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  1. Re: Your Test FAIL FAIL FAIL This man doesn't know what he is talking about FAIL FAIL FAIL
  2. Re: Your Test Canada? Dangerous? Surely not!!! :yum: So how come you have the machine in Italy? So are you a physicist too (aswell as being a soldier)?
  3. Re: Your Test Go on then, tell us what the future is like Matt, did you have a war? Are there flying cars? Do people have 'virtual' sex? Are nations the same as they are now? Are the Italians the only nation with timetravel? Why were you chosen to come back? Do you have some special skill that is required for your mission?
  4. Re: Your Test Awwwww RMT, I was looking forward to seeing the photo's!
  5. OK, I look forward to seeing it and maybe discussing some of the technical details of it.
  6. Can you provide a description of your time machine and how it works?
  7. If the LHC will not make discoveries we expect what is it that is useful to you in your future? Are you from our future?
  8. So Matt, what is it about CERN you have come for?
  9. I see you are a bit skeptical Michael. :)
  10. Hello Matt, please post this thread in 'Time Travel Claims' (next one down :) ) See you there?
  11. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 I dont think anyone is out to debunk your take on the future, it is as good/bad as anything proposed by the main stream & alternative media. In my opinion some of what you say rings true. The bit that is the problem is your method, nothing you have said requires RVing and I have to question your ability to do it. None of your predictions have concrete event+date, just generalities, I can get that from bloomberg/cnn/bbc etc Show us something real. :)
  12. Aye, never get between anyone and their armageddon! LOL :)
  13. Don't forget the WAR, the pole shift was obviously not horrific enough eh?
  14. Darby, 219 has replaced 218, obviously 218 just didn't make the grade! Or did he go back to the future in that car. LOL.
  15. Re: waiting for 7th october...2008 And I predict that he will completely ignore these posts and continue........... This means that one of us is RVing............scary! :)
  16. Michael, I think you will find much on the theory of time travel from reading historical threads here, plenty of reading for you! As for real time travellers, I reckon everyone is waiting for one of those to turn up! :)
  17. ( is your ip address, it's on all your posts (and time traveler x) :)
  18. In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: why I sound a bit italian to you? >.< -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I.P sunshine :)
  19. Ahhh Mr X I presume.... Not so far Who knows.......dun dun daaaaaaaaaa :yum:
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