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  1. LOL.whiners. I still cant do it Recall... Uh-uh- no- way no- how.. but um.. where is charlie now?
  2. Yup I agree Ray-- Lyn is pretty much out in fruitcake land now.. Man, all that correcting and talking down to people, just to see her leave well early of her exit date. How would that stack up as a mission profile? Unsuccessful? or should we using a more colorful adjective?
  3. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 My biggest concern with all the predictions-- and I do not just mean yours and your alone HDR-- Is not that the predictions are made--or in what form the messages are delivered(like boomer did). My biggest problem with them all -it seems-- that no-one can see to the other side of the doom. Have we no positive future?
  4. LOL-- we love us some nutcases around here- I based my vote on how influenced the person would become in the office-- or if they would stick to their guns..
  5. Kanigo2


    Smeg-- actually , Larry Haber moved his office to the Wachovia building in downtown Orlando- He claims he kept getting harassed and followed because of this story.
  6. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 Haha Olly-- you know that is just going to get recall to start posting pictures... Then again-- what doesn't. :D
  7. Kanigo2


    There is a book- out of print and can only be bought used. Try Ebay or yahoo. There also come along every so often -claims of movies- They are all posted on youtube- I do believe the last one was 2 videos and the girl in it claimed that all her files and tapes were stolen by some Black Ops-- and then her material was never recovered. So to answer the question about the movie- No. It can all be google or searched for pretty easy.
  8. I know Right where Lyn is and what she/he is doing. Reading these posts and thinking we all act like 5 year olds. (No, I will NEVER EVER let it go) :yum:
  9. Re: What are the chances of a poll shift? Yeah they are pretty much a dysfunctional group-- A lot of em claim to be "lightworkers" but in actuality ,I have seen some pretty weird and angry stuff come out of some of them. I guess over time the concept has lost its luster and appeal to a large audience of them. May I Ray? Go here : http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message341551/pg1 That is my experience with em--and that more than enough contacts for you to find what you are looking for..with plenty of content to read.
  10. I of course-- have walked through the entire thread with the crew so far- The answer becomes more elusive as the days wear on. Ho hum.
  11. SEE-- right there -- as a newbie--- and recognizing-- I have to give ya credit Darby. BUT-- One thing I would like to say-- the OP did own up--instantly! I personally see no need to bash--It was what it was when I saw it. It was also what it was, under correction--Thanks Darby-. Well pretty much a done thread then- the premise was AWFUL(and weak). From here, I would suggest the writer- clean up, step away for a moment , and not use 3 month old material. What you got OP, was probably deserved.. On another note, I am still open to what you can deliver- I see this is just a roadbump... Please post again. (I have read your other material, and it wasnt as bad as this...)
  12. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 I predict that gas goes up after the election..LOL I still say ---stay true the the predicting business HDR. And what do you expect My time--Its predictive....-do me a favor and-Let him predict-- I see where beating him up makes no difference anymore..Even Bernake said he is using "predictive financing" Let HDR--Make the predictions ... HDR.___.. Your call, man. Predict...
  13. Actually he is right there Darby(recall is) lotta splash videos...lately. Here is one I made for a forum Mod at glp. SHR for president-- but apparently the proof I was going to show you is Now been deleted.. http://home.mindspring.com/~kanigo8/2008.06.01_arch.html#1213739088907 This is just another video pun.. I watched it.. and felt like--- this is way old. can we move on already? (I was here and watched it as the OP posted it) Yawn..
  14. I....Can't ....do...it... recall.....fighting emotions here and a foul mouth.
  15. Please-- go ahead.. what cha wanna do..?
  16. I think you might be missing me there Darby-- I understand them coming over here for these stories(because it is one of the only places they can come for this "specific type" story telling). (I get the italian doing the double image, I posted over there also in that thread) What I mean is everywhere I go whether the forum is run by the Stazi- or free floating to the mundane-- It is seriously nutzo hunting season all over the net. I must be in 70+ sites a day-- I was even getting it at the unemployment office.. Its starting to weird me out..
  17. I just heard a Lindenburg speech from Sept 11 1941 right before the Japs attacked. It sounded exactly like any speech about bush today. Same story -different day. Creating war to establish excessive use /power of the executive branch....blah...blah ...blah. My only point is it didn't wear out with Mickey Mouse's creation, 60 years ago. It is as Fresh and Alive as it ever was.
  18. That is one measure of crazy Darby-- they don't realize they are.
  19. The doom is traveling across the net at light speed lately. Infinite improbability drive. I swear I go into financial forums, wired danger room, slashdot, counter terrorism sites, google finance, political sites--you name it. Its all the same story , the woo-woos now run the show. They are growing exponentially. New phenomenon?(I mean on the sheer volume?) :confused:
  20. I read this thread from the beginning to the end- I wish I would have read it from the end to the beginning, It probably would have made more sense.
  21. Re: Hello This has been a test and only a test. Had there been an actually time traveler... and so-on...
  22. Re: This should go to the FBI immediately. Of course I was talking to the OP. I had listened to it and couldn't decipher it. I was going to let someone else listen and it was gone... Oh well...
  23. Re: This should go to the FBI immediately. Why did you take the recording down? May I ask?
  24. See everybody--- that's why I didn't say anything. Whether all of you guys believe me or not-- this was actually my first conspiracy forum right here, in TTI. I know it sounds weird--- but I actually know you guys better than I know most of these other idiots that run around on the net. In fact a lot of -these other things that come up- I have never heard of before- and yet ----all of you have because all of you have been in it forever(and a day). I am starting to piece it all together-(because ALL of it is interrelated in someway-) but I would like to say one thing- If I had not started HERE- I would have stated in some other crazy angle - for example I could have been a Rense or Alex Jones nut. For what its worth I appreciate it. By the Way Recall--- that wasnt the Original Poster-- Just another [email protected] posting for fun.
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