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  1. Re: Any REAL Time Traveler's out there? "But really is your experiment quite so simple?" Why, yes it is. Consider for a moment TT is real. All one TT would have to do is go back to 98 and send the email... much like how someone would do passing a mailbox on the street and dropping the letter off for a friend. Truly probably nothing really will happen! Right cause there are no TT. Hence this challenge. Some predict and some invent but really is there truly a difference? Don't you think one would have to be open to BOTH the possibilities that there is hard science and there is the supernatural, both co-exist. Most don't believe this, it's one or the other. So if someone makes a prediction, and they're wrong, they're a phony. If they are right, they are lucky, even if they beat the odds, they are still lucky, or its a "coincidence" people sometimes will look at everything BUT the truth.
  2. Any REAL Time Traveler's out there? I've been browsing and reading the boards for quite sometime and decided to join. IF there are any REAL time travelers out there, I'd like to conduct a personal experiment. That is, if anyone is up for the challenge. It's quite simple really. All I need you to do is time travel back to 1998. I'll then write myself an email to give to you complete with the email I had then, and lets just see *what happens." Probably nothing, since I may get some TT stating they aren't "going that way" back to 98, or some fool saying he is one and just end up sending it on this timeline. Anyone up for the challenge? I heard Titor did this with people back in 01. Had some people write emails to themselves and John send it back in 98. Maybe for some reason 98 seems to be an important year. Looking back it was for me. If there are TRULY any real time travelers out there contact me.
  3. ...also, in a multiverse containing all possibilities, you can't change anything because whatever changes you try to make are already there as one of the possibilities.
  4. In some probabilities, you traveled to the future and made it back, in others you did not make it back. In some probabilities you are alive in a future time and in others you are not alive. A multiverse contains all possibilities and all combinations of possibilities. If you can travel to the future, you can meet a future self or not, depending on which probable future you go to.
  5. True. If you leave this time, you will not be here until you return. But, if you are aive in the future as you were alive in the past, then you could visit yourself because you are there. Your present self is different from your past or future self. This definitely applies to the past because you know you lived in the past and if you can go there, then you can visit yourself.
  6. There is no grandfather paradox in the multiverse scenario. In a multiverse, your grandfather's multiple histories included many in which he was not murdered and many in which he was murdered. Those many histories in which he was murdered included some involving different male or female murderers who killed him. It's possible that you were one of those murderers in one of your previous lifetimes or incarnations.
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