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  1. Re: Opinion very bundstad, viststhana purple-be Creedo I have a less cryptic message for you, which I will send right after you get done chewing the bark off my log.
  2. Vistronic <<>> I wondered about that at first too. Why is this so? Because the paranormal 'channel', the 'spook channel" and the time channel are all one and the same thing. Leading edge scientists already know this. And they already know that the suppression of knowlege won't work in the long run. The maniacal power and control freaks of this world never will figure out why the starched creases in their pants just don't stay in like they used to. A pitty. NOT!
  3. RE: WANTED: The Where & When location of Dr. David Anderson! Darby If time travel and sliders type dimensional travel is real and discovered, then history as we have known it is 'already gone'. The big thing 20 years ago was free energy. Free energy can be regulated because ironically one has to sell it (and be taxed on it) before it is worth a dime. Dimensional travel however, is its own market. Government can't stop it, tax it, nor control it. It is unclaimed territory. It would be like cyberspace to the Nth power. Suppose for example the Star Trek replicator were invented tomorrow. Say you owned one. Well golly gosh, would you try to sell it to some vulture capitalist for 3 cents on the dollar or would you just stick a Kugerand in it and "let 'er rip"? Such machines WOULD MAKE ECOMICS OBSOLETE. The old world would pass away. Let Anderson n Co. play their games because one day the game will be up. It could end in nuclear fire, as they are wont for us to believe or it could end in a billion paradises to behold. I'm thinking the school yard games are about over. There's gonna be 'a whole lotta waking goin on'.
  4. Oh, you mean *microsensity* I'm sorry I completely forgot what word meant for a second. Do carry on.
  5. <<> Maybe that is a typo and should it read "microdensity"? And is that anything like a fart? Herr Creedo?
  6. Persephone, Rykle <>> Maybe thats what makes him a good time traveler. Ask Creedo299&2/3rds about this.
  7. TTwise You bring up some good ideas. Suppose we take it to its logical conclusion; time has *no properties at all* and is therefore the guage against which all other properties can be measured. And time travel destroys only those who endever to use it. Cool! We have proof of this very thing. Look at what happened to Homer Simpson when he rewired his time traveling bread toaster. The truely frightening part is that no one noticed anything was amiss. I certainly haven't noticed anything either by the way. POPULAR TIMECHANICS: Be the first kid on your block to zzzzits zap ph ph ahhhhhaaaaaaaaa
  8. Creedo299&1/2 <<> Simple, I just start off the day stinkin rightously and it tends to clear up naturally as the day wears on. Confucius say "to many showers is dirts' revenge". Chairman Mao says "Confucius full of [censored]". Next question please. You, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back!? Ah ya, ecthemm, ah how much ah, dinamite do you have to ram up a hens ah what was the question again?
  9. Presewhachamacallit, Actually I've digessed from your main point which was the correspondence of point-to-point between universes. You seem to be on the right track with your observations BUT the exact math link-ups ie WHY what you say is so, is a much trickier matter. Too tricky for my limited math skills!
  10. Persephone, <<> No, thats exactly what I'm NOT saying. The point is that when you use math, which here is assumed to reflect reality correctly, one does NOT equal one. It equals 1/1. And one over one is mathmatically equivilent to 50/50 ie fifty-fifty. And I extended that (for funsies) to mean a plus fifty and a minus fifty which then equals zero. So by this 1=0.....or equals infinity, as you like. But don't take my word for it, if you really want to explore ambiguity go to the fuzzy math sites like I said.
  11. Pranaking The operative word in your theory is the word 'theory'. There is a theory that the universe is constructed entirely of/by one time traveling electron. What we need more than a good theory is the facts to go along with it. And welcome a-board.
  12. TTA <<> A: too many things B: you don't want to know <>> *Takes one to know one. Not to pick on you personally, but almost every one could dearly stand to crack a psychology text book once or twice. (People get played by the games they play.) Actually either pain or injury can cause trauma, which is the big boy on the block. Trauma ranks "complaint status" but only if you are still ABLE to complain. Oh and one more thing; yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yal yak yak yak, yak yak!
  13. Dear TTA Did it ever occur to you that your problems might stem from the fact that you are a severely disturbed individual? No offense, some of my best friends are disturbed....usually by me ha ha ha he he ha ha ooh sorry. No, I don't think that anyones fate is random. For one thing there is no such thing as random. You can only prove random by the laws of probability, which in turn are only a numeric way to measure uncertainty. And I am some what, practically, pretty sure of what I'm talking about here, sort of. Frankly my good man I don't think you've seen enough bad luck in your life to recognize it if it landed on your front lawn with bio-hazard stickers all over it. Hint: bad luck is not inconvience sprinkled about by space aliens. Bad luck is where the injury is so bad that the pain seems like a silly afterthought. Complain all you like. It sure beats sitting around and waiting for some thing truely complaint worthy to happen first. Heck I've got military jets buzzing my house on a regular basis, (even though I'm 200 miles from the nearest airport) but do I complain? Of course not, they keep the flying sausers away!
  14. Go to google type in "fuzzy logic", get 344,000 hits. Ambiguity has been discovered already. Binary logic is a subset of fuzzy logic. Certainty is 1/1 AKA 50/50. Again 100% certainty is 100/100. 100/100 = 1/1 = 50/50 = 1 = 1/1 get it? Any 1 is actually one divided by one. The one, is and ain't simutainiously. By fuzzy logic it is in actuality 50% present AND 50% not present. For example it proves that your computer screen is neither present nor not present. Its' percieved location is merely where it WOULD be if it were actually there.
  15. It sounds like a brag to me. Isn't it just the flip side of: "week men get the snot beat out of them"? As if it were some kind of policy statement with the intent to intimidate. Its like saying "Rich people have more buying power." Well duh! AND, AND just maybe I'm in a bitchy mood and just decided to pick on you......er WHAT LINK?
  16. Raidzoo, Yah, and a bullshit artist doesn't need to know the future because he just makes it up as he goes along.
  17. To Friend Transient, >>Its too bad that your own ineffectiveness at basic math has kept you from true understanding>> And too, it has grossly crippled my mind, made me a retard and shattered my chances of ever becomming a real rocket scientist like yourself. We all know that mathematicians have a corner on absolute enlightenment, and on the arcane ancient art of Shoelace-Tie-Ing. I just feel so inadequate, even my copy of MathCad can do more math than I can. But my childish sarcasm aside please feel free to regile us with your "numerically enhanced wisdom" any time you like.
  18. RE: WANTED: The Where & When location of Dr. David Anderson! Told you so.
  19. Cat' <<>> How about that, ones consciousness is its own PTP. Simply put its "here" vs "there". Ain't psychology cool, it don't require any math. On the other hand finding the PTP for a solid object would, as Transient shows, require some sharp pencils. Transient, zero to infinity cubed??? I'm supposed to be able to plot that on a graph???? I can do 1 cubed, 2 cubed but after that it all gets a little hazy. I do plan to learn more math any year now, really. But (and you knew there was a 'but' comming) before we go around sticking numbers on everything in sight I think it important that we have a clear idea of just what it is that will be keeping all those little sticky-notes from falling off and cloging up the vacuum. Not to change the subject, but my brothers bulldozer cought fire and burned to a total loss last week. Who would figue? I hope my gelous-streak subconscoius had nothing to do with it. Then there was the guy last year whos' dozer blew an engine after being my employ for all of five minutes...nah we need three points to make a story. Does the backhoe going over the cliff count?
  20. Cat Not that I can follow what he means about PTP any better, but a prime spatial referrence point would itself have to, as you say, refer to yet other points. Absolute location is supposedly a 'law of physics no-no'. Thats why we INVENT spatial matricies. Again being completly right is also being completly wrong [aka 'The Fourth Law' (of the 'Logic Law Trilogy')]. Like whats the one thing you can't do with space? You can't MOVE it anywhere. Therefor space is itself THE fixed prime location, the very one that suppsedly doesn't exist.
  21. Synchroisity strikes! >>>>one cultures magic is anothers science>>>> found a book called "Indistinguishable from Magic" at a booksale to day >>>>prime temporial point PTP <<<<<< Same book sale got Douglas Adams book "Dirk Gently's Wholistic Detctive Agency". Inside front cover is a sample bill where he charges his client for: "finding the triangulating vectors of the connection point of all things" (2331.62 Brittish pounds incase you want to know.)
  22. RE: Historical post, for the time traveling observer only: creedo Some how I think that the aliens can manage their own antivirus computer software. As for the military industrial complexes scruious use of withces and shamans, GOOD POINT ! I'm sure it will be topic ONE at the next meeting of The Amalgamated Spellcasters Union meeting. Check your e-mail for a message from planet earth. They may call any day now!
  23. RE: time antena vistronic Looked at your temporal transmitter diagram, looks logical enough. Your idea of constant computer monitoring for a signal is really good. Have you got a place to put this thing? Electro-mechanical experimenters have an unusually high rate of being kicked out of town for fooling with stuff like that. Just an off the wall thought, maybe what you are looking for will be found in the noise rather than the signal.
  24. RE: Lotto numbers message \"proof\" Vistronic, Exactly how do you intend to get your information to flow backward in time? You are going to transmit from what to what? My guess is that if the signal has to cross even the shortest length of space it will become trapped in the present. Far as I can see all this signal timing just ends up as a case of 'sooner or later'.
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