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  1. Hi! STARWALKER is a new reality tv show with first prize a pair of flights as trained astronauts into outer space. You read that correctly. Entry is open to anyone anywhere on earth 18+ years. Entries close 30 April 2010. Filming commences May 2010. Website: (an enter for free there) http://www.starwalkershow.com Blog: http://realstarwalker.blogspot.com We're also on facebook. There is currently a YouTube competition to win of five paid gigs as one of our interviewer presenters, details are on the blog and facebook group page. :) So ENTER!
  2. HDRKID is some days solely responsible for me being in a go in the woods and shoot clip after clip into banana trees kind of mood. Not so much for his own retarded self as for the misled lost souls who keep gulping down the Kool Aid. oO
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z4gpri0zmg Trailer for my animated film debuting at Cannes, WIN THE GAME. Please visit, rate, subscribe, favorite, comment etc.! -J aka Doghead
  4. Why not just post a URL to save us the job of hunting?
  5. Well snap since I am writing this as my wife of the last two years walks out on me... or more accurately walks back and forth loading her stuff (and the stuff for her awful kids- the reason we split). Wife losing and reinhardt- quite the combo.
  6. That would be good. I was actually the "Disney executives did it" thread maker though, not Razimus. Although I look forward to seeing a new video from him hijacking and ruining any real research into that angle shortly.
  7. Irritatingly the Razimus flub takes attention away from actual candidates for hoaxer like the Habers.
  8. Neowater is programmable so that it accepts molecules water will normally not dissolve- allowing water-based paint containing things previously only oil soluble, or allowing filthy water to be treated quickly (and at great expense) to become potable water, putting vitamins and minerals into soft drinks- which is what my licence was for- and so on. Also it can dissolve chemicals and elements out of a system such as a human body, causing in some cases explosive reactions. I've only seen footage of goats and pigs having it happen to them but I imagine people would be the same. Cheers...
  9. You wish... Latest interpretation of the entrails is that "7 ate 9" meant that the 7 ate the 9 in 789- and replaced it, making the 787 number. Where there's a will... There's apophenia. Plus Reinhardt really does have some predictive skill. Titor versus Reinhardt... That would be a battle for the ages. :)
  10. 21 responses so far but I need at least about 200... Deadline is roughly March 15 2009.
  11. In the spirit of stealing others' ideas, GLP, the same forum that refused to pin the Renhardt thread and let the forum get overrun with the usual mental patients and hoaxsters, has now gone dark and produced this hysterical message. Have bandwagon, will jump on. I'm calling it now-- GLP has found its John Titor. Let the festivities begin.
  12. Read it all. Hm. I find the Anomalies theory weak to say the least. To identify the Titor hoax perpetrators, it has to follow the pattern of the crime or alleged crime involved. It has to. It's the "physics of crime". One of my areas of past professional involvement. There are alternate explanations for all the points raised by Hughston, and the alternate explanations are at least equally credible. A while ago I posted my off the cuff "Disney execs did it" theory- let's say "rogue Disney execs did it" to be accurate. There is at least as much circumstantial evidence for that as for the Anomalies accusation. For that matter had I been more open about my postings back then I would make an excellent candidate too, and as someone who was victimised by three idiots in relation to the Isaac Caret hoax- I was accused of being the perpetrator and had to go so far as to contact civil and criminal authorities to get the moonbats back on their meds- I don't think an accusation on such flimsy evidence as was assembled here is sensible. The strongest single argumentative point was the kinesics analysis of the Olav interview where he laughed and seemed indeed to be dissimulating in relation to his level of knowledge of Titor. But there again, guilty behaviour could indicate a lot levels of involvement, it isn't a smoking gun. And that sole point aside, this whole drawn out presentation by "Razimus" has been overhyped and undercooked. Absent better proof, this theory is shelved for me. PS Anomalies net doesn't in fact have a landing page with legals on it- might be an idea to remedy that. If you want me to draft a clause just PM me.
  13. In the future, English as a language is replaced by randomised phrases with vaguely menacing promises of alien contact. Suspiciously, this replacement for English closely resembles the kind of diaper contents Rense.com specialises in. For God's sake, sorry for Scout class spaceship's sake (still chuckling over that one), SPEAK ENGLISH. Obfuscatory persiflage just makes your lies harder to read... But then that IS the point, isn't it? *sigh*
  14. >Hello CatJammin, > >Your last two posts where you ask about the pyramids and the Annunaki is a very complex subject >that will require significant time to explain. We will answer your questions completely at a later >date. Royal "we": 10 points. >But here's some quick info on what you specifically asked about. > > In reply to: > What is the purpose of the Pyramid of Giza > >Have you ever wondered why no tombs were ever found in the Great Pyramid? Answering question with question in approved Titor style: 20 points. Assuming the mantle of the Deepak Chopra style con man: 20 points. At that point the hoaxer has crossed a moral line and indicated their lack of empathy, their insecurity and their unhealthy fantasist nature. >Well that**** because they are not tombs. Word actually required here****: "that's". In an effort to lie effectively and convincingly, grammar goes out the window as it so often does. >They served two primary purposes - 1) They were a constant reminder to the primitive humans at >that time of how powerful and intelligent the Annunaki are. Assertion that humans of an earlier epoch were incapable of engineering feats, knowledge of math, and were generally guys in gorilla suits going ooga-booga: 50 points. At the same time using writings from those times as "evidence" of Anunnaki: 100 points for rank hypocrisy. Special shout out for using Zechariah Sitchin's... novel ... approach to translating Sumerian. But this is totally compliant with current snake oil salesman in this area so... another whopping 50 points for drinking the Planet X Kool Aid, and trying to get others to gulp it down with you. >And 2) The astromonical viewing tunnels in the Great Pyramid were used so that the Annunaki >stationed on Earth knew when their home planet Niburu (or what we term the Anomaly) was about to >make another close passage past Earth. Hello, Nibiru, I was wondering how long it would take for you to show up. Can you let Zechariah Sitchin's publisher know that their copyright has been infringed... badly... again? 50 points for intellectual theft. 25 points for the assertion that fictional super-aliens who can easily travel between solar system planets need a solid stone observatory the size of a suburb to make astrometric calculations. Classic. Well worth the 25 points. >Furthermore, when viewed from directly above, the 3 pyramids are arranged exactly as the stars in >the Belt of Orion are which is the general direction the Anomaly approaches our solar system from. "directly above" is a fairly exact sounding but actually vague term. Directly above what? Which pyramid? Arrant nonsense. 10 points. "General direction"- but aren't the observations made with the Pyramids extremely exact? Aren't indeed the Pyramids precision civil engineering at its best? Yes. Yes, they are. Wow. Just... wow. 100 points for making rationality cry. Again. >Think of it as a sort of monument or recognizable pattern to any Annunaki ships that were >approaching the site for a landing. Well which is it? A monument or a landing guide. And exactly why would interplanetary vessels need a guide or marker... 99.99% of the way to their landing zone? Wouldn't splashing down make more sense than hard landings? Especially since the ACTUAL WRITTEN ACCOUNTS all this nonsense is spun from talk of an aquatic god? Please, if you are going to rape human history, at least do it properly, you putz. 50 points for spitting on so many traditions and cultures at once that your affront to logic almost goes unnoticed. > In reply to: > Are you familiar with the ancient Sumerian artifacts and drawings? > >Yes. The Summerians were one of the many groups of humans the Annunaki used as slaves. Lordy loo. The points awarded above count towards the "are you a bigger affront to thinking people everywhere than John Titor prize", awarded annually to the single most egregious time travel related hoax. Competition can be fierce since entry is open not just to the sane and adult but also to minors and the mentally ill. One other small point, one of the posters asked the simple question as to how the fake time traveller knew what the briefing was given by Bush to Obama. Where to start, where to start. The correct answer for the hoaxer would have been, "it's in our history books". Duh. Further, it is national security briefing material. You don't just have one figurehead politician talk to another one directly about anything other than how little power they have, how scared they are of the Pretorians who actually run things, corruption, sexual perversion... the usual topics in Washington behind closed doors. This hoax is a crapulous eructation that stains TTI.
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