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  1. Errrr, if as you state there is 0 divergence then your posts should exist in 2024 before you left because they exist now, there was a time traveller posting in 2008, people in 2023 knew that so why didn't you in 2024. But then you didn't answer the question Please explain what happens to the posts between now and 2024 If the posts were not available before you travelled then there must be divergence... something is different. Therefore every bit of information you have given and every effect you have had will cause more and more divergence. So, you will return to a world very different than the one you left... Unless of course your story is just that... a story.
  2. What, there were no knickers... or they just weren't primark? :eek:
  3. Re: TV HAS ALWAYS BEEN 'COLOR TELEPHONIC VISION' Baris is a Turkish rock star... And you never proved anything...you suggest that I go prove it for myself... Hey, I have nothing to prove dude..... fancy a bit of surfing?? :yum:
  4. Re: TV HAS ALWAYS BEEN 'COLOR TELEPHONIC VISION' To be fair, I had always assumed that the whole universe was black and white prior to 1954, and that it was the colour broadcast that gave the universe its colour...even old photo's are black and white.. can anyone prove that there was not a time when all things were colourless????? :yum:
  5. Re: TV HAS ALWAYS BEEN 'COLOR TELEPHONIC VISION' Baaaaaaaad mistake RMT! Surely you have seen the results of the 'wow response'.....devastating! LOL :)
  6. Re: The Apocolypse Means \"The Great Unveiling\" Not End a) Italy and UK are part of the EU and b)What makes you think that the EU has the monopoly on 'Old world creatures'? Is the US just too modern to have such things?? I am fairly sure that the US (as a land mass(populated)) has been around for as long as anywhere else, its just that the europeans only got there recently........! :)
  7. Re: Let's Review Over to you Lyn.......Lyn......Lyn?.......Lynnnnnnnnnnnn........Hello? Is there anybody out there??? :p
  8. Mmmmmmmm.......Somehow I doubt Diana wore primark knickers...... :)
  9. L Trying to keep this fairly simple, Please explain what happens to the posts between now and 2024 . The fact is that this thread exists in 2008, it will exist (barring the end of the world described elsewhere on this site (HDR and friends!!))every year up to 2024 and beyond. So, how can you have not seen the thread before you left 2024??? There are 2 questions above, I have highlighted them in bold so that they are easy to identify, when answering I trust you will remember: and These posts suggest that our history is your history and our future is also your history. Is this true? That's 3 questions I look forward to your response :) M_T
  10. L, So you are telling us that these posts are here now, but 'disappear' until 2024 when your team see them 'appear from nowhere' on a server. Surely the fact that you have written the posts now means they exist now, tomorrow, next week, next year, and in 2024? :confused: M_T
  11. L, Thanks for the reply, so does this mean that your posts materialise on a server in 2024 as you write them now and the team there can read them? I am assuming that the team will be aware you intended to post here M_T
  12. L, Can you explain the connection between the posts materialising on a server and the traveller arriving back in 2024. Surely if the posts were made in 2023 then they should have been available to view before the traveller returned, in the same way that your posts exist now and the team in 2024 should be reading them. :confused: :confused: Thanks
  13. ...ok......that's the last time I say wow! (bugger..I just said it didn't I :cry:)
  14. Has Mrs Grummond retired from the kitchen? :confused:
  15. Re: The new VGLxxx Looks like a motorcyclist having an 'astral' moment! :confused:
  16. So at what point were you able to read the posts that the 'second' mission traveller made on this forum?
  17. Errr, surely these posts are 'one small change' and they exist now therefore they exist in 2024 and your team must have known about them before you arrived here.....possibly going over old ground but it still doesn't make sense.. However, given that you are on the level I think that on the back of you telling us who will be president for the next 16 years I will sell my house and put all my money on the outcome of these elections... I reckon I'll get good odds on an accumulator which will make me unbelievably wealthy, this wouldn't have happened if you had not returned, who knows what craziness I could create with my wealth.... your foolish posts have changed time...... forever..... what will you return to?????? :devil: :yum: :devil:
  18. L, Could you tell us what your ambitions in life were as a youth. Thanks, M_T
  19. Very disappointed with your response L, I thought the structure of the point and the question posed deserved an adult response. I think there will be plenty here who agree.
  20. L, I am quite interested, could you possibly answer the following questions? 1: What is negative mass? 2: How is it utilized in your gadget? 3: How is negative mass produced? 4: How much negative mass is required? 5: Where and how do you store negative mass in 2008? 6: How do you avoid the effects of vacuum flux effects with your gadget? 7: In your own words, what is vacuum flux? Your response, as always, much appreciated. Many thanks, M_T
  21. Well, you should know, you are from the future :D
  22. Re:John Titor's Prediction was: Obama named However.......... "The state is scheduled to receive 1.42 million barrels of gasoline over the next week, roughly matching its typical demand of 1.44 million barrels", Heidt said. :eek: (Same link...less sensation..)
  23. I think you want to be in 'Time Travel Claims' not 'discussion' See you there perhaps? :)
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