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  1. Well, I always say...never let the truth get in the way of a good story...... ;)
  2. A good Guinness is well worth the wait, I spent some time working in southwest of Dublin a few years back and there was certainly some fine pints served. I guess if the end of the world is nigh I'd rather share your shelter than hdr's.....tinned spam vs Guiness & a pork pie = no contest :yum:
  3. Having spent the last 10 years living in them 4 days a week it has to be said that you can't beat a good pub...please tell me they serve a fine pint..... :)
  4. Re: Sad Day for HDRKID - Just As I Predicted! No, they make fun of you hdr, just you. And honestly, it's not a problem.
  5. Re: Summer 09: The failure of the international money Quite frankly us rural types would prefer it if the townie fuckwits stay in town, city folk can't (in general) cope with the way of life in the country. Still unable to back up this lie with any proof? Haaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa now we see the driver........
  6. Re: Summer 09: The failure of the international money Get a grip, it's a cold, people get them all the time. Weirdly people die from them all the time too. Nothing to see here but a sensationalist liar, move along please, move along now, nothing to see......
  7. F A I L (a familiar situation..) You FAIL. Thank you and good night
  8. Re: in a place near you...Volcanoes RMT, Interesting that the peaks and troughs have become very sharp since the 1800's (accepted there are only two of them)...is that to do with human activity? The trend for warm periods seems a little screwed after 1300 and the trend for cool periods looks off from 1994 ish or have I got this all wrong?
  9. Re: FAIL AGAIN Link or you LIE Link or you LIE Don't worry, I doubt anyone does. :yum: Over to you Hopelessly Deluded Rambling kid. :)
  10. Re: FAIL Haaaaaaaaaaaaahaahaahahahahahahahaahhahahahhahahahah...sorry, can you qualify that with any 'real' evidence? Man, you can't even provide a link to your much lauded 2005 predictions (that you never made) I'm with the new Goo-ooo ROO, scuse me while I chant........ Kiss the Paladium, sell the dollars, eat the gold. Kiss the Paladium, sell the dollars, eat the gold. Kiss the Paladium, sell the dollars, eat the gold. Kiss the Paladium, sell the dollars, eat the gold. What is next oh great goo-ooo ROO? The gold doesn't sustain me and doesn't taste good.. :yum:
  11. Interesting, what makes you think that people would believe you? People would think you are just a hoaxer. If you prevented 9/11 they would definately think you were a hoaxer as you would have video of an event that never happened. People predict disasters all the time, some of them score hits with their predictions yet these people are marginalised. So, do you really think you would be a hero?
  12. Re: FAIL Failed that in school, can't understand why, maybe I should have spent less of my life climbing trees..............or, maybe not :yum:
  13. Re: FAIL OK now I understand; RVing the future=quoting current events in the MSM Predicting the future=quoting industry specialists opinions on what will happen next given their understanding of their specialist fields. Darby is correct. You ARE a GooooooooooRoooooooooo or is that GooGooGaroooo BTW. LINK= 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 Get that? 2005
  14. Re: poor effort I also notice that you didn't predict the DOW bombing the week you made this entry to your journal.... HDR sees the DOW drop 400+ week 9th -13th feb (not!) quoting HDR'd Journal: February 10th, 2009 95mpg car A do it yourselfer have created a 95mpg honda civic car. This is good news. I hope more people will build their own devices. The future can be bright, it we maker it. E for effort HDR
  15. poor effort Poor, I did ask for a link........to your 2005 predictions. That link you have provided is rubbish, do you know how many people predicted the same thing on that day? the daily market proves nothing of your abilities. Show me a link that proves your earlier statement re 2005.
  16. Re: Question... LOL a marriage made in.........
  17. Not yet...........For this prediction to be correct both things need to come to pass, lets face it financial boom and crash are cyclical, many people predict them (they are usually the rich ones!)
  18. In the UK flashing your headlights is to warn other motorists of your presence. However, many drivers use flashing of headlights to warn of speed traps or to signify that they are giving way to traffic turning across them or oncoming down a narrow road. Also used to say 'hi' to an oncoming motorist who is known to the driver. The legal and the actual use of flashing headlights seem to be completely at odds with each other and one would expect more accidents as a result of it. I don't think this is the case though. I suspect that despite what the highway code says 99.9 percent (my guess) of people use headlight flashing for the latter reasons.
  19. Check this GOOROO Like I said, no there isn't. Read your replies you self appreciating fool. PROVE THE STATEMENT ABOVE In a video game the only time you have limitless bullets is if you are using a cheat. Are you admitting to being a cheat? Unless your name is HDR in which case you tell everyone that when the crash comes you've got food and shelter and roughly where you are....do you have enough guns to fend off an army of hungry people? Doubt it. See you in the bunker ant! WOW what a specific prediction (made in Feb 2009) no one else has come up with that one!! When it happens I will remember that you said it first in Feb 2009 (not 2005). I mean to say, this is groundbreaking stuff, not even in the MSM yet! HA!
  20. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! PROVE THAT STATEMENT
  21. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! HA! you have obviously not been to my local co-op. There is never any food on the shelves. In response to the rest of your pointless witter. Maybe you should write something new instead of copy & pasting the same old shite. Honestly, is that all you have had to say since when? Before 2005? Hard to tell as you are unable to back up anything you say you have said with links.
  22. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! Still no link to back this claim up HDR? Surely you're not just making it up? C'mon, put up or shut up :yum:
  23. Re: The Next Phase see Reactors Thread Happy reading! :)
  24. Well, I am prepared to used my parents as subjects, anyone want to offer theirs as control subjects? :yum:
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