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  1. ".....and private individuals " Not acting alone, no. There is no single individual that could comsume the amount of energy needed to use a Move Box who wouldn't be singled out by their government and questioned. It's easier to perform these experiments under the guise of private institutions.
  2. "Anyways to continue with time travelor questionsing How tall are you? What color are you? Did you bring any money with you? Did you bring your birth certificate? Do you have a Social security card? What highschool did you graduate from?" 1. I am 6'2. 2. I am Caucasian. 3. Yes, I stated as much. 4. Yes, but I do not intend to use for anything. 5. I do, but Social Security is nothing as it is here. 6. I'm not going to give that information out, other than to say that the highschool exists, and has existed for some time, in this era. "Yawn.....thread full of nothing, Linford, if you're lonely there are a thousand and one chat forums you could go on, do you have no friends at work? Why do you feel the need to pretend to be from the future?" Oh, there is nothing to pretend here, my friend. :) "So why are you answering questions? Why are you not waiting for other travellers to post in your thread?" Who says I'm not waiting? You? I am a patient man. I can wait and find ways to occupy my time. "Could you clarify what 'the nature of the beast, so to speak.' is?" I'm going to assume that your being here in this forum is cause enough to believe that you know exactly what I'm referring to. I do not feel comfortable with some information about myself being made public due to the delicate nature of my existence in this time. "Can you tell us what position in society you held that would allow you access to illegal technology? Which agencies are using this illegal technology??" You would not be wrong to think of me as a sort of journalist. As far as what agencies are able to access this technology, I honestly do not know the extent to which time movement has been and is being utilized. I mentioned before that the U.S. government DOES have the technology, but what they do with it is certainly not made public. We can only guess. Other nations, specifically North Korea and China, have publicly stated that they have utilized time movement and have successfully moved a live human being. That's about the extent of what is on the record. What is off the record is an entirely different story. Individual companies and private organizations have made claims about successfully moving individuals through time for years. Some are more likely than others. The bottom line is that it can be done, and it is being done, not only by world governments, but by private organizations.
  3. "Oh no. Please tell me its not rodney dangerfield. lololol" Nope. I just Googled him and he died in 2004. :(
  4. In the United States of 2026, the price of oil is still a topic of debate. Hollywood and the music industry as it is in 2008 are both completely gone. In 2016 we elected another actor to a major political seat. :)
  5. "But we want to see something interesting from your time. Thats what makes talking to a time traveler interesting. Showing us something or telling us something we don't know or have never seen before. You don't want to be a boring time traveler do you? " I'm not worried about being boring. I AM worried about jepoardizing a product of peice of technology before its time has come.
  6. "Why not? What type of time traveler are you that you won't share atleast one thing with us?? Surely there is atleast ONE thing you can share with us." All of done so far has been sharing. :confused:
  7. "How far back does your machine go? And why did you pick this time to strand yourself in?" That's where it gets complicated. It's not about how far back it goes, it's where it goes. If you think about it, you'll understand. "Anything interesting on your hard drive you can share with us? Can you show us some pictures that you brought with you?" I can, but I won't. Sorry. "Being from 2026 you do not respond very quickly. lol " My apologies. I'll try to keep up more quickly. :)
  8. "$80000.00 Do you think that will be enough to last the rest of your life here? How old are you? Do you plan on getting a job here? Are you going to play the stocks?" It would be unethical of me to invest in the stockmarket, although I will admit the tought crosses my mind often. :) I have a job, of sorts. I keep busy.
  9. "But WHY did you come here? Does your time suck? Sounds like people use it as an escape. Whats the purpose if you can never return?" I came because I could, pure and simple. 2026 doesn't "suck." Not anymore than 2008, anyway. The old saying definitely rings true: The more things change, the more they stay the same. And I wouldn't define what I did as an escape.
  10. "How big is a time box and what do you bring with you since you cannot return?" It is about the size of a small sedan vehicle. I brought my hard drive, four sets of clothing, a few books, pictures, my wallet containing personal information and $80000.00 circa 2005 cash. Also, the name "Move Box" was given by one of the companies involved in its creation. I'm not going to name the company, but I will say that they are a major player in the world market of this era and in my own.
  11. "HERE YA GO! What will happen to microsoft this week? Will the stock market go up or down? What color is your hair? Are you male? Do you have a drivers Liscence? Are you gay or strait?" 1. I don't know. 2. The stock market ALWAYS goes up and down. 3. Brown. 4. Yes, I already stated as much. 5. Not in this era. 6. I am heterosexual. "so when is the first time machine coming out?? and where did you get the time machine from....." Time movement is not something that is widely done. It is more of an underground movement that works outside of the legal constraints. The governments try to tell their people that it is not commonplace, and to some extent they are right. Personally, I know of only four others who have used a Move Box or something similar to move through time. Think of it like an Italian sports car that is not street legal in the United States. You know it exists, even if you have never seen one of been affected by it. But it's existence does not interfere with your daily life. The first time movement device was an early version of what I used to get here: a Move Box. It was developed successfully by private companies. Even before it's creation was made public, the U.S. government acquired the blueprints, so to speak, and have done whatever it is the government does with such things. We will probably never know the extent of which they've used the machine to time move. I was not involved with the creation of the Move Box, but I was selected to witness several of it's early testings, as were a good many other people. Not long after that I decided to use it for myself. That is how I am here now.
  12. "How many years has time travel existed in your time. How many years of knowledge have you gained and can you share some of it with us?" The first documented case of time travel, or moving through time was in 2021, although many (including myself) suspect it had been used before that. And I am a man.
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