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  1. Re: Almost TIME to Wrap It Up in a Bow! For the second time..... Please could you provide a link to where you made this claim in 2005? One question, one answer required and no RVing needed, just post the link. Thanks
  2. Nice one, very entertaining. Only failed on the last one. :)
  3. My_Time

    A pen?

    I have this problem with socks, why on earth would time travellers want to keep borrowing my socks? Are they all one legged? Still, at least they return them clean and usually leave them in the same place (behind the radiator in the back room). :) :yum: :)
  4. Firstly I will state that I am no more than an interested layman on this. I suspect though that the issue of global warming/cooling is a bit more complex than a single graph showing 8 years worth of data. While that graph shows a downward trend it is also a fact that the polar regions are melting. I think I'll do a bit more reading and join this thread again later. :)
  5. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 Hi HDR, Are you saying you predicted GM going under in 2005? Could you provide a link for that claim. I did a search and all I could find was this: HDR 2008 And this: HDR 2008 (again) Both posted this month. Still, the question remains, can you give us the week that GM goes under?
  6. Re: Horrifying Video from Just a Little in the Fut The plot thickens............lol
  7. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think anyone has said that GM going under is likely or unlikely. Looking at the news, to me at least, it seems possible that GM may collapse. However, you have stated that it will go under, I asked you for a date, you have said 'in the next few months'. You're giving yourself a fairly wide margin for the thing to happen. Is a few 3? Can you narrow that down abit with your RVing skills to maybe a given week?
  8. Way to contradict yourself in one post dude. I'm impressed by your stupidity :) Lucky for me I dont place bets based on TT hoaxers info. So, what form are you taking this visit?
  9. Re: Raydemort Against The Timetravelers was:Order Fair play, you two are worse than my kids! LOL :yum: (Cool Pic though RMT)
  10. Also: What form do you take this visit? And what things are going to happen? (Given that 'things' happen all the time!) :)
  11. Is this a time travel claim or a seer's prediction thread?
  12. Re: What are the chances of a pole shift? 99.7% Some how I don't think Charlie had anything to do with it, or his friends (if,that is, he has any!) Still, time will tell.
  13. Re: What are the chances of a pole shift? 99.7% Sorry, no, this is wrong! I think the American people deserve the credit for Obama's victory, the result was a landslide not some 'close call' that could have been affected by fraudulent activity.
  14. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 Do you have a date for this event?
  15. Re: What are the chances of a pole shift? 99.7% Recall, Enough with the wishafriend already!!!
  16. Re: What are the chances of a poll shift? Fair comment Warrior, still, I'm having a year off at the minute so just spending time with my family and hanging out on the net until January. Probably have less time on my hands in the new year. :)
  17. You think? I doubt it. No government would release information likely to cause panic until the last minute. And only then because it could not be kept secret. And what of all the other nations? Believe it or not there is a whole world outside the U.S and people do talk you know. All governments in all countries would not release information of this magnitude, don't think for a minute that the McCain/Obama question will make a blind bit of difference to that fact.
  18. Re: What are the chances of a poll shift? Who knows Warrior? :yum: Just curious as to why the questions are being dodged when the answers should be fairly straight forward.
  19. Re: What are the chances of a poll shift? Timeline39, Why? Why? Why don't you just answer the question? I think a simple yes or no will suffice, what's the problem with answering that?
  20. My_Time


    I think the (private) just means the user has changed their options to hide which forum they are in. If a post doesn't appear then they probably changed their mind about posting, I do that sometimes.
  21. Re: Your Test I'm looking forward to that :yum:
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