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  1. Re:John Titor's Prediction was: Obama named mmmmmmm... If I was cynical I might think that Darby is angling for a 6 month holiday from this thread!? :) Still, are you up for it HDRkid?
  2. Thank you sooooo much :oops: :) Did I get that out of context??? Surely not :P
  3. L, Sorry, my mistake, but can we agree then that the 'foreign country' aspect is not on a benign level and is an issue of national security in 2024? Because really, 25 million IS a lot of dollars for details that have little relevence to your election and that could be got from your own time. Your response (as always) appreciated M_T
  4. L Phew! 25 million is a lot of dollars for a 'few details' that were 'lost in the shuffle' :eek: I think we can safely assume that the election has nothing to do with your 'mission' which brings us back to the 'foreign country' and the 'time travel connection'..... If the election is your cover why mention the 'foreign country' at all? If your investigations are regarding time travel tech and another country surely this 'other country' would be monitoring forums like this and will now be 'on to you'? Your response (as always) appreciated M_T
  5. L, Thanks for the response, but I still don't understand what benefit these 'small details' will give you and your team in 2024, are you expecting to learn something here that would allow you to influence the results of the election in your own time? :confused: Another thing that you mentioned was that you were Is this regarding a threat to national security in 2024? Or is it to do with the technology regarding time travel? Perhaps it is for a more benign reason? Your response (as always) appreciated M_T
  6. L, I see, but surely this information could be gathered with a simple internet search, news sites/bloggs etc also books/diaries etc (assuming you still have paper in 2024) even talking to people who lived through 2008 (while it may not be something that you remember with much clarity I am sure there are people in 2024 who would remember the 2008 elections like they were yesterday, an example of this kind of recall today would be all the various war vets on the history and military t.v. channels). There is stacks of material available now on events of 1992 giving a diverse range of opinion, surely the same applies to 2008 in 2024. I suppose my question is why is 'your' view needed over and above that which would already be available or is there something more specific you are looking at? Thanks, M_T
  7. L I am confused :confused: If you lived through this election, along I assume, with a large proportion of the team you work with, (presumably with some interest in political matters given your position and route to it) what is it that you missed first time around that obscures clarity in 2024? Thanks, M_T
  8. Hi L, This is all very well but what surprises me is that it would seem most travellers (including yourself) appear on these forums for reasons of observation and 'limited interaction' yet none of you seem to ask anyone any questions regarding our time. Surely your mission (in part) is to understand events from your past through the eyes of people who actually lived it? Why is it that you seem only interested in providing vague information about 'our future' when surely you must be more interseted in 'your past'? If you do have any questions please ask. Regards, M_T :confused:
  9. Cool! The smart money is on McCain then....where's my wallet? :yum:
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