. ;)
  15. glad to see my friend-- hope your doing well..
  16. Re: Horrifying Video from Just a Little in the Fut Haha! Hahahaha! Hahahahahaha! :P
  17. Re: Horrifying Video from Just a Little in the Fut I was actually talking to HDRkid.. Look back a few posts... I was surprised to see him come out of his other thread..
  18. Re: Horrifying Video from Just a Little in the Fut Your HDR?
  19. As the days of our lives roll, on I still stay into the entire saga. the thread itself can be seen here. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message619447/pg1 I have done nothing more than ask responsible questions and have received no answers, just backlash for asking. The threads progression has become somewhat stale and lacking direction. Ish and Reinhardt have changed policy and are doing no face to face meetings. probably the best outcome since the thread had started. In the most basic sense of the word, the entire philosophy behind the predictions is based on the Vatican bank and the organisations that it usess to collect money and enforce control. Currently an organization named Legatus is a catholic organization with requirements of business professional in America that make between 4-100 million a year. The meetup times / payouts correspond with market "events". To sum up what is researched are companies and people with associations to the church or this organization. Then entire premise is based around the fact that the Vatican Power structure over centuries will Enron out or Hollow out the entire economy after extremely large municipal projects are completed-so they do not need to be paid for in effect/ and that This enroning of the economies of the world are cyclical and can be used by a savvy day trader to his/her advantage. General basic stuff, Good old church conspiracy,,, Its like saying the sun will rise tomoorow. I told my wife this and all she said was "well duh.." But capturing the names dates and live individuals in the entire current enron.. is what is happening over there. So you do not have to read 80 pages....
  20. Re: Your Test Hi Matt- I must have skipped over this thread.. What exactly could you tell me about the reconstruction of the LHC and can you explain specific sectors that have been damaged in this latest failure with the unit? Now I know that there are at least three"official stories' on the last fault but I would like to hear your take on what really occurred.Please be as detailed as possible..You say you are on a mission"about" the device, I would hope that you can fill me in on exactly has happened. thanks in advance.
  21. just a friendly bump, he had said hi in my burstnet and forum speed thread. But nothing since. did he ever contact ya?
  22. Re: Horrifying Video from Just a Little in the Fut Funny you should mention that HDR.. what are you doing out of your thread? You never post anywhere else in here. This is the first time I can rememeber seeing ya doing that. Ahh.. and look you came over to chase/correct Darby, how cute...
  23. The next thing that will happen with Mallett is that Spike Lee movie.. people are stating to confuse it with the Titor "Saga" already... The confusion between some of these stories will start an inrush of Time Travel inquiries again so at least this will help the forum. Still no Pamela?
  24. I dont think he(linkman) was ever coupled... He gave a couple other predictions in the past but nothing of any real content. I mostly just dont care about soccer.
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