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  1. It doesnt matter how i got the info. I saw it on computer that both sites were registered by the same person, while I was at work. And its not your possibility nº4
  2. True Darby, yet, The info I got, was that it was registred by the same person. I work for a big internet ISP provider in Europe, and had access to the info. Also, the mail's registered on both sites, can be found, and both are written... with CAPS. Anyway, if Pamela isnt part of team titor, she is more gullable (spell?) than I tought. Pamela, sweety, they forgot what the secret song was. You werent relevant to them. But as you kept talking about it on the web, you became more relevant than expected. And considering they dont remember what the song was, they just sent you a new one! The b-52 song, to make up, for the mistake, of forgetting the original song.
  3. Hello, many of you know me as a hoax, who came here about 1 year ago. I was. And I apologise for it, but it was needed. I was doing my own research, and needed to get some key people's reactions, to a less elaborate story. I did it with some sucess. I am not a time traveler, and certainly not from 2044. If anything I have experienced some psychic things related to me, but thats another story. Like most the Titor saga intrigued me for years, and for years I was just a silent guy, coming here to read, until I decided to pull my investigation. I still find it funny how some of you never crossed the right dots. Per instance, why doesnt Oliver Williams appear on cameras? Why does he always has the info about Titor say... 5 minutes after it appeared? But the big question no one asked is: WHY IS OLIVER WILLIAMS VOICE, EXACTLY THE SAME AS LARRY HABBER? Sure the guy does try to change is voice, but his tone, and accent... still there. Another part of my investigation, led me to discover that Pamela, is indeed part of part of Team Titor. Oliver Williams website on titor, is registred under the same domain, and has the same owner, as the new JohnTitorFoundation.com website. Godaddy.com The idea for Titor was just to play a hoax on you guys. But as it gained interest, Larry, took it to a new level, and tried to generate even more interest, so that he would sell all kinds of merchandise. I still believe Pamela, probably isnt who she says she is. It wouldnt surprise me, if she was also one of the Habber boys doing her part. In the case of my "character" Linkman, its surprising (or not), how she quickly tried to disprove me, when its so easy for "her" to accept a guy she never met. The 2 titor thing, was a necessity for the Habbers, considering there was already alot of talk about the titor story having flaws here and there. With Razimus doing his investigation, and Rai 2 following Larry's brother, the way to escape and try to refresh the story was to say "hey, im not just one, we are 2 time travelers, yeah, thats why you think im fictional, and i missed some points bla bla bla" Theres another reason his book is worth 800 dollares or so. They dont want to sell it to the regular audience. They want the media to pick it up. The Hollywood writers. Thats their goal. Titor is and always was... The Habbers.
  4. You primitives are so much predictable. When you use of irony you rock, when its the others, they suck. I told you I wasnt going to give you any tips, so by CLEARLY saying Holland would win, I was bsing you, but still, I gave you Spain as the winner, nearly a month before the competition came to its end. "for those wanting to bet on sports, go with spain". To those who lost money on Holland who are mad at me, I told you...I wouldnt be giving specific information.
  5. Aren't you welcoming me back? - I told you about spain winning the Euro championship. - I told you a black pope rising in power (metaphor from nostradamus) There are things that are going to happen. Hi Pamela, how's your son?
  6. You people make me laugh. I never said I was american. Just for starters. This is my last post here. It wasnt casino odds...anyone who is a fan of that sport, knows that the odds were on Holland and Germany's side, expecially when Spain had to go through Russia and World Champion Italy. Plus, wasn't Portugal in the competition as well? Portuguese people hate Spanish people. Would I cheer for them with half championship on the way and a big rivalry between both countrys. I might not be Portuguese as well, but be visiting. Plus, have you ever tought of the possibility I might not want to be taken THAT seriously? Im also not saying I am not from the future. Funny how so many non time travelers with a vague knowledge about technology from the present, seem to know alot about futuristic time travel and its advanced technology. I wonder why. You have to think outside of the box. My message is still the same : peace is the answer. The old gold from Britain, is going to fall,for the diamond to shine. Whilst the black pope comes to power in the new country. The giant web will be replaced for a new technology in between 2 years, but you will not feel the changes. The titanic return in magazines of the boy of steel. Wheres the S? The public bat eater goes from standing in 2 legs to using 2 wheels. Israel to the attack! Iran surrounded!
  7. As it ocurred to any of you that the photo I used was representative and nothing else of what my time machine looks like? I said : Back Pack. That thing was the closest I found in the internet that resembles it. Ive seen that I was not liked around. I will leave you all with this and nothing else. During 2012, with the passing of the planet X, our planet saw great changes. Things not yet seen by man of this era, would be seen. With the passing of this planet, the galactic alignment would change, thus creating different and numerous reactions in our world, some resulting in natural catastrophys. Nothing that man wouldn't be able to survive. But yet, a vast number of the population would infact pass. After this time period, during 2015, while the world would still be recovering, from the 2012 events, some of earths natural resources would start to be coming to its end. Oil would be one of them. The Islamic Nations would in fact cut any type of ties with the Ocidentals, not sharing the oil with them, keeping it for the islamic people only, as it was given to them by Allah. On the other side of the world, "He who comes from Wales", would assume his rightfuly place as King in the UK. Months later he would also be controlling the European Union. One of the persons who had more influence in this "King" assuming a leadership position in the European Union would be President Obama Both Nafta at one point, and the European Union discussed about the lacking of oil, and made plans of invading major countrys in the middle east. The USA declined as they were just recovering from the 2012 incidents. As the European Union Invaded the Middle East, it culiminated in the Destruction of Jerusalem. But not after China got involved. And later, the USA. It was the start of the World War 3, that in my time period came to be known as the World Oil War. In time, cars run by hydrogen became a solution. Altought it was announced in 2008, that hydrogen would be infact viable, it was only later that it became a reality. During the war, a third of the world population died. Later on, this was one of the factors that led to time traveling, to try and avoid this major conflict. Time Traveling The first time traveling experiment will not be in a phisical way. At least regarding experiments with human people. The first Time Travel device would come from Germany in the form of a microchip to be implanted in time travelers brains. The idea of this project was not to send a physical human being back in time, but to project his toughts and images in the past to try and interact with the people over there. This was called the Q-Chip. Quantum Chip. The first experiments were a failure. The project was only successful when they started using psychic mediums. This was later used in the project Graywolf - that had something to do with past projects called Stargate, Grillflame, and Scanate - for people to go back in time and warn their ancesters of the war and how to avoid it. The people who were able to easily receive this messages in the past, were other mediums. Some of them were later considered prophets. The visions these prophets had from an apocaliptic future, would not be their own, but from the mediums in the future. This caused this "prophets of the past" to give their own meanings to what they saw, because they were not able to comprehend what they were looking upon to. Nonetheless, they at first got to this people in the wrong era, because they believed reaching to beyond what happened could avoid the future. But still they got reach someone in the year 2000 and warn them. This was later transmited the the President at that time that in order to prevent the war, started himself a new one, by invading Iraq, with plans of himself, getting control of the Oil fields, before it was late. In 2005 a man that was arrested by the FBI, transformed 800 dollars into 36.0000. The FBI tought this man was having previleged information. When arrested, Andrew Carlssin said he came from the year 2256, and that he needed to go back to his time machine. He refused to tell where his time machine was afraid of it falling in the wrong hands. This story had some major media propaganda, but was later silenced. Carlssin, indeed told the wherebouts of his time machine. This same machine was sent to Cern, for further investigations, that led to recent developments in Cern about discovering the principals of time travel. It is interesting how a time traveler from the future, was responsible for future time travel. Cern tried to do the first time travel in 2021, using Celsium Clocks, but major problems happened. This led back to Nikola Tesla and the Philadelphia Experiment, where Tesla warned that by moving anyone in time, they would need a wrist band to maintain the 0 point of the person's conciousness, as when the ship leaves the space time continuum, it becomes the universe for those people as without those same wristbands, the person in the ship would just floath down in space. This is why time travel became possible for a psisical body. Yes, it was possible due to the Celsium clocks. But they needed the Q-Chip as well! In 2000 to 2001 a person using the name John Ethan Titor who became more known than John , said things about a civil war in the USA. Altought Titor mentioned that he came to the past to get the IBM 5100, it did not stop the Y2k38 bug that was to happen in 2038. This caused computers to shoot randomly nuclear missiles on major citys. After WW3, there was a peace treaty where governments with nuclear weapons should have destroyed and de-activate their weapons of mass destruction. But many kept 1 or 2...just in case. Titor talked about the civil war that was to happen in the USA, but Linkman said, the interesting thing is, it did not happen in my past! He said, that a civil war did ocur, in Iraq, involving the USA, and that is of common knowledge these days, however, Titor was not fully wrong. I believe that altought me and Titor come from the same time, we are not from the same timeline! And if a third traveler was to be around, he would have different facts as well, from both Titor and myself, as time has a divergence for each timeline's past. the answer for peace: as a human race thus we are all brothers, it is not the control, and power to force others to follow an ideal world, but for everyone to work together in the service of humanity. I will not return after I leave. At least in a phisical form. My name? Name John - When we are sent back in time, they are given the codename John. It is important they do not reveal their real name. So virtually they are John Do's. Ravel - Because time travel has always been a complex thing. A mistery to unravel. Linkman - A link between time lines. Oh: - after 2012 you will know why the Vatican is starting to accept alien beings. And that altought the Raelian movent is not 100% right, or is the right cult to follow, there is a reason for its theory to be the same of the mormon church. Yet, none of them are the right ones. But they are close enough! Jesus did not return in my timeline future, but there are speculations about it, due to UFO's sightings. I dont want to go further on that question. the Vatican woill , move from Rome to Fatima, Portugal. For those of you wanting to bet on games nowdays: Go with Spain cya you will never know... Hillary vice But hope for beyond 2012.
  8. Project Graywolf was a project run in 2021. After 2012 most people started believing "in something more" than what we see. People actually began paying more attention to the mind and spirit rather than just their phisical bodys. In other words, in my time it is believed that we can not evolve, if we do not elevate ourselfs into another state of counciousness. So in 2021, one departement began using psychics in an experiment. In other it was a time travel project that would involve going back in time, without actually sendind mass but rather sendind mind waves. This was something that the Egypts believed in. That we actually exist in 3 levels of counciousness. Spirtually, Carnal, and in Toughts. Would you believe if I told you, that some of the prophets of the past, actually had visions, come to them, from future people from my past? I'm not saying all of them. I won't mention names of those prophets. What they were able to receive, was mind waves with memorys and visions that people from the project sent them. In terms of what religion I believe in, I am a catholic, and many in my time are. But the catholic church has changed so much. For isntance, the vatican has moved from Rome to Portugal, Fatima. Much to what would happen during WW3. But on regards to what most are starting to believe in, well. The Raelian movement is not that far from the truth. But I am not saying that Rael is the person to follow. Most religions are actually connected in some ways. From Aliens, to Gods, to Spiritual levels.
  9. unlike titor, i will not enter into much details, but since 36 to 44, we have made much progresses. I am using a model of a TU9. Its basicly a back pack.
  10. I'll save you time. Holland is going to win the Eurocup, if that's what you want to hear. No sport results, no personal details about yourself or anything that will give you money. You can ask about religion, time travel, etc. There are things you might ask where I might be vague, as it might cause more bad than good when answered to the comunity in this timeline. Bare in mind, I am not physician. When you work in an office, you are given information to pass to the computer. But you do not know the actual things that were written. I know how to manipulate my machine. I don't know about how it was builted with precision. I believe you were once found in that situation when taking car lessons. Many are teached to drive, but not to know the structure of the car.
  11. Will you talk about Civil War? Look into your news cast. It started in 2003. Bush sent troops to iraq. One year later, Bush was re-elected with controversy around him. People started questioning about why the troops were still in Iraq and if there was really any need of war. We call it in my time, the Silent War. Ironicly, Iraq, that has been controlled by the USA lately, has had a civil war itself. And guess what the USA is part of it. Do not expect Obama to bring the troops home until after one year and a half later.
  12. Do you know what Titor means? TIme Traveling Over Reality. About him calling himself John, everyone of the people involved in time travel when going back in time, are virtually John Do's. I can answer you questions about religion if you want to. Also, I can talk about other time projects that were builded before actual time machines. And I'm not talking about Cern. But it's funny how you somehow doubt so much about time traveling, when so much about what John said is actually coming through.
  13. Why do you keep asking questions about stuff I wont respond, other than the fact that Lincoln was a visionary and many in my time believe the brits shot him.
  14. Depends on what you are asking. Actually Santa Maria is recovering slowly from the results of 2015. Its one of the most affected towns.
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